Someone stop time!!!

During the school term, I think, "Wow, as soon as summer comes, I'll be able to relax and finally have time to do all my stuff! Yaysies! Can't wait!"

Then summer comes; the sun blares, and a whole new, more exciting, but equally busy schedule bobs in front of my brain. Do this. Do that. Oh, and remember in the beginning of the year, you said you wanted to do this? And remember you promised the Internet you would do that? And remember you said you were going to write this? And oh, do this thing, because it's urgent. And do that too. And this thing over here - see this? Finish it. (And reply to those emails, because you have no excuse when you apologise about not replying soon!)

STAHHHHP. (Stop that, brain.)

Someone, please, do my a kind favour will you, and stop the time. Give me hours of fickle idleness and make me not feel bad about wasting strings of minutes and hours. I want to listen to music while lying on my bed and imagining scenes that fit with the music. I want to read Gone with the Wind in a few days, and spend hours upon hours in my bed, just dwelling in Tara. I want to make mess and not worry about how long it'll take to tidy it up. STOP THE CLOCK NOW.

Okay, that might have sounded unnecessarily dramatic - and really, I'm not complaining. (No, don't say yes, I am complaining.) The last thing I want to do is complain; because gosh, I underestimate my luckiness. I have beautiful siblings, the best parents, and you know what, Mama randomly gave me 14 new washi tapes today, which means I have 24 now, and seriously - you should see my collection. It's the cutest. Also, we recently rewatched Sense and Sensibility 2008 and I'm so thankful for Dan Stevens' Edward Ferras (he's the literal best *Insert hearts*) and I'm also so thankful for ice-cream and emails and flowers and Feeling Inspired.

It's just that I have so many things on my to-do list; and sometimes the screaming inside my brain gets a little crazy. Naomi, write those Downton Abbey posts. You've only done one. Also, make a new header for the DA week, because duh. Naomi, why did you waste time on the Internet just then? Why huh? You could've written like, 3000 words of your novel in that time. Naomi, go and do some studying - you said you wanted to do your car theory exam this year, so work for it. Naomiiiii, remember you were going to paint your bedroom? How about peeling off some wallpaper. There's loads of it, you know.

(Also Naomi. pssst. You're two books behind on your Goodreads reading challenge! Just saaaaying.)

I often hear of kids being bored during summer vacations. I know some people near my own age who just don't know what to do. I feel really sorry for them, and I know I'm really lucky that I've never been familiar with being 'bored.' I remember being bored sometimes when I was younger; and I have been bored visiting people, or staying at another house sometimes during holidays, but all in all, I'm not familiar with the sensation. 

It makes me so thankful that I have so many ideas, and that I'm continually inspired to do things, and challenge myself. (Scrap that: I'm not always inspired to do things and to challenge myself, but I feel guilty if I don't force myself to be inspired, which makes me want to do things most of the time.) I'm also so thankful that I HAVE so many things to do; and so many little goals of my own that I want to achieve. Without those, my summer would seem kind of pointless, I suppose, and I'm sure I wouldn't have half the fun.

(Still though. I'd still appreciate it if you stopped the time for me. Thunks.)

Maybe it's for the best that the clock keeps ticking, though. I need some pressure to get things done, and reasons to not be lazy and idle. The day has an end, and I have a to-do list to tick off before it gets too late. This makes every day have a purpose, and a reason, and a challenge. So praps, we shouldn't wish to stop the time, however tempting it may be.

(And seriously, even if we do wish it, we can't do it. So let's better not even wish it.)

Wow, this post turned out differently than I thought it would be... it actually motivated myself to go ahead and figure out the steam-machine and peel off wallpaper in my bedroom. And it motivated my to do my French and then write. And then perhaps read Gone with the Wind for an hour or two in the garden, because it is after all holidays...

Do you have struggles with the speed of time?
What are some of your summer plans?
(Also, yay for beautiful summery Pinterest pictures. Booyeah.)


  1. I basically feel like *I* could have written this post. :P

    (In other words, I AGREE.)

