about me

I love thick books and watching strangers walking on rainy pavements. I love seeing where words take me and inventing adorable fictional characters. I love crying over a good movie, plunging myself into the magic of a well-crafted story. I love lists and stars and rainbows and colour and black pens and aesthetically pleasing world maps and mountains and the sound of thunder. I love people who do spontaneous things, ask random questions, and don't take make-up seriously. I love freckles and glasses and dancing and hands running over the keys of an badly-tuned piano. I love old buildings and quirky friends and nostalgic memories. I love curls and smiles and randomly gorgeous pictures. I love singing songs and rereading old favourite books and re-squealing over epic screen couples like Emma and Knightley and Matthew and Mary. I love the snap of a camera, the soft tapping of a busy keyboard, the husky voices of country singers. I love challenging myself to love more; challenging myself to be rooted and free at the same time. I love loving life; I love the Bible; I love people who love both.

All this? Because of God. Jesus, who came to this world God made so beautifully and we made so miserable - Jesus who was perfect and still became sin and died a painful, wretched death for you and me. Jesus who made it possible for me to be God's friend... Jesus who gives my life new joy, new peace, vivid purpose, and endless colour. All glory to Him.