Once again, random.

I want to write a blog post right now, but I haven't a clue what about. :-P *awkward silence* *crickets chirp* But there's always stuff to talk about; always things to be happy about... blahdeblah ladidahhh. How about a post in which I write about random little life tidbits and random little things that have made me smile lately? How about it, right let's do it. POST WRITING TIME COMMENCES.

Firstly, Call the Midwife. Call the Midwife. Call the Midwife. This show is my life right now. Almost every evening, my mum my sister and I will go to the spare bedroom and watch a new episode on the spare-bedroom-bed. We're the CtM-watching-squad and we have a lot of fun. I almost always cry and I always laugh and I often sigh in frustration and squeal in the adorbs. We just finished Season Four. It wasn't the best season so far, (+ some skip-able scenes) but STILL. IT'S SO GOOD.

Barbara is a sweety (plus she reminds me so much of myself sometimes) (only she never has bad hair days), Tom is ridiculously goodlooking and Fred and Violet are the cutest thing since Minnie and Alfie in Lark Rise to Candleford. Sister Monica Joan annoys me though - I do not care about the solar system and Mercury and monologues in poetry-form. Shush. (Also, it's been really fun talking about this series with this girl lately. :-P)

I really, really missing hanging out with Emma in person. Also, I miss her sisters Sadie and Molly, and I miss her cousins. (Emma, come over here. Let's go and visit places and watch more DA and play pranks on my brothers.)

I've been ill lately. I've been watching a lot of Youtube videos and I've been snoozing in my bed doing nothing. Luckily I'm feeling better now, but I'm still kind of tired and head-achy and you know, not 100% me old self yet. However, I've discovered some videos that have really really made me laugh, so I wanted to share them with you. I don't know if any of you have heard of the Youtube channel 'Jostie's Flicks', but they're both pretty hilarious... (as are practically all their videos; I mean, I love them.)

(This one made me smile till I read 'lol' and then it made me laugh out loud. :-P)

(My sister and I laughed so much about this one. 'They watch the Little Mermaid.' 'Oh. Ohh.' :-P)
(Also HOMESCHOOLER HUMOUR alert. ;-)) (Specifically, American homeschooler humour. I had to explain stuff to my sister before she understood some of it, ha. :-P)


Tomorrow, thank goodness, is Saturday and Saturday means LONG TO-DO LISTS, which I don't mind. ;-) I already have it all written out - it includes cleaning, but it also includes writing and going to the library to get some books to read which for some 'tremely odd reason makes me rather excited.

What else has been making me happy recently? Long emails from good friends. Good ideas for Stuff. Those gusts of inspiration one gets when one knows one has a whole day of schoolwork ahead. Impeccable timing, wow. Good job there. The charming, darling little Roald Dahl movie Esio Trot which made me go 'aww' and which made me laugh. Good books to read. Songs to sing. Hummus and Garlic Bread and Ice-cream (although not together, ew.) Blog posts from friends, cute adorable Instagram photos (LIKE THIS ONE) and the beautiful smiles of little siblings.

Also, God. Being a Christian isn't easy, but it is worth it. There's a price to pay, but it's worth it. Amen.

Glory to Him for ever and ever!

(OH. Look at the time!) (I need to go and sleep.)


  1. Aw, I love 'random' posts. :) (Both writing and reading them.) They're so much fun and I always enjoy seeing all the gorgeous photos that you sprinkle yours wish. <3

    And that last point...ALL THE YES. I wouldn't trade being a Christian, no matter how hard it gets, for anything else. Amen!


  2. Ahhhh! This was such a sweet post. This kind of randomness = awesome!! :D

    Your evenings spent with your mom and sister watching Call the Midwife sound so delightful! I love girl movie nights! :) Fred and Violet are the "cutest thing since Alf and Minnie"? Methinks, then, that I really MUST watch this show sometime!

    Aww. Yes! I really hope Emma can come out and visit you sometime! Now that you've actually met the distance must be even more annoying. :P

    I do hope you feel back to normal soon! Being sick is not fun. :(

    Haha. Homeschooler humour. What were some of the American homeschool jokes that you had to explain to your sister? (Just curious.)

    "Hummus and Garlic Bread and Ice-cream (although not together, ew.)" Hahaha! Indeed not. :P

    You're so right! The Christian life is not always easy, but it is definitely worth it! Yes! To God be the glory forever and EVER!

    This was a lovely post, Naomi! Hope you have a wonderful Saturday! :D

    ~Miss March

    1. Well, for instance, I had to explain to her what they meant by 'courting.' :-P
      Thanks for reading, dear!

    2. Haha. 'Courting'...yeah, that does need a bit of explaining sometimes. ;)
      Oh! you're most welcome! I enjoyed it! :D

  3. "Being a Christian isn't easy, but it's worth it."

