January; the month where people talk about what they're going to do in the year; the month where people are still in the year before; and the month, when it hits the end, people go, "Wow, what, it's February already???"

I know, I know, it's February tomorrow - there's no need to remind me of how fast time flies and how little I managed to do in this precious month of the Jans. There's no need to remind me that one twelvth of 2017 is gone and buried already. Stop bearing such depressive tidings, goodness, spare me a minute! However, despite all the fastness of the clocks, this precious month of the Jans (yes, I gave it a new name) was a good month and I am here to write a blog post about this time span of 31 days that someone decided had a name called 'January.'

Some stuff that happened:

1. I became eighteen. I've never done that before. Being eighteen is, wow, completely different from being seventeen. Like, it's so different. People treat me differently; I feel so much older and you know, I can go out and get married if I want to! I can go and drink tons of alchohol if I want to! Life is full of new opportunities and I will grasp them every single day.    .... YEAH NO. DEAR PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, ONE DOES NOT SUDDENLY FEEL DIFFERENT ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. So far being eighteen is exactly the same as being seventeen; stop this stupid nonsense about 'wow, you're an official adult, how does it feeeeel?' :-P (It's all about the label.)

2. I got a phone for my birthday. I'm officially a human being, I suppose?

3. I had some friends over on the evening of my birthday and we watched three episodes of Pride and Prejudice 1995. Okay, so we were going to watch two. But then duh. We couldn't just stop with Lizzy going 'You're the last man in the world whom I could ever marry' without watching Darcy writing the letter. And them bumping into each other at Netherfield. AHHH. I LOVE PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. (Still the best movie ever. I stand firm.)

4. Oh yeah, I saw La La Land in the cinema and it was so so dreamy but also pretty terrible. I don't love it as much as most people seem to; I have to admit. I mean, yes, of course the music is drool-worthy and Ryan Gosling's smile is like a twinkly star and Emma Stone is so cool and mannnn the cinematography is drop-dead STUNNING, but I was disappointed with some things. You know. The ending. Just no.

Random words I loved: 

Inimitable // so good or unusual as to be impossible to copy; unique
Fortitude // courage in pain or adversity
Coddiwomple // to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination

Bible verses I especially loved:

"For God has not given us a spirit of Fear; but a spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind." {2 Timothy 1:7} 
(I got this verse as 'my verse for 2017' at the Youth Group I go to, and I love it so much.)

"To speak evil of no-one, to avoid quarrelling, to be gentle, to show perfect courtesy towards all people." {Titus 3:2} 
(This includes non-Christians, people on other sides of political opinions; everyone. I know. Chew on it.)

"One thing God has spoken; two things have I heard: That you, O God, are strong, and that you, O Lord, are loving." {Psalm 96:11}
(Gah, I love this so much.)

Some quotes that I loved:

"We need to stop trying to domesticate God or confine Him to tidy categories and compartments that reflect our human sentiments rather than His inexplicable ways." - Erasing Hell, Francis Chan

"If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never know it was dark." - Mere Christianity, C.S.Lewis

"You don't just charge your phone once a week and expect it to be functional. Same with our spiritual walk. It's a daily thing. Read. Pray." - A random tweet by a girl called Joanna

"There are two days on my calendar: This day and that day." - Martin Luther

Books I read this January:

Crazy Love by Francis Chan - SUPER AMAZING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Excellent book to start off my year. JUST READ IT. Bury your face in it. NOW. I give you three minutes to obey me.

Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker - Wow, talk about a nostalgic, feelsy ending. Yeah, duh, obviously I cried. This book was really, really good.

84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff - Apparently I was fond of books with the letter C in the title. I spot a trend. However, Charing Cross Road wasn't half as good as Crazy Love and Chasing Jupiter. There were some good bits, but all in all, not a book I'd easily rave about.

Erasing Hell by Francis Chan - Yeah, I needed to read more Francis Chan after Crazy Love blew me away and Erasing Hell was also a real eye-opening, good book for me. Super challenging; also quite saddening - but I think Christians should read it.

Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin - I 'hosted' (rather badly, as my fellow readers will have to admit!) a little read-along with some friends and yeah, I love this book. It'll always be one of my favourite books.

Mere Christianity by C.S.Lewis - Okay, so I read this this week and my notebook is filled with these genius C.S.Lewis quotes. Really really good book. Recommended!

