A Week of Enrichment

Important things I learnt this past week 
(staying/volunteering at OM Belgium/mission centre):

- Never prejudge people. Never assume someone is trouble-less.

- Our brains are inhabited by lies. Not all lies, which it makes it hard to find them tangled in the truth. For me at first this week, being around so many people, I just had this voice tell me I was annoying to be around. This turns to self consciousness and that turns into feeling trapped inside of yourself which ain't a feeling you'll be wanting. I also spoke to some people this week that spoke - beautifully honestly - how they see themselves and it broke my heart to realize that some people believe lies so keenly it becomes a reality.

- Humility is the key to a beautiful character. So yes, check yourself and your pride. But take action instead of over-analyzing everything you say/do and feeling stupid. Don't be a Mrs Elton, be a Mr Knightley - use wit to be gracious and uplifting. Use speech to be loving. Use physical touch for others not for yourself. Act what you believe. And then be grounded in that and love yourself for that.

- I learnt something about truth telling. Be careful what you say to people, yes, and also how you say it. An exaggeration is a lie, an excuse is a lie, gossiping is a form of lie and a lie is powerful in the worst sense, no matter how small. May your compliments be genuine, your laughter be real and your advice be sincere. You don't have to be boring to be clothed with humility.

- God never fails and breaks promises. I honestly think we sometimes see God as like just a really good human. He is GOD and He nEVER fails. 

-  Magnet illusion: When we're far from God we're not drawn to Him, we're distanced from Him and don't see our faults. When we get closer to God, He becomes more and more attractive.

- If you have no hope - are broken with sadness - let other people hope on your behalf. If you have a lot of hope, hope for other people who can't find hope.

Other less-important-but-still-shareable things I learnt this past week:

- MUSIC IN CARS IS THE BEST. Blasting the dramatic epicness that is Bohemian Rhapsody is especially uh, epic. Also, 'no excuses' by Meghan Trainor is fun fun fun.

- Michael Buble while washing dishes is equally amazeballs

- EMMA 2009 is such a good good miniseries ahhh. And friends who are just as excited as you to watch it are even better. The "Ship Court" gets me every time. The "if I loved you less I might talk about it more" GETS ME MORE THO. ahhhh. Mr Knightley! *heart-eye-emoji*

- When there's a healthy, solid, Thai-meal of 14 euros and an unhealthy cardboard box with frites for 2 euros, you opt for the unhealthy cardboard box with frites for 2 euros.

- Not everyone will get your puns, but that's ok. The oxygen in the air appreciates the unnoticed ones.

-Don't bring a novel to a mission centre; there's too many ppl to talk with to have time to properly read anything that isn't the Bible.

- Oh mah Lanta, Jimmeny Cricket, Jeepers Creepers, Booger Wooger are good alternatives to cuss words.

- As are 'sink meh' and 'odd's fish m'dear' and 'bally bally botherations' but we knew that already. :-)

- TALK TO STRANGERS. It makes trips extra memorable and it makes people happy and it's sometimes dang hilarious. We saw a man wearing a shirt that said 'I am not that guy' and I got dared to ask him 'Are you the guy with the shirt?' but I'm an unsociable Belgian so I passed the dare on to someone else and he went over, super chill and asked the man 'Are you the guy with the shirt?' and the man laughed and said 'No, I'm not that guy' and then we shouted from the other side of the street, 'Yes, you ARE that guy!' and it was hilarious. :)

- Sweet Carolina is a fun song.

- HARRY STYLES IS MY BOO :-P #secretisout #pizzaistillloveyou

- Oh and PS guys, they're making a Downton Abbey movie!!!

- France is, as I predicted, better than Belgium at football. 

I hope you all know this one thing:
  Righteousness comes from God


  1. I love the photos, they have you in them! Sink meh, fries ALL the way!
    Is Sweet Carolina like Sweet Caroline? Harry Styles!? I can't even. Niall Horan is so much better.
    Thanks for being you,

    1. Thanks! :)
      Harry Styles is my fave but I agree Niall is a close second. :-D

  2. I'm glad you had such a wonderful and enriching time! <3 Love your photos!

    (Harry Styles is cute, I agree ;-) And he ain't a bad singer/songwriter either. I'm very fond of "Sign of the Times" in particular.)

  3. Great post! I especially enjoyed seeing the pictures. <3 :D

  4. HARRY STYLES YES. That is all. Also these pictures are beautifullllll

  5. Also gosh I'm late to comment, life's been hectic!


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