Ask Me Anything // Answers

Here I am. The Answers. Here. Millions of them. 

This post is very long and I apologise in advance if you doze off while reading it. But I don't do these things in halves and well it's your fault you asked the questions. Don't feel like you must read all of these, you can just read your questions. (Click Ctrl and F and type in the name you used to ask questions and technology will lead you to the right place.) But do stay awhile and read it all if you want to! (You'd be a sport.) Make yourself cosy. Steal a chocolate bar. Whip up a cuppa coffee. (All bloggers say this and I betcha no reader is like, 'Okay' and goes to the kitchen, makes a cup of something and comes back to drink it while reading the post.)

Thank you for all your questions + I had a blast answering them. Now let's get into it!! (All pictures from Pinterest. That's how we roll here. And yes, they're random.)

(Also, I changed all the 'favorite's to 'favourite's in this post. Not because I think yours is wrong (well it is hahaha) but mainly because my Blogger puts red squiggly lines under it and they annoy me. ;-P Also, it's my way of spelling it! It looks EMPTY without the U!)

Hamlette asked:

What's your computer desktop image right now?

A picture of me and Emma sitting on the haystack in her barn.
Have you ever changed the way you write a specific letter or number to match the way a famous person wrote it? 
I used to always copy the way other girls wrote things (like, there was a time when I always used circles instead of dots for my 'i's and 'j's because it was sort of 'fashionable' to do in the circle of girls at the music school), but I can't think of any handwriting plagiarism of famous people though.
If they made a movie or TV show of your life, what would it be called?
The most boring TV show ever? I DON'T KNOW. :-P Maybe 'Quirk and Mirth.' It sounds fun and it sounds like me. (The TV show wouldn't be that interesting though. I have to admit this humbly.)
Pick one different Austen heroine to share each of the following activities with: Shoe-shopping / Cleaning the house for company / Trying a difficult new recipe / Going to the movies / Yard work / Addressing a huge stack of Christmas cards /
(This question is fuuuun.)
I'd say Emma Woodhouse for all of them, but seeing as you said a different JA heroine for each, I'd do it likewise: Shoe-shopping with Emma, because she's high-fashion and rich. Cleaning the house with Anne Elliot because she seems like she'd be helpful, ha. Trying a difficult new recipe with Catherine, because we'd LAUGH over our misfortunes. (Catherine and I would be good friends.) Going to the movies with Marianne Dashwood, so we could sooth each other when we get emotional. Yard Work with dear Elinor, because it's a sensible thing to do. We'd have fun talking while doing it, of course. Addressing a huge stack of Christmas cards with Elisabeth Bennet, of course, because we'd think of the wittiest things to write down together.
I want this to happen.

Rose asked:

How many books do you read in a year? 

Last year I read 160. This year it's going to be less, but I'm aiming for 120 and I'm on the right track. (So yeah, more than a hundred. I read a lot and I love it. ;-))
Do you prefer chocolate or icecream? 
Okay, icecream in the summer, definitely. And chocolate in the winter.

Eva asked:

What's your least favourite colour?

To wear: Mint-green. It looks odious on me. (A mint-green car, however, or a mint-green fridge... ME LOVES.) I hate hot-pink fiercely (especially matched with black leopard print... ugh) and I have never been fond of the colour orange.
Three real people you admire and why.
Whoooo, there are loads. I'm going to go with female role-models who are still alive, because I need to narrow this category down. ;-) 
1. My mum, because she's awesome-sauce and doesn't whine about stupid things and she gets along with life and I love people like that. 
2. Katie Gregoire, cuz she's a bubble of colour and wisdom and just yes. 
3. My Aunt Sara who's done ridiculously cool things like making documentaries on leprosy and on the holocaust.
Three fictional characters you admire and why.
Cynthia Miller (Call the Midwife), for her humility and hard-core kindness.
Hans Hubermann (The Book Thief), for his sacrifice, helpfulness and just AWESOME NICENESS.
Aaaannnd then it's a tie between Anne Shirley, for her optimism and originality, and Elinor Dashwood, for her sense and goodness and duty I LOVE HER.
Favourite flavor of ice cream? Cake? Pie?
Stracciatella ice-cream / chocolate cake / no pies for me please. I'm not a pie person.
Favourite book of the Bible?
I don't know. It always changes. I love Ecclesiastes, I love Proverbs, I love Corinthians, Phillipians, 1 John... I love Esther and Acts and the Gosples. 
That's my answer. ;-)
Which fashion decade from the 1900s is your favourite?
Ohh, I'm going to go with late 50's for this one. I love the slacks and the checked skirts and the chique trendiness of pearls and nylons.
What's your current favourite book? Movie?
The Help by Kathryn Stockett and Downton Abbey. I know Downton Abbey is not a movie, but it's all I've been watching for the past months, so I can't think of anything else, screen-drama-wise. ;-) Bear with me.
Apples or oranges?
Apples are my friends. Oranges are more exotic, but they're sort of cheeky. And the stickiness can be a nuisance. (But I love them too.)
What's one question you wished you'd been asked? Answer it!
I was hoping someone would ask me if they could send me a box filled with books, chocolate and pizza vouchers. And my answer is yes.

Julia Ryan asked:

Most embarrassing blogpost ever published.

HOW RUDE JULIA. HOW COULD YOU ASK ME THIS. I don't know, thoughhh. Like, I have so MANY! Any post in 2014, heh. heh. I honestly should go back and delete some. :-P Lets see... How to find a good plot is pretty embarrassing (I don't know whyyy but it's just stupid) (but at least I admitted it back then) and OH NOW I KNOW. This post. Most embarrassing thing ever. Don't read it. It's not even VAGUELY FUNNY. *criiiiinge*
If you could have one "american" food, what would it be?
Pizza is technically Italian, but I associate it with America too. So how 'bout a huge pizza.
Read us the last text you sent to anyone.

I don't have a phone, but I'll count online messages as texts, right? They're basically the same. Last message I wrote was 'Welcome home' so that Emma would get some welcome when she came home from her trip. The duties of a good friend. ;-)
Gilbert Blithe or Mr. Darcy?

Gilbert Blithe. I'd rather not be intimidated. Plus, I love a guy who teases people and Gil seems to be pretty good at that kinda thing. (ALSO I LOVE HIM.)
Last time you sneezed?

Gosh. So random. Love it. (I don't know.)
Weirdest thing you do on a regular basis?

HAHAHA Like why would you assume that I do weird things in the first place?! ;-P I'm trying to think of a very weird thing - I suppose having to lock the door closest to me when I'm in the car is pretty weird, but I always do that.
Favourite holiday?

Top 3 books?