Blog posts I wrote:

4 Things in a unified 1 Post // A blog post in which I fish for complements on my writing. As if I've been a good writer this month. (I didn't touch a single of my writing stuff things this month. I cower in shame.)

Fictional Characters // A blog post which basically says, "Look guys. These people are more interesting than me." :-P

If Period Drama Characters had Internet Bios #5 (Musical Edition) // Because I like this series and I like musicals, so why not?

The Big Bang needs a Big Banger // Beautiful Bible verses scrambled together.

Just stuff I've been loving these days // A boring post in which I talk about songs and books and other stuff la di da, you're asleep.

Here's something crazy // Me in this blog post: "GUYS WOW WOW." Because God is that amazing.

Responding to Search Keywords // An attempt to amuse my readers by mocking stuff people type into Google. I must mend my ways.

Some Youtube videos I really enjoyed:

inspirational hotdog by Adler Davidson - Funniest video currently on Youtube. Enough said.

The story behind this package and what it taught me by Jordan Taylor - This video really inspired me in an odd way. I loved this video and the story behind the package.

Thief in The Night by Isaac Carlton - This guy just made stealing relatable. This video is dangerous for humanity.

Some blog posts I loved this month:

On the Eve of your birthday by Emma Jane - I feel sort of arrogant posting this post on here because it was written for me and like wow it's way too sweet but I'd be lying if I said that this wasn't my favourite blog post I read this month. Thanks again, Ems.

A Few words for the people of Candleford and Lark Rise by Miss March - I loved this post; it was hilarious. And it makes me want to rewatch LRtC all over again.

15 Reasons not to watch BBC by Olivia - I've said it before and I'll say it again: This post - I loved it. :-)

Sometimes by (another) Olivia - Emma showed me this blog the other day and this post got my heart. She writes so well and so nostalgically.

Songs I listened to over and over:

I'm putting all my eggs in one basket by Irving Berlin - Fun, jaunty, cute.
La La Land Soundtrack by Justin Hurwitz - It's magical. Colourful. (I know, I've said it before.)
Your Fault from into the Woods - I'm sick of it now, but I know all the lyrics, so I guess I listened to it a bunch.

Random happy little things of January 2017:

Saying hello to the new year. // Making plans for February. // Polaroid pictures. They're stinkin' adorable. // Emails from good friends. You know who you are. // La La Land Soundtrack. (I bet you didn't see that coming.) // Realising how huge God is. // The hope of everlasting life. (This isn't a random happy little thing. It's THE huge thing.) // Making stupid puns. As usual. // Notebooks. // Stars. Still mindbogglingly huge. // Pride and Prejudice 1995. // Like, everything about it. But especially Darcy and Lizzy getting married. Ahhh. // Atticus and Rose in Downton Abbey // Garlic bread. // Meeting Tom Hiddleston in the bus station. // Okay, that one was a joke. I know. I wish it wasn't. // That huge bonfire // Jane Austen loving friends. // People who love Jesus. // The moon. It's so gorgeous. // Fairy lights

Some not-so-good-things of the month:

1. I didn't write in any (ANY) of my writing projects, novels, etc. I know. I'm sorry. In February I shall start afresh. (I say.)

2. Boring school work that I have little motivation for but that I have to do because my life depends on it. (Well, all right, it's not that dramatic.)

3. The Second Half of The Happiest Millionaire. I liked the first half of it - it was cute and cheerful and the songs are dang catchy. But then it got boring. I don't care about the alligators and Cordy and her beau and the dad... I just... don't care. :-P

4. I was going to watch two episodes of The Crown with a friend, but due to her busy life, she cancelled. T'was a sad day. I cried for hours in disappointment. (Obviously that's not true. :-P I'm not that much of a drama nut.)

Hope your January was great. Hope your February is greater!


  1. Love this post! - Particularly the quotes section :)
    I started 'Mere Christianity' last year, but never finished it, oops. You've inspired me to get back into it now...!

    1. Hannah, you should read 'Crazy Love' - you'd like it so much.
      And after that, Mere Christianity, haha. :-P

    2. Really?! I'll see if I can get my hands on that one then :P it does sound good!

    3. It's not a sappy romance novel, BTW. ;-P The crazy love refers to the love of God. :-)

  2. Poor little January… people are means with this little month. “Uf! After Christmas this month is the worst month ever” “I’m on a diet” “Are we in January?” But I see you were a good time, so beautiful and useful things. Good for you because other people (like me) were a bad January; family with bad health travels to hospital and nights without sleep. Hehehe Some people (like me) is waiting for get a better February.

