The Kindred Spirits Tag + The Simple Questions Tag

Rae has very kindly tagged me with a Montgomerian tag called 'The Kindred Spirit Tag'. Check out her Montgomery blog here, and her main blog here! Rae is definitely a Kindred Spirit and gosh, finally another someone who is a crazily avid L.M.M fan. (There aren't enough of us.)

1. When did you first read L. M. Montgomery's books?
My mother read us Anne of Green Gables when I was about ten, or nine(?) or maybe eleven. (Let's just say ten, 'kay.) I LOVED to bits. Like, NOOOO-READ-MOOOORE-love. The evenings when she read them were gold to me; as a whole world of Montgomery opened up before my eyes.

2. Which of L. M. Montgomery's books have you read?
All of them except "Road to Yesterday" and plenty of her short stories. Basically, I've read ALMOST ALL, because once you start, you keep on finding more jewels and you want them all encarved in your brain, right? (That's a way of saying: I discovered she wrote loads of books, and I wanted to read them all.) :-P

3. Who is your favourite Montgomery hero?
The prize goes to BARNEY SNAITH from "The Blue Castle." He's dreamy and funny and I just want him to be real so I can propose to him and ride in Lady Jane and visit his little island. (Although gah, Walter is a hero TOO. But I suppose you mean romantic hero, right? And Walter isn't generally classified under that category. Although he technically is a hero. So Walter.)

And we can't forgot Gilbert!!! <3
4. Which L. M. Montgomery book do you think should be made into a movie?
Should I even say this?! RILLA OF INGLESIDE. Of COURSE. It needs a movie so badly I could weep. Why has this not yet happened?!!

5. Do you know without looking it up when her birthday is? When?
OHHHH. I DOOO. I thiiink. December? Twenty-something? *looks up* Oh. It's November 30st. I got the month sort of right. Right??? (Nope. I am no longer worthy to be called a fan.)

6. Do you know what L. M. Montgomery's friends called her?
Maud! I knew this. *fist pump* *hi-fives self*

7. What is one of your favourite Montgomery quotes?
"Tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it," is always one of my favourites. It's so hopeful and comforting and simple and flowery at the same time. :-)

8. Which of her books do you think has the prettiest title?
I LOVE "Anne of Avonlea" - it sounds gorgeous. "The Golden Road" sound beautiful too, as does "Magic for Marigold." (Don't ask me this question ever again.)

9. What's the prettiest Montgomery book cover you've seen?

(I allllmost bought it back in America. Isn't it the prettiest thing ever?! Scold me for not buying it.)

10. Do you have a favourite Montgomery book? What?
Rilla of Ingleside is my favourite of them all, very closely followed by 'The Blue Castle.' (Anne of Green Gables, Anne of the Island, and the Story Girl follow closely.)

Now, we also have 'The Simple Questions Tag'. Ruth tagged me for it a while ago, and here I am with my answers. Do check out Ruth's blog here!

1. What nationality are you?
I'm British and Belgian.
2. What's your favourite animal?
Robins, deer, butterflies - and all the cute ones. :-P
3. What's your favourite food?
Right now, it's ice-cream. (Yes, it's reeeaaally hot here right now, and I'm sweltering.)

4. What's your favourite author?
Lynn Austin and Lucy Maud Montgomery.
5. Do you have pets? So yes, what kind of pet? And no, which one would you like to have?
Nope. And nope. (I'm not really an animal person.)
6. How old are you?
Seventeen. It's the best age.
7.  Do you have a big family? (cousins, uncles, and aunts included)
Yes, very big. I have five brothers, four sisters, nine uncles, seven aunts and twenty-one cousins. Family parties are my favourites. :-)

8. What is/are your favourite soundtrack(s)?
Anything by Rachel Portman. (Belle, Emma 1996, The Duchess, etc.) I also love the Miss Potter soundtrack.
9. What's your favourite Disney movie? (only animated)  
The only animated movie I can remember loving is Bambi. (Not that much into animation. But Bambi really is cute.)
10. When is your birthday?
21st of January!

Thanks for tagging me, girls!