    As soon as I saw your title, I grinned: "Boy, do I relate to THAT!" I love posts that are so amazingly matched to my thoughts. :D

    Also, all these pictures in this post have me drooling for summer! They're all SO beautiful I just want to print them all out and stick them on my wall. :D (Only my landlord wouldn't like that. But then I'd have a good excuse for repainting our bedroom. That dirty yellow is looking old.) I really, really want to get a board of some sort, when my little sister and I have our bedroom to ourselves (and there's no six year old boy who has gotta have his say, running around), and pin all these gorgeous pictures on it. Maybe I'll make a folder with such gorgeous things, so that when the day comes, I'll be good to go. ;D (Actually, I decided that that's a swell idea. So I'm gonna do it RIGHT NOW.)

    I honestly don't have much to say to this. You said it all too well. Just, YES. :)

    (And yes, I have a friend who is 18 and has a job and tells me that on Saturdays she is so lost as to what to do she colours in and makes origami every weekend. Poor dear certainly needs a more interesting hobby.)

    And I'm exactly like you - I remember being bored when I was little, but right now, the thought of sitting around and legitimately having nothing to do is impossible. :P

    I don't have summer plans just yet... I am now straight into a long term of school, and I have this feeling it's going to be a hard one. :/ But there are things that cheer me up so much - the main one at the moment is the fact that spring is in the air right now! It's SO bazaar (I mean, it's supposedly the middle of winter, right?) but it's true! It's green outside, we're getting lots of baby animals, it's quite hot (I can wear shorts and T-shirts - it's going to be 29 degrees on Friday!) and there's just that light, fresh FEEL of spring in the air. And I LOVE spring. :D

    ~Miss Meg

    1. She's not the only one colouring in... :P Wait.. 29 degrees oh goodness! :D SPRNG HAS SPRUNG in our little corner of the Aussie globe!

    2. Haha, your comment made me giggle out loud.

      I colour in too! ;D Just not very often, and normally only when I'm on holidays (as in, AWAY on holidays).

      YES I KNOW!!! But, apparently it's gonna get colder by Sunday again. (Aww...) I think... well, I guess the weather report is a better thing to ask than me. ;P

      ~Miss Meg

    3. I had to chime in with a question...what do you two mean by "colour in"? Is it an Australian term? ;)

    4. Oh, haha, well... *scratches head* I didn't think it was an Australian term, but maybe it is. :P I think I've heard Americans just say "colour" in the place of where we say "colour in". You know how you can get colouring (or, we call them colouring in) books, where they're drawings that have no colour in them, and you grab a coloured pencil and, um, shade it in? Yeah, that. (I know, I have SUCH a gift with explaining things. Oh, yes.) Well, we always use the expression "colour in" for it. :)

      (If you know just as little about colouring in right now than before you read this, I wouldn't be surprised. Maybe Evie can help me out here? Hehe.)

      ~Miss Meg

    5. "Colouring in" doesn't sound weird to me, either. But yeah, Miss Meg has explained it perfectly. :-)

    6. Ohhh, I see. Thank you for explaining, Miss Meg! I wondered if that's what you meant, but I wasn't sure. Over here I would say I "colored in a coloring book" or something like that. I never heard the "coloring IN" version. ;) (Unless someone says "color IN the lines".)

      Thanks, girls. :)

  2. Oh yes! I absolutely understand this feeling. I'm trying my hardest to accomplish everything I possibly can, but I know I can't ever do it all. I keep thinking about Philippians 4:11-"I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." So I'm trying to still find joy in my life even though I can't get everything done that I want to . . . And to have faith that since it's not me that's in charge, I'll be able to get everything done that NEEDS to be done. :)

  3. Ohhhh, yes, I can relate. I mean, I was bored right at the beginning of summer because I suddenly had all this time that I didn't have to do school and it was so overwhelming that I couldn't think of anything to do and so I was bored, but then things started happening and I was busy for, well, the rest of the summer up until now. And now my life has calmed down again and so I'm trying to DO things that I didn't have time do do before, like blogging. And reading Dickens. Stuff like that. :) Yes, I can relate. I don't know that my summer has been as busy as yours (okay, it hasn't been, what with your trips and things, but I've had some trips and church camps and stuff). Aaanyway, where was I? Hold on--um, no, I have no idea where I was going. Okay. Well, good luck! I hope the rest of your summer is wonderful!