Okay, so the Bible is the best book ever, and definitely my favourite - but I'll put it out of this question, because I'm going to narrow this down to fiction. Okay oaky-doaky. I can do this.
1. Hidden Places (Lynn Austin)
2. The Sweetest Thing (Elizabeth Musser)
3. Rilla of Ingleside (Lucy Maud Montgomery)

Rachel asked:

What's your favourite music songs?

As in, any song? At the moment, O Holy Night and In the Bleak Midwinter because Christmas is sooosososo entering my life right now. :-)
Matthew Crawley or Mr Knightley?

Rachel my dear, you cannot DO THIS TO ME. ;-P NO REALLY. I CANNOT CHOOSE. They are my two biggest baes. (Ugh that sounds bad.) Okay, if I haaad to choose?! Mr Knightley. (BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN HAVE MATTHEW.)
Favourite pin on Pinterest?

Seesh, I couldn't say. There are too many pretty ones lying around.
What's your hair colour?

Dark Brown. (Here's a pic.) (Ture.) (I'm the one with shorter, darker hair.)
Your favourite Period Drama couple?

Can I say three? Please? Yes? Thanks. I appreciate that you understand the troubles of a fierce shipper and matchmaker. 1. Mary and Matthew. (Downton Abbey.) 2. Minnie and Alfie (Lark Rise to Candleford) 3. Elinor and Edward (from the 2008 version because they're stinkin' cute in there.)
What's your favourite actor and actress?
Dan Stevens and Julia Sawalha.
What word do you often use?

I say 'basically' a lot. And boring words like 'nice.' I say 'the' and 'and' a lot too, actually. Which is pretty mind-blowing considering their uninteresting nature. (*insert winky face to ensure doubting readers that yes, that was sarcasm*)
Chocolate or Cake?

How about chocolate cake? ;-)

Rilla Blythe asked:

Favorite episode of Pride and Prejudice?

Episode five cuz they're so in LOVE and it ends that you KNOW you've one more left and I JUST LOVE IT.
Favorite P.G.Wodehouse quotation?

"Remove that egg. It looks like an old aunt of mine."
Favorite meme?

What do you meme? AHAHA. PUN. PUN. PUN. *bites lips because no-one laughed* *gravely stares awkwardly*
Well, I like this one. It's accurate. Although I have no idea who the man is. (I'm not pasting it here cuz it wouldn't look attractive in this post.)
What are you looking forward to right now?
Did you see the new Beauty and the Beast trailer? What do you think of it?

Ohhhh seeesh yes I did and I GOT SO MANY GOOSEBUMPS. Even though I'm not crazy excited about it (yes, this happens sometimes! I am not always ridiculously excited about new movies!) I do really want to go and see it. Just to see the prince turn all Dan Stevens-y in the end. I think the trailer is beautiful and epic. I must sayyyy though, I'm disappointed about two things: 1. The yellow ballgown. It looks... cheap. Yeahsorrysorry. But it just doesn't take my breath away like Cinderella's blue one did. Also 2. The beast doesn't have Dan Stevens' blue eyes. I expected Dan Stevens' blue eyes.
But yeah. The trailer was epic.
What do you want to major in during college?
Some kind of teachers degree. Maybe primary. Maybe English. Haven't decided yet.
What is the theme in your bedroom?

Is messy a theme? If so: messy. (Oh, you mean colours? Light pink is a pretty recurrent shade, I suppose.)
What names would you give your children?
Matthew, Gabriel, Grace and Lydia. (Assuming I had two of both and assuming sir husband wasn't too set against them.) (Why I am writing in the past tense?)
If you could have learned something earlier, what would it have been?

That. ;-P
Favorite Blimeycow episode?
I loooove the Ten Most Awkward Hugs one. Back in June, I showed it to Emma and Sadie and we laughed till we cried about it.
Do you like to organize?

Yes! Love it. Maybe I don't do it much (and when I do, disorganisation falls back into place faster than I had previously anticipated) but I enjoy it and I get an immense surge of satisfaction when stuff is organised. (I am a To-Do-List person, for instance. It helps SO much.) (Hashtag lifesaver.)
What's the most fun time you've had with your siblings?

Aw, cute question. Aw, impossible question to answer. I'll tell you the last time we had loads of fun together. It was when Grandma and Granddad came to visit us last Saturday and we sat in the living room in the evening, everyone together, ate crisps, talked, laughed, made bad puns and tried hilarious tongue-twisters.
Favourite tea?

(Short and crisp answer.) (Like the flavour of mint reaching your tongue.) (Now I'll stop analysing.)

Evie asked:

Have you considered getting Twitter/Instagram?

I'm not that interested about Twitter. I don't really see the point of it and I don't know, it just doesn't attract me that much. But Instagram?! Yes, I want that really bad. One day I shall and I shall let you know, Evie, when I do so we can follow each other. ;-P
Favourite Period Drama Hero?

Mr Knightley.
Can I steal this post idea?
I suppose so, since I stole it from other people. ;-) There's no reason to give me credit for this post idea, haha.
Favourite undervalued Musical?

Well,  *I* think Summer Magic is adorable. But I can see why it's sort of undervalued, because the songs aren't 'wow'-factor-ish and the story is sort of stupid. ;-P (If Fiddler on the Roof is undervalued then DEFINITELY that. I love that musical.)
Dream Role in Theatre?

Eliza Doolittle. ULTIMATE DREAM.

Jessica Prescott asked:

Do you ever listen to Disney songs? If so, what's your favourite? 

Not really. (If Newsies is Disney, however, then yes, I listen to Disney songs.)
What was the strangest-tasting food you ate while in America?
Rice with sugar in it. Wut. Rice is supposed to be healthy, not sweet. (I love the person who cooked it though, so no offence to her at all. ;-P)
Are you excited to see Dan Stevens play the Beast/Prince in the new BatB movie?

Yeah. Duh, Jessica. ;-P (It's the main thing that makes me excited about the movie, I'll admit! Ha.)
What's your current favourite piece of clothing, and why?
Okay, so back in June when I said goodbye to Emma and her mum at the airport (crying like a wee lass), Emma gave me a small package which she said I could open on the plane. Well, inside was a corking T-shirt that had belonged to her (which I always said I loved) which is sort of red-pink and has the words 'don't talk to me, my favorite character just died.' (Mark the lack of the U in favourite. The only think I don't love about it. ;-P) Anyway, I LOVE that shirt SO MUCH and everyone compliments me on it when I wear it. Someone at Youth Group said to me, 'ME TOO, I get what you mean!!' and I was like, 'wut are you talking about?!?' And then I realised I was wearing the shirt, haha.
Yesterday I wore it because Sybil died. And I can't talk. No I am NOT overreacting!!!
What's one spot in Europe that you've never travelled to, but really wish you could someday?
Highclere Castle! Jane Austen's house! All the P&P95 locations! The Anne Frank House! #Loads #JustbecauseyouliveinEuropedoesntmeanyouvebeeneverywhere #obviously #longbucketlist
If I were to write a story about the New York Mafia in the 1970s, would you read it?

