(I took this picture. By the way.)

February is a rainy, windy, underrated piece of timespan here in Belgium, but I was determined to make it a good one. I had a good one. It was an endless juggle of schoolwork and trying-to-do-free-time-stuff (story of my life); it was filled with wind and rain and a surprise sunny week, and it ended with a lovely visit of a lovely friend.

I loved doing my January wrap-up, so here's the February edition. Welcome back, and all that.

Some stuff that happened:

1. The air of Valentine's Day made me crave chocolate (which is always a good thing, in my most humble opinion) and it made me waste many a hour on Youtube, watching the most adorable wedding videos ever which, in turn, made me cry and just ahh, I love cute couples.

2. We finished our complete re-watch (for some of us first watch) of Downton Abbey! I got sick of it and I loved it and I ranted about it and I complained about it and I gushed about it and I cried over it... it's been a good ride. February included the Downton Abbey Christmas Special Finale, so obviously February was a good month. Hello.

3. My friend Katie treated me on pizza for my birthday (which was back in January) (I don't mind late birthday presents; in fact I highly support them. If you give me a birthday gift in July I'll be like, 'sure yeah, fine, I'll take that as a birthday gift!') - which was nice. Pizza is always good. I took a polaroid selfie of us in the restaurant and then I lent her Hidden Places by Lynn Austin - I can't wait to hear what she thinks of it!

4. The best thing in February, I think, was last weekend! - My darling friend Emma's cousin Mary (who's super cool + awesome) came over to my house! It was so nice to have her over, to show her some of Belgium and to watch Testament of Youth with her. (Testament of Youth GAH. So. Darn. Terribly. Good.) (And I'm so happy I've finally visited Bruges. It's a gorgeous little town. Yesterday was one of the best days ever - loads of wind and rain, but also loads of chocolate and laughter and doing stupid things and it being okay.) (Emma, I wish you'd been there with us! <3)

5. Oh yes and I finally held a new born baby again and it felt so good.

6. I wrote! Not as much as I could have done - but way more than in January, so that's good!

Random words I liked:

Juxtapose // place or deal with close together for contrasting effect
Nostalgia // a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past
Tarantism // The uncontrollable urge to dance

News that grabbed my attention:

- The Newsies Movie was out in America for three days and I WISH I COULD'VE GONE TO SEE IT. I send jealousy cards to anyone who did. (Not really.) (Just wild envy cards.) (How was Santa Fé? And how was Spot Conlan because he's my favourite. (After Jack, of course.))

- The Oscar glitch last Sunday was hilarious and terrible. I love live-tv-glitches. They're so dramatic and people just talk about them everywhere. (For those of you that don't keep up with the Oscars; They announced the wrong Best Picture and it was kinda funny. La La Land won enough other awards, I guess.)

- Nothing else. News doesn't grab my attention a lot. Unless it's about movies. Yes, I know that sounds terrible.

Random Quotes I loved:

"I am indwelt by the Holy Spirit. Because of this reality, stress and tiredness and impatience don't have to define my day." - Forgotten God, by Francis Chan

"Too often we disdain our bodies as the source of sin and our fallenness; yet they are precisely where God the Spirit chooses to dwell!" - Forgotten God, by Francis Chan (yeah this book is GOOD)

"Every Christian is a refugee in this world. We, of all people, should understand the plight of the displaced." - John Piper

"If we could comprehend everything there was to understand about God, either He would not be God, or we would not be mere humans." - Where is God in a messed-up world, by Roger Canswell

"If you ever get out of this place, go and tell the world that no matter how deep the pit, God is deeper still." - Betsy to her sister Corrie ten Boom, several days before she died in a concentration camp.

Some Bible verses I loved:

The night will shine like the day, for darkness is a light to you. {Psalm 139:12}

The Lord is robed in majesty and is armed with strength. The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved. {somewhere in the book of Psalms - I didn't write down in my notebook which verse. :-P}

Books I read:

Forgotten God (reversing our Neglect of the Holy Spirit), by Francis Chan // So. Good. This book inspired me to the bones; it fed my soul and it just really, really inspired me. Francis Chan is now one of my top authors/speakers - the way he biblically presents the messages and truthfully and gracefully challenges his readers is just so good. I highly recommend this!

