How are you doing?

Me to myself: Why do people write intros?
Myself to Me: Write an intro
Me to myself: Like, readers aren't stupid they'll figure out IMMEDIATELY what the blog post is on about
Myself to Me: Write an intro; it's weird if you don't wr -

Right now immensely drowsy because of 1) tiredness 2) heat. It is summer in full blast. I am not complaining but man alive it's hot. Also I'm feeling kind of disappointed at my unproductiveness today. Thus it feels good to write a blog post. A blog post is a good cure for feeling unproductive. (haha.)
I am also feeling undeservedly blessed. <3

So for some reason or the other not that many movies, but yesterday evening (till way too late) (so drowsy right now and I know I only am to blame) I watched (for the very first time) the TITANIC. (One of those movies one feels one must write in caps in order to do it justice.) The unrealistic, dramatic, overdone romance... the agonizing tragedy and death of the worst fail in history. I was gripped. fascinated. To anyone old enough to view with discretion, I recommend it.

(As anyone, I crushed on Jack. And also on the sailor acted by Ioan Gruffudd, the one who heard Rose's whistle and saved her aboard. Why is no-one else talking about that dude?)

About the grey, easy-to-get-into area between legalism and deciding what your own convictions are about the 'little things' within faith. It's so easy to snap into a 'rules' mode, where faith becomes a disgusting rule based thing. It's hard sometimes to be keenly aware that Jesus means freedom and that we react on freedom by obeying to His word. It all stems out of freedom and Jesus should always be first. Like, always. And man, when we start heated debates about whether or not we should show our shoulders or whether or not couples can kiss before marriage we are jabbering on about stuff that should never be this central in our faith. Yes, we should think about where we stand. But we must always know one thing; that everything we do must reflect Jesus and love and the freedom and holiness we get from Him. That is where it starts. But still yes, tricky, so tricky.
So yeah... A LOT of thinking about that and all the sub-topics that stem from subjects such as that. Sometimes it makes me kinda moody haha. But thinking is good. :-)

Also a lot of thinking about being productive. Because the more I read the Bible, to more I realise God hates laziness. He wants us to DO! (I wrote a book about productivity in one day last week. It was fun.)

Right now, to "That's the way God Planned it" from Joyful Noise. (Why I put one name in quotations and one in italics I do not know. It is neither consistent nor logical.)
Also to Olly Murs songs.
And not much else new.

My very own bedroom! This is a big deal for a girl with five bros and four sisters!

Plant hangers. Oh man, I found a new obsession and it's so much fun to do. All you need is youtube tutorials on Macrame Plant Hangers and string/rope and your hands. And bam you can make your own plant hangers. DO IT.

MY EXAMS woooot
Still in an daze about that! 1/3 of my degree accomplished. The hardest is still yet to come. :-P

I'm reading various things.
1) Eve's Daughters by Lynn Austin --- yes, it needed a reread urgently. I honestly almost cried rereading it from page 1. SO. GOOD. I read almost all of Louise's story on the train to (and from) my cousin's flat in Brussels, with the sun shining through the train windows. It was one of those moments.
2) Anne of Green Gables My Daughter and I --- SO GOOD.
3) A book about the Titanic and the survivors telling their story. I may or may not have become somewhat Titanic-obsessed. I think everyone goes through these fases right? It's just so so so SAD; like so freaking doggone heartwrenching. All those deaths for one stupid mistake which collapsed entire dreams and worlds. The freezing cold water, the screams... ah what has this movie done to me. What a nightmare that must've been. Just unimaginably horrible.
4) 2 Kings is a pretty witty book. "I don't like that prophet, he never says anything good about me" - the king of Israel to Jehosaphat king of Judah.

It's summer so what do you expect bro.

How are you doing?


  1. Lived this post!! I WSW GOING TO WATCH THE TITANIC RECENTLY!! couldn't find it anywhere in my house. We still have a VCR. I've been eating lots of ice cream too. But that's pretty normal for me to do.

  2. Of course you got a crush on Jack. ;) So awesome that you've finally seen Titanic!

  3. Ohh, I would like to watch Titanic someday! It's just the content that keeps me away from it. :/

    And yeah, I'm with you there about grey areas in life. ARGH. They're so frustrating/annoying! I wonder if God puts them into our lives to remind us that nothing is by chance and a reminder that we should take everything back to Him, and tell Him about what is on our hearts.

    I've never heard of Anne of Green Gables My Daughter and I... is it by L.M. Montgomery?

    This morning I went to my cousin's house with some siblings and snuggled a six week old baby. Ohh, how I've missed babies! I WANT ONE. So bad. *sniffles* They're so precious. <3

  4. Great post! Those plant hangers sound fun to make!

  5. Oh, Titanic! I went through a Titanic-loving phase a few summers back, in which I watched the movie several times and crushed majorly on Jack. I haven't seen it in so long just because it's SO heartbreaking and tense and nervewracking and beautiful...and long, haha. But still, it's such a good film, in spite of some content issues. And yes, I liked Ioan Gruffudd's character too! I love the part where he's out looking for survivors at the end and he says "Is there anyone out in the water?" with his cool accent. Haha! ;P

    What you said about the fine line between legalism and freedom in Christ... SO GOOD. It's definitely a tricky, tough topic, but one that's 100% worth thinking about.

    Congrats on having your own room! I got my own last June after having shared with my two younger sisters for several years. It's so nice to have your own space to escape to sometimes! ;)

  6. Life is too short to NOT STAY UP LATE TO FINISH THE TITANIC AAAGGHGHE!!!! Also, YES. IOAN GRUFFUDD. Every time i see him I love that part! He's so young and dashing. He's kind of a hero in his own right. A take-charge kinda guy. Love it.
    Plant hangers!! I saw them on your Instagram. I will have to try making them!
    Also...Eve's Daughters. *thumbs up*

  7. Ah, Titanic...no caps, because then it feels like I'm screaming. I watched it last summer at Interlochen--a girl in my cabin had a computer with her, and our evenings (which were not spent practicing our instruments, like the good little musicians we were supposed to be) were spent watching far too many movies. Imagine, if you please, fourteen girls and a counselor only slightly older than them huddled around a laptop, sniffling, and you've got a pretty good idea of how it all went ;)
    Macrame plant hangers remind of my choir director. He's ridiculously obsessed with plants, and our rehearsal room has (let me count in my head) at least seven plants on rope hangers, plus about two ivies growing rampant in a corner, two giant rubber plants, and about a dozen spider plants.
    And grey areas, to wrap up what is a ridiculously long comment, are at the same time wonderful and terrifying. There's so much possibility in them, but also the fear that you might go wrong. Trust the Lord, dear, and everything will be as it should.
    Aaannnd: I nominated you for the Awesome blogger award, if you do that sort of thing.

  8. Titanic is such a beautiful movie!! I've watched it a few weeks ago and I even cried, something I don't do so quickly.

    You have an own room! How excited that must be, especially with a big family. :) I can relate.

    Ice cream is the best part of summer, we all need it. :D

    I'm doing great, I've summer vacation and I'm enjoying life right now. It's out here in my country, but I don't mind. It's better than cold winters or rain. :)


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