Happy Easter + Stuff

(I know it's random, but here's a pretty picture of candy floss.)

I know I'm a day late, friends, but Happy Easter! This past week has been amazing. Amongst the choir rehearsals, solos, actually having a social life, doing schoolwork, I spent so much time just thinking and contemplating at the most amazing event of history - Jesus dying an excruciating death so unimaginably below His glorious name and then completely turning that upside down by raising to life and resurrecting. It's just OVERWHELMING HOW MUCH IS IN THIS STORY. And how MUCH IT'S ABOUT YOU. It's crazy. I can't tell you how refreshed I feel about it... this week has been so good.

So Happy Easter. :-)

(Emma just sent me this pin on pinterest with the message, 'our men.' You guys, there is a reason we're friends.)

"Why do they call it Highclere Castle? Why don't they just call it Downton Abbey?" --- My dad when he helped me order tickets to visit it. Yes, why yes, you heard that correctly, folks. I am going to visit Downton Abbey and I'm pretty excited about that, as you may well imagine. It's in September, but y'know, I have patience for things worth having patience for. (A friend of mine visited Lyme Park (aka Pemberly) two weeks ago. Now that's also on my bucket list. I mean duh.)

Oh and guess what I saw last week?! YEP THE ONE AND ONLY BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. It was so so so good. The music was EPIC, let me tell you - I wasn't familiar with the music having never seen the animated version and having never really cared about the story, but now I sing it *ahem* a lot *ahem*. Gaston was SO GOOD. Like, so wickedly handsome and oozing with vanity and just YES. He was my favourite character, which sounds weird, but he was. :-P I loved Emma Thompson's Mrs Potts and Chip and the Beast and THE ENDING.

IT WAS PRETTY EPIC. It made me very happy indeed which was a pleasant surprise because I honestly didn't think I was going to love it so much. :-)

I read through the four passion stories in the Gospels this week. Loads of things stood out to me and I can't possibly describe the extent of peace and love and beauty I found in the story, but I can briefly point out one cool thing I noticed. Which is in John 17 verse 20 - where Jesus prays for all believers. "I pray also for those who will believe in me through their (the disciples) message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you." As I was reading it, it struck to me -- Jesus was praying for Me. Whoahh. (I mean, he also died for me so yeah, you'd think I'd get used to this Jesus + Me = Deep love and personal thing, wouldn't you?) 

Also, the 'A new commandment I give unto you: Love one another as I have loved you." AS I HAVE LOVED YOU. That's a whole new level sort of love. Challenging stuff but seriously, let's try again and again.

Now I'm going to send Emma a letter. The last time I did that was beginning of March so it's been awhile. Happy Easter, peeps. x

(Oh, and what do you think of my new blog look? It reminds me of the olden days and I love it. It'll be up for a while, methinks.)


  1. Yayyyy, you posted something! I think you made me wait too long that time. I mean, tut, tut, Naomi - it's been 12 days! :P

    (Oh, and may I correct you - it's FAIRY floss, not CANDY floss. Besides, fairy sounds so much more elegant and dainty than candy.)


    *whistles* Jimmy Stewart is pretty young there. Naww. He's so cute. :P

    Beauty and the Beast! I saw it again yesterday, and oh my word, it was SO much better the second time!! (No annoying little children kicking my head, y'know. :P) And I agree! Gaston is my FAVOURITE. :D

    Oh, it's always so wonderful when you see something in the Bible that you never properly saw before, or you have a new thought or revelation.

    Yes! I approve of the blog look! :D Frankly, I don't remember what your first blog header ever was (even though I was technically there when you put it up) but it feels very spring-like! *sniffles* I want spring back. I do so wish we were all experiencing the same seasons together. I mean, at least you and all the other people in the Northern Hemisphere are in the same season - us Aussies and New Zealanders and everyone else beneath the equator fill a bit outnumbered here! :P (Evie, where are you??)
    In some ways, it almost does feel like spring. Yesterday our guinea pig had babies, so now we have three completely ADORABLE, mini fluff balls! *squeals*

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Well, candy floss is ALSO a way to say it, just google it! ;-) (Ahem, m'dear, I do know my vocabulary somewhat.)

      Yep, the first header was spring-y too. Awww, soary. You're about to face winter. WOW WHY ARE YOU SO WEIRD. :-P
      Oh, great - so enjoy spring weather while it's there!

    2. Oh, very well, candy floss is also considered correct. (But I had never even heard of candy floss before. :P Cotton candy is just a complete no-no, though, haha.)

      ~Miss Meg

  2. I thought you'd like that. I mean, they are, aren't they? :-)

    It HAS been an amazing week, here too. We've got a ton to catch up on. I'll be eagerly awaiting your letter!

    The humility and obedience and integrity of Jesus in those passages is just way beyond what I can handle. How he is so fully human, but still God. And how we're given the seemingly impossible but super inspiring commandment to love as He loved -- like, how can we ever do that but still we've gotta try. :-)

    1. Yesocourse they are.

      The letter has been writ and sent. (Isn't writ a cool word? I'm pretty sure it's old english.)


  3. Busy busy busy! I've been wanting to see beauty and the beast but I have no time too!

    1. I feel ya. I'm surprised *I* found the time to watch it! :-)

  4. I LOVE THE NEW BLOG LOOK!! (Not just because it reminds me of the olden days, either. Heehee.) Seriously, it's really pretty. Your header is adorable. :)

    I approve of the random candy floss picture to start off this post. Totally and completely approve. Because THOSE COLORS! They're so deliciously lovely. <3 <3

    Which one is your man and which one is Emma's? Heehee. ;)

    I kind of want to watch Beauty and the Beast now...

