Q & A - zee answers, but then written down, and just me.

Our laptops, side by side.(Mine's the one with the Downton Abbey picture. :-D)
In lack of the promised podcast, which has vanished in clear air, here are my answers to all the questions you dear peoples left for Emma and I. It'll have to do for now; even though it's written down, and even though it's just me - and even though there's no genius, insanely talented personality next to me.

I'm going to answer the questions in the snappy, quick and short way because gosh, my to-do list is piling up and up by the day, and I have to squeeze this in my morning. (I make my own rules. I'm terribly bossy.) Also, I NEED to get some writing done, because I haven't done anything serious writing-related since summer started and that's almost as shocking as Matthew Crawley being killed off on Christmas day.

What has been your favourite thing/activity to do together?
Visiting libraries is what we did the most of. That, and watching Downton Abbey Season Two.
Did you have any cultural shocks on coming to America?
Not really shocks, like, 'HEEELP GUYS THIS IS SCARY'-shocks. :-P But yes, I suppose I have noticed things such as, 'Wow everyone loves their trucks around here' and so on.
Favourite thing about summer?
Ice-cream and strawberries and holidays.
Could you tell us a funny/unexpected story or moment that happened?
Well, here's a funny one. (We think it's funny; you might think it's the meh-est story about two friends being together ever.) Emma and I were walking around in some touristy place, and we walked past a hotel with a very very long porch. At one side of the porch, sitting on a chair, was a man. On the other side of the porch, sitting on another chair, was another man. And they were having a conversation. I don't know why, but it was so funny - they were yelling stuff like, 'Hey! Where are you from?' (We just wanted to tell them to sit next to each other and moderate their tones. Make life easy for yourself, mates.)
Can you try to imitate each other's accents for us??
We did, and it kind of sort of worked. Apparently my American accent is funny.
How much of what you talk about is books/movies/tv show related? 
I'd say about 99%. (Just kidding. Maybe 50%. :-P) (We did really talk about other things. No really.)
Are you near the same height?
Indeed so. I am just the sliiiiightest bit taller. (10 days older, you know.)
Who of you is more like Anne, and who more like Diana?
Diana's a chump, but both of us flatter ourselves when we say we are more like Anne. We have the imagination, and all that.
Do you have a movie/book you enjoy bashing together?
We have loads. (Especially Narnia.) We also bash a lot of movies we haven't seen yet but we just know  we won't like, like Star Wars. (WAIT LET ME SHOW YOU A PICTURE):

Did you develop any inside jokes? 
Sure. It's humanly impossible to not develop inside jokes when you're staying at someone's house for three weeks. Some of our inside jokes are: "Feel Better Josh!" (from a Blimey Cow episode) and "Take the book. Then we can talk about it. And then we can talk about LIFE, and how we feel about it." (from Fiddler on the Roof) and the word "wedding" in Anna Bates' voice. Just don't ask.
Naomi, what was the oddest thing about America to you?
The oddest thing about America to me will always be the politics. (This is when Emma told me to shut up, and I did.) 
How late was the latest you stayed up together? 
About twelve? Because there was a party. Really though, we've been good about going to bed fairly on time. Because the next day there's a new day and we don't want to be dead tired, and we want a morning, sooo.
What's your favorite/least favorite thing about America?
Favourite: The people. They are the kindest and warmest ever. Belgians are like iceblocks. Least favourite: Those two people running for president; you know you know.
How many movies/TV shows did you all watch?
Okay, so. Here's what we watched: Downton Abbey Season Two (alllmost all of it), Downton Abbey Season Six Christmas Special (I DIED because DA is OVER), Miss Potter, Austenland (we didn't finish it; it was too weird), Somewhere in time (I actually loved it), The Journey of August Ru- King (the Ru bit is an inside joke. Apologies), an episode of the Waltons, an episode of Little House, and the first two episodes of The Paradise (which we LOVED. Sam is our favourite.)
So to answer your question: About nine different things.
What do you think of the accents here in America? Cool? Not cool? Weird? Amusing? Uncultured?
Cool. Dey is cool. (Some are weird, but most are cool.)
What was your favorite of the activities you and Emma did together?
Barnes and Nobles, and going dancing. 

