4 Elegant Ladies

Today I'm going to talk about 4 Elegant Ladies that have taken my fancy in the last days. These are definitely 4 of the most classy ladies ever lived - although there are several more I should mention - Audrey Hepburn, I must of course add, Queen Elizabeth, Judy Garland, Jeanne Craine - et-cetera, et-cetera. But here are 4 ladies so flawlessly elegant and beautiful - 4 ladies who wear everything with dazzling poise. 4 ladies with beautiful smiles and perfect hair-styles.

Look and learn, my dear readers. Or look and yearn, ha.

Margaret Rose

Princess Margaret Rose, the Queen's younger sister, was a classic beauty with lovely big blue eyes and a perfect iconic smile that charmed the nations. Unlike her older sister, she took an interest in clothes and fashion, and (not unlike her older sister, I hasten to add!) she always appeared so flawlessly elegant in every public meeting! Oh, she was such a dove-like beauty!

The thing I love best about Margaret Rose's style:
She always wore that beautifully classic string of pearls!

Grace Kelly

Beeeecause yeah. One can't ignore this beautiful, kind, and gracious lady! Her name suits her to a T - she is filled to the brim with grace and poise and upright beauty. I love how those old actresses never (or not really often, as far as I know) changed their hair colour. Actresses now - I mean what is their natural hair colour, really? Grace Kelly is a blonde and has stayed a blonde her whole life. She's a beautiful sunny, royal woman whom no-one will ever forget.

The thing I love best about Grace Kelly's style:
She always knew exactly where and how to place her arms, hands and feet!

Vivien Leigh

Ah, now we step into the black-and-white-pictures-time. The lack of colour though, seems to escape my mind completely, because everything about Leigh's style seems to be vibrant and alive and rainbow-like with swathy elegance! Isn't Vivien Leigh a stunner? Her beautiful cat-like-eyes! Her eyes are amazing, aren't they? Goodness - Vivien Leigh can wear anything - everything seems to grow on her. Mah wordy, she can even pull off fur! (which is high praise coming from me!)

The thing I love best about Vivien Liegh's style:
She looks so comfortable in every single thing.

Princess Paola

You know who she is, right? She's the late queen of Belgium - and when she was young she was especially and entirely flawless when it came to fashion and outward-radiance. She somehow made turbans the most dazzling thing since the building of the Eiffel Tower - she had gorgeous brown eyes and beautiful tanned skin. