Outernet is those little magic moments like that puffy cloud of milk in tea or coffee when your pour it in, or that dark-reddish-dark-blue sky in the small bathroom window, or the bubbly smile of a small toddler, or the hug of a dear friend.

Internet may be that. Recorded. On a screen.


Outernet is the laughing and the happy raw sobbing after an amazing movie. It's the taste of good food and the feeling of group hugs or bro-pats. 

Internet may be that. Recorded and on a screen. Through videos and pictures and hashtags and blog posts and facebook posts and gifs and snapchat filters.


Outernet is the experiences of the Holy Spirit, the personal intimacy between yourself and your Saviour; the unexplicable joy of Faith and Hope and Purpose and Joy. 

Internet or any form of media, word, picture, statement CANNOT do that. That's so real and NOW and gah, it's so outernet. It's OuterLIFE. It's something out of this world and something further than the skope of human recording and explaining. Something so unexplainable. 


It just is.

Yes, I am very grateful for the Internet and I love blogging and I've met dear dear friends online and I've seen Internet being used in really good and inspiring ways. But man, it's so easy to be all about the online life when seriously, it can mess up your brain because I think our generation does not really fully understand what it's like to live in the now. It's more like 'live in the now and wait yeah let's make sure everyone KNOWS we're living in the now.' That's not the same.

Also, the obsession of wanting to know what everybody else is up to! Like, it's great to keep in touch with friends but personally, I know I take this to far. I'm living MY LIFE. And that's a life with a lot of purpose and potential because of the God I serve - and the way I live my days is obviously the way I live my life. (Wow, I need to hear these words myself. I'm basically educating myself here, seriously.) Yes, I like knowing what my friends are up to but becoming obsessed with that the way the Internet encourages us to be is just unhealthy. 

There are so so many priorities.

I try again every day! It's hard for me, I'll admit. But I'll keep on trying.

I got myself an Instagram account several months ago and I love it - it's really cool and yeah, it's fun. But I also really, really hate it. Sometimes its become my worst enemy and I have to really tell myself to STOP being on it because really it shouldn't be able to control me. I am a human being and that's AN APP. We should be able to not coexist and we should be able to be really separate 90% of the time. 


The main thing that annoys me about Instagram (and I guess the internet as a whole) is how I feel like I have to document all the 'fun' things in my life.

Like, I'd almost like to start a challenge. Here's the challenge guys. Do something really fun and beautiful and DON'T TELL/SHOW ANYONE. JUST DO THE THING AS IT IS THE THING. Make it a memory encarved in the brain rather than a picture with emoji comments and 145 likes or whatever. Go out with a friend and have an ice cream with sprinkles and DON'T POST THE PIC YOU TOOK. Just take a picture for you and make it your special nice ice-cream-date day. Go to the cinema with that rad group of pals and actually forget about posting about it online. Not saying it's not special when you do tell people about it and post it online and I'm not saying there's something wrong with doing that but ya know... ARE WE CAPABLE OF DOING THAT? (Also yelling at myself here, mind you. ;-))

I had an amazing evening yesterday, for instance, and this morning. (And yes right now I'm talking about it online haha but hey, it's to make a point ;-P) I went to Youth Group and then went a slept over at a friend and we had midnight talks about Jesus and faith struggles and deep topics and it was awesome. But then at one point I was thinking in the back of my brain I must take a selfie with her tomorrow morning so I can post about this awesome evening.

Like nooooo. That's not the point. (I didn't do it and I'm glad I didn't.)

Sometimes I feel like a day becomes less special after I post about it. It's like the lovely day and personal meaning become a picture and a 'look I have a life' status. Even though I don't mean it that way, I feel like it feels that way sometimes and it soooort of makes the memory less special for me. I don't know. Some thoughts. :-P

What do YOU think? Do you struggle with this too? (Maybe you're like nope I don't relate at all in which case good for you.) I WANNA DISCUSS THIS. Let's have a deep discussion in the comment section. :-) 

(Also, I challenge you to do something really cool - go out with a group of friends or whatever, go somewhere very instagram-feed-pleasant, and don't post anything about it. JUST TO SEE IF YOU CAN.)

PS: Pippa Middleton wedding dress. Google it. I want it. So. Gorgeous.


  1. This is so true, definitely, definitely, definitely. Thanks Naomi!!!


    I went to a horseshoeing clinic with the Amish homies this week and we didn't even take a selfie to post. So I guess I'm doing pretty good.