Was the weather very different from the weather in Belgium, or about the same?
About the same.
What's one thing about America that you wish you had back home?
English Country Dance groups. Emma has one she goes to about every week, and I've been going with her - and it's so much fun.
What's one thing that you could DEFINITELY do without?
Ha. *stares* *whispers* The Politics. (Not that it's all rose-coloured politics-wise around my countries right now.)
Do you have anything you'd like to say to other internet best friends who are praying they get to meet each other someday?
We did have very wise words, and those were: Don't give up! We thought it would never happen, but then somehow we got to meet in person as seventeen-year-old-girls! Also, have fun while being apart: the friendship is super precious like that, too. Write cool long emails, have chat sessions, and send letters. Be creative, and be there for each other. :-)
Were you homesick at all, Naomi?
Near the end, yes. But it wasn't too bad - I tried to live in the moment and seize the day and just enjoy my stay as much as I could.
Did you two stay up late most nights, or did you go to bed at a reasonable time?
Preeeetty reasonable, I think.
Were you ever bored during your visit??
No, actually. We always knew what to do. Sometimes we had to talk about what to do, but we always knew what. Our to-do list was a long one.
Did you find out anything new about each other that surprised you?
Not reeaaally. Well, Emma has a very funny voice she uses to talk to her bunnies, and her cat, and I didn't know that. :-P
Can you do your best Dowager Countess impersonation? 
We did; and mine was terrible. Emma's was gold as she imitated the Dowager trying the phone.
Can you tell us a joke? 
Yes. Yes, we can. (Oh you mean, you want us to tell you one?)
Give us your best attempt at an Australian accent!!
Personally, I am terrible at that; but I can say, "G-day mate. My name is James" pretty well. Emma can say "Jessica" in an Australian accent, because of some movie she watched.
What is a particular habit or quirk etc that you were surprised to find out about each other?
Really -- there isn't anything is particular. But Emma did say that she loved the find out what my laugh is like; and that it's very 'high.' (#Accuratedescription.)
Strawberries or (whipped) cream?

Will you pretty please sing for us????!!!!!
Darn it, you missed Emma's solo of On My Own. It was really good. I WANT EMMA'S VOICE.
Which one of you is more outgoing?
We're both pretty similar, but maybe I'm slightly more outgoing, especially with strangers.
How many strawberries have you consumed today?
Probably a lot. We basically ate loads every day. Say nothing and I'll be your friend forever.
What did you and Emma think of each other when you first saw each other (like at the airport)? THE FIRST THOUGHT.
Darling, there wasn't a "thought." If there was, it looked something like this, "AQUEIUQSGHQGHEQUTQRUTGQRUGQRUIGQRUG. WAIT WHAT."
What do you think of Emma's family, house etc.?
Ahhhhh I love them and I love it
What literary characters do you think you are most like?
Emma's answer for this was Lizzy from the Lizzy Comes Searching books by Lynda Byler. (And gosh, I relate to Lizzy too, so much.) My answer was Alice Grace Ripley from Wonderland Creek.
What period drama character's wardrobe do you think you would love to have? 
Scarlett O'Hara's wardrobe was my answer because IT'S SO MUCH FUN. (Emma's answer was Kerri Russel's from 'The Magic of Ordinary Days.')
Would you believe me if I told you cookies were picked from trees by a chipmunk and sent to the supermarket in a tiny plastic rocket? 
This question. 10/10. Emma believes you, I don't.
Did people comment much on your accent?
Um, yes. Once a man asked me how I was, and I said, "I'm fine thank you." And he said, "Oh, just keep talking. I could listen to you all day." I thought that was funny, because I've never even particularly liked my voice/accent that much! Also, at Emma's cousin's graduation party, a little boy came to me and asked me if I came from London. That tickled me. :-P
What did you think of American food?
I do have to admit most of it is more sugared/salted, but around Emma's house we had strawberries and it was delicious. :-)
Talk about the bunnies!!!
*Naomi hands microphone over to Emma* (Well, there are six. Cotton is the only boy, and he's Emma's favourite. There's one black one, and her name is Mammy. For reasons. The remaining four are called, um: Brett, Ashton, Phemie and... and... I FORGOT. Emma, say it in zee comments.)
What movies did you watch together that one/both of you hadn't seen before?
I watched several movies I hadn't seen before, but one we both hadn't seen was The Paradise. I LOVED it. Man, it's PRETTY.

