My Summer so far

not my picture because i can't take pictures this aesthetically pleasing

{A paragraph or two on this Summer:}

Summers are always highly anticipated, yet they fly by like a dream. But they also seem long. Like, back when I was stressing out for final exams seems like another world. Still, the holidays have been like five minutes. (I've said 'like' twice already in the blog post. I am such a teenager.)Summer 2017 is not yet over, but the majority has passed and as you all know, the majority exceeds the minority, so I should have enough to blog about. So far it's been beautiful - more ups than downs - good conversations - the best friends a girl could ask for. I don't think I can remember a Summer in which I felt more excited about life; even though I'm an adult now and I'm going to be doing stuff that adults do which doesn't always seem like an exciting prospect.

Anyways, I'll do the list-y thing with favourites and events and bla de blah. Just a post. You'll get the drill. About my summer so far.

picture credit to my phone

{Things I did for the first time:}

- I flew a plane with a friend. And it's more fun than on your own, unless you have a very bad cold, in that case, it's more fun to be by yourself if it means you're without a cold. So: Travelling alone < Travelling with a friend, but Travelling alone without cold > Travelling with a friend with a cold. Although not if the friend is amazing and buys you stuff. Which was in my case. So: Travelling alone without cold < Travelling with a cold with a friend who is amazing and buys you stuff.

- I was in Scotland for 10 minutes. Amount of kilt-clad men spotted: 4. Amount of kilt-shops spotted: 2. Maybe 3. Can't recollect.

- I volunteered at a huge Christian Convention in the Lake District - a lot of rain but it was a great experience. SO many people who love Jesus, so many teens that want to know Him better and better... and so many Late Nights with 300 teens playing the most ridiculous games and singing the same songs over and over. (I must have sung 'Lion and the Lamb' 15 times in 5 days.) (Ok maybe not.) (But maybe.) (Still a nice song.)

- I went to the north of England, for said convention. Had never done it. Would 100% recommend the scenery and the mountains BUT PLEASE BE WISER THAN ME AND BRING A RAINCOAT. AND SOCKS. AND A SCARF. I know it's end July/beginning August, but DO IT.

- I volunteered at a mission centre in Belgium which was the best week of my holiday so far. Not to be dramatic, but I feel like meeting these people will have a long lasting impact on my life. When saying goodbye is hard and when despite Whatsapp groups you miss 'em, that means something. I only stayed there for 6 days but man, I made some real friendships there. And I learnt that working; doing the dishes, cleaning bathrooms - it can be so much fun if you're doing it with the right attitude and the right people. The people I met there taught me about true Christian fellowship, work ethic and just having fun basically. I MISS THEM FOLKS.

- I got slapped by an old lady while doing my job at an old people's home. It was funny.

- I READ LITTLE. (What am I becoming? A normal person?!)

- I did my driving theory test (today actually. heh. heh.) and guess which girl passed her exam? I don't know. T'wasn't me. Sadly enough. I shall have to try again. :-/ (But remember readers; failing exams doesn't define who you are whatsoever. If it does, you're conforming yourself to a world system that is false. Define yourself in eternal standards and the rest will seem like nonsense.)

{Movies I watched:}

The Princess Diaries 1 // I watched this with some friends at the centre I volunteered at and it was so much fun - totally understand why this it-has-alll-the-clichรฉs and it's-super-entertaining movie is such a beloved classic in so many households. It was fun.

Penelope // Me and my friend Bethany found an empty creche room at 9:30 and watched this movie. It finished at midnight and I was tired the following day but t'was worth it. Penelope is just as adorable as Olivia always said it was and I think she looks cute with the pigs nose and James McAvoy is adorable and he plays the pianooo.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas // I AM DEAD. No I'm not but this movie was stunning and terrible and just terrible all in one. Would highly recommend but you won't go to bed with a happy feeling, let me just warn you in advance. The music: 10/10. The actors 10/10. (That scene where the mom finds out about the reality of the concentration camp is so raw and well-acted, I got chills.) The ending: 0/10. But nothing like this ending shows how unreal and terrible the Holocaust was. Man alive, this story.