    I couldn't agree more. Beautiful line. <3

  4. This was simply darling, Naomi. I love it when you share your thoughts and "little things".:)Those videos were hilarious! Now I know what I'll be doing instead of trying to do school.;) Have you ever watched the youtube channel Studio C? ( Does anyone else here watch them, for that matter?) They are a hilarious, clean sketch comedy that film in Utah. Their vids are about 4 to 6 minutes long. Anyway, you should check them out if you haven't already.:) I'm crazy about them and could recommend dozens.;) They are my favorite YT channel. ( Sorry BlimeyCow.;)

    Aww that Instagram pic was SO SWEET.

    Feel better soon! Being sick is no fun. Drink some hot chocolate. Hashtag the answer to all life's problems haha.

    Being Christian isn't easy at all. But it's beautiful and amazing. And also, it does actually make some things easier. I feel so sorry for people who just don't know what's right and end up messing up their lives. I mean, in a nutshell, we have clear guidelines on how to live a good earthly life AND attain eternal life!!!!!!

    Feel better, dear!

    ~Rilla Blythe

  5. I LOVE JostieFlicks!!
    I've watched pretty much all their videos and it's just impossible to get tired of them ;-)

  6. I know just what you mean about inspiration that strikes RIGHT at the beginning of a super-long, super-busy school day . . . Impeccable timing, indeed ;-)

    I actually had that happen to me last Monday; I was studying hard, doing my grad school homework, and then all of a sudden I had this AWESOME idea for a historical-fiction story about the English Reformation/Counter-Reformation. So now I have to "sit" on it for the next three months or so, until I have time to really work on it ;-)

  7. I've never heard of JostieFlicks before this post but I just subscribed! It's great to find clean but funny YouTube channels. Have you ever heard of Studio C? Because if you like them you'll like Studio C. They're really funny. :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  8. Rilla and Lydia, I actually don't really like the Studio C videos. I don't know, I just don't think they're that funny. :-/ (Maybe I don't get the humour?)

    1. Rosie told me not to watch Studio C, because she says I wouldn't find them funny, either :-) I think different people just have different kinds of humor . . .

    2. Naomi, my sister is the same way.:) It would be boring if everyone liked the same thing. Thanks so much for posting those Jostie flicks! I just watched "Man vs. Kitchen" and some of the Martha ones. SO GOOD.

      ~Rilla Blythe

  9. The FamilyMingle video....oh my goodness. That is so familiar it HURTS (from laughing).

  10. Yaysies. I like random. :D

    Aww, I hope you're over your sickness now, girl. <3

    I've never heard of "Jostie Flicks" (and I have NO idea what that name means, ha :P) but they made me smile a lot. Thanks for sharing them! (Also, the Family Mingle video was HILARIOUS... I must get American humour very well indeed, for it was most amusing, haha. (And is courting an American term? 'Cause it's pretty normal over here. :))

    Oh my goodness YES - I ALWAYS get inspiration either in school days or just after holidays finish, heh. :P I'm super excited because we have two weeks of school holidays after this week, and I'm SO. READY. FOR. HOLIDAYS.

    I don't like Hummus. (Sssshhh, don't tell Jess.)
    ... but I DO love garlic bread and ice cream. :D

    I KNOW!!! I was looking at Susanna Hope's baby's pictures. <3 :D What do you think of the name?! Samson! Wow... I just... don't know what to think of it. :P

    I think being a Christian's life is a much happier life than any other person's, because we have freedom and joy in Jesus, and it's something that we get to learn more about every day. It's so amazing. :)

    ~Miss Meg

  11. Yay, randomness! I love it, actually.

    Those videos were great. Hahahahaha. HA. The Family Mingle needs to be a thing. We aren't allowed to watch The Little Mermaid either. :D

    "Those gusts of inspiration one gets when one knows one has a whole day of schoolwork ahead. Impeccable timing, wow. Good job there." SERIOUSLY. That always happens to me, too. Why is it that all summer when I had a bunch of free time to write blog posts I had no inspiration and now I have inspiration when I am swamped with schoolwork? Unfair.

    Lovely post as always, Naomi!

  12. I totally vote that Emma needs to come visit you. :)
    YAY for Jostie Flicks! I love their videos!
    This was a lovely post, Naomi. :) Indeed, yes. "Glory to Him forever and ever!"

    ps. Did I ever tell you I love your new design? It's so pretty!!!


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