I have no idea what the New York Mafia is. I am a Brit with not American history knowledge whatsoever apparently. Let me look it up and see if it would be my cuppa tea. (Can we just take a moment to appreciate that we don't have to go to libraries to look things up?)
... okay it doesn't look like my kinda story. Got to admit. BUT if you'd write it I'd read it. ;-) 
Besides "Rilla of Ingleside" and "The Blue Castle," what's one book you really would like to see made into a movie? Why? 

Rilla of Ingleside.
Oh, sorry. I apologise.
Well, I'd love a good movie of Daddy Long Legs. It could be made into the most adorable movie ever if they did it right.

Awdur asked:

What's your least favourite book?

A terrible book I read once was Gracie. Ugh. Bad writing, stupid stupid heroine and pointless. I could laugh about it. ;-P Read my review here.
I wouldn't be able to say what my least favourite book is, though. I don't like quite a few books, and I normally forget about them. (If school books count, they'd be in the category, too.)
Have you always lived in Belgium? 
Yup, Belgian born and Belgian bred. I've moved three times in Belgium, though.
Do you consider yourself more Belgian or more British?
Despite the answer to the previous question, probably British. Although I'm proud to be Belgian too.

Meredith asked:

What is your favourite Blimey Cow episode? 
Like I said earlier, I loved the Ten Awkward Hugs one, but one of my all-time favourites is also Four Things Introverts Think (but never say). And all the homeschooler ones. And all the Youth Group ones. And all the Dating ones. (I LIKE SO MANY.)
Do you spend more time reading books or watching movies/tv shows? 
Good question! I hope reading. But maybe not. (Also, I read fast.) (I still hope reading though! I don't want movies to make me read less. ;-P)
If you could take a selfie with one celebrity, who would it be? 
A selfie with Kate Middleton would be cool. But it would be weird, because she's too you-know, royalty to take selfies with. (Did you know Prince Harry hates selfies?) I'd love a selfie with like, Lily James or someone cool like that.
How many books do you currently have in your room? 
DON'T MAKE ME COUNT MEREDITH DON'T. :-P It'll take aaages! Last time I counted the books in my bookshelves, I had 212. I assume it's more now, because I have bought and received several other books since then. And then if you count all my schoolbooks, I'm sure it would be nearing 250.
Do you have any books that you associate with a certain season or holiday? 
Yes! For example, The Book Thief I associate with winter, because because. Also, I can't read that book in the summer. It has to be cold outside for me to enjoy it. I know that's weird. ;-P I often read Pride and Prejudice in January, because I always watch it for my birthday and then I feel like reading it. And then I have summer-y reads like The Fault in Our Stars, A Distant Melody and The Guernsey Literary Potatoe Peel Pie Society.
What to you is the second saddest death in Downton Abbey? 

(Spoiler Alert.) (Obvs.)
Okay. Let me explain. (Without bursting into tears.)

Sybil's death is the saddest. IT IS SO SO SAD. The emotion and the grief demonstrated on screen, so heart-breakingly acted out by those amazing actors and actresses is just wrenching. But then if I could save one death, it would definitely be Matthew's. The colour and flavour of the show sort of faded when he left. Matthew kept the show really alive. But Sybil's definitely wins for saddest, so I'd say Matthew.
What would you grab if your house were on fire?
If all my siblings were safe and all that jazz, probably my laptop.

Miss Meg asked:

Have you ever eaten oysters? 

Nope. I am so NOT into seafood and I don't really want to try it.
What YouTubers do you follow?

Blimey Cow - Obviously, I mean, duh. Their videos are excellent, accurate, relatable, and not to mention hilarious. I'll always look forward to their Messy Mondays. Thumbs up to blimey cow.
Mind the Gap - I LOVE MIND THE GAP. Faaaave. Jess and Petie take turns posting funny/inspirational/random videos on Mondays and they're always things to look forward to. Also, they both have adorable hairstyles. Makes me want to cut my hair every single week.
Adler Davidson - Basically, he's the funniest person in the world. I'll end on that note. (Few youtubers make me LAUGH laugh, but he's one. Definitely.) (Also, this dude should post more.)
JostieFlicks - They don't post much, but I really like most of the things they do. Their video, Family Mingle is just about the funniest thing on Youtube.
Katie Gregoire - She IS AWESOME. She's hilarious, super super cool and really wise + mature for her age. Her fashion sense is really cute too.
Isaac Carlton - I recently discovered this chap's channel and I love his videos! They're funny but really beautifully filmed and created... it's comedy and art put together. Really love his work.
The Janeite Adventures - I'm sure Melody and Amy think it's weird to be classified as Youtubers (they're bloggers!), but well, I'm suscribed to their channel and I love their videos so far, so here ya go. Two friends on a Jane Austen filled adventure.
What was the last song you sang?
O Holy Night. Cuz. Reasons. Christmas. Coming.
If you HAD to watch a movie and the only choices were (1, a lame comedy, (2, a ridiculously sappy chick-flick with bad reviews or (3, an adventure/thriller that's very intense, which would you choose?
Ohhhh Meg knows what movie genres I don't generally watch, don't she? ;-P Probably a ridiculously sappy chick-flick. Why not laugh about something. It could be fun, especially watching it with a friend or something.
If you had to be called this ALL your LIFE, would you rather people consider you older looking or younger looking than what you really are?

Younger, haha. (I know I'd appreciate that once I'm older. ;-P)
If you were proposed to by Edward, Victor and Roland from Testament of Youth, which would you accept?

Edward is my favourite boy from that movie. He plays the piano and he's just really cute.

Jollygirl asked:

Favourite Downton Abbey character?

CAN I SAY THREE?!?! PLEASE CAN I CAN I CAN I? *calms down* Thank you. I appreciate your apprehension.
The Dowager Countess. Matthew Crawley. Sybil Crawley.
Favourite book?

The Bible.
Favourite movie?

Pride and Prejudice 1995. (Technically a miniseries, but it counts, right?)
Favourite period drama couple?

Ohhhh HARD CALL. I have millions of favourites. Somewhere up there in the other answers, I mentioned three couples I love (Matthew and Mary, Minnie and Alfie (Lark Rise) and Elinor and Edward) but I'll mention another one here: Tom and Sybil Branson in Downton. THEY ARE EP.IC.
Favorite tv or film rendition of Pride and Prejudice?

The BBC 1995 version.
You should know this, my dear Jollygirl. It is what 50% of my blog is about. ;-P (Well, not quite.)

Rebekka asked:

What length is your hair?

Approximately (I love that word, approximately. I love words with x's in them. They're sassy.) half an inch below my shoulders. Part of me wants to grow it out again, part of me wants to bob it up again. The dilemma of a girl.
What are your favourite clouds?

Love this question, Rebekka. :-)
I love altocomulus clouds, like ripples, but still like flakes.
Sea or forest?

Sea. But forest is great too. (Only, one imagines it with wolves and hogs and one might get creeped out.) (Seas are ridiculously calming and demonstrate sickeningly beautiful sunrises and ghastly gorgeous sunsets.)

Lissy asked:

Do you do any form of fancywork?

I used to enjoy embroidery, but then I discovered I was a writer, and I admit I've bitterly neglected my what-might-have-been needle skills. I like to draw things, if that counts as fancywork, though. (And writing, in MY opinion, can be a fancywork. :-P)
Are there any trees on your property (specifically a good one for a swing)? 

Yes, our garden definitely has trees! Some are good for swings, but then they're not strong enough for me, just for the little ones. (But my brother made a real swing-thing with wood, so there's plenty of swing-choice. :-P)
What church denomination do you belong to?

I don't 'belong' to any - I don't like to classify myself as a 'type of Christian.' I'm a Christian, and that's that. But I go to an Anglican Church most of the time. :-)
What's your single most favourite thing about Autumn?

Wearing snuggly cosy things? Beautiful leaves? Rainy, dark evenings? Yep - love 'em all. (Oh, you said single, didya? Well, how about wearing snuggly cosy things. ;-)
Have you ever chipped a tooth?

Why??? I don't want to think about chipped teeth?!? :-P
I haven't (although I've had plenty of teeth drama - three+ years of braces, and a tooth accident which involved more than chipping) but I've had siblings who had. I don't like teeth problems. Let's not talk about this. :-P

Rae asked:

Which do you like better, Lynn Austin or L. M. Montgomery?

I love boooooth. It depends completely on my mood, honestly. If I had to choose, just based on the writing style, then Montgomery. She spins with words like no-one else. Wordcraft at it's best.
Do you have any actual crushes in real life?
Oooooh, gettin' personal and cosy here, Rae? ;-) You nosy gal.

Okay, so I might sound like a boring goody-two-shoes, but no, not really. I ADMIRE loads of guys but not like OHHHH I HAVE A CRUSH admire - more like, aw-he's-a-cool-dude-I-like-him-admire. (Jordan Taylor from Blimey Cow, for instance.) (I know you're talking about people I know, but I won't name names. People google themselves.) So no and yes but mainly no. (Cuz they're not crushes. I am not crushed by anyone. ;-P They're healthy dozes of admiration which I think all human beings should have for one another.)
Do you play any instruments?
Yes. Piano and guitar. (The former, ever since I was like six, the latter my mum and bro taught me in the summer of 2014. Just strumming but I LOVE it.) (*nudges Emma to learn guitar*)
What are some of your life ambitions, e. g. college, marriage, etc.?
Yeah, going to university is something I want to do - I'm hoping to get some sort of teacher's degree - as getting married to some wacky weirdo who wants to put up with me. As is publishing books and become a world-famous author. My main life ambition though? To help God! To honour his word and to encourage people to follow Him. We all have a part to play in the working of the Kingdom of God and oh, I want to play mine.
Do you have a job? What job would you like to have?
No, I have school. I'm seventeen. ;-P I did have a job for twelve days back in August though, at an old-people's-home. I'd love to work in some library, but I don't think I'd find the job here. Belgium has a deplorable lack of libraries.
Do you speak languages besides French and English?

Yes, my mother tongue! Dutch! French is my third language. English is my father-tongue-language. (Oh and I can manage a little German. But it's not much to boast of.)

Jillian asked:

Would you rather be best friends with Laura Ingalls or Mary Ingalls?

Had you asked me when I was a younger girl, I would have said Mary Ingalls, but now I'd definitely say Laura! She and I love to write and the more I read the books as an older girl, the more I freakishly relate to just, her brain. I love Laura.
Do you (like me) wonder why Carrie never has a decent line in that whole show?

Hahaha. Ha. :-)
Okay, so, in the later series, when Carrie is older, I agree. She should SAY FREAKING MORE. ;-P But I understand that they didn't when the actress was teensy. You can't rely on teensy kids to be amazing actors and actresses, after all.
Have you or have you not ever read the Complete Stories of Beatrix Potter?

I have. Indeed. And the story about Tom Kitten in the Roly Poly Pudding used to freak me OUT. I loved the story about the Fox and the was-it-Mole? that played tricks on each other. And, of course, Peter Rabbit.
If you could only save one character on Downton Abbey, but that character then had to do something terrible to a person on Downton Abbey whom they love, even though it went against all their principles (or perhaps didn't, depending on the character), would you save this person, and what would happen if you did?

Jillian, I think she wins for the best AND worst question. *Hands over award*
Okay, so after reading the question three times, I understand what you're asking and IT IS A TERRIBLE QUESTION. So for example, if I would save Matthew he'd like, cheat on Mary? NO. I DON'T WANT THAT. I'd rather not save him! (Does that sound terrible?!?!)
Do you ever count the stars?

I start, give up, and then just gaze.
When were you last outside in the rain?

Mama took my brother and I to a second hand book store and we ran through the parking lot in the pouring rain.
What is the favourite thing you did for school last year?

I don't know. Finish? ;-P (Oh! I went to a French play with Grandma, which was sort of for school. And that was really cool.)
Share your favourite first sentence in literature.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man... *you finish it*
I like that one. It's so famous and classic.
However, actually, my favourite is probably the first line in The Blue Castle by LMM (which you must read, you'd love it!) which is: "If it had not rained on a certain May morning Valancy Stirling's whole life would have been entirely different." I just love it and I don't really know why.
What book have you been meaning and meaning to read but haven't read yet, and why not?
The answer for this question is: A Charles Dickens book. Okay, I have read some Charles Dickens books, but never PROPERLY. My mind has always wondered elsewhere and I've never fully read one. I own a beautiful copy of 'A Tale of Two Cities' and 'Great Expectations' and I really want to read them properly. (I've read them both... but not really. :-P)
What's the last movie you watched?

We've been watching a lot of Downton Abbey here, so honestly, I have to rack my brain to think about the last movie I watched! We watched Summer Magic for my brother's birthday back in October, maybe that was it. Oh, and I watched War Room at Youth Group's movie night several weeks (months?) back. (Both movies are kind of not excellent. :-P Summer Magic is awfully cute, though.)
Have you seen Mercy Street yet?

Favorite ever scene from Downton Abbey? But it cannot have Matthew Crawley in it. Or Tom. Or Mary.

Waaat favourite scene without Matthew? *blinks* Or Tom OR MARY?! *BLINKS* You cheeky creature!! How could you!
Okay, granted, there still are plenty of awesome Matthew-Tom-Mary-less scenes in Downton Abbey, although I'll immediately admit most of them are the cute Matthew+Mary scenes such as their dance and their proposal (*bawls in happiness*). Oh, I love any scene with the Dowager Countess, of course. I love the scene where Isobel and Cora quarrle and Isobel says, 'I mean it. I am leaving.' and Cora says, 'So do I - I mean it too!' and Isobel says, 'I repeat: I leave!' and Cora says, 'Well, maybe that is best!' (It's so funny.)
I don't know - I can't answer this question. There are too many great scenes. :-P
What if Charles Dickens had written Pride & Prejudice. Would you still read it?

Of course I would! I probably wouldn't like it as much though, haha!
And it would be like, the Bennets are REALLY poor. Like, begging-on-the-road-and-in-the-work-house-poor. :-P

Elanor asked:

What supernatural ability would you like to have?
This one is easy. To be anywhere in the world, with the snap of a finger. ;-P
Which period drama would you live in if you could?
If I had to live in a period drama... maybe something nice like Anne of Green Gables. Nice people, beautiful scenery, and awesome neighbours like sneaky Rachel Lynde.
Do you prefer tropical getaways or mountain escapes?
Haha, don't assume I'm a rich tourist who gets to go to either whenever I'm stressed! ;-P I love the mountains more, I think (if we don't think about climbing them, which is the most sweat-breaking thing ever), because the mountains are just SPLENDIDLY GLORIOUS. (Although a tropical beach sounds beautiful too! ;-P)
What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
Starting a blog was pretty crazy, for me, at the time.
In one word, how would you describe yourself?

Well, Elanor, you win the prize for hardest question. Here is your award. *Hands over award*
You pick. They all describe me. :-P

Anonymous asked:

Can anonymous readers join in?
Of course! Come on in.
If Naomi Sarah couldn’t be your name, what would you choose?

The thing with this question is that, well, I like loads of other names, Naomi is the ONLY one that fits with me! Lydia and Grace and Elisabeth are all beautiful names which I would choose for my kids but they're not my name. (Elisabeth soooorta fits with me though. Elisabeth Grace would be the name I'd choose then.)
How big is your room?
Like, you want a mathematical diametre thing? Roughly 6 metres to 4 metres. Very roughly. I quickly measured it with my arms. :-P
What is the view from your bedroom window?
On the road and the front garden. (Ahem. LAWN. *winky wink at Violet*) We have some very nice big trees in front of our house, and I sometimes see squirrels jump from one to the other. Three years ago I named my favourite squirrel Natashja. I liked Natashja.
Have you ever watched The Bishops Wife (1947 version)?

(I just looked it up and I see it has Cary Grant and Loretta Young it it. It looks cute.)
I think you have written somewhere that you speak two languages (obviously English and is it Dutch?) – were you brought up bilingual or did you learn one first? And does one come more naturally to you – which language do you usually think/dream in?
Yes, my mother is Belgian (so she speaks Flemish which is the same as Dutch, basically), so I've always spoken Dutch with her, and my dad is British, so I've always spoken English with him. Throughout my childhood, Dutch definitely came more naturally to me (and it's what I talk to all my nine siblings) but now that I do my schoolwork in English, English is getting more natural to me. I prefer it, too. I think in English. I think. I'm not sure. I just think. I think I think in English. :-P
Does Belgium have any sort of bonfire/fireworks night like England ? If so, did you celebrate it?

Belgium and bonfires aren't that good friends. (Sadly, because I loooove them.) However, the sky is popping with beauty on New Year's Eve with endless fireworks. (And yes, I sort of celebrate the New Year in my own, quiet little way. ;-P)

Hannah asked:

Black or Pink? 
OBVIOUSLY the latter. (Unless this is about funeral outfits?)
Favourite YouTuber?

See Miss Meg's questions for a full list on my favourite Youtube Channels. If I had to pick one favourite, it would probably be Blimey Cow. They're AWESOME.
Favorite Dessert?

Those 'ice-cream caramel cakes' you can buy around Christmas. They're diviiine.
Name a book that you hated with a passion and wanted to burn to a crisp and throw across the room, once you finished reading it? 

WOW. ;-P None really comes to mind, actually. Normally if I hate books that much I don't finish them. Like this Christian Fiction novel I read once on my kindle that was SO BAD AND I MEAN SO BAD that I must have thrown my kindle on the ground. Like, you know, the heroine fell in the arms of a muscled chest and they never communicate and they kiss 'by accident' and just AWFUL.
What is your favourite colour to paint your nails? 
I actually just got into painting my nails, so I haven't tried many different colours yet. So far, light-'nude'-pink is my favourite.

Mary asked:

What is your favourite vegetable, and your favourite fruit?
Salad and Stawberry. Apparently I like S-things.
If you had to live inside the world of a book for the rest of your life, which book would you choose to live in?
Ahh, this question makes me happy. Because I'd choose a Lucy Maud Montgomery book (I honestly don't care which one - they're all beaaautiful) and it would be beautiful. And my life would be filled with cool people like Anne Shirley and Kilmeny and Barney Snaith.
What is your favourite time of day?

The evening, before I go to sleep. I sit in my bed in my dark bedroom and write/read/waste time. And then suddenly realise it's wayy to late.
Favorite season?

Winter because Christmas. ;-) I love the winter. (I also like the other seasons, but winter's my favourite.)

If you read all of this, here give me a high-five. You deserve one. I wrote this post throughout several days, and honestly, this was so much fun. Your questions were creative and nice and nosy  - just what I wanted, haha. ;-P (Also, right now I am in my bedroom, surrounded by Christmas fairy lights. CHRISTMAS IS NIGH. I am so happy. ;-))

Now go. Have a good day. A good night. Say 'yes' to random suggestions by people and wear your comfy clothes and how 'bout decorating your bedroom à la Noel? Let's do it.


  1. OH I forgot about that, that the U is missing from favorite. You must have a really hard time wearing that shirt, haha. (I'm glad you still like it though.)

    The pun guy is 'The Most Interesting Man in the World.' He's on a beer commercial. I never knew that until we were at a restaurant with Reuben and the commercial came on and Sadie and I were like, "HEY!" The tagline is, "I don't always drink beer, but when I do I'm the most interesting man in the world." (There, you learned something today.)