100 foot journey // Can I rewatch this? I LOVED THIS. It was filled with wit and humour and punchlines; but it had warmth and fuzzies and emotion in it too. It had beautiful scenery and adorable clothes (Marguerite's wardrobe and hair?! Is it not gorgeous or what?) but the best thing about it was, without doubt and without surprise, THE FOOD. It made me want to cook and it made me hungry. Beautiful movie.


Newsies Broadway // I HAVE NO WORDS. THIS MOVIE WAS EVERYTHING AND MORE. And I'm in love with all the Newsies simultaneously and I want to rewatch this and ugh I am so glad they filmed a Broadway production because it was 100% epic. Gah. I loved it so much. Santa Fe gave me chills and the 'For sure?' 'Fo sho' almost made me cry and Davey singing 'Now is the time to Seize the Day' made me so happy.
I watched this with Natalie, and we were texting each other like crazy. Obviously, the texts were those of priceless fangirling. Such as:

Natalie: The bag toss though
Me: I knowww 
Me: No!
Natalie: No!
Natalie: When you gotta hundred voices singing
Me: 100 voices > lousy whistle
Natalie: Hahaha!!
Natalie: I lost my shoe!
Me: I lost my shoe
Me: Aha
Me: Pulitzer don't own us
Me: This song is the best one
Natalie: The world will feel the fire
Natalie: LES
Me: Ohhhh les
Me: Ahhhhh angry jack
Natalie: JACK
Me: I love JACK
Me: Ahh
Natalie: I love Jack in all moods but angry Jack is so great
Me: Haha yes

... you get the drill. :-P (Believe me, during Santa Fe and the curtain roll at the end we were typing in full caps. :-P)

{A random list of stuff I'm thankful for:}

pink jumpers :: my bed :: friends :: books :: words :: star constelations :: wise words from wise friends and wise books :: Godfearing example around me :: role models :: senses of humours :: plans :: adjustments to plans that make plans better :: dreams that are like really interesting and have a message :: perseverance :: emails :: letters :: youth group :: dark nights and mornings :: colours :: yellow :: pink & burgandy :: grandparents :: Whatsapp group chats and all the inside jokes :: prayer groups :: stunning things in the world :: like mountains :: Jesus coming to die for us :: I've got nothing after that. ♡

{Songs I currently love:}

Would you be so kind by Dodie Clark // It's catchy and it's cute, so I like it.
Chopin Waltzes on the piano // they're all so twinkly and beautiful and I want to play them all.
You make me Smile by iforgotwho // I discovered this song through a fan video on Minnie and Alfie, haha.
Why don't we just dance by Josh Turner // Sorry but his voice can never fail.
Strength will rise as we wait on the Lord // a bit repetitive but I love this song.
6/10 by Dodie // the harmonies at the end are top-notch
Newsies Soundtrack // no words.

{other things:}

- The Help by Kathryn Stockett is JUST unbelievable. It's so beautifully written - the words crunch with life; they're so real; the whole book is so real it does something magical. It's witty, filled with good, likeable one-liners, the characters are so raw and honest and true, and the writing is so stunning it's no wonder I haven't touched my writing projects in months.

- This conversation on whatsapp:
Person: *sends picture of Sound of Music, a scene where the Nazi's enter Austria*
Person: I did Nazi that coming.
Me: Anne Frankley I did Nazi that good pun coming.
Person: don't.

- Every knee will bow before Him. ↑ Think about that.

- I love this emoji: ♡  

- And no I did not see the solar eclipse, but I wish I had because the pictures look so beautiful. Could you even see it in Europe though? Because only Americans are talking about it.

- This video. I laughed so hard, oh my gosh. What a 2-minute gem.