  3. This ma'am, is what I needed to hear. You are SO right, and said it all so beautifully.

    Ah yes, priorities! Such important things yet so horribly easy to forget.

    The whole Instagram thing is rather a struggle for me; I don't have one, but I look at other peoples a great deal and though some posts, and certain peoples accounts especially, encourage me to get LIVING life myself, other times I find it simply too distracting so I'm not quite sure I dare to get an account myself.

    And yes, the entire posting-about-special-moments thing, some of the things I find closest to my heart just don't translate well into words or photos (now ain't that strange ;)). and I love how you say that that's just fine!

    (Pippa's wedding dress!!! I think it 's one of the classiest and most lovely dresses I've ever seen.)

    1. So glad it struck a chord with you! It's a constant battle, right.

      Well the good thing about having an account is that you don't have to check each invidual account to see the new posts but yeah it can make it addicting!

      Pippa's dress is GOALS.

  4. I like that idea...wish more people would do that

    1. Me too! ( well, maybe people DO but we just don't know.)

  5. Challenge Accepted! I went somewhere this weekend that was amazing and decided not to take a camera, decided to only record it in my mind, to hold for ever.

    When you share something with someone real, you share a connection and it strengthens your relationship. When you share it with the internet, for anyone to judge, when you tell a story to a faceless audience, you don't get that connection. It is not a secret anymore.

    (I none of this makes sense it is because I am dead tired at 12 and typing random stuff.)

    I love midnight talks, especially when I am so tired that everything is funny and inspiring.

    I have just recently decided to put a current project on hold so that I will have more time to focus on other aspects of my life, to read more, write more and spend more time with real people. It is important to draw a line and control your own time. I have helped someone (at their own request) to focus on their schoolwork by changing their facebook and google passwords.

    I do admit that I have problems controlling my own time and internet time.

    1. Great! Good for you! Yes, I totally get you. Even though sharing things with people really isn't wrong the way we feel pressured to do it constantly makes it wayyy less meaningful.

      Midnight talks are the best! :-)

      Wow, that's great. I need to work on my self-control when it comes to the Internet too.

      Thanks for commenting!

  6. So well said. And timely! I needed to hear this.

    I just (it was so hard) stopped blogging for all these reasons. I felt too compelled to document all my reads and thoughts and have reads and thoughts I could document. Outernet is definitely better. Also, I shouldn't be taking my time to do all that documenting. I should be writing a novel with the bit of time I have. People with a little self-control can keep Internet in its place, probably, but I think many of us (myself included) really, really need to mature in the Outernet before we understand that the Internet is an accessory and that is all. You're right: those memories are different when they're not documented.

    I really admire the way you do things here. You clearly have that maturity, Naomi. You seem to use this place to share your lovely voice and make an impact, but you give the Outernet its proper guiding role. I understand how hard it is to REALIZE that there's something odd about wanting to take a picture rather than be in the moment. Good for you for seeing that, and I think you'll be just fine. xxx

    1. I completely understand why you stopped blogging and I'm sure it's a good thing for now. Once you have the inspiration to start sharing thoughts again you can pick it up but yeah if it's controlling your thoughts it's important to cut it off.

      Thank you so much, dear - that's so encouraging to hear. I really do spend wayyy to much time online, but I'm feeling more encouraged to try more! I think I definitely used to put too much time and 'life' into blogging - I'm glad you can 'hear' I've matured a bit in that field! Thanks xxx

    2. I decided to follow your example here & try to be part of the online world {for it is mighty fun}, but have the maturity to also be part of the outernet! So I have a new address:


      Please feel free to delete this comment! I'm not trying to advertise on your blog. Just telling you, and your blog is how I can talk to you! :-)

      I'm aware I'm all over the map. I wouldn't be shocked if you've at long last given up chasing my urls. :-)

  7. I've always been pretty unplugged because I don't have a phone (which has been a a struggle because I WANT to fit in...). But last year for my birthday, my amazing big brother got me a tablet... And now I'm connected, you know?? Like I'm on Twitter and Pinterest and YouTube and I check WordPress EVERY day and my email like fifty times a day.

    Soooooo. Yes. The struggle has become real. ;)

    Now I try to "prove" to myself on a ROUTINE basis that I don't NEED my tablet. I'll go a whole day without checking email or a whole week without using my tablet at all or take a nice long hiatus from blogging over Christmas or summer break.