Ok, so when will you meet again?
Hahaha. Well, there a no plans yet, but Emma would love to come and visit my place. So who knows, maybe the following year.
Secondly, what would the Darcys call their children?
Probably Henry, George and Jane, HA. Or something like that.
Thirdly, what has been your favourite American meal!?
Sadie's mint ice-cream. Just... so GOOD. (Yes, that's a meal. Be quiet.)
I would love to hear about your firsts (first word, first time on a plane, first kiss, etc)
My first word was probably 'Mama.' My first time on a plane was on the fourth of June, and it was exciting and tiring and I had a dreadful headache so that was fun. My first kiss was when I was like, five minutes old and my mum smothered my face with kisses. In all respect, it was disgusting.
Did you have more fun perusing Emma's movie collection or book collection? Were there any shocks about movies/books she did and didn't own?
Ha, no, there were no shocks. I knew her bookcase and movie collection almost by heart. And yes, I had a lot of fun in both domains - we probably used more of her movie collection than her book collection to pass our time, though.
Are there plans in place or forming for Emma to come visit you?
Not plans, but yes, ideas. :-)
What kinds of interesting food did you try out? Was there anything that grossed you out? Or that you that made you say, "I'm going to take this idea home with me and share it with my family and friends!"
Sadie (Emma's sister)'s ice-cream! I made it for my family two days ago, and they loved it just as much as I did. #Hit.

Thanks for all the questions guys!!


  1. Oh, you got this up quicker than I expected. :) I still enjoyed reading them all, even if it was just you, and they were written down... there were quite a lot of things that stuck out to me. :D

    Matthew Crawley died on Christmas day?! :O How AWFUL! I did not know that! Dear, dear, that's quite terrible... (my sister broke her arm on my birthday once. I did not appreciate that.) (Mind you, breaking one's arm and dying are two very different things.)

    Haha, that part about being taller (10 days older) made me giggle.

    Hehe. I was going to start defending Star Wars and saying 'but it's different when you're forget it's sci-fi and just appreciate it for what it IS' but then I knew I shouldn't bother. I know you better than that. ;P

    OH OH OH!!! I like, know a lot of those inside jokes! :D Feel better Joooosh! Hahaha. I watched that with my little sister and we were dying of laughter (we also tend to replay a certain line about 20 times if we love it). And I know the Fiddler on the Roof quote!!! And I know the annoying fellow that says that. :P

    Can I have a guess at another of your inside jokes? It was the Journey of August Ru-King. I'm just guessing, because I've done the EXACT SAME THING. I confused the Journey of August King with the movie August Rush. Or no? Is it something else? ;)

    Wow! You have the same weather?! That's so weird. :P You should both come over here, hehe! It's the middle of winter and I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt today. (Mind you, I don't feel the cold much.)


    "Emma can say "Jessica" in an Australian accent, because of some movie she watched." Hahaha... oh, just some movie like "The Man From Snowy River" or something? :P

    *gasps* I missed Emma singing On My Own?!!! *goes off into a corner and bawls* That's just... I... it's just... I'm not even going to THINK about it.

    Kerri Russel from The Magic of Ordinary Days... (hey, that sounds like a movie I'd like! What's your opinion on that movie, Emma?) I saw August Rush the other night (oh. my. word. It was amazing) with Kerri Russel in it. She is so beautiful it's not fair. Also, I googled her costumes from the movie you mentioned - I was basically drooling.

    Haha, a man said he could listen to you talk all day?! My, what a thing to say. I would feel so awkward saying that to somebody with an accent. :P (I mean, I would THINK it, but I wouldn't actually SAY it.)

    I LOVED your answer to the 'first kiss' question. You answered that perfectly, m'dear. (Seriously, your brain. I wouldn't have ever THOUGHT of saying that!)

    Thanks for taking the time to answer us peasants' questions. ;D

    ~Miss Meg

    1. No, not really - but he died in a Christmas special which was broadcast on Christmas Day - so for a lot of people who watched it live, he died on Christmas day. (But no, it wasn't actually Christmas in the movie, haha. THANKS FOR THAT AT LEAST.)

      Feel Better Josh made us laugh a LOT too - and ugh, I haaaaate Fyedka. (Emma thinks he's dreamy....????)
      Miss Meg, you clever girl - you see through our inside jokes. Yes, I always say 'August Rush' instead of 'August King' and I also say 'October Sky' instead of 'August Rush' sometimes, so sometimes I call 'The Journey of August King', 'The Journey of October Sky' HAHAHA. :-P I'm scatterbrained. :-)

      YEAHHH. I'm jealous tooooo. (Maybe not quite every week, but she meets up with this little group often to do dem cool dances.) (WISH I HAD THAT HERE SO BAD.)

      Yes, ha, it's from the Snowy River movie. I knew you'd know.

      Well, it wasn't a YOUNG man, so it wasn't like it sounded creepy or anything. I was flattered - I liked that he said it, haha. :-P
      Ha, well - MY BRAIN IS NUTS.

