Hiiiiiiii. Rae and Esther both tagged me for the 'blogger recognition award.' It sounds awfully smart. I need a new dress for this honour. Excuse me while I go and change to accept this glamorous award.

Here are the rules:
  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you. (Thank you Rae. Thank you Esther. :-P)
    (I find it humorous that these things always TELL people to thank other people. Like, I was GOING TO anyway, I'm not a rude three-year-old with no manners, thank you very much. :-P)
  2. Tell a little bit about how you started blogging
  3. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!?) (15?!!??)
(I'd like to warn you that number four is not happening. I'll be lucky I can think of three people. Fifteen other bloggers indeed.)

How I started my genius (ha. funny joke.) blogging adventure:

Oh no, this is when I think of my first year of blogging, and all those embarrassing posts. Cringe time.
My story is like a lot of others - I read other blogs (mainly Period Drama ones like Yet another Period Drama blog, Regency Delight, For the Beauty of the Earth (aka Lantern in her hand) and Old Fashioned Charm) and after a nerwracking time of 'dare I do it?' I started to comment. This led to a wonderful friendship between the authoress of 'Lantern in her hand' who only increased my want for my own blog. 
So I ask my parents and by some miracle I had a blog by March 2014. Me, the girl who didn't know what 'twitter' was and how to put links behind words. 
For months and months and months I wrote embarrassing blog posts... and well, have I ever stopped? :-P

I know the rules said 2 pieces of advice, but I went crazy.
I know.
I have 12 blogging tips.
Not because I think I know best, but because I enjoy pretending to be wise and because I didn't realise at first that I could only give two pieces of advice and by the time I knew I had already written all these. So deal with it. :-P

Naomi's 12 genius (ha. another funny joke.) blogging tips:

1. Don't be scared to use caps. You're excited? You're enthusiastic? Don't be afraid to show that.


3. Speaking of capital letters, please don't choose a blog-post-font which has capital letters as lower-case letters. (You know those kind of fonts?) Personally, to me, it's not very pleasant to read.

4. In a similar vein, don't write in lime pink. No. Use a darker colour for the letters and a light post-background so reading posts is relaxing and enjoyable. (Not a light font colour and a dark background. Once again, maybe this is personal, but I find that rather unattractive.)

5. Comment on other people's blog posts if you want some traffic on your blog! But don't be like, 'HEY HEY PLEEEEAAAAASE FOLLOW MY BLOOOGGG PLEEEAAAASE.' :-P Definitely don't comment stuff like, 'follow for follow?' or 'nice blog. Here's my blog.' Gosh, sounds so genuine. Such a flattering comment.

6. I'm not saying you should feel obliged to comment long paragraphs on every post, but don't just write for the sake of more potential views! See the blogging experience as exchanging opinions and engaging in interesting discussions. Have your share in the conversation, as Lady Catherine de Bough would say. :-)

7. Replying to comments on your own blog makes you an automatically good host. (But it's okay, you don't have to reply to all of them. It's not the end of the world!)

8. Get inspired by other bloggers - but don't copy! There's a big difference. However definitely use other blogs as inspirations... don't feel like you HAVE to think of your VERY OWN NEW blog post ideas.

9. At the same time, do make sure there's something YOU-ish about your place. Dare to be different and definitely be creative with what you do! Don't worry if your blog isn't 'the same' as the others... um, it shouldn't be.

10. Posting consistently is fine, but once again, posting too much can sometimes exasperate readers. In my first year of blogging I definitely *ahem* *definitely* posted too much. *whisper* I was so enthusiastic and excited and cute lil' me even posted three times in one day once I know aww. (No, don't do that. Don't post THAT much.)

11. Read through your posts before you publish them! So important. Tweak the sentences that sound weird, eliminate the annoying typos and make the pictures the size that make them look best on your blog. (I always 'preview' my posts to see what they'll look like.) Remember blogs are on the Internet, which is public and scary so it's important to make the posts presentable! ;-)

12. Finally, my personal favourite tip: Make your blog a happy place. ;-) Don't write nothing but gloomy posts... add some nonsensicality to your lil' corner. (A preachy post is okay now and then. A serious, deep post is too. Also, sometimes one needs to complain. :-P But personally I don't enjoy blogs with nothing but that!)

