Bedroom doors, Book Mail Jealousy, and Joe.

Firstly, if anyone has a typewriter and some washi tapes, do send them my way. How kind! Thank you, thank you! Secondly, would you like some facts about my life at present?

1. My bedroom door is a very annoying door because it opens up completely if one doesn't click it shut. You know what I'm talking about? Most. Annoying. Thing. Ever. So whenever someone comes in or goes out, I have to say, 'Shut the doooooor' because otherwise it'll open up completely and bang against my wardrobe which is my least favourite noise in the WORLD. (Fun fact: I wrote this after hearing said least favourite noise. *shudder*)

2. This Friday my 14-year-old brother and I are going to a movie-character-dress-up event-thing. He's going as Robin Hood (and he looks completely the part in his costume), and I'm going as what's-her-name from Breakfast at Tiffany's. You know, Audrey Hepburn role. The famous black costume. I don't like the movie at all (ironic, right? Have you ever heard of weird people? I'm one of the race) but with my black dress and black shoes borrowed from my awesome neighbour friend, I think I'll look kinda like her. (Not, I hasten to add, that I look like Audrey Hepburn.)

(But you know, anything for an excuse to eat a croissant.)

3. Mah girl Emma got Lynn Austin's new book (FOR FREE) in the mail yesterday (Why won't they send meeee free books!?!?!) and everyone, tell her to hurry up and read it, so she can tell me all about it. I am SO excited to read it - and I cannot WAIT for Amazon to sell it in cheap prizes so I can buy myself a copy. (The story is about a girl from Holland, which is right next to Belgium, which is where I live, so obviously I'm going to love this book!) I really want Lynn Austin to come to Holland to sign books and such, so I can meet her. Then I saw on her website that she WAS going to be in Holland TOMORROW and I FREAKED out. .... Till I realised it was Holland, MICHIGAN. Thanks, America. For using one of our names again. And for confusing me again. Thanks.

4. Speaking of good books, I must mention 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett. It was GOOD. It's that kind of book that has a SMELL - loads of them. It's the kind of book that bursts with pops and colour and yellow. It's that kind of book that make writers and book-lovers bones feel happy. It's that kind of book that has characters you want +need to invite over for a chatty evening. (Skeeter. I love her.) (And now I have another movie I want to watch.)

5. Remember, several posts ago, that the entire Downton Abbey Box Collection came in the mail? (No, not miraculously. I ordered it and paid it from my owwwwn savings.) Well, we've started to rewatch it!!!! (We, being my parents, my sister and also two brothers who are watching it for the first time! I'm so excited to show them Matthew and Mary cuteness. Not that they care or understand. They are young teenage boys, after all.) It is SO SO good to watch it all again!! I've forgotten how good Season One is... it is brill.iant. I am also writing little reviews on the episodes, so mayybe an episode guide will pop up.

6. I am bursting with ideas for my novel. Which has no name at present, something which is bugging me a great deal. If goodreads didn't tell me there are already at least 7 books with the title 'Blue Skies', that would probably be it. Maybe it could be 'The Girl in the yellow dress' because there are two girls in yellow dresses. Not that that's an excuse to encorporate them in the title. Why.
My romantic interest for my protagonist, Joe, is so great and I love him. Want a little Joe Fitsgerald snippit? Here ya go:
Joe wrapped his hands around the mug. For 1 second; because it was steamy and hot. (It was adorable how he did stupid things sometimes.)
Isn't he adorable though?! :-)

Tell me 2 things going on in your life lately!
Also, if you had to go to the fictional-character-dress-up-event on Friday with me and my brother, who would you go as? (Remember, you only have two days to prepare. Be creative. See you there.)
One last question: Are you for or against the oxford comma? I am FOR.


  1. Ahh Audrey Hepburn... iconic! Truth be told, I've never watched Breakfast at Tiffany's. I sat down once to watch it with my sister and a friend and right at the beginning got called into work so they watched it without me. I should get round to it sometime.
    If I had to dress up as a fictional character in 2 days, I whip out one of my regency dresses, get my sister to curl and braid my hair and go as Jane Bennet. Not that creative but if I only had 2 days, I'd go with the quick, safe option.
    Downton Abbey Season 1 is the second best season *I* think and yes, you do forget how good the beginning was once you've seen the rest. Season 2 is my absolute favourite and I personally think the series should have ended after Season 3 as it dived into mediocrity after that. (I would have kept Sybil alive, Matthew alive and married Edith off to Michael Gregson to end the season). What a shame Julian Fellows doesn't come to me for advice...
    Are you going to write your novel during Nano? I'm hoping to get some writing in during then, although with a full time job it's not the easiest thing in the world.

    1. Jane Bennet is a lovely idea!!
      Season 2, I agree completely, IS THE BEST. And yes, SYBIL AND MATTHEW ALIVE YES. :-) Julian Fellowes should have asked you advice indeed.
      I might!

  2. I have to admit that title really caught my eye! I'm sorry about your bedroom door; mine opens completely too if it's open from the jamb, but fortunately all I have to do is push a little bit into the frame and it holds. I would hate having to close it all the way.
    Oh, does your book have the song Blue Skies in it? That's one of my favorites.
    A fictional character dress up party sounds like so much fun!!! I once went to a Halloween party in a 1860s ballgown, and I was mistaken for Jo March. That hadn't been my intention, but I even had the one glove holding the other (though this was because of cheeto dust, hehe). So I guess that would be my first pick, knowing that I have most everything I need.
    Audrey Hepburn is an awesome pick! I don't much care for Breakfast at Tiffany's either -- not the first half anyway. I don't mind the last part.
    Loved this post! Have fun at the party!
    P.S. Long live the Oxford Comma!!! :)

    1. Ha, I tried to make an eye-catching title, and it worked. :-) (Ugh, annoying doors.)
      Yes! The song Blue Skies is in the book!
      Jo March would've been amazing. :-) Long live the Oxford Comma!

  3. LOVE. THESE. KIND. OF. POSTS. I've missed out on them!! <333

    and btw, I got the Lynn Austin book too...hahaa you poor gal!

  4. Your costume sounds adorable! I can't recall her name either. It's RIGHT ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE (er, fingertips.) I used to sing "Moon River" to my nephew as a lullaby. :) You should definitely sing it during the party, and try to look lost and fwagile to cap off the costume. And hold a cat which keeps escaping.

    I am for the oxford comma, I'm currently detesting geography class (I have to learn about storms and why and how they work and water vapor and the transfer of sensible heat and latent heat and ocean currents and wind patterns of who cares, and it odiously takes up all my time and I don't care one iota), and I would be Anne Shirley because I am currently immersed in Anne. However, I don't have red hair, or freckles, or silver-grey eyes. I probably look more like Diana Barry, but no one would be able to guess I was Diana Barry, so it wouldn't be a good costume. I shall of course conclude by saying that I would be Melanie Hamilton. I am quite small like her, and have a widow's peak, and brown eyes. I'd just have to say nothing at all though, because I sound more like Scarlett.

    Sincerely, a fan.

    1. Thank you!!! Holly, her name is! :-) Ha, I didn't sing, but I bought a cigarette holder, and a croissant as props.

      Ohhh, geography. EHH IT IS BORING I KNOW. :-(
      Melanie!! She is gorgeous. And dressing up like Anne would be darling.

  5. Aaw, Joe does sound like he'd be a sweetheart. It would be so cool if you posted more bits of your novel on your blog. Or perhaps a summary of the plot? Idk, but I'm really interested, here. :)

    If I had to dress up as a fictional character on Friday...I can think of so many I'd love to be. Ideally, I'd have a gorgeous gold ballgown and go as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. (Not just because everyone says I look like her, but because I could never pass up a chance to dress like a princess. Lol)

    1. Aw, thank you! I did post some story snippits here: https://naomiblog15.blogspot.be/2016/09/story-snippets.html (Maybe you've already read that.)
      You have a GOLD BALLGOWN?!!! :-O Wow, sounds gorgeous.

  6. THE DOOR THING. I relate so much. I have a very, very similar problem with my door. "Shut the doooor." YEP.

    Joe sounds absolutely adorable. We need more guys like Joe, I can just tell.

    2 things in my life lately...? Um...I was in the hospital last week (yeah, just go to my latest blog post, okay? :) and school is fabulous.

    FOR the Oxford comma! It makes no sense (in my opinion) to leave it out; it makes it sound like two things instead of three (in a list of three). You know? Whatever. I'm definitely for it.

    Lovely post as always!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one. :-)
      I agree completely with you on the Oxford comma, girl!!

  7. Ooh, that sounds like a fun party! I'm going to a costume dance (it doesn't have to be a literary character, but I still want to be one) this weekend as well and I haven't figured out what I'm going to go as! So I shall probably be mooching ideas off the other clever ladies in the comments here :) I'm thinking about going as Mary Poppins, actually, because I love those books and I love the movie and I love Julie Andrews!

    1. Ohh, someone came as Mary Poppins yesterday! She was one of my favourite-dressed ones at the party. :-) Great choice. ;-)

  8. Totally for the oxford comma. And Joe sounds aDORable. I love it when boys do things like that!

  9. I liked this post very much! Your posts are always so sprightly and cheerful! Such a joy to read!

    That story about your bedroom door made me smile. (Though, I understand. It must be frightfully annoying sometimes. :P)

    Oh, I hope you do write an episode guide for Downton Abbey. That would be most enjoyable to read, methinks. :)

    Aww. Joe does sound like an adorable character! Can you share more? Because I'd love to get to know him better!! :D

    1. Thanks, Miss March!
      I'm thinking I might make a separate page for the DA episode guide, and complete it as I watch further. :-)
      Maybe! I haven't written that much with him yet, though.

  10. You are not, in my opinion, weird for disliking Breakfast at Tiffany's. I highly disliked it and many of my friends didn't care for it either! But the dress is so wonderful and I am sue your costume will be great. Thanks for this post

    1. Yeah, I know. I love the costumes though, so that's something. ;-)

  11. I am for the Oxford comma!

    Oh, you changed your mind from Princess Ann? But this costume is probably more iconic, and I love it. (Haha, are you going to have that long cigar-holder thing?)

    Ehh, I feel bad about making you jealous. :-P I'll make it up to you somehow.

    If I were going to your dress-up thing....I think I'd be Princess Ann! You inspired me, Naomi -- in fact, I've decided to dress up as her for the ball in November. It just seemed, I don't know, the perfect thing.


    1. Yeah, I didn't really have a Princess Ann blouse + it's such a summary outfit. But my word, you would SMASH IT. :-) Send me pictures. (I think it's ironic that the ball is in NOVEMBER. :-P)
      Don't feel bad... I'm very happy for you, obviously. Envious is a better word than jealous.

  12. Hah, I know what you're talking about when you say you hate the sound of your door smashing into your dresser, 'cause my door does the same thing...except it slams into my bookshelf right where my five favorite books are located and I am worried it will damage their spines. I suppose I could rearrange the books to a less dangerous spot on the shelf, but that would put them out of alphabetical order, and the librarian in me shudders at the thought.

    Ooh, this was a nice, cozy post. I love newsy posts that are more like letters than anything else. They are comforting, and I have a stomach bug and can't walk around because I stepped on a nail, so I need comfort. That's what I like about your blog. It's soothing and it always puts a spot of joy in my day.

    Two things going on in my life? Well, I guess #1 would be coming up with timelines for one of my novels. Ugh. So. Much. Math. But I have to know when all the stuff happens and I have put together four charts of events in chronological order so I can refer to dates. Still though. So. Much. Math. I had one character that started out being in his forties, but I realized that if he was that age I would have to change everybody else's ages, and that could not be tolerated. So be is now in his fifties and I am brain dead from sorting everyone's birth dates. -_-

    #2 Painting. A woman from church has a commission for me, and I painted a draft and showed it to her yesterday and tonight I have to paint the real thing.

    1. Aww, Elsabet, I'm glad this post cheered you up a bit. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. ;-(
      MATHS IS DREADFUL. :-/ But painting is kinda fun, right? :-)

  13. Two things about my life? Let's see . . . FALL BREAK IS NEXT WEEK. YAY. Also, I need to buy myself a new purse, so there's that. :-)

    A movie dress-up party?? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fun!! If I were going, I think I'd dress up as Bernadette from the 1983 movie because I have the materials handy, and I think I could pull it off well :-) (That is to say, I think I'd look all right with a dishtowel covering my hair :-P)

    Also, I am DEFINITELY for the Oxford comma.

