Bucket List

I love bucket lists; they're filled with plans and dreams and inspiration. They love life and and they love productivity and they love laughter and happiness and adventure and hugs and friends and love. Of course I had to make one for myself... filled with randomness; big, small, medium goals - goals that might not come true, goals that might come true, goals that will come true; goals that make me excited about life. My biggest goal though: Do life for Jesus. But that's an all-through-my-life breathe-it-out goal, so I don't add it on lists. It's not something that I want to finish, or end... it something I want to do while doing, maybe the following:

1. Buy actual, elegant heels
2. Have a role in a musical
3. Buy the entire Downton Abbey box set dvd's (Sept 21, 2016) ( I blogged about it here.)
4. Own all Lynn Austin's historical fiction novels
5. Write a full-sized novel
6. Write and illustrate a children's book
7. Buy a cake at a bakery and eat it on a bench somewhere
8. Get published
9. See a play on Broadway and/or in London
10. Learn how to drive
11. Be a primary school teacher
12. Set two people up
13. Start wearing make-up for special occasions
14. Visit Prince Edwards Islands
15. Own a phone
16. Visit Highclere Castle (briefly blogged about it here.)
17.  Meet up with blogging friends
18.  Have Emma come to visit me
19.  Own a thousand books
20.  Scrap that - own a library
21.  Run a literary club
22.  Have a cheap, happy, memorable wedding
23.  Find a kindred spirit who lives within walking distance (August, 2016)
24. Watch The Paradise
25.  Marry a man filled with nonsense as well as filled with love for the Lord
26.  Own an Instax Mini 8 (in pink, of course) (Christmas, 2016)
27.  Watch the Andy Hardy series
28.  Paint my room in pink (Completed: 8th of August, 2016)
29.  Be someone's only friend
30.  Go to college
31.  Write 20 books
32.  Do missionary work
33.  Eat pizza every day for a week
34.  Visit Bath (September 2017)
35.  Meet a member of the British Royal Family
36.  Just meet someone famous
37.  Read 365 books in one year
38.  Give a homeless person a meal
39.  Watch Brooklyn
40. Visit Anne Frank's Secret Annexe in Amsterdam
41. Be a maid of honour
42. Learn how to cut hair well
43.  Master the French language completely (well... I got an A* for my final exam. I haven't mastered it completely at all, but this is as far as I'll get haha.)
44.  Have an Instagram account
45.  Learn to sing better
46.  And then record a song
47.  Post a letter with, 'FOR YOU' on the envelope
48.  See someone recommending my blog to someone
49.  Cycle more
50.  Earn money (August, 2016 - I worked in an old people's home for 12 days)
51.  Live close to where Emma lives for a year
52.  Overhear two random people talk about me (like seriously, I've wanted this to happen for ages)
53.  Make loads of different ice-creams and have an ice-cream birthday party
54.  Introduce someone to Pride and Prejudice 1995 and convert them to a crazy fan
55.  Find a note in a library book
56.  Host a giveaway
57.  Mail/give a box filled with nice things to someone I love
58.  See the milky way!
59.  Sit in the garden and watch fireworks for the New Year
60.  Write a script for Rilla of Ingleside
61.  And then actually send it somewhere
62.  Write a kids book in a week
63.  Receive a box of free books
64.  See Prince George get married
65.  Read through the Bible (December 1st 2016 - August 30st 2017)
66.  Discover a new favourite author
67.  Name my kindle (Okay, I just named him - 1st of September, 2016. His name is John. John the kindle. Kindle John.) (I know it's boring, shush.)
68.  Get cacti for my bedroom (November 3rd, 2016 - and they're adorable)
69.  Live like, ten minutes from a beach
70.  Visit Jane Austen’s house
71. Have voice lessons (Had my first voice lesson early August 2016 and have more scheduled!)
72. Have no books on my Goodreads 'To-read list' (yeah, that's never going to happen.)
73. Own a professional camera.
74. Send a letter to a Youtuber. (September 24th - I sent a letter to the awesome Youtuber Katie Gregoire)
75. Write a book of 100,000 + words.
76. Learn a book of the Bible by heart.
77. Go to Australia to meet Gabby


  1. That's a very good bucket list! I might just have to *coughstealcough* use this idea :)

  2. This list has ispired mine on my blog!
    There are so many good things on this list. I hope you manage to complete all of them!
    I hope to go to Highclere one day! I may just be jealous! Did you take a lot of photos?


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