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee // A reread of one of my all-time favourite books - T'WAS JUST AS GOOD AS I REMEMBERED. This book is so so good yep yup read it if ya haven't kaybye.

Where is God in a messed-up world? by Roger Canswell // Found this at Youth Group, borrowed it, read it, loved it.

(WOW. I only read three books this month?!? Fail. Fail. Fail. I am shocked and embarrassed and ashamed of myself.) (But at least I wrote more. Yes, I am justifying myself.)

Blog posts I wrote:

Emma Jane - a blog post celebrating the birthday of my bestest friend and mentor. I love her, peeps. Happy late birthday Ems.
Crazy Huge Deal - Writing this blog post was so hard because I couldn't express myself properly! God is huge.
Valentiney Stuff - *heart-emojis*
Toothpaste, Untalented Capabilities and Extrovertedness - In which I answer a random list of questions.
Nostalgia - in which I blubber about sentimental stuff that remind me of when I was little.

(Speaking of blog-stuff, I want to give a random shout-out to a new-ish blogger who definitely deserves more readers. Check out my friend Hannah's blog 'Prone to Wonder' - Hannah is a 'real life' friend (oh you know what I mean with real life) of mine and her faith-themed posts have encouraged me + she loves Rilla of Ingleside too, so duh yes, she's cool. :-)

Random Youtube Videos I enjoyed:

This wedding video // still not over it. It's so adorableee.
Adler Davidson's "prank video" // SO FUNNY LIKE HOW IS HE SO FUNNY. (I love that he laughs at those stupid prank videos youtubers do.)
It's Okay to be single by Blimey Cow // As usual, their videos are hilarious and spot on. 

Songs I listened to a lot:

What I never knew I always wanted by Carrie Underwood - Still one of my favourite love songs. 
Church Bells by Carrie Underwood - Basically, I re-listened to all the Carrie Underwood songs. It made me miss America. :'-( And her voice is bonkers good.

Goals for March:

1. I need to work more. I feel like I didn't do enough schoolwork this month and I'm keen to get things done and my brain trained with boring info this month. Keen is not a good word. Intent, rather. I want to do it because I know I have to, not because it's like, enjoyable.

2. I still kinda want to write more but I don't know how these two will fit. (I don't think I'll read a lot next month. :-P)

3. Decide once and for all what I want to study at university. 

How was your February?
How many kilograms of chocolate did you consume?



    My Feb. was pretty good!

    I ate chocolate cake and cookies but that was it.

    1. Thank you - it's just from my phone. :-)

  2. I LOVE THIS. This is exactly the kind of nice, cheerful, lovely thing I needed today. THANKS, DEAR.
    (And I think I've said this before, but YOUR WORDS. You have such a way with them.)


    WHAT NEWSIES MOVIE? there's another one beside the 1992 one?? I MUST KNOW THIS XD

    1. YEPPPP. A SCREENING VERSION OF THE BROADWAY ONE. Like, with the original Broadway cast and everything. They filmed a live stage show and made in to the cinemas. It looks so cool. :-)

  4. Beautiful picture! Absolutely gorgeous.

    My February was alright, thanks for asking. I can't answer that last question, though, because I'd be embarrassed. (I am always eating chocolate. Like more than is probably good. But I prefer dark, so I am justifying myself with that. ;)

    1. Hahaha, dark chocolate is HEALTHY. DARK CHOCOLATE IS HEALTHY. :-)

  5. YES. The endless juggle. Someday we'll have it all together, I promise. OK maybe a few years after we graduate university, but so what.;)

    I loved that you shared your outing with your friend Katie with us. It's really those little things that make our hearts happy, don't they? Good friends are truly precious blessings.(Aargh I really want an Instax mini too but doesn't the film cost a lot?)

    I LOVE holding newborns. Nothing compares to holding an innocent little trustful creature.<3

    Congrats on your writing!! Keep at it, dear.<3

    Oh my that Oscar glitch.XD I do wish La La Land had gotten it though. (Also, I'm learning Mia and Sebastian's theme on the piano! Probably like every other girl out there haha;))

    She loves Rilla of Ingleside? You choose your friends well.;)

    I love Adler. He's hilarious, and his hot dog video is GOLD.:)

    I really enjoy these wrap-up posts Naomi!

