Another Sunflower Award

I have already once received the Sunflower Blog Award, but Evie from her brand new blog, A Period Drama Fangirl has nominated me, and with such fun questions that I had to answer!
1. What embarrasses you?
Oh dear. Lots of things. One of them is singing with the men in choir. I sing in the choir at our Church and sometimes the men only have to sing a verse. And sometimes I forget that and sing with the men and it is so embarrassing! Every time I accidently do it, I am so embarrassed.
Enough about this. Next subject please. ;-)
2. If you could try out any job for a day, what would you like to try?
Oh! Fun question! I'd love to work as a nanny for Prince George (Princess Kate and Prince William's baby boy) and see all the royal family. I am besotted by the British and other countries' Royal families. And Prince George is just so cute!
Or I'd love to work as an actor. I'd want to act in a Period Drama OF COURSE and wear a beautiful dress like this:
Or I'd love to be a 'Period Drama Dress' designer. That's just my dream job. To design pretty dresses that will be sewn and put in a Period Drama! Agree now. Isn't that the job of YOUR dreams?
3. What's your earliest memory?
Mmmm. I think I can remember very vaguely my first (or maybe it was second) birthday when I got a doll and I called it 'Lisa'. I remember distinctly that it was wearing pink one-piece pyjamas with a silk ribbon under the chin. Lisa was so sweet. I don't have her anymore, but I can remember she was so sweet. :-P
4. What's the best decision you ever made?
Well. Probably deciding to start my blog. It was a wonderful decision and I am so glad I decided it!
5. Who's your best/closest friend?
I have a lot of friends, and I am always ready to make new ones. But there is one particular girl I am very close to, and I'd say she's my best friend. I met her through the blogging world. It's Emma Jane from For the Beauty of the Earth. She's so sweet, people. I'm so lucky to be her friend. I hope and pray that one day we shall meet in person.

Emma and I both love Downton Abbey. Don't we, dear?
6. What do you think people think of you?

I think they think I must be addicted to Period Drama. At least I hope that's what they are thinking.

7. If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn?

How can I choose just one? I wish I could talk like Violet Crawley. I wish I could sing like Marianne Dashwood. I wish I could dance like Elizabeth Bennet. I wish I could find a husband like Emma Woodhouse. I wish I could horse ride like Mr Darcy. You see. I can't choose one.
You are probably doing this
I can never choose things. I'd like to learn the skill to choose things. :-P
Or I'd like to learn how to do a handstand. I have never been able to and I have always envied all the girls who could.

I really should stop.

Anyways, thank you Evie! That was fun!
(I am not nominating anyone because I have the feeling everyone has it already)



  1. Thank You for Completing the tag Naomi! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your responses. I must say I would have to agree with you about being Prince George's nanny, it would be so much fun aaaand you get to meet Prince William and Princess Catherine How simply splendid! :) My Music teacher has the privilege to meet them with her husband and their little boy. We are all very excited! anyhow I should probably stop rambling now haha Evie PS: any good blog ideas? questions are so much fun to answer so if anyone has any please do send me an ask :)

  2. Naomi, I forgot one thing :) I also used to accidentaly sing with the men in the choir , it is indeed embarrassing sometimes! My choral conductor was like "I know you can hit the notes sometimes, but please do refrain from it, you are a Mezzo not a Tenor" haha :)

  3. Evie, thanks for commenting!
    I'm glad you know how it feels to be found singing with the men.
    Wow! Your music teacher met them! They are SO lucky!!!! The pastor at our church once met Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and they dined together. They are SO lucky.
    What do you mean with blog ideas? Do you mean for your blog? Well, perhaps you could make a header... it's just an idea, since you asked me!
    Allright Evie I ask you these questions back. I'd love to hear YOUR answers.

  4. Naomi :) it's ok,
    Yeah we share that embarrisment!
    Yes she is (when they arrive in Australia, the are in New Zealand at the moment) Oh My Word! I simply LOVE Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip! They are so amazing!!. I am not sure exactly how to make a header.. Would you be so kind as to teach me? :) ooh questions this will be fun haha will keep you posted when I complete them

  5. I've answered the questions under a new blog post enjoy! :)

  6. Ooh, another award! These are always such fun to read. *Emma rubs her hands together* :-)

    You sing with the men in choir TOO? I'm not the only one! (That is, the boys-- we don't have a regular church choir, but I sing in a college choir and I sometimes make the mistake of singing when it's not my part.) It's so embarrassing! :-P And then when it happens I realize how loud I'm actually singing because I'll be the only girl singing. Heh.

    I would love to be an actor for a day. I'd want to be in Downton Abbey. :-) And oh, I would LOVE to design the dresses! That would be SO much fun! As long as I wouldn't have to sew them myself. :-P

    I think some people might think I'm a little obsessed with period dramas too, but that's alright...because, well, I am. Hehe. They also probably think I'm a little quirky, but there's really nothing I can do about that. :-P

    Don't we all wish we could talk like Violet Crawley! Alright, I'm just going to have to steal that picture of Rose. It's just too cute. (You'll probably see it pop up on my blog soon, haha.)

    Oh, Naomi, I am SO touched that you consider me your best friend. That really made me smile! I'm SO glad we're friends and I can't tell you how much that means to me. :-)

    ~Violet Rose

  7. Ooh, and I forgot to say one thing-- I love that signature! It's so pretty! :-)

  8. Emma Jane, thank you for commenting sweetie. Oh I'm SO glad that I'm not the only one who sings with the men. Eeeeek. It's SO embarrassing! *Naomi blushes at the mere thought*
    I can't tell you how much it means to ME to be your friend. Yes! I'd love to act in Downton Abbey. I'd want to be a new maid and work alongside Daisy. And I'd want Tom to fall in love with me. Haha.
    Of course you can steal the picture. Yes it IS so nice. I just adore that pink dress of hers and that lovely white hat! And baby George's pram in the back ground! I just LOVE those old-fashioned prams! They are SO elegant! I ADORE all the garden party scenes in Downton Abbey because everyone is dressed SO beautifully. They are also dressed beautifully in other scenes of course, but you know what I mean.
    Noooo you aren't quirky.
    Anyways I love you and see you soon I hope!


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