    AHHHH THE STORY OF TOM KITTEN IS HORRIFYING! I used to be scared of it too! The one with the fox is the Tale of Mr. Todd and it's great. :-) My favorite is Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle.

    (What was the romance book you hated? ;-))

    I didn't ask any questions but I loved reading this anyway!


    1. Ha, it's okay. ;-P

      OHHH NOW I GET IT. :-P
      The tale of Mr Todd! Yes.

      It was a Karen W novel, I believe. I can't really remember. (IT WAS SO BAD. WE SHOULD READ IT TOGETHER AND BASH IT.)

      Sorry I didn't wait for you to ask questions. But I really wanted to publish it. And besides, you know all, Jeeves.


      ~ Naomi

    2. (It's okay, I couldn't think of anything anyways.)

      (And YES I read everything. What do you take me for????)

  2. What is your favourite meme?
    What do you meme?
    I was laugh so hard! And that guy is supposedly "The most interesting man in the world."
    Great answers!

    1. Haha, great to hear the pun wasn't too bad!! ;-)
      Yeah, Emma (comment up there) just told me about 'the most interesting man in the world.' He sounds... interesting.

  3. Here's your high five! (I never do things halfway, so of course I read the whole thing.) It was very enjoyable and interesting and fun, almost like getting to know you in person.

  4. CHRISTMAS IS ALSO MY FAVORITE SEASON! Ha ha, I got you to say you'd let Matthew Crawley die. I can't believe you caved so fast. :P

    Carrie is a puzzle to me. They still dress her like she's three when the girl is twelve or something years old. They have her toddle around for WAY TOO LONG as if we won't notice she got older. WAY TO CLING TO THE PAST, MICHAEL LANDON. My least favorite episode is the one where she sees her twin or something, and befriends her. I don't even know what happened to the script that day. Somebody dropped the ball. THEY ARE ABOUT TO RELEASE SEASON TWO OF MERCY STREET YOU ARE SO BEHIND. I have never counted the stars. I always wondered why people do that. I mean, what are you going to do with the knowledge, once you have it? Besides, there could be all manner of stars hiding behind the clouds. However, once, for an astronomy class, I was studying the sky in depth at midnight in a forest (true story), and I saw the Milky Way -- like a bit of smudge, thumb-sized. A WHOLE GALAXY. It was surreal. HAVE YOU EVER READ A CHRISTMAS CAROL? I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT ONE. A Tale of Two Cities is also quite good. So is David Copperfield. (I feel that you would LOVE David Copperfield -- MAYBE. But A Christmas Carol more. That's my favorite. And it's short! I read it aloud weith my Mom a couple years ago, for Christmas.) But yes, he'd have Elizabeth Bennet in a workhouse in two shakes. YOU PICKED MY FAVORITE FIRST SENTENCE TOO! And I will definitely be reading The Blue Castle. Lucy Maud and I have recently become kindred spirits. x

    THAT CORA/ISABEL SCENE is one of my favorites too!!! Also the scene where that older guy (I forget his name, but he ends up with a wounded arm in the war and leaves Edith at the later) is eating strawberries and literally acts like someone killed him when he tastes some salt in them. MAKES ME LAUGH SO HARD. Chill, my friend. Take a sip of your beverage and calmly select another dish. I'm also currently rewatching Downton. I'm in the third season. I agree that it all falls apart once Matthew dies. And YOU would be willing to let him go. Think about that. I don't know how you can call yourself a fan. Ha ha ha! :P

    For fashion decade (this isn't one of my questions, but I snooped and read them all), I
    would pick the 1920s. I ENJOY A CLOCHE HAT. I also love the decade right before that, with the early Downton Abbey and Titanic outfits and the gigantic hats.

    My favorite dessert is pumpkin pie. I will devour some Thursday for Thanksgiving.

    Sincerely, a Fan. x

    1. Uh, by "I saw the Milky Way," I of course mean I saw Andromeda. I have been doing homework all day, so it took me several hours to catch that. ;-)


    Seriously, it was extremely enjoyable and also relaxing. I love your "Ask Me Anything" posts :-)

    AND I LOVE THE PHOTO YOU PUT JUST ABOVE MY QUESTIONS SO SO SO MUCH. You know, the one with the old-fashioned-looking blue house? Say--how did you know I love old houses so much?????? I am impressed, Jeeves ;-)

    Emma Watson's ball gown does *not* look cheap!!! It's fantabulously beautiful. (Yes, that is a word.) I do know what you mean, it's not QUITE as fancy as Lily James' blue dress; but a really really really fancy gown wouldn't look very good on Emma Watson, either. You have to work with the actress' personal style for the best effect, I think. Anyways, I luuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve it :-)

    I don't think they could give the beast blue eyes . . . ? He'd look like a science-fiction alien, wouldn't he?

    "Newsies" absolutely counts as Disney! It started out as a Disney film, and all the songs were composed by Alan Menken, aka THE LIVING DISNEY LEGEND WHO WRITES ALL THE GREATEST SONGS. Ahem. So yeah, it's totally Disney ;-) (Great answer, by the way! It's my 3rd-favorite musical of all time, after Hamilton and Les Mis.)

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha, I was wondering what you'd say about the Mafia story . . . I guess it's not *about* the Mafia, per se--it's about a girl whose family is in the Mafia, so they do criminal stuff all the time, and she doesn't like it, and she wants to break away, but it's hard (because they don't just let you go that easily, y'know). And there's a romance between her and this cool guy--who is NOT in the Mafia--so yeah, I'm pretty excited about it. I don't know if you would like it in the end . . . but I appreciate you saying you would read it for my sake <3

    Hans Hubermann is the best. Everything about "The Book Thief" is the best :-) (It's now my second-favorite book of all time.)

  6. I love the Austen heroine choices you made!

    I would send you a box of books, chocolate, and pizza vouchers, but I suspect pizza coupons from where I live wouldn't work very well where you live. However, I'm currently plotting how to make some kind of fun book exchange thing work. After Christmas. Like, for Valentine's Day. We'll see.

    I don't see the point of Twitter either.

    Rice with sugar? Hmm. My mom used to put butter and cinnamon on rice sometimes, but that didn't really make it sweet.

    I have no idea what an "ice cream caramel cake" is, but now I want one.

  7. Okay I'm going to legit make tea because this looks so good I'm going to read it all and be back with a long comment

  8. *laughs* I told you that I'm horrible ;) ;) Btw... I remember both of those posts hehee! They weren't SO bad. I mean...uhg, mine? blllaah....

