wait what, I'm 19?

{things I learnt when I was 18}

I learnt that it's worth being tired if it means you get life-long memories
I learnt that it's not worth being tired if not
I learnt how to properly pluck my eyebrows so they look good
I learnt that the Bible is one big unified storyline about Jesus
I learnt how to sing a solo without feeling nervous
I learnt how to pray aloud for a group of people
I learnt that polaroid pictures are worth the money
I learnt that it's impossible for me to make close friends if we don't have Jesus as our mutual friend
I learnt that I can spend a month without Pinterest
I learnt that it is possible for me to read twenty-nine books in a year. Only. Twenty. Nine. (*cries*)
I learnt that God is too loving for us to even come close to understanding
I learnt that instagram was fun till it became an idol.
I learnt that deleting the instagram app isn't that big of a deal + I can survive perfectly well without it.
I learnt that writing down prayers brings me closer to God
I learnt that there a lot of stupid people in the world
I learnt that God loves all those stupid people
I learnt that my homeschooling life was not stressful next to my college life
I learnt that it's always a good time with good friends, no matter what you're doing
I learnt that my mum is the best encourager for me in my studies
I learnt that I LOVE to encourage people
I learnt that I have become one of those bloggers that rarely posts because of a busy schedule
I learnt a lot of things because this has been a truly blessed year.

Now I'm nineteen and I can't believe being eighteen is over already. There were ups and downs and laughs and tears and in the end, there was always God's love, there whether or not I always trusted or took complete hold of it. In the end, I have a solid rock to lean upon. My age is going up faster than I want sometimes - the people and the life around me are always slowly changing. But there is always a foundation in my life. I'm God's daughter and that will never change. I pray that we can all share that foundation.

Oh, Happy National Hugging Day :-)
*virtual hug*


  1. This is a lovely post and I think you learnt some very wise lessons.x

  2. These lessons learned are great. I am really excited that you have shared these. Happy birthday! And I shall send you some virtual birthday hugs!

    Simply Me

  3. Happy birthday!! *Virtual hug back*


  4. HAPPY BIRFDAY. <333

    (P.S. Also, is that you?!?! The last picture?!)

    1. Thank youuuu ❤

      Nope, that's a shot from a movie. I'm afraid I ain't got no dress like that ☺

  5. Happy birthday!!! *lots of hugs*

  6. AWW happy birthday girlie <3333

    I love the list of things you learned this year

  7. Happy birthday, dear Naomi <3 You're an inspiration to me, and you always will be.

    *sends virtual hugs* *also chocolate*

    Have a wonderful year being 19!!!

  8. Still can't believe you are n.i.n.e.t.e.e.n. Gee, you're gettin' OLD, girl. Or should I say woman. :P

    Yay! I love it when people say what they learnt. Wow, you learnt to sing a solo without gettin' nervous?! I need to learn that!

    Haha. Well I was happy with myself that I read 14 books last year. :P (Mind you, those were all novels/biographies. I did read many other books on theology etc.)

    I love that final picture at the end. *dreamy sigh*

    Also, if I could, I would scoop you up into a giant hug right now.

  9. NAOOOOOMI! How do you write like this? Just how? This post was SO beautiful! And that last paragraph...just wow. "There were ups and downs and laughs and tears and in the end, there was always God's love, there whether or not I always trusted or took complete hold of it. In the end, I have a solid rock to lean upon." AMEN! Thank you for this. *hugs*

    Only 29 books?!! The world must be coming to an end!!! Haha. ;D *gives you a sympathetic hug* If it's any consolation, I only read 20 books this year and that was like A LOT for me!! ;)

    Oh goodness, I almost forgot to say Happy Birthday!!! (I'm such a scatterbrain.) HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NAOMI!! Sorry I'm a day late. I was thinking of your birthday earlier in the week, but then, wouldn't you know it? It totally slipped my mind the day of. I hope you had an awesome day!! Love you! <3

  10. AGH! I remember reading this blog back when you were sixteen going on seventeen. It seems like yesterday. Age really does creep up on a body. (This makes me sound like an old lady. I am not an old lady, but I still say old ladyish things from time to time.) Happy birthday Naomi! Thank you for bringing me so much happiness through your blog, I will always appreciate it. :)

  11. Loved reading this. Happy Birthday! :)
    *virtual hug back*

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (i'm turning nineteen too this year, and that is a terrifying thought)


  13. Happy Birthday! Wow! 19!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful and eventful year! I think it's great you deleted the Instagram app. I haven't gotten Instagram because I don't want to become attached to it. I think I do have a problem with Pinterest, though. How did you spend a month without Pinterest? I would love to know because I want to become less connected to it.

    1. Thank you! :-)

      Well, for me it was just that one day I just suddenly realised how pointless it was. Like, you can survive without these pictures. It's not that big of a deal. :-) So I made a rule to only go to pinterest if I needed pictures for a blog post. :-)

    2. I like how you looked at the situation very clearly and simply. Pinterest only has pictures, so I should be able to live without it. I like that thought! :-)

  14. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, NAOMI!!!! I hope your birthday was lovely! <333

    btw I just came across your blog and I LOVE it! You've got yourself a new follower :)

    - Maddy | littlebitofsunshineweb.blogspot.com

  15. Happy, happy birthday, Naomi! Wow! What great lessons. <3 I pray this next year is filled with many more blessings and graces. *hugs*

  16. Love you, girl!! I hope 19 is amazing for you. *hugs back*


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