    Haha, no kilograms, but one of my friends did come over when I wasn't well with a bar of Belgian chocolate for me.:)

    ~Rilla Blythe

  6. Sorry, don't wanna be that person, but on #6, did you mean January instead of February? I'm confused, haha.

    1. Oh, thank you for telling me! I've edited it. :-)

  7. Loved this!! And that picture is absolutely beautiful.

    I saw the Oscar glitch and it was hilarious.

    And those quotes and bible verses!! <3

    Must watch those videos and listen to that music. :)

    Eating pizza with your best friend is lovely. I want to do that also, one day with my best friend. :)

    And I must see Testament of Youth someday.

    1. Thanks, Rachel!
      Haha, the oscar glitch was so funny.
      Eating pizza with good friends (I'm afraid it wasn't my best friend Emma; she's in the States! :'-() is really fun!
      Yes, you muuust. :-)

  8. Awh thanks for the shout-out - that's very sweet of you! I owe it to you for actually encouraging me to get on and write a blog in the first place :)

    Lovely post once again, Naomi! These monthly wrap-ups particularly make me realize how unproductive I am in comparison to you ;)

  9. By the way, that picture is BEAUTIFUL. :)

    Emma should have totally been there too, but I'm glad you and Mary had a fun time!

    Ohhh, I haven't held a newborn baby in forever! <3

    Santa Fe was epic and SPOT CONLON MY HEART. He needed more screen time. But otherwise he was great. I'm still working on my review of the movie...

  10. SO the Newsies movie played here too and it was amazing and I loved it to pieces and I cried.

    Also that photo of Belguim is making me want to come and visit so badly, we're going to have to catch up if I do ever get over there. Actually, I've applied for an exchange to Birmingham this next semester and it depends on my grades this Semester which started yesterday. I'll keep you posted!

    These wrap up posts are really really great!

    You should study English Literature it's amazing fun, in two hours I've got my lecture on Jane Austen and excited is not the right word, more like FLIPPING excited.

    Hope you're doing well.

  11. Can I just randomly say how gorgeous the aesthetic for this blog is??? I love the fonts and THAT PICTURE YOU TOOK, OHMYGOODNESS and just everything, okay?!

  12. I don't have time to comment on EVERYTHING in this post like I wish I could- but I HAD to comment because I finally saw La La Land and ASGSJSHEVAJSTKSJSAAHKDHHSASFFKKJHA!
    I am literally listening to the soundtrack as I write this and I am feeling so meloncholy. The songs will be stuck in my head till kingdom come, I just know it.

  13. "I got sick of it and I loved it and I ranted about it and I complained about it and I gushed about it and I cried over it"...exactly me. xD It's exhausting, no?

    And speaking of Blimey Cow, did you hear the news about Jordan and Sarah? Eeee!

      I'm so so happy they're engaged. THEY'RE SO CUTE. <3

  14. "I don't mind late birthday presents; in fact I highly support them. If you give me a birthday gift in July I'll be like, 'sure yeah, fine, I'll take that as a birthday gift!'" *cough* Ha. Haha. Well guess what, Naomi? At the rate my mail success is going, it very well MAY be July before you get your birthday present from me, haha! XD

    Woah... tarantism?! What a perfect word! I NEED to remember that.

    I WANTED TO SEE NEWSIES TOOOO. :( (We can cry on each other's shoulders together. Also, if you had sent those jealousy cards, you could've signed my name at the bottom of them, too.)

    Those quotes were AWESOME. (Also, The Hiding Place made me cryyyy.)

    Wow, Hannah's blog looks so good. (I read her 'about me' page.) I'll definitely be going back to it. :)

    I hope you get your goals for March accomplished! I know you've gotten at least one of those done. ;)

    Well, my February was great! (I went to hospital, then I went on a holiday. Couldn't ask for a better month, aye? ;D)

    Also, I consider that question about chocolate too private for the internet. HAHA. (I know, I'm so funny.)

    ~Miss Meg


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