100% quirk

(oh boy, this post is random)

If you have a rainbow coloured umbrella,
If you like pepperoni pizza best,
If you sometimes crave a good hug,
If you feel alive when the sky is pink with evening dusk,
If you think the best evenings are those evenings when you forget what you look like,
If you love a well-written sentence; a funny-sounding word,
If you like good, snappy, witty, quirky dialogue,
If you like playing around with microphones in an empty-ish church,
If you sometimes just randomly make cookies,
If you have really unique wallpaper,
If you have a pair of super bright shoes,
If you remember random cute kids you saw on public transport,
If you smile more than you frown,
If you love a bouncy Quentin Blake illustration,
If you need some cheesy, popular music sometimes to get back into a good mood,
If you listen to super, super old music,
If you get a sudden, huge energy wave after a random picture, blog post, or conversation,
If you have a radio in your room like my 13-yr-old brother,
If you secretly lol at those beauty gurus that have an obsessive disorder with eyebrows,
If you gush over handsome pairs of beautiful eyes,
If you didn't manage (yet) to take a picture under the blossom,
If you've made up a different world in your head,
If you always choose the same Easter eggs because you can't trust the ones you haven't tried yet,
If you think Easter's the happiest day of the year,
If you 'just can't' with ridiculously gorgeous views,
If you roll your eyes at modern 'art.'
If you have a weird phobia like me and metros,
If you have your own definition of wanderlust,
If you love to try new ice-cream flavours because duh, every one is great,
If you wish you could write like Harper Lee managed to,
If you hunger after the Word of God,

... chances are you're pretty cool.


  1. I missed three, am I still cool? I have a cool umbrella, but not rainbow...

  2. I love it when you make lists! They brighten my day!!

  3. A little something for everyone! I really enjoyed reading this post, your blog's wonderful! The best evenings really are the ones where you forget what you look like!

  4. Well someone here is pretty cool. All's I'm gonna say.

  5. I love how you started off with the rainbow-colored umbrella one <3

    Harper Lee. YAS. I love That Book more and more and more every day, I do believe. It's the best ever.

  6. If this is quirk, then I love it very much.

    (Also, I own a rainbow coloured umbrella. :D)

    ~Miss Meg

  7. Random posts by Naomi are the best!! :) Really, friend, your lists are always so creative and fun. Love it!

    ~Miss March

    P.S. And pepperoni pizza IS the best!!! Yes indeed. ;D

  8. Oh, but this is adorable!! Love it, Naomi!!


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