random pictures I took + boring lately stuff

Reading: ashamedly little. It's already the eighth of March and I can't even boast half a page. I just haven't  . touched . a . novel. Who am I turning into? What is this reincarnation? This cannot be. This weekend I will finish 'Go set a Watchman' and I will reread Pride and Prejudice, because it's been ages since I did that. I WILL. 

Reading: I'll do another one for the Bible, because I have been doing that. It is a different category all together. I just started Isaiah. My Bible read-through is the best thing ever. I'm already half-way through and I started in December. *fistpumps me*

Writing: Okay, hear me here, I'm doing good with writing. I know, you may all go ahead and faint on your sofas and beds and bathtubs. I am doing well with writing. OK, quite well, at least. BUT I'M DOING QUITE WELL AND THAT'S SOMETHING OK?! My goal for March is 5000 words a week. Which means 1500 words for me to punch down this evening, or I'll be seriously behind schedule. ICANDOTHIS.

Studying: Ugh, why do you ask me such vile things? Why should I pollute Wonderland Creek with study-talk? (If you want to know: Sociology. English. French. Past Papers. Ok, now shut up.)

Flying: nowhere. I can't fly. And exciting plane tickets aren't on my agenda at the moment.

Eating: I just ate rice and fish-pie. I wish it had been chocolate instead but I can't always have things my way, I suppose.

Sighing: At the weird conundrums of the world, my brothers (let's be real, they're nuts) (I love them but they're nuts), and annoying emails. On a more positive note, I haven't had any spam comments lately. I used to get tons of those. I guess they finally got my message that I wasn't going to visit their creepy url's.

Listening: right now? To the Willis Clan. I love them so much. Also they remind me SO VIVIDLY of me sitting with Emma and Sadie in the car and going to Church in the morning. I love City Down Below. Jessica's voice is so good. I've also been listening to podcasts of Francis Chan. Always so good.

Blogging: about my very interesting life. Duh. Obvs.

Singing: All sortsa songs. Fiddler on the Roof arias, Carrie Underwood songs, and One Direction hits. (I'll admit, 1D is sort of my guilty pleasure. I hate and love them simultaneously.) I've also been singing songs I only know 10% of the lyrics of. And worship songs.

Dreaming: About friends getting sick? I know. Why. I dream depressing things.

Drinking: lizard saliva and mushroom juice smoothies. It's absolutely delicious. Like, seriously, the most delicious things you'd ever dream of. I can't stop drinking them. They're nice with some tomato pips and rabbit droppings for extra texture. Highly recommended. (LOL SO FUNNY NAOMI.)

Challenging: you to read Gone with the Wind in five minutes. I totally did that the other day. It was a very thorough read-through. (Ok, maybe I should stop lying in this post. It is one of the Ten Commandments.)

Talking: With friends at Youth Group, with random new people at choir rehearsal, with siblings, with Mama... all sorts of human beings, I guess.

Texting: The last text message I sent was: "I'm so happy you like it. Wait till you get to Aunt Batty's story - it's my favourite part. *insert smiley-emoji" - yeah, a friend of mine is reading Hidden Places for the first time and she texted me about it and she's cool. (Friend test: Give her Hidden Places. Friend likes it. Friend approved.)

Emailing: Emma. And Rosie McGann. And Miss March. Those were the three last. Although not in that order. I'm too lazy to go back and change them to order. #thelazinessof2017

Making: A little video for myself this March, with a bunch of random clips of this month. I want to try it and see if the end result is nice. I'm trying to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Loving: The lizard saliva and mushroom juice smoothies, of course. Ok, kidding, kidding. I'm loving the Willis Clan songs, my rainbow-themed bookshelves, my pink camera, and Matthew Crawley. And Jordan and Sarah from the youtube channel Blimey Cow being engaged. That made my day. 

Ordering: a map of the world on Amazon, because it's going to be so pretty for my desk space.

Contemplating: About some of the commands in the Bible that... I frankly, just ignore. Like giving to the poor, not worrying, and rejoicing in the Lord ALWAYS (and again I say: rejoice.) Like, how many commands in the Bible have the 'and again I say' thing after it to emphasise its importance? And how many times is my attitude a rejoicing one? Yeah, contemplate-worthy stuff.

Wishing: that I didn't have to do chores after I've done with this blogpost.

Having: to do chores when I'm done writing this blogpost. And then schoolwork. So much fun.

Being: Just really thankful. God's glory and power and love is astounding.

Going: to publish this post now. Bye. (Or rather: hello. Because that means it'll be public, haha.)


  1. these photos omw YESSS and the last one of you in the mirror ADORBS!! I want your cute sweater xD

    also. wow. I was really worried you liked the lizard saliva. ;)

  2. YOU HAVEN'T TOUCHED A NOVEL SINCE FEBRUARY? Ohmygoodness!! I am SOOOOO worried about you. Are you sure you're quite well? Perhaps you really ought to see a doctor. I'm telling you. This. Is. Serious. :P

    Half the Bible since December?! Wowza, girl. That's awesome. *fist pump*

    Well, you're doing MUCH better than me in the writing department, if that's any comfort to you. I can't seem to get any writing done except blogposts and emails, and even they aren't as frequent as I would like. Good luck with your weekly word goal!