  4. You had me at read Gone with the Wind for an hour and a half or two in the garden. Also, yes. STOP the clock. I ALSO WANT TO GO TO TARA. :) Also, I just held the 2008 Sense & Sensibility at my library because you sold me.

    1. IT IS THE BEST JANE AUSTEN MOVIE EVAH. You will not be disappointed.

  5. Totally agree! Here I was enjoying my winter break, getting started on some lovely Period Drama's and then WHAM! It's suddenly so busy with Uni going back next week and setting up my new blog and pintrest and it's fun but so hectic. I need to email/write you a letter soon! Good luck getting it all done dearie! :D

  6. I can totally relate to all you've said in this post! I always have such a long to-do list for the summertime, and yet sometimes all I want to do is, well, nothing! And then of course I get irritated with myself for procrastinating--the endless struggle, haha!

    I looove all of the summery pictures--now I really want an ice-cream cone! :) Good luck with checking everything off of your to-do list! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your summer!


  7. I've been trying hard not to get too stressed this summer with "do this, do that"; just because I got SO EXHAUSTED last semester and I really, really needed a break with nothing to do. And it's worked pretty well; I feel super relaxed now :-)

    My plans for the summer were basically, "WRITE A LOT," because I couldn't write at all during the school year--and I HAVE gotten tons of writing done, so that's cool.

  8. I feel like this practically all the time now. There is just so much I want to get done this summer before I go to college! I feel like I'm cramming...

  9. Yes!! I definitely can relate to this post. And reading it reminded of more things I need to do. If anyone figures out how to stop time would they let me know? Thanks, that would be most appreciated.

  10. Excellent post, Naomi! I am writing this from camp, I decided to do some blog-reading with my free time this afternoon. This post hit the spot. And your pictures are gorgeous, as always. Especially the ice cream. Emma told me you and Hannah have been making ice cream. I am so glad! I hope you liked Love and Friendship- can't wait to hear about it! I am starved for a good period drama!

    Love you lots,

    1. SAAAADIEEEE. :-) (OK pardon me. I'm just happy to hear from you. :-D)
      I hope camp is great - you must be missing home, though! (Remember. Don't sing 'Homeward Bound.')
      Yes, ice-cream is like the number #1 thing made in our household at the moment. Yesterday I made caramel/speculoos ice-cream and it was GOOOD. :-) Thank you so much for the recipe!
      L&F was really good; although I was a bit disappointed with the ending - it was weird. But I still recommend it!

  11. I could write such a long comment on this, but if I sum it up all I need to say is that I relate to this post on SO many levels and...yeah. I haven't even done half of what I wanted to accomplish this summer (and it's already almost over...whaaaaaatt) but I'm learning to realize it's OK. It's ok to step back and put some things "back on the shelf" until a better time. Sometimes doing JUST what you want to do (unless something extremely urgent and necessary needs to be done) is really the best thing to do, after all.

    Anyways, I loved this post, Naomi. Here's hoping you can get the wallpaper off your walls! I remember that job and...ugh. It's not fun. :(
    But, I also hope you find lots of lovely moments to read and laugh and just enjoy life. It's important. :)

    Oh, and one more thing. Yes to the whole boredom thing!! I used to get bored quite easily when I was younger, but I can't remember the last time I was truly bored. I always have a bunch of things I could do (whether I feel like doing them is another story!). I'm very thankful God gave me so many interests and "things to do". :D haha

    ps. 2 books behind on your Goodreads challenge? Hahaha. Haha. Ha. I'm thirty books behind. :P I don't think I'll be making the challenge this year! :D

  12. HA. Is this ever relatable!

    I know, friend. I feel it too. (You know that!) But we can't stress about it -- we've got to enjoy life and "roll with what's thrown at us", as a character in one of my favorite westerns says. ;-)

    I fully expect to see every one of your new washi tapes within the course of the next three months.


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