49,483 words

(Me pretending to be at work. Although I'll be honest and say that the day I took that picture I wrote 0 words. Isn't that embarrassing. :-P)

- My current work-in-progress-I-guess-you-could-call-it-novel is 49,483 words now, and the delicious thing is that I am not sick of it (this is wild because I get sick of stuff I work on for a long time), that I don't think it's too bad (50% at least, isn't too bad), and that the story is not done yet which means it's going to be over the minimum word-count of a full-sized-official-word-count-novel, which is exciting.

- 49,483 words. I wonder how many of them I'll have to edit out. How many I'll add. 

- I started writing this originally-just-a-lets-see-where-this-goes-story early 2016 - cried over it, loved it, was SO proud of it; imagined it to be a movie with famous actors and me shaking hands with Kate Middleton at the movie premiere and everything.

- Then I stopped writing because I was interrupted by new ideas of apparent geniality - although I came back to the very-unfinished-with-plenty-of-holes-here-and-there-draft sometimes; just to read it, to remind myself I had to go back to this story sometime, because it was like, even-though-I-say-so-myself; not too bad.

- So I came back to it, after a summer of thinking I was a good writer while actually I was not. I reread it, loved it and hated it. I wrote some more and felt the story sagging like a half-baked cake by a bad baker like me. (Random fact about me: I am not a kitchen maiden. Far from it. Me and the kitchen stress each other out.) I felt like the story was getting boringer and boring and that woe, it was starting to sound like a bad Christian fiction novel. A bad one.

- That was the oh-dear-my-writing-style-feels-like-dry-crumbs stage. I'm still sort of in it. (Scrap the 'sort of'. I am.)

- But I'm at 49,483 words now and that's something. I'll keep writing and see what happens to this book. I'll keep attaching myself to these characters - fictional characters that I made myself - characters that I just can't keep hanging on the loose end, however wild the forces of procrastination and distraction may be.

- I guess that's my favourite thing about this novel. I love the characters more than I have in any other thing I've ever written - they feel real and they're legitimately playing inside my brain like a movie. I've never had that before - I've always felt like my fictional characters were on-paper-friends, but these characters feel unstoppable. I've even cried over them while writing, which I've never done with any other fictional characters. So yeah, I don't think I should give up this potential-novel up. (Even though I feel like the writing lacks moisture and originality. Which I definitely do.)

- The novel has no title yet. No good one, anyways. I call it Green Eyes but there are about 10 books with the same title according Goodreads so I'll have to find another one. I'm very bad at titles. Why do you think I stole one for my blog?

- You want a little snippet? Just a little one, then.
Douglas is alive, Amy. One of my pals is alive. I am so thankful that I am alive… and that you are and that we’re still here to make the best of this confusing old world.


  1. Maybe you could give the basic plot-line, and then run a vote on what you should title it? This is exciting!

  2. Congratulations on that astounding word count, and best of luck on reaching "THE END", and finding a title!

  3. I am getting curiouser and curiouser about this novel. (Shh. If Lewis Carroll can use the word 'curiouser' then so can I.)

  4. HURRAY FOR NAOMI!!! 49,483 words??!! That's awesome! Judging from snippets of your writing which you've shared with us in the past you totally have the makings of a fabulous and wonderfully unique author! I love your writing!!

    I love how you're feeling such attachment to your characters. I've felt that with some of the characters in my head, too, and it's SUCH a wonderful feeling. Of course it hurts sometimes, too, especially when you feel how alive they are in your imagination and yet can't manage to get them to come to life on the page. That's one of the biggest dilemmas for me.

    Ahhhh!! I'm just so happy that you've gotten this far on a story and that you're not about to give up on it. Keep writing, my dear. You can totally do this!! :D

  5. You described the ups and downs of writing perfectly! It takes a lot of courage sometimes to get through the "this-is-terrible" stage, and remember how exciting the beginning effort of the story was. Sometimes the cycle can happen in just the space of a day!

    Also, so happy for you and that word-count! I've yet to think up a plot that made it anywhere near 50,000, but I can imagine what a feat that is to accomplish! :)

  6. "However wild the forces of procrastination and distraction may be." Go Naomi! You're going to finish this one.

  7. WOW!!! Hope you will reach the word "The End".

  8. Yay!!! That, my dear, is an impressive feat. And yes, I agree, if these characters seem so real and close to you, you definitely have something that you should not give up on. Best of luck, Naomi!!

  9. 49,483 WORDS? That's fantastic, Naomi!!! Your story definitely sounds like a keeper--that's how I felt about my novel. Nothing about it was particularly different from the rest of my failed story attempts from past years, except that this one just held on to me and wouldn't let go till it was written. I'm super excited for you!!!

  10. Oh, you go, girl!! That's awesome. :D I'm in the same boat as you with EVERYTHING. (The 'I've never written a book near a decent word count yet', the 'starting to sound like a bad Christian fiction novel', the 'oh-dear-my-writing-feels-like-dry-crumbs-stage' - EVERYTHING.) But if we keep at it, we'll get there eventually. And I 100% believe you've got the brains, the skills, the guts and the genius to get there. (Way before me.) YOU CAN DO IT!!! *hugs you excitedly*

    ~Miss Meg


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