Wow, so much advice. :-P And I'm not even blogging for three years! As if I'm experienced! So high-and-mighty, Naomi, so high-and-mighty.

Honestly though - I'm so thankful that I decided to start this blog. It's matured me so much and I've learnt so much through the years... and met some stinkin' amazing friends. I've discovered amazing books and movies and I've bettered my writing style and I've found who I am... which sounds ridiculous, but it's kinda true. So Thank you. <3


  1. Ugh, will your pictures ever stop being so beautiful?? :P They are lovely, and so is your writing. You have some jolly good blogging advice, if you ask me. These are the rules/guidelines I wish I had as I started blogging! I liked the "lime pink". :) And I definitely agree that we should all make our blogs a happy place! :)

    1. Pinterest is great for beautiful pictures. :-)
      Aw, thank you!! Ha, you did the lime pink thing? :-)

  2. I am so very glad that you've never stopped this blog. And I wouldn't mind three posts in a day. :P
    -A Friendly Ghost

  3. soooooooo??? who did ya tag? ;)

    though honestly, I loved this post, but that last thing you said
    >>> I've found who I am... which sounds ridiculous, but it's kinda true. <<<<
    because that's literally how I feel - and now at almost 3 years of blogging, I can say it's been one of the best things for me..ever. oh I do love being a blogger xD

    1. Okay, I tag YOU. :-D There. :-)

      I knoww. It's so true. And I love being a blogger as well. :-)

  4. I wish I could have had your advice when I first started blogging! (And of course it's okay, in my eyes at least, that you included 12. When you're such a marvellous blogger as yourself, then of course it only makes sense to impart of as much of your wisdom as possible. ;) (And I'm not just teasing you.) (Well, I am, but I also mean it.) (Enough with the parentheses.)
    I'm so glad you started your blog, too! In it I have found not only a wonderful blog, but a wonderful friend. Thank you for having a blog, Naomi. :)

  5. Love this!!! Such a wonderful blog and you're a dear friend! :D

  6. I read this last night, but I was tossing up between doing stuff on the computer or watching Lark Rise. I chose Lark Rise. ;D (And I'm so glad I did, for it was that episode that the Minnie and Alfie cuteness began and, I gotta say, one of my very FAVOURITE episodes so far!!!) Besides, I knew there's always tomorrow. ;)

    Also, I can't really comment on this very well... I don't even have a blog. ;) (Sometimes I kinda forget that - I know just what I'd say and can imagine just what it would be like... I mean, I've been reading blogs for about 4 years (or more!) now, so I know my way around them well enough... took me long enough, hehe.)

    And I'm not familiar with the term lime pink. :P I'm guessing that's just a really bright fluorescent kind of pink?

    I like your last tip the best. :D (I liked ALL of them, OF COURSE.) I absolutely LOVE happy places!!! That's what I would like my blog to be (although I'm sure I'll manage a serious post every now and then, ha).

    I'm SSOOO glad you started blogging, Naomi. :) I'm so glad I met you! *twirls happily*

    ~Miss Meg

  7. You've got some amazingly good advice here, girl. Thanks so much for sharing!! And for the record, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! It's definitely a happy place! <3

  8. Perfect post! Even though when you said 12, I thought, "that's a lot!" It wasn't a lot at all, and they are all very good pieces of advice! (Goes over to change post title font from caps.. ;) )



  9. 'Make your blog a happy place.' I'm not a blogger (sometimes I wish I was, when I read all the lovely inspirational posts on your blog), but I think it's a good tip. Your blog is also a happy place for your readers! ;) Thank you for that!


  10. All of your blogging tips are spot-on (good for more experienced bloggers as well as newbies) and I agree with all of them. (And I hope I've implemented all of them as well.) :) Great post!


  11. I love and agree with every one of your pieces of advice. :)

    Ps. Heehee, I "preview" posts, too. :D Such a handy gadget, that.

  12. 12 rather than 2? Someone sure went all out here :)

    No, but seriously they're great. Nonsense always works, and I love how you use Caps Lock all the time!

  13. Trilled to have just found your blog! I know the first year of blogging is such a mess!! haha! I love that phase. (ha, nope!)


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