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(I knowwww. THE GIF.)

What-ho!!! Our house is in the middle of an Internet crisis, so I hopped over to the neighbours (once yesterday, now again) to wrap this lovely week up. You're welcome for all the things I do for you guys. APPRECIATE IT. :-P Here are the answers to the Downton Abbey Game!! You all did very well. (Okay, I said that before even looking at your answers. Anything to sound gracious, ammiright? :-P)

First though, we must appreciate these two GLORIOUS GLORIOUS gifs I found of Matthew and Mary. GUYS I LITERALLY LOVE THEM SO MUCH TOGETHER.

1. Name three Downton Abbey redheads.
Possible answers: Gwen, Mrs Patmore, Ethel, Andy, Lavinia, Martha Levinson,
2. Which two ladies said the following lines? A: What shall I wear? B: Clothes.
A: Ivy, B: Daisy
3. Why is Lady Rose wearing a servants outfit here?! Explain it to ME. 
She's sneaking out to meet some servant dude who thinks she's a servant too. Yeah that didn't work out.

4. Name three characters that cut their hair into bobs.
Possible answers: Mary, Sybil, Daisy
5. What is Cora's Mother's first (Christian) name?
6. What did the Dowager Countess say during Daisy and William Mason's wedding?
"I have a cold"
7. Who does this beautiful jacket/dress belong to?

Edith. :-) In Season Six.
8. Name three of Lady Rose's 'lovers.' :-P
Samuel Thawley (the servant dude), Sir John Bolluck (the married dude), Jack Ross (the black singer dude) and finally, Atticus (the good dude.) (I admit this question was hard!)
9. The Dowager Countess once joked (wait, she was perfectly serious) that Americans lived in: a) treehuts b) wigwams c) plantations d) bear-skin huts
Wigwams. =)
10. Why does Mr Bates walk with a cane?
He got injured in the Boer war.
11. What is the name of Lord Granthams' dog? (the first dog)
12. Who does this fantabulous hat belong to?

Lady Cora. (You could have GUESSED. Her head tilt!)
13. Name three DA characters whose names start with M (last names are also allowed; you're welcome.)
Matthew, Mary, Mr Molesly, William Mason, Mr Mason, Daisy Mason, Marigold...
14. Who did the Dowager Countess tell to stop whining and find something to do?
15. Who said the following quote? "You know the trouble with you lot? You are in love with the wrong people."
Mrs Patmore.

 (Emma, this gif is for you.)
(When did this happen though? I can't remember it.)

Guys I am going to ask you a favour. Do you mind if I don't do all your marks this time? I was going to, but I'm here at the neighbours and I don't have all the time of the world and MATHS IS HARD. So here are the answers... well done for everyone who did well! (And well done to anyone who did bad.)

(I did read all your answers in the comments though. You are always appreciated. Love you.)


  1. I was going to comment with something nice but now I CAN'T because of that GIF and WHAT ARE THESE FEELINGS AHHHHHHH I can't handle this right now. (I have so much going on today, and now I have to deal with THIS.)

    Thank you for the gif, Naomi. :-)

    But I can't remember when it happens either! Huh! Maybe it's not even from Downton...maybe it's from something else he's in, because I'm pretty sure you and I would recognize it.

    The game was fun, by the way!



    I'm so sorry you're having internet problems! Talk about bad timing. But thank you for posting anyways! :D

    I look forward to commenting on your latest DA posts when I get a chance. Thanks so much for hosting this!!

    (When DID that last gif happen? It sort of looks familiar, but I can't figure it out.)

  3. (Okay, Mama says it's in season 3 when Tom and Sybil come back from that whole burning-house-deal and they're all mad at him because he left her alone...remember that?)

    1. (That was me, by the way. Maybe you could tell.)

    2. Of course I could tell, hahaha.
      I can't remember that, actually??!! :-O There was a burning house deal when Sybil was alive? MUST REWATCH RIGHT.


    I actually got a couple right. ;P

    Also, not sure if I can handle the amount of swoony Matthew gifs you've been posting in the past few days...

    ~Miss Meg


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