    1. Fall breaaaaak. :-)
      That costumes sounds adorable. ;-)

  14. Two things: I recently got my driver's license, and I've come to realize how much I hate the thought of WWI on account of a certain Blythe boy. (And we studied said war in History class today. Let's just say, I was slightly sidetracked.)
    If I were able to attend the dress-up party, I believe I would be Anne Shirley. I still have some red hair dye from last year.
    For the Oxford comma, although I don't always use it. Some things don't seem complete without it, however.


      Anne Shirley would be amazing to dress up as!

  15. I can relate to the door - when I lived at home my door had to make a certain click-sound to stay closed, which meant 90 % of the time I had to get up and reshut it!
    That dress-up party sounds amazing!! There are not enough occasions to dress up today. If I was to go I would dress up as Peggy Carter from Captain America, mainly because it only requires a blue skirt and a shirt.
    By the way I think the girl from BaT is called Holly (not that I've seen the movie, it's on my endless to watch list)

    The Help is amazing!!! It's one of those books where you distinctly hear the character voices in your head, accent and all:)
    2 things in my life...last week I watched Anything Goes in the theatre, it was great fun! And next week I am going to visit a dear friend I haven't seen in way too long.

    1. Peggy Carter always looks smashing. And yes, her name is Holly.
      Ahh, I agree. The Help is the kind of book with a SOUND. I love that so much.

  16. I would LOVE to see you in your costume! (And your brother, for that matter, but I'll understand if you chose not to share a picture of him.)

    The Help is on my to-read list, but Mom says it's too mature for me right now. Oh, well...

    Aw, I can't wait to hear more of Joe. :) Don't you just love creating lovable characters, all your own?


    1. I didn't take any pictures of my costume (STUPID ME) but someone else did, so I'll try to get them and send it to you! (I'll send you a picture of my brother, via email. ;-))
      The Help definitely has some content - I'm really glad I didn't read it last year. (I almost did.)

  17. Oh, that's a wonderful feeling to be bursting with ideas. I'm two chapters away from finishing the first draft of my novel (!?!?!!!!). School is very busy so I've just been writing like two paragraphs a day ;) but compared to last month (when I wrote zero paragraphs a day) it's an improvement, right? A second thing that is happening is reading Bleak House, which is very good and witty but also full of characters that connect in confusing and random ways.

    I hope you had fun at the party. I would have gone as Margaret Hale. :)

    1. I know, it definitely is a wonderful feeling!
      Ohh, good luck with your novel!! Two chapters away - that's amazing. And kudos to you for reading Bleak House... not everyone would manage that. :-P

  18. Aww, sorry about your door. Doors can be quite a bother, can't they? My house has a bathroom door that squeaks AWFULLY sometimes and hearing it in the middle of the night can be jarring. haha

    Oh, a COSTUME PARTY? I've always wanted to go to one! Your costumes sound PERFECT. Do you have photos you'd like to share? I'd love to see them. :)

    Hahahaha, your story about Holland, Michigan made me laugh. We Americans are just awful aren't we? ;) (I hope Lynn Austin comes to someplace near you soon!!)

    "Not that they care or understand." HA. That's so true. Sometimes I want to show certain movies or such to my family and realize whatever I want to show them just isn't their cup of tea, and so why I am wasting my time? I'm usually just disappointed with their reactions anyways. :P (Of course, there are a lot of things my family and I BOTH love, so don't think I'm saying my family is horrible. Because they're wonderful. :))

    Awww! Joe sounds adorable and so does your novel!!! Yay for novel ideas!

    Two things going on in my life...hmm. Well, on Friday we're having new friends from church come over to our house and we're probably going to roast s'mores. Yesterday my family and I went to an apple orchard and got doughnuts and cider. And pumpkins! I'm really enjoying fall. <3

    Okay, this is late, but if I had been able to attend the party, perhaps I would go as Anne Shirley after she died her hair green and then cut it, because my hair is super short right now. (Yes, I re-cut my bob. :))

    YES to the oxford comma! How could anyone be against it?

