My Bucket List

Bucket Lists are cheesy and lets be real, they'll never be all crossed out. But they're fun, so I made one yesterday and here it is: (And yes, I put this list on a page of my blog as well, to add stuff and to hopefully cross out stuff in the future.)

1. Buy actual, elegant heels
2. Have a role in a musical
3. Buy the entire Downton Abbey box set dvd's
4. Own all Lynn Austin's historical fiction novels
5. Write a full-sized novel
6. Write and illustrate a children's book
7. Buy a cake at a bakery and eat it on a bench somewhere
8. Get published
9. See a play on Broadway and/or in London
10. Learn how to drive
11. Buy a pencil skirt
12. Set two people up
13. Start wearing make-up for special occasions
14. Visit Prince Edwards Islands
15. Own a phone and not get addicted to it
16. Visit Highclere Castle with Emma
17.  Meet up with other blogging friends
18.  Have Emma come to visit me
19.  Own a thousand books
20.  Scrap that - own a library
21.  Run a literary club
22.  Have a cheap, happy, memorable wedding
23.  Find a kindred spirit who lives within walking distance
24. Watch The Paradise
25.  Marry a man filled with nonsense as well as filled with love for the Lord
26.  Own an Instax Mini 8 (in pink, of course)
27.  Watch the Andy Hardy series
28.  Paint my room in pink
29.  Be someone's only friend
30.  Go to college
31.  Write 20 books
32.  Do missionary work
33.  Eat pizza every day for a week
34.  Visit Bath
35.  Meet a member of the British Royal Family
36.  Just meet someone famous
37.  Read 365 books in one year
38.  Give a homeless person a meal
39.  Watch Brooklyn
40. Visit Anne Frank's Secret Annexe in Amsterdam
41. Be a maid of honour
42. Learn how to cut hair well
43.  Master the French language completely
44.  Have an Instagram account
45.  Learn to sing better
46.  And then record a song
47.  Post a letter with, 'FOR YOU' on the envelope
48.  See someone recommending my blog to someone
49.  Cycle more
50.  Earn money
51.  Live close to where Emma lives for a year
52.  Overhear two random people talk about me (like seriously, I've wanted this to happen for ages)
53.  Make loads of different ice-creams and have an ice-cream birthday party
54.  Introduce someone to Pride and Prejudice 1995 and convert them to a crazy fan
55.  Find a note in a library book
56.  Host a giveaway
57.  Mail a box filled with nice things to someone I love
58.  Play games in the garden till midnight with friends
59.  Sit in the garden and watch fireworks for the New Year
60.  Write a script for Rilla of Ingleside
61.  And then actually send it somewhere
62.  Write a kids book in a week
63.  Receive a box of free books
64.  Live to see Prince George get married
65.  Read through the Bible
66.  Discover a new favourite author
67.  Name my kindle
68.  Get cacti for my bedroom
69.  Live like, ten minutes from a beach
70.  Visit Jane Austen’s house
71. Have voice lessons
72. Have no books on my Goodreads 'To-read list' (yeah, that's never going to happen.)


  1. Ahh, bucket lists. :)

    #2, #3, #9, #16, #72- RIGHT?!

    Ohhh, well, not in quite the way you described it, but I think your passion for P&P'95 contributed to my motivation for watching/finishing it, so that's something. :)

    Hmm, #55 would be fun, but my bucket list item is to LEAVE a note in a library book. I think some day I'll slip a index card into Les Mis with some words about it being one of the best books ever and then hope whoever reads it next isn't completely creeped out. :)

    1. Heehee. ;-) Well, I can kiiiinda of scrap that off the list. But I want more than 'motivation' I want to convert someone into A HUGE FAAAAAN. :-P

      Ha, I've done it! Several times! It's SO much fun - you should do it. :-)

  2. Well what a lovely post! Our brains must think alike because I was just about to do mine.. OH SPEAKING OF! We get to write little letters in french so i'm thinking i might write mine and scan it to you! :D

