let's see if I can write this in ten minutes

... this is a very short, quick blog post I am writing before hopping on a bike to hop on a train to go to college. Also this is a blog post I should not be writing as I have a to-do list the length of the Nile. (Is the Nile long? See, I should know this if I'm going to be a primary school teacher.) Also this is a blog post to let readers know that I'm alive albeit busy. I miss blogging and this kind of blog post only takes like, ten minutes to write... right? right? (I guess I'll see because I'm writing it. ;-P)

So currently, for all those who are (and for those who aren't) interested, I am...

Reading - Schoolbooks do NOT count but they're pretty much all my literature at present. The only non-schoolbook I read is the Bible. (And I also have Radical by Platt under my bed which looks amazing, but I haven't even touched it yet.)

Singing - Anything because my voice was gone and now it is found again. #theprodigalvoice? (OK, but mainly Micheal Buble songs.)

Listening - To Michael Buble songs. All day every day. His songs are my jam and he's just the best singer in the world okay no buts. I WILL NEVER TIRE OF HIM. And yes, I listened to his Christmas songs the other day. K don't judge. (My new favourite Buble song is his version with Elvis Presley of Fever. IT IS EVERYTHING SMOOTH AND SNAPPY.)

I'm also listening to teachers giving lessons. Oh yes.

Walking - Around in Brussels to get to said teachers who give said lessons. (By the way, YESTERDAY THE KING DROVE PAST ME. The actual king of Belgium.)

Running - No no no I don't do running. (Unless I see there's a train waiting and I need to get on it and I'm not on it yet. Then I run.)

Laughing - With my siblings and because of funny whatsapp group messages. (Me: "The king drove past me today!" Someone else on a group chat: "Oh I'm sorry. Didn't see you. Would've waved.")

Smiling - Because of that sunset yesterday. IT WAS SO PINK. Sunsets always remind me again and again of who is and always will be the best artist in the world.

Praying - For the world and all it's tribulations. For the victims of Las Vegas shootings, for persecuted Christians.

Accepting - That I ain't got no time to watch movies and read books and write books. One must accept things when one wants to get a degree. (Do I even want this degree? :-P) (Yes, I do want it but I do miss my free times.)

Looking forward to - Youth group this evening; and going to Germany for the weekend next weekend with some friends it's going to be so much fun I'd BETTER not have too much homework. *eyes homework* DON'T YOU DARE COME WITH ME TO GERMANY.

Learning - Over and over again, every day - that without God as a friend I am ultimately alone. Learning also that He is Great and Merciful. These are lessons we can always relearn.

Writing - School stuff. And this blog post. #socrazyright

Finishing - This blog post. Bam. END.


  1. I say. Jolly good post!
    I love the short and snappy ones. They can really hit the spot sometimes. (And I can assure you the Nile is quite long, indeed!)
    The king drove past you! Imagine that! That's never happened to ME before. :P He must fancy you more. (Considering the fact that you live closer to him than I)
    So you are to be a teacher, is it? That is a great choice in career, if you ask me. Forgive me not knowing much of the Belgian school system, but what age is Primary? Are they the youngest?
    Anyways, thank you for the updated post! I wish you all the best with your studies.

  2. Well, I think I can read this and comment in 10 minutes. :D (I'm suuuper busy too - but a lot less stressful busy than yours, I'm sure. It's an exciting/anticipating kind of busy!)

    YES MICHAEL BUBLE IS AMAZING!!!! His Christmas album is my favourite Christmas album. <3 And I LOOOVE so many of his other songs. (Especially "I Just Haven't Met You Yet". :D)

    We have had some absolutely gorgeous sunsets here lately (maybe because of the hot weather...) and it makes me hold my breath in awe. I cannot WAIT to go to the beach and hopefully stay there till sunset next week. (I'm SO PUMPED for our short, exciting holiday!!!)

    Oh, and yeah, the king drove past you the other day. No big deal.

  3. Aw I love this! The fact you did a '10 minute' blog post is inspiring me to blog again... ;)

  4. Run and catch that train Naomi! (Whoever said that about the king is pretty sharp. That's funnier than my response.)

  5. School reading. I know the feeling . . . *insert long sigh*

    The King of Belgium??? WHAT.

  6. HEY! I ride a train to school too! People always think it's so odd. Running to catch a train before it leaves is to relatable!! School is taking up lots of my time as well.

  7. I MISS OOOOOOOOOO . . . But I so understand, girl. You go and rock getting that degree and we'll all be happy whenever you can find the time to get little bits of blogging in -- heaven knows, I'm not even as busy as you (only going to college part-time, dontcha know) and I'm STILL not back to a regular blogging schedule . . . *sigh* ANYWAY.

  8. Really enjoyed this post, 'cause I'm in the same place (down to the same degree...). It is so true that you just have to accept that reading outside of school and the Bible just isn't happening. And I love Michael Buble.

  9. Michael Buble! <3

    I miss your posts, OF COURSE, but I'm excited for you and your new college adventures. <3 I hope it's all going super well. And that the homework stays farrr from you. Have fun in Germany!!!


  10. I honestly should do this. It looks so fun and fairly easy and wow ten minutes for a blog post that leaves me feeling happy and nostalgic at the same time NAOI STAHP IT YOU'RE HURTING MY HEAR WITH ALL YOUR AMAZING POSTS


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