    1. Hahaha, exactly - and I've always loved January! It's my birthday month.
      Oh dear, I'm so sorry, and I really hope your February will bear happier tidings! I'll keep you in my prayers.

  3. Aggghhh. Telling US not to remind you of all that dreary nonsense? Well, thanks, dear, for reminding ME. ;) I now feel like I have pretty much wasted a good bit of the year. :)

    You're an adult? How does it feeeel??? Just kidding. I read that part, I did. Still...congrats. :) And congrats on your phone. Become an expert selfie-photographer. :)

    PRIDE AND PREJUDICE 1995. I mean, y'know. Just yes. And of course you couldn't leave off after the first two!! Good gracious. :)

    LOVE those verses and quotes. Beautiful.

    And I enjoyed your blog posts this month. :) (But seriously, that long list makes me feel like a total slacker, especially because apparently this is your "blogging less"...which is considerably more than my "blogging more". :)

    And those random happy little things...I love those kinds of lists. Beautiful.

    I love this post, dear!

    1. Oh, I am already familiar with the world of selfies. Much to some people's annoyance.

      Hahahaha I know, I really didn't post less than normal so far. Don't worry - this isn't me blogging particularly less. :-)

  4. Aw, I love this post. (Don't I say that every time I comment? Or something like that? ;))

    Two things: 1) Did I forget your birthday this year? Because if I did...HAPPY [very belated] BIRTHDAY!!! 2) Is the La La Land soundtrack clean? 'Cause I've heard there's an f-word or something in the movie and I was wondering if it was in one of the songs or what. :P

    I really want to try to comment more often. I do try to read every one of your posts, though. They're lovely. <3


    1. 1. Yes but that's fine and thanks for the Happy Birthday! (It was very recent, so not that belated!)
      2. As far as I know, yes! (The song 'Somewhere in the Crowd' has someone saying 'Oh God, help us all' but that's all I've heard of. Yes, the movie does have some language, but it's not in the songs.)

      Aw thanks, love.

    2. Thanks for letting me know about the La La Land soundtrack - I've listened to just 'City of Stars' so far, but I love how Old Hollywood-ish it is! <3


      P.S. What was the ending and why didn't you like it?

    3. City of Stars is amazing!!!

      Well, basically, they don't end up together. Nuff said?

    4. SERIOUSLY??? Ugh.



  5. Also, The Happiest Millionaire is my happy place. WHY DO YOU NOT LOVE IT AS I DO???

    (Kidding.) (But also not kidding.) ;)



      (Hahaha, it's fine. You're allowed to be serious. :-P)

  6. I am reading Crazy Love, right now!

    And, by the way, happy belated 18th!:)

    1. Oooooh, do you love it as much as I do???


  7. Ohmygoodness I have so much to email you about but I've been so busy with preparing to go back to uni! I adored the La La Land soundtrack and totally agree about the ending...

  8. Yay. This post was perfect, and juuust what I felt like. (Also that first picture is very appropriate, seeing as I've just been camping. ;))

    I never really thought about it properly before but I guess you're right - January tends to get a bad rap. Poor January. :( I like it! My January was CRAZY busy! I did ssooo much and I feel exhausted, haha! I still have so much left to do...

    (Btw, I played a board game today that was called "Marrying Mr. Darcy"... it's about P&P, obviously. ;) It was really funny. I was Georgiana Darcy, and I married Wickham, haha. :P AHEM. Also, no one ended up marriying Darcy, haha.)

    I'm sorry La La Land didn't live up to all your expectations. The more I think of it, the more I love it, myself... I was inspired by Katie Gregoire's Instagram post to learn the song on the piano (attempt to learn it by ear, although sight reading is more my strong point...). It's so fun to play!!

    Wow, I LOVE those words. But you know, the sad things, I have a terrible memory with trying to remember those types of things. I mean, I will forget what they all mean before the week is out. :P It's awful.

    WOWOW. 2 Timothy 1:7 is awesome!!!

    Actually, I've barely read anything lately. (Well, aside from Wonderland Creek. :P I've been on this Dickens book for months, haha! SO close to finishing it...)

    I haven't seen any of those YouTube videos... I'll have to see them at some point, then. ;) I'm SO dreadfully behind on YouTube videos!!

    Wow, I loved that post "Sometimes" by the *OTHER* Olivia. ;)

    You know all the lyrics for "It's your Fault"?! You'll have to sing it for me, dear. :D Hehe.