  3. Now to comment on your items in said bucket list

  4. 1. Yes totally agree with although I have some beautiful black ones with a nice sturdy heal I like to call my dance heals but they are really for chamber music gigs. When one plays at functions and weddings one must use nice heals must one not?
    2. Yes that would be fun! I love Sylvia from Finding Neverland at the moment she would be amazing, what's your vocal type, I'm a Mezzo/Alto
    3. Yes to this too (can you tell there will be a lot of yess's)
    4. Sounds like a plan
    5. You can do this
    6. MUM DID! Well she illustrated :D
    7. Done! In Denmark
    8. Don't we all dear Don't we all?
    9. Yus London- Richard Madden and Lily James in Romeo and Juliet sounds terrific to me.
    10. I'm still beginning too..
    11. I have one! Such fun!
    12. Miss Emma Woodhouse what have I told you about this? :P Just Kidding
    13. Done, so much fun!
    14. Totally need to go
    15. Yeaaaaah need to ward off my 'addiction' it's nothing compared to my cousins and brothers though.
    16. Yus you need to do that and take photos ok?
    17. So much yes, I will get to you one day! :D
    18. Mmhm yes much agreement
    19. I have 396 not bad..
    20. Heck yes
    21. We should have a blogger one?
    22. Naw yes
    23. I'll pray for you for that one if you like, sometimes it's just around the corner
    24. Oh it's good so far!
    25. Totally agree
    26. I'm asking for one for my birthday
    27. Never heard of it
    28. Pinks not my thing sorry bout that
    29. :D
    30. It's fun!
    31. Mmhm
    32. Yes I'd love that
    33. Done that
    34. So want to go
    35. Totally agree
    36. I've met Phillip Quast :D
    37. Ooh
    38. Yes I love that
    39. Im still reading it
    40. Totally want to as well
    41. Sameee
    42. Oooh cool idea
    43. OUI OUI
    44. Yes you should I'm making a new one for blogger friends, deleted the other one… any other name suggestions for it
    45. :D
    46. It's fun!
    47. AWWWW
    48. That can be arranged
    49. Love me some bikes
    50. Done
    51. Oooh
    52. Interesting
    53. Now that sounds fun
    54. =D I have done!
    55. Still to do
    56. Oooooh
    57. NAWWW
    58. Now that's my idea of a good time
    59. :D we always sleep
    60. I will so totally read it if you do
    61. Send it to the BBC!
    62. =D
    63. How delightful
    64. Totally agree
    65. Yess
    66. Mmhm
    67. You could call it cordelia
    68. Oooooooh
    69. I've done that.. Didn't like it much
    70. UM YES
    71. MMhm
    72. With you there

    WHEW if you got through that well done!

    1. WOOOWWW, YES I READ THIS ALL. Thank you so much for that, Evie! It was so much fun. :-)
      My vocal type is soprano. :-)
      "Miss Emma Woodhouse what have I told you about this?" <<< HAHA.
      If I go to Highclere (I MEAN WHEN) I will take loads of pictures; I promise. :-)
      Wow, 396 books is a lot. I should count mine. :-)
      Blogger literary societies aren't as fun as REAL ones, because there's a wretched screen in the way. :-P My aim is a real one. Maybe one day when I have my Own House. :-)
      You didn't like living next to the beach?! Why not?

    2. :D YAY! No worries!
      Oh that's SO cool!
      I thought that would make you laugh.
      Oh good!
      You totally should that would be so great. :D
      I totally agree, but it's a thought.
      I just didn't like it much too salty.. I love the sand though..
      Apologies this is late, French Grammar you see

  5. Well, *I* don't think Bucket Lists are cheesy. So THERE. :P
    (Also, I believe there IS a possibility they COULD be all crossed out. You never know what amazing things are going to happen in your life! :D) (Yup, I'm a bit of a dreamer.)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading bucket lists... I want to get an actual BOOK to write bucket list stuff in...(aaand I just spent a few solid minutes scrolling through some Instagrams because I THOUGHT I saw one recently... found every book but (to-do list book (I could do with one of those), daily planner, positive vibes kind of book etc). Well, I'm sure such a thing exists. :P)

    I loved reading this!!!
    #2! :D
    #9!! :D :D
    Haha, #11 made me laugh... I had to look up what a pencil skirt was, for one thing, and when I realized... those skirts are about the most unflattering piece of clothing I could ever buy. I tried one on last time I went clothes shopping, just in case something had changed... nope. ;P)
    #17!!!!! :D :D :D
    Haha, #68... Jess and Petie are influencing you, I think. ;D

    Well, I hope you get to tick off a good many on this list, Naomi. And just think, you've already ticked off one since the beginning of the year (visit Emma)! Who knows what else may get ticked off. :)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Well I dooooo. :-)
      Yes, there is a possibility! Although most of these I can't see happening right now though... I have to wait till I'm a bit older. (And richer. Hahaha.)

      Me too, I love bucket lists. Well, you could also just buy an ordinary notebook and conform it to a 'bucket list book.' Be creative. :-)

      Well, pencil skirts do flatter ME, I think, so I really want one. :-)
      #17 WILL happen ONE DAY.
      No really, I've been wanting cacti in my bedroom ever since my brother got some when he was younger. This is an original idea. :-P

      I knowww, so many dreams and little wishes of mine have already come true. :-) I should make an 'ex bucket list' of things that have already happened. :-)

    2. Meg dear there's a book I think at Typo or Kikik K one of the two that is a bucket list book but I prefer making my own :D

    3. Oh, thanks girls! That's a very good idea about making me own... I might do just that. :D

      Also, Naomi, I'm glad that pencil skirts flatter you. I have nothing against the style, they just don't look good on me. ;) I'm glad SOMEBODY can wear them elegantly.