    All that to say - I agree! Our culture has this obsession with... I don't know, trying to capture the beauty and meaning of life in a tweet or a picture or a blog post???

    BUT IT DOESN'T WORK. Those things CAN'T be captured. Maybe that's what makes them so beautiful??? (Wow, this post made me contemplative!!!)

    Anyway. Thank you Ford a lovely post, Naomi!

    1. I SOOO RELATE TO THE 'proving' thing. Every day I need to do that!

      Thank you for the comment, Kayla!

  8. Wow. Just. Wow. This is so good. You hit the nail on the head. I've been struggling with this for a while now. I'm so obsessed with social media that I forget that I have a life I actually need to live. This post perefection dear Naomi. Thank you.

    1. I'm so glad this came on time and you liked this! Love to you. x

  9. YES.

    In every thing you said (even Pippa's wedding dress ;D) - YES! Gosh, it seems like every time I hop onto your blog now I have pearls of wisdom coming at me. ;)

    This is something I've definitely struggled with, especially when I was younger. Back then, I was going through some tough times and reading about other people's lives was amazing for me, because I could imagine that mine was like that too. But it wasn't. And then it just made it worse.
    Thankfully I've learnt a lesson since that period several years ago... and I've improved with the internet, though I know I've still got a fair bit more of improving to go. ;) I don't make it a priority to always comment on my friends' posts as soon as I can. My emails sit in the drafts folder longer than a week, which I never let happen before. My life doesn't start when I flick on the computer. My life starts when I hop off it. But I will also add that some things I read online also make me more passionate about LIVING, and those are the ones I like best.

    Also, I never got too caught up in posting things online, because I don't have any social media account of any sort. But I think sometimes I feel the need to tell my friends things that they don't NEED to hear. So I'll try to cut back on that too. (Honestly, I just need to cut back on talking so much altogether. :P)

    Also these pictures are gorgeous. Thanks. (for everything) <3

    ~Miss Meg

    1. YAY I'M GLAD YOU AGREE. :-)

      That's good. Neither do I. I used to hit reply in the course of five minutes and I'm seriously so happy I grew out of that cuz that's... obsessive. ;-P

      There's nothing bad with telling friend random stuff but yeah, it IS possible to go overboard! :-)

      You're welcoooome. Whatever you thanked me for!

  10. Thanks so much for writing/posting this Naomi. Very well said. x

    1. My pleasure and thank you so much, Hannah! <3

  11. This is so true!! Its obvious, or it should be, and yet no one sees it??? And it's really sad.
    We live in a generation of weak minded humans. We center our whole lives, minds, even hearts around social media and the internet and it's turning us to stone!
    How long will it be before a moment can't be special if it doesn't get so many likes on instagram. Life can't be good without x many followers. And happiness cannot be expressed without an imoji.
    How long?

    I'm actually not one to talk because I don't have any other social media thingys, but I have been thinking a lot about getting some. I'm really glad your post came when it did! At least if I end up getting an instagram or something I will know the dangers before I have to learn them the hard way.

    Naomi, I don't know how you do it, but when you post, I feel like you're talking to everyone. Your voice isn't directed at one group of people, it isn't restricted to one topic, it isn't afraid of differences.
    I think that's what I love the most about your blog. You are unique and colorful and joyful. You are smart and funny and sarcastic. You are lovin and wise and inclusive.
    You win people's hearts with one blog post and cause people to think, to smile, to laugh.
    You are comfortable in yourself and your voice and that makes everyone comfortable around YOU.
    I wasn't actually planning on this being praise Naomi time, but I guess now is as good a time as any.
    You need to know that you are wonderful. And what you haveto say needs said. So please. PLEASE Naomi, don't be afraid to say what you say and be who you are.
    Because no one else can be you, and WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT YOU, DEAR??!?!?!

    1. Glad you liked this post, Esther! It's true, Internet has become quite obsessive... although I'm sure there are still many people who don't prioritise it! I want to be one of those people. :-)

      You're so sweet STAAAHP IT. Honestly, those complements are way to much but thank you so much! You're a wonderful human being too. God has a purpose for your life that is unique to you which is pretty amazing! (And don't worry - I'm not afraid to voice my beliefs!)