  1. Gilbert Blythe isn't your favourite hero?! :O Well, I guess that's okay though, 'cause he's MINE. :D

    Haha, no dear, December twenty something is MY birthday... maybe 'cause L.M. Montgomery and I are so similar you confused us. ;P

    Tut, tut, Naomi, you SHOULD have bought that copy of the book!! What a shame, what. a. shame. (There... how was that?)

    It's sweltering?! Can I ask what the maximum temperatures have been over where you live, then? :) (Curiousity, you see.)

    You have nine uncles, seven aunts and twenty-one cousins?!!! WHAT!!! That's RIDICULOUS. (In a good way, of course.) I only have 4 cousins and one aunt and two uncles. ;) (Well, I have half-relatives on my father's side (because his dad remarried and so on), but my cousins are about 50, so I don't really count them. :P)

    Aww, what about the Cinderella (2015) soundtrack?! Oh, and the P&P '05 soundtrack?! And the Anne of Green Gables soundtrack?! (Okay I'll stop.)

    Really?! Heh. I always thought Bambi was ssooo slow & boring. :P (And what about "Tangled"? Don't you like "Tangled"? ;))

    ~Miss Meg

    1. I LOVE Gilbert passionately, but I love some of her other heros even MORE passionately so yeah. :-P
      Hee, thanks for scolding me. I needed it! :-)
      Well, it's like 35 degrees (Celcius) here, and PFFFT I AM DEAD. (I know you guys have it worse, but SHHH.) Let me see the maximum temperatures? We have had 40 degrees, but those are quite rare (thank goodness!).
      I KNOWWW. I HAVE LOADS. Only two of them are older than me, too. :-)
      STAHHHP. They're all so preeeetty! :-)

      Well, Bambi is the best I could think of. I've never seen Tangled OR Frozen. :-P (I KNOW. SHOCKING RIGHT.) :-)

  2. Lovely post, as always! It just struck me again how cool it is that there are so many wonderful blogs run by girls who all love the same things and are all pretty much the same age! I just think it's so cool how many of us are literally 17 and all gabbing about Jane Austen and reading and vintage things. I don't know why, your post just reminded me of this. :D

    1. I KNOWWWW. We have the bestest community. <3

  3. You should absolutely watch "Tangled"--I think you'd really love it. It's such a feast for the eyes because the animation is GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSS, and actually, the plot is a little bit like a L.M. Montgomery story, in more ways than one. (Haha, I've made you want to see it NOW, haven't I? ;-) )

    "Frozen" is awesome, too--it's my personal favorite because of all the SNOW--although I rather think you'd like "Tangled" better.

    "Rilla of Ingleside" surely must be made into a movie SOMEDAY SOON. (You hear me, BBC?) Emma Watson might make a good Rilla, actually; what do you think?

    1. To be honest, I'm really not crazy to see either. They just don't look like my cup of tea. :-P

      YESSS. (And yes! Actually, I mentioned her as a suggesting for Rilla in precious a post once, so I'm definitely for that. :-))

    2. Well, I can understand that . . . after all, I don't like stuff that other people like, too . . . like Classic Hollywood, and "Gone With The Wind," and Gothic romance, and raw blueberries. So yeah. :-)

      Ahhhhhhh, was that you? I thought somebody had suggested Emma Watson before but I couldn't remember who.

    3. I don't like raw blueberries much either. So high fiiiiive.

  4. I love the pictures in this post. They're just so beautiful :)

    Wow! 35 Celcius - that's 95 Fahrenheit. I didn't realize Belgium could get that kind of heat...

    1. Actually, it's "only" 30 Celcius right now; but yeah we've had worse. :-P Haha, little old Belgium isn't too bad, I suppose! ;-P

  5. NAOMI!!!! THANK YOU for being an avid L. M. Montgomery lover with me!!!! Seriously, it's wonderful to have someone else who feels the same way I do about her and her books.
    Okay, I guess I haven't read The Road to Yesterday either. I always say I have read all of them because I think of that one as another collection of short stories, but it's really a little more than that.
    Barney! Yes, I love Barney. It seems that every time I read that book I love him a little more. :) (And WALTER!!! Oh, I adore Walter. It is true that I meant romantic hero, but I'd say Walter definitely counts. And he was the hero of one of the most tragic romances in literature.):
    Hey, I didn't really expect anyone to know that (weelll, except I expected you to know it a little more than I expected anyone else to, but that's okay). One of the only reasons I remember that is because she shares a birthday with my aunt.
    Good job. Maud would be proud. :)
    L. M. Montgomery was good with titles. I wish I had her talent with titles, because I can never come up with good titles. Ever.
    That is gorgeous! I don't like to scold so I won't scold you for not buying it, but...maybe you should have. ;)
    Yep, Rilla of Ingleside is the best! In my opinion, tied for best with Mistress Pat.