    2. Darn Meg you got in before me! :P I was going to say Man from Snowy River!!! :D
      That film is goooooooood! Maybe I should review it on my Period Drama blog.. hmmm (oops sorry thinking out loud)
      Ok, I'll be back with a long comment, off to school to do some work for the teachers you see.

    3. Naomi,
      Phew, that's a relief. I mean, it's pretty low when they kill off the best character ON CHRISTMAS DAY.

      Haha, I don't "hate" Fyedka, but I can see how you could. I also don't think he's dreamy, but I guuuess I could IMAGINE thinking that. I just think he's pretty annoying. :P

      "The Journey of October Sky"! AHAHAHA. That sounds like something *I* would say. ;D

      Haha, well, there aren't many well known Aussie movies with the name Jessica in them. Hehe.

      I didn't imagine it to be a YOUNG man (it's definitely more of an elderly man thing to say) (wow that sounds weird) and I think I would be flattered if he said that to me as well. It's just when you think about it for awhile, it sounds kinda... I don't know, awkward.

      Evie, haha! Because I secretly have a goal in mind every time I comment on Naomi's blog - BEAT EVIE TO COMMENTING! XD

      ~Miss Meg

  2. Loved this, Naomi! Thanks for taking the time to answer all our questions! :D

    That picture of Emma! Haha. That's great. I've never seen Star Wars either, and haven't any inclination to do so as of now. :P

    Ooooh! POLITICS! Just. Ugh. I'm with Emma. Let's not talk about it.

    "G-day mate. My name is James" Oh! I so want to hear you say that for real. :( And hear your laugh, too. (Why oh why must technology be so terribly troublesome? Losing things into thin air. It's not fair. *grumpy face*)

    "Also, I NEED to get some writing done, because I haven't done anything serious writing-related since summer started and that's almost as shocking as Matthew Crawley being killed off on Christmas day." Haha. That part made me smile. :)

    Haha. That story about the men on the porch!! That IS funny. And I can totally see you two laughing about it together as you walked past. :)

    "Oh, just keep talking. I could listen to you all day." Wow. That's hilarious that he actually said that to you! But it's so true. When I meet someone with a cool accent I want them to keep talking, too. Doesn't matter what they say, just so long as I can listen to them. Heehee. ;)

    Thanks for this delightful post!! Have fun getting all the things done on your to-do list!! :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Isn't that picture great? ;-P

      Welll, it wasn't that good, my Australian accent. But I wish you could have heard it anyways.
      Heehee, the men on the porch were hilarious.
      I really loved it that he said that to me! It kind of made my day. :-D


    Seriously. Those two universes ARE LITERALLY MY CHILDHOOD. Do not mess with them, please. Thank you.

    (Do you know who was my first fictional kindred spirit, by the way? R2-D2. Do you know who was my first fictional role model? Lucy Pevensie. And do you know who is and always will be one of my favorite OTPs of ever? Finn and Rey. So . . . yeah. This is serious business we're talking about here. :-) )

    Hahahahaha, yes, the two people who're running for president right now are my least favorite people in the entire United States, so YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS TO THAT. Don't blame you one little bit.

    I'm glad you like our accents . . . I really do wonder what you'd think if you could come down to Tennessee and hear the way *I* talk, though. It's Quite Something. ;-)

    1. SOAAAAARRRRRRYYYY. I FEEL SO BAD NOW. :-/ I do GET why you like them; but I just don't like theeeem.
      Lucy Pevensie is DARLING, and I'm sure Star Wars has great characters, but the genres of those movies don't touch a space in my heart. :-P

      Ha, I know those Tennessee accents. They are quite something - still quite cool, though. :-)

      (What on earth is "R2-D2" as a name, though. Seriously.)

    2. Weeeeeeeellllll . . . Christian Fiction Romance doesn't touch a space in MY heart, so we are even, I suppose ;-)

      What do you mean, "what on earth is R2-D2 as a name"??????? HE'S A ROBOT. It's a PERFECTLY GOOD name for a robot. *frowns*

    3. I completely understand about Christian Fiction Romance - so much of it is bad. There are some AMAAAZING ones, though. (Lynn Austin, for instance. I will recommend 'Hidden Places' till my last breath.)

      Oh, he's a robot. Now the name makes more sense. (Although I have no idea how you can find a kindred spirit in a robot... but okay. :-P)

    4. But see, the thing is, I don't even like the CFR books that almost EVERYBODY thinks are good. I tried reading "Christy" this summer and I was like . . . "meh." It's just SO not my cup of tea, you know what I'm saying?

