summer, plz come quickly

“Never pass up new experiences, They enrich the mind." 
- Rhett Butler

(I don't know why I pasted this quote here. I just like it.)

As of late, I have been looking forward to the summer with every inch of my being. K, maybe that sounds somewhat excessive, but I really wanted to write 'inch of my being' because it's sounds so cool. I want to wear my old trusty flip-flops again, and I want my face to feel bare again without sunglasses on them. I can't wait for water fights and summer sweat and watermelons and obligatory daily doses of ice cream. I long for a no-college-work schedule and for summer trips and warm night air and hopefully a lot of laughing.

Summer, I am READY my friend. I have never been more ready for you.

Although right now it's good too. It's spring and the weather is delightfully unpredictable and the trees are pink with blossom and there are still left over chocolate eggs. But there is a sense of 'biting through the sour apple' (and the Dutch saying goes) till the 15th of June, when my term officially ends. I will work hard and then I shall have my summer as a reward. May the time fly. (But also, may I enjoy my April and my May and my June because those are also good months. Albeit college-filled. But we must not underestimate the power of the ordinary.)

Back to summer tho. The day before yesterday I booked a flight to Ireland for in September and YIKES I LOVE booking flights.

i also love ↴

- That long email this girl sent me yesterday. Can I just say friend, I enjoyed every word of it? I woke up and read it twice. Twas a great way to start this day. (So thanks :-D)

- Planning out mah summer, okay I know, I know, you get the point - it's April and I have my summer planned out. I know I'm weird. Shush.

- Reading through old comments on old blog posts. To all my commenters, sincerely, you make me smile and you make me laugh. 

- Coming home from the swimming pool (ew) and eating cheese on toast while watching the Little House on the Prairie episode when that old lady pretends she's dead so she can see her family again because they only ever come to funerals. The nostalgia of Little House. gah.

- John 1. "He who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me" << That line is so much.

- Video calling Emma and yo twas the best to talk with you.

- Sunshine and strawberries and my new green plaid shirt I bought for 4£ at the charity shop in England a week ago.

- Twinsauce on youtube, Cliff Richards songs (especially 'Summer holiday') (do you sense a theme in this post? :-P), 'how we fell in love' stories scattered around in the blogosphere, Eve's Daughters by Lynn Austin, Downton Abbey season 3, and and I can't think of anything else because I don't have time to consume much entertainment. I really shouldn't have been able to make this much of a list. :-P

- Last week I went to England with the family, and there was a grand old swell family gathering in the honour of my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary and it was grand and swell and all the fuzzies. (I don't know what that description was but it kinda fits.) Me and my brother Benjamin sang a song for the grandparents. It was 'Putting on the Ritz' but then with the words changed of course. It was fun.

- Now I gotta go. Eons of work to do. Good to pop back with a blog post though; and tomorrow comes my favourite chapter of my novelette! See you then...

“The best memories are sand between toes, pizza between teeth, hands between pages and through it all; a life focused on Jesus." 
- Me


  1. IRELAND?? #sojealous -- you must share many pics XD

    I love the feel of this post (and ahhh Little House. just, yes) <33

    1. I might! :)

      Thanks for commenting, dearie<3

  2. Awww! Loved this post!! <3 <3

    I can't wait till Summer either...or rather Spring. We've been flipping between Spring in Winter for the past couple weeks and I'm SO ready for some consistent warmer weather (though not HOT weather yet, I'm okay with it not being HOT for a little while yet. ;))

    I remember that Little House on the Prairie episode! :)

    And that quote at the end...was that "Me" you? BECAUSE THAT'S AN AWESOME QUOTE!! Yup. That pretty much sums it up, girl! ;D

    1. Haha yeah I quickly made that 'quote' up. :-P

  3. Oh wait! There was one more thing I wanted to say!

    The next chapter of your story. YAY! So glad it's coming out tomorrow because...I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!! I can't wait to meet the new character that you've hinted about. Your story is awesome, Naomi!! Thanks for sharing it with us. <3

    1. Ahh thank you for your excitement! It's up now :)

  4. IRELAND?? NO WAY!! how awesome!!
    i liked that little house episode!
    okay but i feel you! i've been aching for summer SO MUCH recently. i'm just ready for school stress to be over, and just to be able to breathe again. can't wait!

    1. Yes, I'm going for a few days, to visit my aunt.

      It'll be there before we know it!

  5. IRELAND?? You must make a whole post on that trip! What's wrong with a swimming pool? The pic with pizza. #yes

  6. Ahhh, yay, another postttt! ;D

    Wait, wait... Ireland?! Cool! (My first thoughts are the movie "Leap Year", haha.) Gee, I'm jealous. I'd like to go somewhere and know the feeling of booking flights. :P

    That 1 John quote... does mah head in.

    Oh, video calling! I'd love to try that sometime! I wonder how choppy it would be?

    There isn't a recording of you and Benjamin singing "Putting on the Ritz" is there?! 'Cause I really wish I could have been there. :D

    Judging by the last line, I think you should drop college and become a professional quotesman. (Quoteswoman?)

    1. count me in for Video calling too!! :D

  7. Will be back to comment more in a bit! Just practising some organ music :D

  8. "it's April and I have my summer planned out." -- This made me laugh because I plan SO far in advance for things. Example: I also have an aunt in Ireland who I'm making plans to visit... in June 2019. And I'm already spending much time that should be spent in homework on looking up Irish rail, planning excursions and etc. :P


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