- It's actually been raining practically all August and end of July for me. But I don't mind.

- Do you like this minimalistic blog look? I'm trying again. :-P

definitely not me. definitely a random picture.

There you go. That was a bit about me and my life right now. I'm thankful and I'm so blessed. I feel like I've learnt so much this summer, I don't know what I have more to learn as I go to college! (Aside from academic stuff. :-P) I'm currently reading Revelation in the Bible, and I'm going through it very slowly because I don't want to just read and not learn anything from it's beauty and mystery. I've been so surprised with how relevant the themes are to today. Like when John gets told, 'I will show you what must take place after this' he sees a vision of everyone bowing before the throne in Heaven and just WORSHIPPING. And I read that and I realised that because no-one (no-one) on earth can worship enough due to the sin that separates us from Him, that once in heaven, where we will be made perfect, we MUST worship Him - after all, how will we not be able to! Before the throne in heaven, how can we not worship?

... just one of my many thoughts. I love musing about His Word.

Tell me 1 thing about your summer. And which newsie is your favourite. (If you've seen it.)



  1. I swam in my aunt's pool most of this summer. :D Jack is my favorite Newsie. Because reasons!


  2. Awwww...this post. <3

    My summer hasn't been the greatest because, y'know. :( But there have been oodles of little blessings throughout like visiting friends in Alberta and planning a Rather Perfect anniversary party for my parents and 'death by chocolate' ice cream and tons of good books...it's been a good summer, overall. Just not a GREAT one.

    Favorite newsie? It's been so long since I watched the movie or the Broadway show, but probably Crutchie. Or Spot. <3


    1. I'm so sorry your summer hasn't been that great; I just want to let you know that I'm still praying for you. xxx *hugs*

      Crutchie awww yes. <3

    2. Thanks for your prayers. <3

  3. I do like the new look, Naomi! It's so fresh and pretty.

    John Crist!!!

    1 thing about my summer: road trip to Mt.

    Favorite newsie: obviously, Jack.

    1. Thank you, Elanor!
      Mt Rushmore! :-) That's so cool!

  4. You summer sounds like a lot of fun! I need to make a post like this! I have so much to wrap up. Don't want summer to be over. The heart emoji is cute but I have never known how to use it or where to get it. LOL.

    1. Haha, same, I don't know how to get that heart emoji on my phone. I can get it on blogger, but I don't know about phone. :-)

  5. 1 thing about my summer: I was super lucky and read a BUNCH of 5-star books (5-star for me, that is ): The Chosen, All the Light We Cannot See, The King's Scrolls, The Scorpio Races, Fangirl, Summerlost. That almost never happens . . . it was lovely :-)

    (I also wrote 28116 words. I COUNTED.)

    Which Newsie is my favorite: DEFINITELY Tommy Bracco. Always Tommy Bracco. Nobody but Tommy Bracco. <3

    1. Wow, that's the best when you read one good book after the other.
      AND YOU WROTE SO MUCH GOOD FOR YOU. I so so wish I could say the same. :-)

      Tommmyyyyyy I LOVE Tommy Bracco so much tooo. :-)

  6. Oooooh new look! Pretty!

    I failed my driving test too! I'm off to try again in a couple of minutes actually.. Hopefully we both get it second time around!

    One thing about my Winter.. We're getting a new organ at Church so that's been interesting accompanying my conducting to Church to see it being installed :-D

    1. You got your driving test by now; now I only have to get it. ;-)

  7. One thing about my summer ... I went to Ireland.

    Which newsie ... JACK.

    1. You went to Ireland?! Oh wowww.
      Jack is a GOOD CHOICE. :-)

  8. Ooolala, what a spiffy new lay-out! Me likes it. :D

    (Also, these kinds of posts are my favourite. I have a thing for lists.)