      That's because you ain't never met a robot like this one ;-) He's adorable and cute and brave and loyal, and I wuvs him very very much.

  4. Aw, poor Narnia. ;) Have you tried the books? They are considerably better than the movies, in my opinion. (Although I LOVE the movies, too).

    One of the things I dislike about living in America is the politics. It's so strange for someone like me to keep up with that stuff, but I do, and it's not pretty right now. :-P

    Hahaha, Blimey Cow is the BEST. I think I've watched all of their videos? Somewhere around there. xD

    Strawberries are the best. But have you tried whipped cream on top of strawberries? It's so GOOD.

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Yes, the books are better; I agree. I really quite like 'The Magicians Nephew', actually. But still; the genre just ain't my cuppa tea.

      I know; I generally don't keep up with politics too - but now, what with Brexit and all, I find myself reading more about it.

      Me too. :-P They're so CLEVER.

      YES I HAVE. It's good. :-D


    (It is a shame about the podcast. But s'okay. We had fun making it. Reading through these I kept thinking about what we said, and it's making me really happy.) :-)

    Wait, you really put that picture in there. Heh. *hides* Guys, please don't hate me. I'm just not into stars exploding and made-up creatures walking around waving light sabers.

    "Emma has a very funny voice she uses to talk to her bunnies..." heehee. I guess I never thought to tell you about that.

    My favorite part of this post? You trying to talk about the bunnies. :-) You did pretty well though! The only one you forgot is Georgia. Well done, Naomi.

    I loved, loved, loved this. Thanks. :-)



    1. I will not joke about Matthew if you will not joke about Star Wars. Deal?


    2. ^^What she said. NO JOKES ABOUT MATTHEW! ;)

    3. Okay so - NO JOKES. AT ALL. ABOUT ANYTHING. :-P

      Emma; I hooope you don't mind me putting the picture of you taking a funny face. I was going to ASK, but then I knew you generally don't mind about that kind of thing (unlike moiself.)

      HAHA. I KNEW you'd appreciate me talking about the bunnies. And Georgia!!! (God bless Georgia.) (That's a quote from Sound of Music. You know, when Maria forget's Kurt's name?)

      I know, we had fun making the podcast even though we don't have it anymore.

      ~ Naomi

  6. This is wonderful, Naomi! Thank you so much for answering all our questions-- and for the encouragement regarding internet friends. ^_^ <3

    Oh, English country dances sound so lovely! I've always wanted to go to a country dance. I'm not much of a dancer at all, but I think I would really enjoy THAT kind. :)

    Ohh, YES. The politics. Agh. The only thing that's keeping me sane is reminding myself that God is still the Author of this story, and that ultimately this broken world is coming to Jesus. But in the meantime-- I'm so disappointed that THIS year is to be forever immortalized as my first time voting for a president. :P

    *refrains from defending Narnia and Star Wars, both of which I love* // In all seriousness, I understand why you wouldn't like them. Star Wars has been a recent (and surprising) interest for me-- and it's more for the characters and depth than the genre of movie itself. I'm not usually into sci-fi. But we have P&P and Downton and Cinderella, etc. in common still, so all is well! :)

    1. I'm glad it was an encouragement. :-)

      Yes, English Country Dancing IS SO MUCH FUN. Man, it's addictive. I'm sure you'd like it.

      Ew, I'm sorry about the voting disappointment. Yes, in the end this world belongs to God, and not to any other person - THAT is a comfort if there ever was one! :-)

      Soooooorry. I'm glad you understand though. :-P (AND YES. Let's just talk about P&P and DA and Cinderella.)

  7. Hahaha, the "feel better Josh" quote was used by my brother and I for a while after we first saw that episode. :D

    YES. The two people running for president. Just...yes. :P Ugh.

    I want to hear Emma's rendition of "On My Own." :(

    Loved reading your answers. :)

  8. I'm sorry to be a late commenter, but I really wanted to comment and thank you for filling out all these answers, even to my silly questions. :)

    While I'm quite fond of both Narnia and Star Wars, I have an odd understanding for anyone who isn't. And I like that picture muchly. :D

    Hehe, I can hear Anna Bates say "wedding". She'd go rather high for the first syllable and then maybe a bit lower or quieter and faster for the second. xD

  9. For some reason I didn't see this until now?!? Anyhow, it was fun to read. :D English country dancing is the best. I'm surprised that there isn't any in Belgium.


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