    ANYWAYS fab post ;)

  9. High-five! :) These were much fun to read through.
    Quirk and Mirth is a really good title :)
    Ah, Rice Pudding is one of my favorite things to make! So yummy. But I am very glad to know someone who doesn't like seafood. I never have, even though I try.
    O Holy Night is one of my very favorite Christmas songs :) Christmas is such a lot of fun to look forward to. And I love that quiet time of night too!
    This post was so enjoyable! And the pictures are GORGEOUS. :)


    Finals are killing me, but had to pop over and say that!

    Sorry I couldn't post any questions meself. Refer to the aforementioned excuse ...

  11. OF COURSE I read it all. :D I would DIE of CURIOUSITY if I didn't. Truth.

    (And I had to read it over the course of a few days, haha. :P)

    I think Emma Woodhouse would just be a generally fun person to be around. ;)

    Random note - you do realize a lot of those pictures were of amazingly looking food?! I loved all the pictures, though.

    Wow, you lock the door in your car as you drive?! :O *whisper* We live in the country so we don't even lock the doors normally.

    Well, I for one was not disappointed by what I saw of Belle's dress in the new trailer! But I DID hope for some nicer looking eyes on the Beast, I must admit. ;P

    Rice with SUGAR in it?! EWW. I've had peas with mint in it and it tastes AWFUL. :P

    YES I LOVE THOSE BLIMEY COW VIDEOS TOO. :D (Which is funny, because I understood the introvert one. Maybe 'cause SO many of my friends are introverts? Dunno.)

    If *I* could take a selfie with a celebrity it would be Hunter Hayes. Only he shouldn't be silly while I took it. ;P HAHAHA.

    Oysters basically taste like salty mushrooms. Yeah.

    Ooohh, I'll be checking out some of those YouTubers then. But most of them *I* follow myself. Methinks you have good taste. ;D

    I pretty much asked the 'would you rather be younger looking or older looking forever' question just to help you appreciate being called younger looking right now, hehe. ;) (Aren't I thoughtful?!)

    Good. You have Edward, I'll keep Victor. <3

    Wow, I didn't know you had braces for three years?!! So DID I. :O How old were you when you got them on? I was 10, nearly 11.

    What?! The Roly-poly Pudding Tom Kitten story was always one of my FAVOURITES! Maybe I was a horrid child? :P

    Yes. You should reading a Charles Dickens book properly. I've read 8 and I'm still alive, dear. ;) I recommend David Copperfield, Our Mutual Friend and Bleak House the most. :D (I actually wouldn't recommend A Tale of Two Cities to you, though. It was the gruesomest book I've ever read and the most darkest. Heh.)

    I just wanna see Mercy Street cause it's got Annasophia Robb in it. She's in Soul Surfer. :D

    It was very interesting to read about all the languages you speak! I can't even imagine what'd be like to be FLUENT in more than just English, haha. :P

    What are ice cream caramel cakes?! :P It SOUNDS good! (Plum pudding and pavalova seem to be the go over here at Christmas time.)

    I have to go now - it's stiflingly hot in here! Fun post. :D

    ~Miss Meg

  12. I actually had just poured my [second] cup of tea so I went and grabbed it. ;)
    Ha, that meme! Vury true. Oh, I'm so excited for Beauty and the Beast! I think Dan Stevens will be so good as the Beast. I didn't know there was an official trailer out yet!! (Okay, I just went and watched it and I agree that the yellow dress looks cheap. Hopefully in the actual movie it will look better.) Hey, I'm planning to major in the education realm also! Oh, I'd LOVE to play Eliza Doolittle.
    I like that you don't label yourself as a "type" of Christian. I don't think labels help people much. And although I go to a Wesleyan church and love it, I don't perfectly agree with "the Wesleyan theology" and probably wouldn't with any one group's ideas.

    That's so cool that you speak three and a half languages. (Though it's probably quite normal to you.)

    Oh, I always had a fear/weird fascination with the roly-poly pudding. ;P

    You should read A Tale of Two Cities. It's AMAZING. It has turned me into a Dickens addict.
    Anne of Green Gables would be a great period drama to live in. Some stories that are just lovely would not be nice places to live in, like North and South.
    This was fun to read (although I did read it over a few sittings, haha ;P)!

  13. I AM A SPORT I READ ALL THE QUESTIONS.:P "It looks empty without the U." Kinda sounds like one of those pick-up lines, haha;)

    Oh I totally get you with those oranges. The STICKINESS and the SMELL. It's like the only way for them to feel validated is if you can remember them for at least a day. Insecure, needy citrus.XD

    Speaking of favorite books have you read The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare? (Don't get thrown off by the title, it's fine:)) Because I am pretty sure you would LOVE it. Let me know if you've read it and then we can squeal about it together, hehe. I REALLY recommend it.

    In The Bleak Midwinter! I love that song. I have a recording of Julie Andrews singing it, and it's just so lovely. The melody is sweetly thoughtful, if that makes any sense.

    Episode 5! Yes!

    Loved that meme...and nice pun.;)

    Ah yes, aunts are incessantly persecuted in P.G. Wodehouse, haha.

    I know what you mean about Beauty's dress. I also just feel like because the color yellow can too easily look cheap, especially if it's too bright. And her sleeves weren't like the original...:( But I still can't wait till it comes out.

    Those are lovely names! Just don't call your youngest daughter Lydia...it may lead to Brighton, if you understand me.;)


    That Blimeycow episode is perfection! The Rag Doll.XD Aww love it when videos are associated with a fun time.


    Katie Gregoire is plain awesome-sauce. So mature, I agree. And her videos are always aesthetically pleasing, as well. Something with the colors.

    "The dilemma of a girl." I am SO familiar with that one.

    You speak 3 languages! So darn cool.:) Moi je suis seulement bilingue, le français était ma première langue. Maintenant tu connais mon secret. I always think in English too.

    A Tale of Two Cities is worth reading just for precious Sydney Carton. Now let me get some Kleenex.


    Charles Dickens had written P and P everyone would of died in the end with the survivors working in dark places under cruel masters.:P

    Really fun to read your answers, Naomi!