    I'm honestly so exhausted by life right now. It's hard to enjoy it sometimes, because so much goes on. I just want to have those days when there isn't a care in the world and all I have to do is sit in the sun and read books till the sun goes down. Right now I feel like I'll never experience one of those days again. It's so tiring. I'm not sure when it will stop either.
    But. It sounds like everybody else is in the same boat! Including you... only you have a lot of interesting things to talk about! Helps keep my mind off all the hullabaloo when I can enjoy your entertaining words. :)

    Oh, I'm so sorry you didn't pass your driving theory test! I was close to getting one too many wrong on my test and it scared me silly. (Driving still scares me though. Ha.) I'm glad you're not feeling too sore about it, though! Keep at it - you'll be fine. <3

    The Princess Diaries!! I have only seen parts of them, and what I did see of them I thought they were very amusing. I wouldn't mind to see them again, definitely. :D

    Yup. Penelope is on da list.

    The Boy in the Striped Pajamas! I'm so curious about that... have you read the book? I don't actually know much about the story. Would you recommend it to me? (I AM writing a book about WW2 and I've done a lot of research and watched documentaries and read encyclopedias and read books about it, so I'm not frightened by how sobering it is, but still. Do you think I would like it?)

    The 100 Foot Journey is REALLY GOOD!

    I love your random list. <3

    I'd never actually heard of Dodie before... but those 2 songs are so cute!!!
    "Why Don't We Just Dance" is SSOOO GOOD!!! Wow. I love Josh Turner. (He's got SUCH a lovely voice! And he's also kinda really good looking. :P)

    THAT UBER CHRISTIAN VIDEO!! HAHAHAHA! THAT IS HILARIOUS. XD I've gotta show that to somebody! "Believe in predestination? No seatbelt required!" "Tempting situations like bars, night clubs and women jogging in yoga pants." " NO DANCING *Baptists only." HAHA. (Okay, I'll stop, or I'll end up quoting the whole darn video.)

    You've taken all the rain, clearly! We need rain so badly! We haven't had rain for so long, and the place is basically a drought. It's so dry. We've had to continually buy water to fill our tanks. And they aren't forecasting any decent rain for ages. It's been months since we've had proper rain...


    One thing about my... um... winter? Well... I went from 0% to 36% fluent in French. :D

    I haven't seen the movie, but going off everything else I HAVE seen/heard, I'd say either Jack or Davey. I LOVE THEM BOTH. <3 (Okay, but probably Jack.)

    1. Oh, Gabby I'm sorry your life is a busy storm of exhaustingness. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a long comment despite that! Don't feel like you must if you're too busy... :-) But thanks.

      Yes. :-)
      (Also this was the movie in the vid I sent you. You asked in the email. ;-))

      Why don't we just dance is sooo good

      Congratulations about the French!!!

    2. Okay, I'll put "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" on my list! Actually, speaking of books, guess which book I brought home from the library today, ready to read? :D (On your recommendation, of course!) "Celia Garth" by Gwen Bristow! :D I'm SO ready for a good book right now, so I'm pretty excited!! (Coincidentally, we're also up to that era in history.)

    3. Ohhh my!!! You're going to LOVE it! Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

  9. Very lovely post, dear! I love hearing about everyone's Summer.
    I believe the eclipse was only visible in North America... not the whole world or Europe. I am not an expert, of course. It sure was a big deal here, though. :)
    I do like a minimalist blog look, but not too minimal, you know. :)
    Great post!
    p.s. the newsies broadway is amaziiinnnnggg

    1. I know, t'was only visible in North America. :-)


      PS YESSS.

  10. okay there are so many things I want to say about this. lol.

    I'm glad you're having a lovely summer!
    I also watched The Princess Diaries recently (although it was a rewatch for me.) but I've been putting off watching The Boy With The Striped Pajamas because its so freaking sad. (so I've heard.)
    Also, you're reading a book on Revelation?! I am interested. That's such a wild book and so many people have misconceptions about it, so I'm glad you're taking time to actually study it and not let fear get in the way of that. it really is a beautiful book. I hope you learn a lot!