    Thank you for doing it! I loved reading your answers. I just love that you're a fan like me. "Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world." But L. M. Montgomery fans really are scarce, and so it's wonderful to find one. :)

    1. I KNOWWWWW. IT'S SO NICE. (By the way, Eva from https://classicsandcraziness.wordpress.com is a big LMM fan too. So there are others out there. :-P)
      Yah I know - Road to Yesterday technically IS a bunch of stories.
      Hahaha, when I looked it up, I was like, "I KNEW THAT. I DID. I DID." Haha. (I did once know it. I'm just dreaaaadful with numbers.)
      Ugh yeah, I'm sooo bad with titles as well. I need her help.
      I love how you love the Pat books so much. Personally, they are not my favourites, but I DO think they are underrated and I LOVE that there's someone out there (you) who loves it to death. :-)

      Thanks again for tagging me!!! <3

  6. Naomi, Naomi, Naomiii! I didn't know your birthday was on January 21st! (I know, I'm not a proper fan of yours. *hides in a corner*)
    But seriously. Mine is on January 24th, only 3 days ahead :-D

    Ohh, and PLEASE make Rilla of Ingleside in to a movie! Pretty please?

    I realllllly love Rachel Portman's soundtracks. They're life.

    And Bambi always makes me cry, it's so sad. In a good way though.


    1. Ohhh, cool! And you're like, the same age, too? We're so almost birthday twins, then. :-) (And hahaha.)
      Rachel Portman's soundtracks ARE life. Um, yes.

  7. "(That's a way of saying: I discovered she wrote loads of books, and I wanted to read them all.) :-P" Hahaha! That part made me smile. :)

    I still need to read The Blue Castle...

    That ice cream looks delicious!!! It's been hot here, too, though a little cooler today--thankfully!

    Ha! I'm not much of an animal person, either. ;)

    Fun post, Naomi! I love how you do a different color font for each question.

    ~Miss March

    1. Aw, thanks.
      (YES YOU DOOO. READ IT!!!)
      Thank you for commenting, Miss March!

  8. You naughty thing, you should have bought that beautiful copy of "Anne of Green Gables"!!
    There. I scolded you. :)

    Yeah, well, as a person with two days experience of being 18, I say EIGHTEEN is the best age, not 17. (Haha. I actually do think 17 was one of the best ages. I loved it so much. :))

    I got a piano sheet music book for my birthday and it has pieces from Emma 1996, Sense and Sensibility '95, Persuasion '95, and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE 1995. :D I can't wait wait to learn all the songs. :)

    1. Hahaha. :-P (It was very expensive thouuughhh. And I have 2 copies already. I had my reasons! :-D)

      Ohhhhh, have fun playing them! I have a book with the P&P and S&S songs. (And Emma and Sadie have the same book as you, I think. :-))

    2. All right. You're excused. ;)

      Thanks! :D Ooh, cool!!

  9. Such a gorgeous post! :D It's in my drafts ready to publish when August rolls around as I already have too many posts on my PDrama blog (but one cannot never have too many can one? :D)

    Thanks for following my Pinterest!

  10. Haha, YES! Icecreeeeeaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :P

  11. Awwww. This was fun and sweet and sorta sentimental and just awwwwwwww. ;-)

    I think "The Golden Road" is the prettiest title. I don't even know what that book is but now I want to read it.

    1. *patiently educates bosom friend with LMM information*
      'The Golden Road' is the sequel to 'The Story Girl.' Both of which you must read. :-)

  12. A Montgomery story I'd like to see as a movie: Rilla of Ingleside
    My favourites: Rilla of Ingleside and The Blue Castle



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