    Ahhh... lists of random happy things make me so... happy. *giggles*

    I barely wrote any of my story this month either. Shame on me.

    I really want to watch The Crown!!! But my sisters wouldn't care much for it, and there are so many other TV shows I'm supposed to be watching. :P

    Au revoir for now, mes amis!

    ~Miss Meg

    1. No, FEBRUARY gets a bad rap. January is generally appreciated, I think.

      Oh yeah, I've heard of that board game. It doesn't sound to BOAR(d)-ing. (LOOOOOOLLL.)

      I'll sing Your Fault for you when we meet. Promise made.

  9. Oh, and P.S.

    I love the new layout!!! Vintage pink. Perfection.

    ~Miss Meg

  10. I really loved reading this post. Happy birthday Naomi!!!

    I still haven't seen Pride and Prejudice 1995, but I want to, but I just can't find it anywhere.

    Those Bible verses are very beautiful.

    I really must read those book you read, I am planning to read Wonderland Creek for the seventh time. It's SUCH a good book.

    Your blog posts are very lovely, as always. :)

    LOVE the quotes!

    I wanted to see La La Land, but now I have my doubts, not because of you dear, but just because I don't really like movies with not-good-endings.

    LOVE your new layout!! So pretty.

    1. Thank you, Rachel!!

      Oh, I hope you get hold of P&P95 soon. I'll bet you you'll adore it. (I hope you shall!) I know the feeling of wanting to watch something but not being able to cos you can't find it. Annoying.

      WOW, you HAVE read WC a lot. :-)

      Same. I hate bad endings. But La La Land is sort of nostalgic and sweepy and dreamy so... in a way, I hate to admit it, but it sorta fits. (But I still hate the ending. :-P) (But I love the movie despite it.)

  11. Happy Birthday again, Naomi! As I turned 18 this past month as well, I can confirm the lack of change in feeling...although I did have to fill out some medical papers all by myself for the first time, and that was kind of tricky! But I can also say that after seeing your header: pink does not get old when you become an "adult". ;)

  12. Oh hey! Another January baby (we all know it's the best month to be born).

  13. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Poor January, one of the most underrated months of the year! Though mine was a bit rough, I did have a some good things happen, and get a few good ideas before the month was over!

    I really love the quotes you posted, and added some of the books to my reading list. :)

  14. Pride and Prejudice 1995!! YES! I think it's so cool that you're still keeping up the tradition of watching that every year on your birthday! :D

    I like the C.S. Lewis quote from Mere Christianity. That is SO good!! :D

    Ugh. You put me to shame with how many books you read in a month. I finished two books in January, but that was only because I'd started them several months before and January just happened to be the month when I finally made it through them. Haha.

    Awww. You linked to one of my blog posts! I feel so honored. And I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it that much. :D

    Hold it! You think the second half of The Happiest Millionaire is boring? NAOMI!! How am I ever going to straighten you out on this one? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. *goes off shaking head in disbelief* ;P (Heehee.)

    This was a lovely post, Naomi! I enjoyed reading it. I hope February proves to be a good month for you as well! :D

    ~Miss March

  15. I liked this. I kind of loved it, actually. (Seems to be a norm with your posts, old thing.)

    (And the new look, of course. Heartses <3)

    Happy birthday! I'm about to read Emma's post :D

    Yeah, I was going to watch La La Land but then I looked into it more and I was like "ain't nobody got time for dat ending."

    I ought to try Francis Chan and Chasing Jupiter.

    I'M SO GLAD YOU LOVED MERE CHRISTIANITY <3 <3 Lewis is kind of my favorite :P

    Aww! The 15 Reasons post was one of your favorites this month! *is touched and proud* (Haha, at first I didn't see the parenthetical 'another' in front of the post below mine, so I was thinking, "Wait, which post did I write titled "Sometimes"??)

    TTFN, thanks for being awesome <3

  16. I love those Bible verses. :)

    THE INSPIRATIONAL HOTDOG VIDEO, THOUGH. "Shoot for the moon. And even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. But either way you'll die because you shot yourself into space. Idiot." :P

    Meeting Tom Hiddleston at the bus station....if only.

    Awww, you didn't like The Happiest Millionaire. :(

  17. I know I'm a little late on commenting but......
    LaLa Land! Still haven't seen it but have listened to the soundtrack. Is that bad?!? The first song is great but "City of Stars" is wonderful.
    Always love when bloggers post a monthly round up!


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