    Yeah, isn't it so cool when you think of it that way? That Jesus had each one of us in mind when He said that, way back then before we were even born! It's amazing really.

    Happy Easter, Naomi! I'm glad had a good week! :D

    1. Jimmy Stewart is mine; Cary Grant is Emma's. :-)

      You must watch BatB!

  5. I basically adore this new blog design, jsyk

  6. Your blog look!! Love it!! Such a sweet look, and very like the Wonderland Creek I first knew...back in the "olden days".

    About Easter, Jesus Christ, etc., I KNOW RIGHT! I've been thinking about how He did that for ME and YOU and everyone INDIVIDUALLY and it blows me away. Thanks for sharing your beautifully worded thoughts.

    I'm glad you had a good Easter week! Happy Belated Easter!!

    1. Thank you, darling! Happy Easter-time to you! :-)

  7. Happy belated Easter, Naomi:)

    I can't believe you have never seen the animated BatB! Like, what??? Also, I totally agree that Gaston was amazing -- so much better than the animated guy. And yes, yes, yes, I agree with pretty much every thing else in this post. You are so lucky to be going to Downton/Highclere!!! That's on my bucket list. You simply must share pictures of it in a post this fall:)

    And your new blog look is lovely! So fitting for the spring.

    1. Thanks, you too!

      Haha, I know - I didn't grow up with it. Never saw the animated Cinderella either. *hides*
      You can assure I'll share pictures of Downton!


    It is gorgeous. It's interesting that it reminds you of the olden days, 'cause it does me, too, for whatever reason. :) (Plus we both have Belle and flowers in our headers and that makes me happy.)

    Also, this post! Your thoughts on the Gospel story = gold. Thanks so much for sharing them! I know, Jesus' prayer in John 17. It is SO packed with so many amazing Life Things. (John is my favorite gospel, btw.)

    Haha, "you'd think I'd get used to this whole Jesus + me = Deep love and personal thing, wouldn't you?" I feel you, girl :D

    This post made me happy. Thank you :)

    (Also, I haven't gotten around to replying to comments on my BatB post yet -- BUT SPOILER ALERT YOURS MADE ME REALLY HAPPY -- but I will say this here: you should write a review of it, too. Like I'm just saying. I loved what you said about it in this post, too! Okay bye now.)

    1. THANKS OLIVIA! :-) Haha, I might have been a bit inspired by your gorgeous one, not gonna lie. ;-)

      John is my favourite gospel too. :-)

      Your comments are the best. And seriously, after your review a review from me would be sorta bleak in comparison! Your reviews are the best.

  9. What is candy floss? Cotton candy?

    I love Jimmy Stewart. :) And that's Cary Grant, no?

    Ahhh, that's so exciting! I would looove to visit Highclere Castle someday.

    Eep, I'm glad you liked Beauty and the Beast! It was lovely.

    Nice blog look, by the way. :)

    1. Merediiiith, candy floss is BRITISSSSHHH. :-P Cotton candy for you 'Muricans, I guess. :-)

      Yep! Jimmy's my favourite too. :-)


  10. HAPPY EASTER. <3 Amen to all your thoughts on it.

    Beauty and the Beast. YAS. I'm like you, I never wanted to watch the animated version--even though I'm quite fond of the soundtrack, go figure--but I absolutely loved this movie!!!!!!! IT WAS SO GOOD I MEAN GOSH. I could hardly take it all in but I loved every minute of it. Luke Evans was pretty amazing, although I must confess he didn't blow me away half so much as Ewan McGregor as Lumiere. He almost made me CRY. Over a FREAKING CANDLESTICK. Now *that* is talent right there, ladies and gentlemen.

    P.S. "Evermore" tho :-P

  11. I didn't know Emma Thompson was in Beauty in the Beast!! Also, I am mighty jealous you're going to see Downton. *inserts sour smile* (No, kidding, have fun, ha ha!)

  12. Lovely post Naomi. I was looking at John 17.20 recently too, - with the same thoughts in mind :)

  13. Also - I love the new blog look. The floral background is soo pretty!!

  14. Lovely post dear!!!!
    LOVE your new layout!!!!!!
    (sorry for the late comment, life has been busy)

  15. How do you do it???? HOW??? You really are the best blogger EVER, Naomi!!!!!
    I mean, your posts are like.... Mind blowing to me because they are so good and inclusive with everyone and their own views but they are YOUR thoughts and YOUR marvelous ideas.
    I don't know how to say it, but I really love your blog. It's amazing.

  16. I'm sorry this is so dreadfully late....Happy (very late) Resurrection Day! I'm so happy your Easter was splendid and joyful! Mine was too. <3 I feel as if I found myself appreciating and understanding and being so grateful for Easter this year in a deeper way than ever before. Not that I still don't understand it all as I should. But still. It was such a joyful day. <3

    YAY for you, getting to go see Downton Abbey!!! I hope you have SO much fun.

    Wow. That verse in John...I'm not sure I ever heard it before? I must have, though, because I've read John before. Anyways, it's amazing, and I'm really grateful you brought to my attention. :)

    Your new layout is BEAUTIFUL.


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