Why the name?

1. It's awfully pretty sounding. 'Wonderland Creek', in my unimportant opinion, has a rather exquisite ring. I like titles with an exquisite ring, and I've always admired blogs with an exquisite ring. (Enough about exquisite rings.)

2. It's also one of my favourite books by one of my favourite authors ever. Lynn Austin wrote a book called Wonderland Creek, and yeah I love it.

The blog name does therefore, not come via creativity, it comes via Lynn Austin and my best friend Emma, who recommended the name to me. One critic I get now and then from family members is the fact that the word 'creek' is in it. It's an American word, you see, and we're British folk. But creek is an adorable word, and I like it much better than lake, so there, matter settled.

Other alternative names: Wondercreek Land. (Created by my six-year-old sister.)


  1. What's wrong with the word "creek"? Huh? HUH???

    *puts hands on hips defiantly*


  2. Creek is an adorable word! I tend to say Brooke :D

  3. Creek is a lovely word, and Wonderland Creek makes me think of Bridge to Terabithia for some reason...
    Also, I nominated you for the Daily Quote Challenge.
    Here's the info if you're interested:

    1. Well, maybe because creeks have bridges? :-P
      Thanks! I'll check it out. :-)

  4. "Wonderland Creek" does have a special ring :D And you were very creative in thinking about using that name :D

  5. Your blog name is great! I love unique and beautiful blog titles!

  6. I never thought of creek being an Americanism. Here is Australia, we use it to mean a waterway smaller than a river. I suppose the British would say stream or brook. But that conjures up images of meadows, not gullies with trickles of water barely enough to feed the gums on the banks.

    I also enjoyed the Lynn Austin book. Give me a librarian heroine any day!


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