  12. I love this post! Outernet is much better than the internet! I don't have an Instagram account and to be honest, I'm kind of afraid to get one because I don't want to become attached to it. That's kind of what happened to me with Pintrest. I knew I would spend a lot of time on Pintrest, so I delayed getting an account. I finally have an account, and now I'm trying to force myself not to spend so much time Pintrest.

    When I am overwhelmed with life, the first thing I give up is commenting on blogs. I love my blogging friends, and I love reading your posts whenever they pop into my email. Sometimes, though, the friends I see everyday come first in my life because of how much they mean to me. This is not exactly like the topic of not posting one's life on social media all the time but after reading your post, these were the thoughts that came into my head. :)

    P.S. I saw a picture of Pippa Middleton's dress yesterday, and it is so beautiful! I didn't even realize she got married until my mom mentioned it. :)

    1. I'm glad this struck a chord with you, Ekaterine!

      Yeah, same stopping to comment is a good place to start! And yeah, Pinterest can be bad. I used to spend way too much time on it too.


    2. Both Pippa's and Kate's wedding dresses were beautiful, but do you like one more than the other?

    3. Yeah, I actually prefer Pippas. (Although I love Kate's too duh.) What about you?

    4. I think I like Kate's a little bit more because I like a wedding dress with long sleeves, but they are both so beautiful! I also like how both dresses are pure white instead of a champagne color, which some wedding dresses have.

  13. Well said!!! *applauding* A beautifully written post, Naomi!!

  14. Yeah. Like you said, I think it's definitely a balance of both . . . Like, getting over-involved on the Internet is NEVER a good idea. I'm realizing that more and more, especially now that school is out, and I suddenly have so much free time and have to try and spend it wisely.

    And yet . . .if we didn't have Internet AT ALL, we wouldn't be friends right now, you and me. I would have no inkling you even existed. And I think my life would definitely be a duller and quieter place if you didn't exist. *virtual hug*

    1. So true. I've met some excellent people through blogging. I would also miss Naomi.

  15. Everything about this post - including Pippa's dress - preach it, girl.

  16. The beginning of this post was sooooo beautiful!! I mean the words you chose to use! Gahhh! So good. <3

    (And yes, I totally spend too much time on the internet and I totally need to do better at living "real life". Thanks for the reminder.)

  17. Wow. Just wow. I agree 100%, and it thrills me to see your openness and honesty on display for all. It's encouraging. It's wonderful, because we all need to hear this, again and again. I'm exactly the same- I have to keep on trying to get over the unnecessary 'stress' that the internet causes. Because you're right. Outernet > internet.


    PS: I looovvee your blog and I'm your newest follower.

    1. YOUR COMMENT MADE ME SO HAPPY. Welcome to my blog and thank you for reading! I'm so glad you agree. Internet is great but too much is too much. Good for you for knowing that. :-)

      Thanks for the follow, dear!

  18. You really hit the point. Exactly. In. The. Middle. :)
    My humour has developed very much lately (I think it's WORSE now, but who carez) and me and mom began laughing when we saw a random man, sitting in his car, ON HIS PHONE and waiting for his kids to get from school. (If your grey cells are working correctly you guessed it; we were at a school) Like, ALL people nowadays are living in their phones! If we'd told that to people who lived 50 or 60 years ago, I bet they wouldn't have believed it!
    Internet is good - IN A WAY - but I'm a bit mad at it spoiling many poeple's lives. Both physically and mentally.
    You people never guess how hard it can be when you simply can't use the net! I can check my email (and this blog :)) in the library once in a while, and that's it. Life gets a great deal tougher when phones and Wi-Fi are everywhere and you get sick because of them.
    I'm glad that Jesus is coming soon and can stop this misery because people obviously can't!
    Goodness me, I'm being pessimistic again. A thousand apologies.
    But I must say I'm very happy for not owning a phone, I don't have the same "phone"-problems as you have :)


  19. I relate so much to your love-hate relationship with Instagram. I've actually thought about deleting the app and using using the website whenever I want to check it, but I use the message feature to communicate with Heidi, so....yeah. I haven't yet.

    I HAVE tried really hard to not post very often, though. When I first got instagram I spent waaay to much time on it. Sometimes I still do, if I'm bored. BUT IT'S NOT A GOOD WAY TO CURE BOREDOM. It's such a waste of time. :P Thus I'm trying to not CHECK it very often, either. ;)

    So yes. I agree and relate and this post is fantastic. :)


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