Let's talk about music, shall we?

My ten favourite Vintage songs
#1 Be Optimistic - sang by Shirley Temple
I'm not a huge fan of Shirley Temple's songs, but this one always makes me smile. I love the way everyone smiles cheerfully while singing it - it's just impossible to frown while watching it!
#2 Ragtime Violin - with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland
I wish this song was longer! The tune is very merry, and their movements and facial expressions are priceless. A rare song where Fred Astaire does all the singing and Judy Garland throws the violin around as if she did it every day.
#3 You can't do without love - sang by Vera Lynn
Vera Lynn lady goes to sing in a microphone in a car, persuading people to give them their scraps and old stuff to help the soldiers in the war by singing this lovely song!
#4 Chatanooga Choochoo - sang by the Andrews Sisters
This one! I've been singing this one for decades. Yes, yes, okay - slight exaggeration. But yeah, this song is a delightful, fun one - and the Andrews Sisters sing it flawlessly. What an amazing trio!
#5 We'll Meet Again - sang by Vera Lynn
This is a rather sad, touching and emotional song - it was one of the most famous War Songs. Vera Lynn sings what everyone hoped for - meeting their loved ones again. This song has often bought tears to my eyes!
#6 For me and my Gal - with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly
Just delightful! A nice tune, some beautiful tap-dancing, and some charming lines. :-) Oh, come on - it's Gene Kelly and Judy Garland. What's there not to like? (Ashley, you approve, right?)
#7 I don't care - sang by Judy Garland
I don't care what you may think, guys - I. love. this. song. Judy Garland sang it flawlessly. I love the words, I love the tune.
#8 Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me - sang by the Andrews Sisters
I LOVE this song! I sing it way to much. Not only do the Andrews Sisters sing it beautifully, with funny actions and hilarious facial expressions (especially Patty Andrews, the blonde sister) but the song itself is just darling!
#9 Hey Daddy! - sang by the Andrews Sisters
Another personal favourite of the Andrews Sisters many songs. Can you tell I adore this trio?
#10 You've got to Accentuate the Positive - sang by the Andrews Sisters and Bing Crosby
The Andrews Sisters AND Bing Crosby! They sound so good together! I'm so much in love with Bing Crosby's unique voice and I think it blends so well with the Andrews Sisters brassy, classy sound. Love this song to pieces!
My favourite song of musicals I've seen
# Mary Poppins
My favourite song in Mary Poppins is 'Let's go Fly a Kite.' I also love the 'Let's go Fly a Kite' scene in 'Saving Mr Banks.' Ironically, I haven't seen SMB, but I've viewed the Youtube scene and totally fallen in love with the movie - and, again, with the song. Love it!
# The Sound of Music
My favourite song? 'How do you solve a problem like Maria,' indubitably. Hands down, the best. Just kidding. It wasn't that easy to decide. This musical has so many lovely songs, but I think HdysaplM is my favourite. HdysaplM. Nice way of shortening, right? :-D
# The Fiddler on the Roof
Definitely 'Matchmaker, Matchmaker!' I adore this song! My favourite part is where Tzeitl goes, 'He's handsome, he's young! Allright, he's sixty two.' It ALWAYS makes me laugh. Out loud.
# Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Ditto. That's my favourite song. (For those people who don't understand: "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" is a song in the movie.)
# Singin' in the Rain
Easiest ever! 'Good mornin'' all the way! I sing this song so much - it's just so merry and happy and jazzy and snappy and... yeah, I like this one. :-)
# My Fair Lady
"Aool Oye wont es aye rum shomwuaaa, for awaiy from de cuuold noight eir!" That's the way she sings it. Kinda. But yes, 'Wouldn't it be Loverly' is my favourite. Again, this one is easy to decide. It's just MY favourite. You know.
# Meet Me in St Louis
No, I've not yet seen this movie. But I know all the songs by heart, okay? So that counts. My favourite song is probably the Trolley Song. Come on, it's the famous one.
My five favourite Soundtrack scores
#1 Sense and Sensibility/ My father's favourite
It's just THE most beautiful soundtrack piece ever. It makes me cry have something in my eye. I once got myself the piano version for this song, but oh - I need those swoony, sweepy violins on the background to do justice. :-)
#2 Jeeves and Wooster/ The Daily Grinde
I won't lie, guys. I'm a fan of the Jeeves and Wooster soundtrack. All the rhythmic, jazzy, raggy and brassy songs. I love it. Sssh.
#3 My Fair Lady/ Embassy Waltz
I'm seriously addicted to waltzes. I don't know why, really, but there something I just adore about waltzes. They're so romantic, so cheerful and so sweepy, so thrilling... This waltz is definitely one of my favourites! Says a lot, y' know.
#4 Pride and Prejudice 1995/ Canon Collins
No, no. I do not like Mr Collins. Doesn't mean anything. But yes, I do like 'Canon Collins' a great, great deal. I actually like all the songs in P&P (excluding: Slumber Dear Maid, haha) so I just picked the first that came in my head. That's how one takes decisions.
#5 The Kings Speech
Ahh. This movie has THE most gorgeous music ever!!! I'm totally in love. My favourite piece in the soundtrack is definitely the one that plays while the kings does his final speech - but I also love all the others. BEAUTIFUL.

My favourite popsongs

{empty space}

Yes, I don't like popsongs. They're not songs, actually. They're just people singing with sore throats and head-aches and beats louder than their voices. Or whatever. Shudder.
What are some of your favourite musical songs/ vintage songs/ soundtracks?
Do you like popsongs?

And, oh, what do you think of my new blog look? I know it's early - but I love winter and I really felt like changing it. :-)


  1. This was a nice long post, so here's a nice, long comment :D

    Is that Shirley Temple in the first picture? She looks so pretty!!!

    Judy throwing the violin around!!! Hahah!!

    I've never heard Vera Lynn before, but I really like this song! Someone's donating a skeleton!! What!!!

    The Andrews Sisters have amazing harmony!!!

    Gene Kelly! Ashley approves!!! :D They dance and sing so well together!! "I haven't the slightest idea! What can't you eat for breakfast?"

    I just saw a pin of I Dont Care, and I was I gonna look it up. I AM SO USING THIS SONG ALL THE TIME NOW!!! I need to find a GIF of this!!

    Bing Crosby's voice is so awesome!!

    I love this version of Let's Go Fly a Kite" It's sweet and funny!!

    Sound of Music is one of my favorites too! I was basically obsessed by it for two years when I was younger!

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!! One of my faves!!!

    And Singin in the Rain too!!

    I think my favorite song from My Fair Lady is The Rain in Spain. My family enjoys the parts when she has the marbles in her mouth and sets the paper on fire.

    I love the trolley song too!!

    Jeeves and Wooster jazz!! Just yes!!

    I remember the music from your The Kings Speech review. It was so stirring!!

    I love your Christmas/winter look! The background is soo cool!

  2. Why, Ashley, thank you for your comment!

    No, that's Judy Garland in the first picture - I found it and really liked it. Actually, the song she sings in that scene is really cool too. :-)

    Haha yes, someone donates a skeleton. Creepy.

    Yup! You approve. :-)

    I don't care is an awesome song. My favourite lines are: 'If I'm not successful, it won't be distressful 'cos I don't care!'

    Oh yes, Rain in Spain is a nice song. 'By Jove! She's got it!'

    Thanks! I'm glad you like my winter look.

    Thanks for the lovely comment!

    ~ Naomi


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