Favourite blogs

Ok, so I read a lot of blogs. They steal my time, they inspire me to the bones, they make me smile; they give me friends. I love how creative people get with blogging; some fill their blogs with gorgeous photography, some write so beautiful it gets tears in my eyes, some make me drool with their impressive layouts, some get me buzzing with ideas in need to copy and books I need to read and movies I need to watch; some make me laugh, some give me fuzzies, some have messages that bring me closer to the Lord. Blogs have blessed me. Here are some (yeah only some) of my favourites. In no particular order whatsoever, of course. (Imagine if I actually did that.)

Meanwhile, in Rivendell... (#thisgirlisthebomb)
Sunshiny Corner (#happiness+wit)
Rae: A Drop of Golden Sun (#shelovesMontgomerysoyes)
Prone to Wonder (#passionforJesus)
Regency Delight (#JaneAustenforever)
Sugar Mountain (#favouritegirl)
Inklings Press (#peoplegoals)
Second Star (#wishihadherwriting)
Over the Hills (#allaroundfun)
Unoriginal Originality (#shedoesntpostanymorebutWOW)