    ~Rilla Blythe

  14. Naomi:
    Congratulations, you have posted the most longest and most pretty post that I have seen thus far. :) Here is your blue ribbon.
    I should do the 'ask me anything' posts sometime...
    Maybe next year. :)
    Anyways, I got sort of an idea while reading your answers, and I wondered if you could do a certain post.
    You say you know Dutch. I don't know how WELL you know it, but could you perhaps write a post where you have a story snippet of yours in Dutch, and then the SAME snippet translated into English below it?
    I myself would be very interested in that. Maybe take one of your old snippets to share.
    I don't know, I just had the idea. If it's too hard, you don't have to do it, obviously. I just think it would be really neat. :)

    Anyways, I understand you've never read Charles Dickens before? I have only read ONE book of his, but it was very good. That would be Bleak House. It took me forever, but I loved it in the end. :) Being a fast reader, it shouldn't take you long at all.
    I wish I could read more books faster, but alas. :P Work and Busy-ness and LIFE. *sigh*
    I enjoyed reading this post! :D

    1. Thank you Phoebe!! ;-)
      Oh yes, I remember your Bleak House review. And actually, lately, I haven't felt like that much of a fast reader. But I still want to read it. :-)

      Okay, now I'm going to translate (the first half) (till the Charles Dickens paragraph) of your comment in Dutch. ;-) Here goes:

      Gefeliciteerd, je hebt de langste en mooiste blogpost gepost dat ik tot nu toe hebt gezien. :) Hier is je blauwe lint.
      Ik moet de 'vraag me alles' post eens doen...
      Misschien volgend jaar. :)
      Dus ja, ik kreeg zo een idee terwijl ik je vragen las, en vroeg me af of je deze post zou doen.
      Je zegt dat je Nederlands kent. Ik weet niet hoe GOED je het kent, maar zou je misschien een post kunnen schrijven waarin je een deel van een verhaal in het Nederlands hebt, en dan HETZELFDE deel vertaald in his Engels eronder?
      I zou dat heel interressant vinden. Pak misschien één van je oude verhaal deeltjes.
      Ik weet her niet, ik had gewoon dit idee. Als het te moeilijk is, hoef je het natuurlijk niet te doen. Ik denk gewoon dat het cool zou zijn. :)

      There you go. ;-) I hope you liked it. (It's really fun to translate stuff, haha.)

      Have a great day!
      ~ Naomi

  15. Aaaah!!!
    First of all, I do apologise if my questions were nosy. Of course you did not have to answer any of them, and I thought I apologised for the second one being nosy when I asked it, but I also remember being rushed and not being able to write that comment properly, so while I certainly intended to, I may have neglected to.
    I would so love to comment on all of this, but I'll have to stick with your answers to my questions. :)

    -I totally agree with you about L. M. Montgomery's way with words. Absolutely incredible.

    -I'm sorry that was so nosy, and you totally didn't have to answer. :) Good answer, though. :) I agree with you, and really, admiring in the way you described makes so much more sense than "crushing". And ummmm Jordan from Blimey Cow is the coolest.

    -Wonderful ambitions. :)

    -I would love to work in a library someday! Yes, I understand about school. No time for work! :)

    -Oh, cool! I always admire when people can fluently speak multiple languages. That's great.

    And I DID read most of it...though I confess I skimmed a little on some of the questions about topics about which I don't know. But it was fascinating. :)

    I hope you have a lovely day!

    1. No no! Don't apologise! Your questions were some of my favourites to answer. :-)
      Well, technically I'd be ABLE to work on Saturdays but I that's just the day I need to do my hobbies! :-)
      Skimming is perfectly all right. ;-)

  16. Oh my.

    Gilbert > Darcy YES. I like both though. :)

    Rilla of Ingleside. *siggggh* This year has been a success because I both read it and got a friend to(well, she'd started it once but I got her to finish it and now she really likes it).

    "Just to see the prince turn all Dan Stevens-y in the end." HA. Or Matthew Crawley-y, that's all I ask.

    Ooh, I also want to major in English maybe.

    *gasp* I want a selfie with Lily James too! Oh, that'd be so fun. Good answer.

    Haha, well I won't make you count but thank you for the estimate. That's a lot of books.

    From what I've read so far The Book Thief does have a sort of winter-y feel. Maybe I'll finish it this winter.

    Oh! I thought Matthew's would be your first saddest. It certainly made me cry the most. xD But Sibyl's is awful as well. :(

    I love what you said about crushes verses people-you-admire. All the way.

    Poor Tom Kitten. I always felt a little bad for him, but, then again, he had it coming. ;)

    Have you read A Christmas Carol yet? It's pretty short and fast for a Dickens novel and it's all Christmas-y and cozy. A Tale of Two Cities is longer and more difficult, but the ending is beautiful.

    Ugh, that Christian Fiction book sounds awful. It's actually funny, how awful it sounds. (I mean, they kiss by accident? What?)

    Well, I read the whole thing. That was really fun. :)

  17. This is so fun. I can never think of questions, but some people can obviously come up with interesting ones.
    Oh, I want those doughnuts.
    I and my sisters also thought Belle’s dress seemed tacky (of course I thought the same of Cinderella’s, and it still isn’t my fav but it fit better once you saw the movie, and at least in was huge and princessy).

  18. "(All bloggers say this and I betcha no reader is like, 'Okay' and goes to the kitchen, makes a cup of something and comes back to drink it while reading the post.)" Mwahaha! So true. Who DOES actually take the time to get up and go make coffee before reading a post, just because the author said to? Heehee. ;)

    Love, love, LOVED your answers to Hamlette's last question. That was so fun! And the activities you chose to do with each JA heroine fit perfectly. Writing letters with Lizzie because you'd think of the "wittiest things to write down together". Ohhh! That is spot on!! :D

    Oh, yes. Sybil's death was excruciatingly sad. I agree. :(

    What do you know? The story of Tom Kitten always freaked me out a little, too. I just couldn't stand it when Tom got all rolled up--alive--in the dumpling. *shivers*

    This post was so much fun, Naomi! And the pictures!!! Gahhh. (I am especially fond of the cake pictures. They look SO delicious. Ooooh! Me wants. ;P)

    Have a lovely day, my friend!

  19. Nice post Naomi :) Did you know there is a movie of "Daddy Long Legs"? It's got Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron in it! Maybe you do know but don't like it, just thought I'd inform you.
    Loved getting to know more about you!
    Naomi x

    1. Yeah, but that movie version is so not-book-accurate and I don't like it. :-P


    I mean, I really can't. Time, and all that boring stuff. :P But I LOVED it and there are so many things I want to comment on....
    Ugh. I'll keep it down to two:
    1) Summer Magic IS adorable.
    2) We watch literally the same shows on Youtube. :P
    3) This post is amazing the end.

    1. I'll keep it down to two, and you had a list of three. I wuvs you. I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKED THIS.
      I knoww! I keep on seeing you comment on Youtube channels I love and I'm like, 'OHH NATALIE WATCHES THIS TOO!' (Like, I recently discovered you watched Isaac Carlton's videos too. I love his videos. :-))

    2. Hahahaha! I didn't even realize I did that. I guess I got carried away. ;)
      YES I DID. :D

      That's so fun! I love his videos, too. He's really good at what he does. Did you see the coffee video? I laughed so much at that one!


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