The Little Things ❤

::: Hazelnut Milk Chocolate ::: Misty mornings ::: Horses in fields in misty mornings ::: Red sunsets casting a spell over an already magical field in a misty morning ::: The Palace in Brussels ::: Olly Murs songs ::: Michael Buble songs are better though ::: When you catch an earlier train ::: having a nice conversation with a stranger on the train (she was Finnish. explains it. Belgians wouldn't dream of having a nice conversation with a stranger.) ::: Babies giving you high fives ::: this good post ::: and also this good post ::: the moon in the early morning ::: the dark blue and purple sky in the morning ::: leaves ::: killing a mosquito (MWUHAHA) ::: Spying on strangers in railway stations ::: There was a man yesterday that looked like Avi Kaplan ::: And two best friends with dreadlocks talking about teen pregnancy rates in different countries ::: making plans for an exciting weekend ::: Scrapping off things on a to-do list (it's so so satisfying) ::: White goats ::: John. I mean the book of the Bible. Not just a random dude called John. ::: SMILES ::: kindness. there is truly nothing so beautiful ::: John Crist's instagram stories. If you're on insta, you should follow him just for his stories. that man is a comedy genius. ::: This was another 10 minute blog post ::: (The sunset in the picture above was my view from my window a few days ago. Gah.) :::


let's see if I can write this in ten minutes

... this is a very short, quick blog post I am writing before hopping on a bike to hop on a train to go to college. Also this is a blog post I should not be writing as I have a to-do list the length of the Nile. (Is the Nile long? See, I should know this if I'm going to be a primary school teacher.) Also this is a blog post to let readers know that I'm alive albeit busy. I miss blogging and this kind of blog post only takes like, ten minutes to write... right? right? (I guess I'll see because I'm writing it. ;-P)

So currently, for all those who are (and for those who aren't) interested, I am...

Reading - Schoolbooks do NOT count but they're pretty much all my literature at present. The only non-schoolbook I read is the Bible. (And I also have Radical by Platt under my bed which looks amazing, but I haven't even touched it yet.)

Singing - Anything because my voice was gone and now it is found again. #theprodigalvoice? (OK, but mainly Micheal Buble songs.)

Listening - To Michael Buble songs. All day every day. His songs are my jam and he's just the best singer in the world okay no buts. I WILL NEVER TIRE OF HIM. And yes, I listened to his Christmas songs the other day. K don't judge. (My new favourite Buble song is his version with Elvis Presley of Fever. IT IS EVERYTHING SMOOTH AND SNAPPY.)

I'm also listening to teachers giving lessons. Oh yes.

Walking - Around in Brussels to get to said teachers who give said lessons. (By the way, YESTERDAY THE KING DROVE PAST ME. The actual king of Belgium.)

Running - No no no I don't do running. (Unless I see there's a train waiting and I need to get on it and I'm not on it yet. Then I run.)

Laughing - With my siblings and because of funny whatsapp group messages. (Me: "The king drove past me today!" Someone else on a group chat: "Oh I'm sorry. Didn't see you. Would've waved.")

Smiling - Because of that sunset yesterday. IT WAS SO PINK. Sunsets always remind me again and again of who is and always will be the best artist in the world.

Praying - For the world and all it's tribulations. For the victims of Las Vegas shootings, for persecuted Christians.

Accepting - That I ain't got no time to watch movies and read books and write books. One must accept things when one wants to get a degree. (Do I even want this degree? :-P) (Yes, I do want it but I do miss my free times.)

Looking forward to - Youth group this evening; and going to Germany for the weekend next weekend with some friends it's going to be so much fun I'd BETTER not have too much homework. *eyes homework* DON'T YOU DARE COME WITH ME TO GERMANY.

Learning - Over and over again, every day - that without God as a friend I am ultimately alone. Learning also that He is Great and Merciful. These are lessons we can always relearn.

Writing - School stuff. And this blog post. #socrazyright

Finishing - This blog post. Bam. END.