    1. Yes, the Boy in the striped Pyjamas IS VERY SAD. To say it's sad is an understatement. :-)

      Well, Revelation is the only book of the Bible that says 'blessed are those who read this book'! :-), so I think it's important to read it, even though it is VERY confusing and mysterious - and yes, sooo easy to misinterpret. I hope I learn a lot, too. :-)

  11. Naomiiiiii!!!!!

    ♥ I loved this posted! It was so cute and HAPPY!!! ♥

    I'm sorry you caught a cold, those aren't any fun :( It sounds like you had a really great trip, though!

    Great movie choices, I've either seen those or they're already on my watch-list. "The Hundred-Foot Journey" is definitely being added! Okay, this is going to shock you, you might want to sit down, what is it with "Newsies"???!!! All of you wonderful blogging friends are forever discussing, praising, loving, and positively melting over this, what is it really (and how have I never seen it?!)

    Lovely songs, too, my dear. Yes, Josh Turner's voice, just...something.

    You're enjoying The Help? I had an opportunity to pick it up for almost nothing at a used bookstore last week but I hesitated and didn't. Now I wish I had!!

    Oh that's right, I sometimes forget that Naomi lives in Europe, silly me. Don't feel too badly, I couldn't see the eclipse either. Maybe next time :)

    Absolutely, positively LOVELY post, Naomi! Thank you for the smiles! *hugs*


    1. Thank you, Emma!

      Haha, I TOTALLY understand you - at first I had NO idea what this Newsies was either; and everyone in the blogging world was always mooning about it! It's a musical (and the songs are AMAZING) and it's about these newsboys who aren't treated right and go on a strike together. Their comradery is beautiful and they're all very cute and the Broadway version of Newsies has a big fanbase because of that, myself included. (The behind the scenes videos of Newsies on Broadway are the best.) I've actually never seen the movie, I'm more a fan of the Broadway show, which is beautiful. :-)

      The Help is soooo good. (a bit too much swearing, but totally would recommend aside from that!!)

      Thank you for the comment!

  12. I liked your old blog look but this is nice too. My blog has the same theme so I do approve :)
    It's winter turning into spring here so I'll tell you some things about that.
    -having 3 cups of my favourite tea in one day because it's cold and I love that tea
    -breathing in all that spring air with the scent of blossoms and grass on the breeze
    -listening to owl city music and dancing in secret
    -reading The Help and not being able to put it down because it's written so great( I love the Minny and Celia parts the best)
    -messaging you on Goodreads and loving your reply! Thanks and I hope to chat more in the future
    one other thing: I loved what you said about doing chores with the right attitude and the right people

  13. Summer went by way too fast. But, as usual, so much happened and the beginning of summer seems so long ago. Why is it thus??

    Ahhh your summer sounds like it was so fulfilling and fun and full of lovely people and experiences. (Slapped by an old lady?? I need the story behind that. :P)

    Amen about what you said about test-failing. I failed my first driving test, too. <3

    PRINCESS DIARIES IS SO FUN. Have you seen the second one, too? It's even better than the first because then she's in the castle and there's a secret passage and hilarious maids. You should watch it.

    Watching Newsies with you was THE BEST. <3

    Hahaha, I loved the UberChristian video, too.

    This post was lovely. <3

  14. I'm so behind on your blog and I need to comment on all the posts but not rn *cries*

    ANYWAY YOU WATCHED PENELOPE AND NEWSIES AND 100-FOOT JOURNEY AND PRINCESS DIARIES. YAAAAASSSSS. (I think my favorite newsie is either Jack or Davey or Race or I don't know how. BUT YEAH I LOVE THOSE THREE A LOT.)

    This post makes me happy. :) I hope your fall has been going really well so far! Love you, friend, mwah. <3

    *Olivia out*


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