Toothpaste, Untalented capabilities & Extrovertedness

(This title of the post makes this post sound a lot more interesting than it is. I guess it's me learning how to do the clickbait thing.)

My darling Olivia tagged me with ten random cute questions and here are the ten random cute answers. onetwothreego.

1.)  Is there a particular fictional genre to which you keep returning? (i.e. period drama, action, fantasy, etc.)
Oh yeah, definitely action and fantasy. :-P Hashtag JUST KIDDING. Obviously my predictable answer to this question is Period Drama. It's my first fictional genre love and return to it I always shall.
2.)  What type of toothpaste do you use? ('Cause I'm weird like that.)

Why. Do. You. Care. :-P (T'is allright, I don't mind. :-))
Paradontax. This rosy podge that has a fresh after-taste, in case your adorable curiosity was wondering about the specifics. :-P
3.)  In general -- can be for yourself or for others or for both -- do you prefer straight, curly, or wavy hair?

I have a thing for curls. Let's go with moderately curly.
4.)  Do you like musicals?

DUHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH. (Do some people not?)
5.)  What is your third favorite season?

I LOVE how you're so oddly specific. Oddly specific questions are my one weakness. My third favourite season is autumn. Actually, I don't know. My favourite season is winter, but I like all the other seasons equally, for different reasons.
6.)  Jewelry -- yea or nay?

yea why not.
7.)  Have you seen any of the live-action remakes of the classic Disney movies? If so, what are your thoughts on them?

I've seen Cinderella, but that's just about it. However, I loved that one. T'was twinkly and beautiful and I'm still not over the blue ballgown and the blue eyes of Prince Kit.
8.)  Are you adept at cookery?

Am I a good cook, you mean? No. I am not a good cook. Way to bring up my untalented capabilities, Olivia. ;-P
9.)  Is there anybody you really wish would start a blog?  

Yep. I wish Miss Meg (who frequently comments) had a blog; she'd make an amazing blogger.
10.)  Do you know what your Myers-Briggs personality is?  If so, do share.

Last time I did it I was an ISFP but now I identify myself more as an extrovert (I know, right, crazy things happen!) and b'sides every time I do the test I get something different which basically means I have a different personality depending on what mood I'm in. Because I'm that confusing. Yay.
(I might write a post on my everlasting battle between my extroverted side and my introverted side. It's quite interesting.) (Okay, that would make for a dead boring post. I shall spare you.)


  1. HOORAY!!!! I was just hoping for another Naomi post, and here it is!!!! I am so happy!!!!

    This is a REALLY fun tag!! I think I might just steal it...
    oh and YES YES YES YES, MS. LANE. I GOT THAT. I LOVE THAT SHOW. Though for some reason the rest of my family doesn't??? It's wierd.

    NO, that would be really cool! I am sure you could bring interest to ANY boring subject anyway, so it should be no problem. Seriously!
    I am kind of like that too, but both times I've taken the test I was introverted. But my best friend and her sister both thought I would be extroverted, which was wierd. I really don't like large social gatherings, and too many people make me feel stressed and angry. It's kind of annyoying, because I would rather be able to talk to people! When I am in public, you probably wouldn't be able to tell I am introverted, because I do my best to not be an anti-social freak??? (as my sister terms sitting in a corner with a scowl on your face. coughDarcycough.) I amaze myself, sometimes, at my ability to be friendly and outgoing to near strangers.
    ugh, talk about dead boring! Sorry!! I ramble waaay too much on the internet.

  2. Love this cute tag! Yes! Cinderellas blue dress! What's funny is that I went to see the movie in theaters with my mom and sisters. Right during the part where Cinderella has her dress transformation my little sister had to go out and use the bathroom. Unfortunately I had to take her because my seat was closest to the stairs so we practically ran to the bathroom then back to the movie and we missed the dress transformation. Total let down but we have the movie now so whatever, ha!
    Are you planning to see Beauty and the Beast when it comes out?

  3. Personally, I think the post was even more interesting than the title -- I love random question posts :)
    By the by, I don't think I mentioned it before, but I love your blog header, the tones of pink are so lovely and warm <3

  4. Personality tests are so fun. Have you heard of ambivert? Its a convenient term for those of us who are pendulum personalities or who are balanced personalities.

    And yes, Kit's eyes. Kit's honorableness. Just Kit.

    We are all set to see Beauty and the Beast when it comes out (whilst bemoaning the dress; my sister found a better option on Pinterest) and wondering about everything.

  5. I would read the post on the battle between your extrovert and introverted sides.

    1. But then you're a special cookie.

    2. I second Emma's remark, though.


    And hey. I actually think a post about the battle between your extroverted side and your introverted side would be quite interesting to read. :)

  7. Write about the introverted/extroverted thing. I love personality stuff--I would totally read it! :-)

    I have met people who don't like musicals . . . it Confuses Me. Although certainly they can like whatever they want. I just have a hard time imagining it.

    (Speaking of which, I've been listening to the "Wicked" cast album over and over this week and it's SO GOOD.)

  8. Hahaha, I love the click-bait-y title. :)
    Musicals are fabulous! But I HAVE met people who say they hate them. :O Like, how??? "Too much singing"...That's the best part!!!
    CINDERELLA AUGH. *Swoons at mention of blue ballgown & eyes*
    Love this!!!



  10. Haha! Thanks ever so much for answering the questions, love ;D

    I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW WHY I CARE. Actually, I do: I wanted to come up with more varied questions than just story-related things (important though those are). Heh.

    You SHOULD write that blog post, though :P

    I have a thing for curls, too. *nods* Although, of course, I have a scarcity of them . . .

    Yep, you've definitely got that clickbait thing down (I think I know what that means -- I'm going to assume I do). Before reading your February wrap-up post (on which I will hopefully comment soon), I had no idea that this was what this post was about :) (Okay, I feel like a lot of nonsensical words just issued from my keypad . . . )

  11. *smiles broadly*

    This was post was short and sweet and everything fabulous. I loved it. :D The title and everything. (That title sounds exactly like my titles I use for my holiday journal - I give a title to each entry, and I normally get quite creative. ;P)

    (Gotta hand it to Olivia for the most original questions ever. That girl's awesome. :D)

    Ooohh, your toothpaste sounds nice! Mine's just mint flavoured white glop. Haha.

    I love curls too! *sighs* Unfortunately, I still haven't found one single natural curl in my hair yet. I keep on looking, just hoping. Sometimes I squeal 'cause I've found this slightly wavy piece of hair and I exclaim to my sister (who happens to have abundantly curly hair) "Look! I've got a curl!" and she says "Um... that's not a curl. But yay." The closest I can get is the beachy hair look - knotty, wavy and stringy.

    Oh, I've met people who dislike musicals! They're weird humans. The majority of them were guys. In fact, one boy emphatically told me (numerous times, 'cause I asked him more than once, simply because I couldn't believe him) that he hated music in general. But then I urged my point and described what life without music would be like and dissuaded him. Now I just have to convince him about musicals. That might be hard...

    Aww. *blushes* Thanks dear. <3 (And Miss March and Natalie. ;)) You're too sweet. (And yeah, I do comment frequently don't I, Naomi? Ahem. :P Haha.)

    Well, *I* for one would be interested in reading about your personality type. I could talk ALL. DAY. about people and their personalities. I talked for close to an hour flat with my sisters (with, um, basically just ME doing the talking) about personalities/the Myer Briggs test, 'cause they'd never heard of it before. I was like, " O_O You've never heard of it?!" But then they do that to me when they mention this particular horsey term I don't know, so it's even.

    ~Miss Meg


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