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Yesterday I procrastinated for ages reading my 'old' journals. (But 'old' I mean the-past-two-years-old. Older than that is way too depressing to read.) The funny thing was, I was inspired by my own writing. I love getting inspired by my own writing. Sometimes I was like 'OH YEAH THIS IS MY FEELING EXACTLY' (like of course. it's me writing) and sometimes it was like 'wowww, God has helped me in this so much' and sometimes it was like 'dude girl no. Stop it.' and sometimes it was like 'wow, nothing has changed, I wish more had changed since then and now.'

So basically this is me writing to myself, with a plea to myself. NAOMI. WRITE MORE. JOURNAL MORE. Because reading it back is good. Because writing thoughts and feelings down is therapeutic. And because writing down makes you mature in thoughts. And because you know that writing is your way to feel close to Jesus. So do it! Please. I know you're busy. I know it's more relaxing to watch documentaries about people designing tiny houses (so. much. fun. to. watch. LOL.) and I know that writing sometimes feels like a chore. BUT. GET BACK INTO DOING IT. Please. Thx.

(I really need and want to get back to journalling consistently.) (And I also want to reread the Bible.) (Let's do it, Naomi.)

PS: Some random recommendations because why not. :-D

THE BIBLE PROJECT PODCAST: Ahh, I'm listening to one right now (it's a 'justice'-themed Q & R and they're so good at answering all these big questions. And they are so nice. It's so nice to hear kind people talk haha.) Basically these guys always rock it. They always give me a new perspective on the Bible and themes and books. I haven't listened to that many so far, but the ones I've listened to have been very good.

"Maybe this isn't your creative highpoint (and that's okay)" by Amy --- this blog post was just what I wanted + needed to hear.

Katie Gregoire's wedding gown 😍 (I can't wait for the wedding video.)


  1. O_O I am astounded at the artistic and creative flare that's springing out of those pages! My journals are literally just... writing. :P Wow.

    I agree with Naomi. You really should write in your journal more, Naomi! ;) (I write every day. I could write 5 pages everyday and still not write enough. I hold back so much, otherwise I'd need 5 journals a year. I don't have enough money for that. :P)

    Oh, cool! I've heard you mention the Bible Project before! I've not listened to any... I've bookmarked it. (I've got way too many bookmarks. But I AM making slow headway on them.) There are a few podcasts sites that I've used and enjoyed:
    1. Andrew Farley. https://andrewfarley.org/ He's very life-giving and totally focused on Jesus, which I LOVE! Some people would consider him controversial, but I agree with pretty much everything he says. (However, I haven't listened to all his podcasts. Not even close. There are SSSOOO many.)
    2. Wayne Jacobsen. One of my favourite authors/speakers. http://www.thegodjourney.com/ He rambles a lot, so only if you've got the time. :P But his books are amazing!
    3. Emily Freeman. http://emilypfreeman.com/podcast/ She's a breath of fresh air - a friendly little reminder in your ear, that this is YOUR life, and you do have a lot of control over the decisions you make. Very helpful, peaceful and inspiring.

    I wish I had more time to listen to other podcasts! I'm currently listening to "To Live is Christ" by Matt Chandler on a podcast, on my MP3 player. That's interesting, too!


  2. AHHHH I WISH I COULD DRAW AT ALL, let alone in my journals. All the jealous.

  3. Your journals are so pretty, Naomi!! I love all of the colorful doodles. <3

    I really need back into the habit of journaling consistently, too (not that I've ever been the best at doing it regularly, anyways!). Like you said, I find it so therapeutic to write down my thoughts and feelings, and it can be so neat to go back later on and read my old entries. :)

  4. *ahem* I tagged in a Liebster award on my blog, and you don't have to do it if you don't want to, but one of the rules is to notify the person of your having tagged them, so...that's what I'm doing. But don't feel pressured!

  5. LOVE <3 Also, are those your journals? SOO pretty!!

  6. Here's a random note of congratulations on writing over 500 posts on this blog! Great going, girl! I'm here for the next 500. :)
    Keep writing!


    Love this. :)


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