    Honestly, Naomi. You are too much!! Lizard saliva and mushroom juice? Where do you come up with such ideas??!! :P That has got to be the most disgusting smoothie I ever heard tell of. (Another reason you should go and see a doctor. Like RIGHT NOW!! Because such a smoothie could be nothing less than seriously detrimental to your health. I'm sure of it.) (HAHA.)

    Gone with the Wind in FIVE MINUTES?! Nice try, Naomi. ;P

    I like how you took all the pictures in this post! They're really good. I love the cobblestone streets. And that little shop is adorable. :)

  3. I love these photographs!
    I love your bookshelves :-)

  4. Ahhhh so many beautiful photographs! I MUST get to Belguim one day! I'm so sorry I've dropped off the radar with emails lately, I've been swamped with uni work and it's only the second week of the new academic year. Loved hearing what you've been up to! I have one of these lately posts sitting in my blog post drafts.

    I must go now as I'm sitting in on a lecture with my blogger friend Joy and I must pay attention.

  5. I love the photos! They make me long for Europe...and travel in general. No one seems to appreciate the beautiful old things here in America.

  6. The photos are so beautiful! I especially liked the ones with the books and chocolate. No one can go wrong with books and chocolate. :)

  7. Wow!!! Is that where you LIVE? It's impossibly cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute . . . *is jealous* No, seriously, the houses and stuff are adorable. I'm a sucker for adorable houses, just warning everybody. :-P I really should visit Belgium someday.

    I've been writing too!!! I'm just about at the 40000-word mark in my novel (#WINNING), and I think I've finally settled on what my next project will be after I finish it . . . a 3-part series of historical novels about Northern Ireland. And it will be very sad. And tragic. Prepare thyselves. (Actually, no, don't worry about it because it will probably be another year or two before I even start WRITING it.) I like to plan far in advance, y'see :-)

  8. These pictures are all so cute and pretty. I LOVE your color-coded bookshelf!

    Wow, that's totally awesome that you're halfway through your Bible re-read! I'd say that definitely makes up for your not having touched a novel in a while. ;)

  9. The lizard saliva and mushroom juice smoothies I WAS SO CONFUSED AND INSERTED IN GOOGLING THIS WEIRD SOUNDING DRINK. Little videos made for yourself are the best! This post is great!!

  10. These pictures are gorgeous! Wish I had as camera, but, alas! I am very poor. :( I also wish I lived in Europe so I would have such gorgeous things to take pictures OF... Like that bakery one - eeeeeee, so good! I also loved the mirror-selfie-thing (so eloquent). :)

    I feel the same way about One Direction! I don't want to be one of those "typical" boy-crazy fangirling "1D" fans, but I actually genuinely enjoy their music. Mostly. :)

  11. I love each of your photos SO much. They're simply beautiful. <3

    PS. Please tell me you bought me some of that chocolate in the 4th picture? :P (If that didn't happen, did you buy any for yourself instead? Because I'd be happy with that. :))

  12. Love the pics! And wonderful post, as always. And I LOVE the new look! Bobby pins (is that what you call them there? Just occurred to me that might be an American thing...) are my best friend; I currently have about 20 in my hair and that's not unusual. Hahaha. :D

  13. I must admit I skimmed through this post because I ought to get off the computer and either eat or go to bed (don't ask), but your bookshelves arranged by color!! *fistpumps you*

  14. Oh yes, the new layout - haha, bobby pins. That's funny. And very quirky! I love quirky.

    The pictures are lovely. :)

    Yeah well, you're doing waayyy better than I with writing. I haven't edited my story for months (well, I have been away for more than a month ;)) and I was hoping to start my new story on holidays, although that never happened... but I DID finish another one. I'll have to talk more about that in my email. ;)

    You can't fly? Aww, poor dear.

    UGH YES I KNOW ABOUT ANNOYING EMAILS! I had 10 junk emails come in JUST TODAY! The subjects were all about 'how you can save weight by using THIS NEVER BEFORE HEARD OF PRODUCT' and stupid stuff like that. :P

    "I've also been singing songs I only know 10% of the lyrics of." Uh-huh, yup. That's basically me with every pop song. (Although, if you know the chorus of a pop song, then you probably know about 70% of the words. ;P)

    Wow. That smoothie sounds delicious. It even sounds better than an ear-wax thickshake that one of our friends suggested to us once. ;P (Ok, this is just getting gross...)

    Ooohh, a little video of March? Sounds cool! My eldest sister has this app on her phone that is all about 1 second videos. Basically you take a 1 second video (or take a short video and just cut out 1 second of it) every day of the year, and then you can see your year in tiny glimpses! It takes about 8 minutes or so at the end of the year to watch it, haha. So far she's done it for less than 2 months, but it's really cool! Now I wish I had a smart phone. :P

    ~Miss Meg


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