    1. Haha, squeaky doors are the wORST. My door handle is squeaky. That's another annoying thing about my door. :-P
      I'm trying to get hold of pictures other people took of my costume (I didn't take any) so if I get them (and if they're any good) I'll definitely send them your way. :-)
      Hahaha, I know - I'm often just disappointed in the reactions of my family! They just don't UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING OF MY FEELINGS WHEN IT COMES TO MOVIES. :-P
      Ohhh, you re-cut your bob - lovely! :-)

    2. Thanks! I'll look forward to them if it works out. :)

      I KNOW. That's why blogging is such a blessing. I HAVE FRIENDS WHO UNDERSTAND MY FANGIRL-Y SIDE. ;D

  19. I actually have high hopes that Lynn Austin might come to The Netherlands, with her new book being about people from here. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for any news, because a few years back she was in The Netherlands and I missed it....

  20. *sighs happily*
    Finally. FINALLY. I can COMMENT again!! I've been reading yours posts, and just waiting and waiting to comment on them, and now I can. YES. :D

    Well, I understand completely about bedroom doors! Mine is ridiculously squeaky when it opens and closes (like seriously, it WAKES people UP it's so LOUD) and I also get annoyed because people never close it properly, so it's continually open when I want it closed and I'm continually closing it because it's always open! *pants* Okay, rant over.

    Oh, wow! A costume party! I've never been to one, but I've always wanted to. :) (I've been to balls and period drama parties and I've dressed up to see a movie, but I've not actually gone to a costume party...) I've not actually seen "Breakfast at Tiffany's", although my family was randomly discussing that movie the other night, hehe. (Actually, I think I brought it up... ha.) I'd always like to see pictures of your costume, if you end up getting some. :)

    I know, I saw that Emma got a free book! I'd like a free book... :P And YES, I understand all about confusing names! We have a 'Texas' here in Australia that's several hours away from us. Haha. I wonder if there's a Dallas next to it.

    Aww. I like Joe already. (Flawless characters are often annoying - flawed ones tend to have my support.)

    Goodness, all these questions! (Yay! ;P)

    2 things going on in my life lately... um... next weekend I'm going to be doing laser force again (here's a brief description: FUN AND ADRENALINE RUSH) so that'll be thrilling! I've also been trying to get together a summer wardrobe, as I've basically grown out of EVERYTHING. And it's proving more difficult than I thought... (I'm in between a little girl stage and a lady's, and most teenage girls summer clothes are crop tops and skimpy bits of material that I don't approve of.)

    Two days to prepare for a costume party... I'd probably go as "Belle" from "Beauty and the Beast", because I've got a yellow ball gown and I could do my hair nicely and... well, I don't know, look Belle-ish. :P

    Haha. Hahaha. Ha. Reading all these comments about the Oxford comment... it rather startled me to see everyone is FOR it. Well, Naomi, prepare yourself.
    I am AGAINST the Oxford comma. First off, I didn't know what it was, so I Googled it and understood... I distinctly remember learning this for grammar, and I remember Mummy telling me that "Americans use a comma before the 'and', but WE DON'T". So I don't. ;) I guess I should give an explanation, haha. Well, comma's can take the place of conjunction words, yes? Instead of saying "Fred and Sam and Harry went out to play", you add in commas and delete the word and to make it flow better. So, if you have the word 'and' already, you don't need a comma AS WELL! (That's GREEDY. ;P) "Fred, Sam and Harry went out to play." I'll just add one more note, though - I DO sometimes use the Oxford comma when I'm using long phrases, instead of short words (like "Fred", "Sam" and "Harry"), but generally speaking, I don't use it. ;)

    ~Miss Meg

  21. Can I just say...I opened your post two minutes ago and have already had three thoughts:
    1. I LOVE the way you talk about 'that kind of book' and partly because I love describing things with unusual adjectives (like a yellow smell haha).
    2. I already want to read The Help. Because I am definitely NOT reading too many books already hehe.
    3. I love Joe. I want to hear more of him now.


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