      (YES ABOUT #17.)

      Oh, well there you go! I'd never even CONSIDERED having cacti in my room. :P

      Yes, you SHOULD! Writing an 'ex bucket list' would make you feel very happy. :)

      ~Miss Meg

  6. I love this list! Many of these are doable!!!!

    1. Thank you! I hope so! (Not 72 though. That's NOT doable at ALL.)

  7. Whoa. I was amazed at how many of these things were on MY unofficial bucket list too! Especially the more unusual ones! Seriously, well over half of these are things I want to do someday too. (Some I've even already done, like buying heels and wearing makeup for special occasions, and introducing a now-crazy fan to P&P '95 (okay, it was my sister. Does that count?) And some I'm doing, like learning how to drive and reading through the whole Bible.)
    This was a seriously good bucket list. It seems that nowadays, thanks to a particular meme, people just have things like eat vanilla pudding out of a mayonnaise jar in public on their unofficial bucket list. :)

    1. That is so cool. :-D Yeees, sisters count. :-)
      I've never heard of that meme, but that sounds funny. :-P

  8. I found out about P&P'95 from you, and I loved it when I watched it, so does that count? ;)
    Voice lessons are so fun. You learn so many different techniques and things, and after a little while you can sing whatever songs that have a karaoke version. :D
    One thing I've always wanted to do is tie a letter to the string of a balloon with a little message and my address and let it go in the air to see if someone ever receives it and replies. It would probably pop within the first five minutes, but it would still be fun. ;)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  9. Wonderful list; I heartily approve! :) As for 24, yes, please do!! And for 35, my eyes were playing tricks on me; I thought you said "Be" a member of the royal family! Which would be very nice, and could conveniently tie in to finding a good man, or being able to afford a library and classy heels. ;) And I'm officially putting 64 and 72 on my bucket list!

  10. That's not cheesy! That's called Making Life Goals, and it's a highly sensible thing to do ;-)

    Let's see . . .
    5. YES YES YES YOU AND ME BOTH SISTAH. (Seriously, this WILL happen someday. I know it :-) )
    12. What??? Okay, I guess that's actually kind of cool . . . but it would never occur to me in a million years. People are all different :-)
    30. I'VE DONE THAT. YAY FOR ME. :-)
    42. Rather you than I . . .
    72. ONLY IN YOUR DREAMS MATE. Yeah, I don't think that's ever going to happen for either of us ;-)

  11. Well I don’t think bucket lists are cheesy! I think they’re fun. I actually am continuously making them in my head . . . go figure.

    5 and 6 – DEFINITELY.
    13 – I doubt I’ll do this for years yet. I have a strange aversion to the stuff. :P
    20 – GREAT IDEA. Can I visit??
    25 – I love how you put that :)
    55 – Crazy, but something I’ve always wanted to do!
    72 – Not gonna happen, baby. :D

  12. I don't think I have ever made a bucket list. With my personality type, I generally like to only think about things that I can actually accomplish. There are some things that I would like to be able to do and would actually be feasible, but I am not the type of person who goes around making my big dreams possible. :)


  13. Hello Noami Sarah. I am a Pastor from Mumbai, india. It was so interesting to go through your Bucket List of almost 72 things. Amazing. I am glad to stop by your profile on the blogger and the blog post and know you as a follower of Jesus Christ. I am truly blessed and feel privileged and honored to get connected with you as well as know you through your profile on the blogger and the blog post. I love getting connected with the people ofGod around the globe to be encouraged, strengthend and praying for one another. I have been in the Pastoral ministry for last 37 yr sin this great city of Mumbai a city with a great contrast where richets of rich and the poorest of poor live. We also encourage young and the audlts from the west to come to Mumbai to work with us during their vacation time. We would love to have you come with your friends to work with us during your vacation time. I AM SURE you will have a life changing experience. My email id is: dhwankhede(at)gmail(dot)com and my name is Diwakar Wankhede. Looking forward to hear from you very soon. God's richest blessings on you , your family and friends.

  14. Oh my word, I love this list! Do you mind if I steal some of it and add it to my own bucket list? Some of your ideas are great! :)
    Hahaha! A cheap but lovely, memorable wedding. I want that someday, too. :)

    And yes! Live to see Prince George get married! :D

    I would leave a longer comment, but I don't really have time right now. Suffice to say your entire list is simply lovely! :)

  15. Wow, quite a list. Makes me want to make a bucket list. Have fun with your life, Naomi!

  16. Naomi: By the way, I tagged you over at my blog! I do hope you will participate! :D I love reading your blog, btw. :)
    Here's the tag:


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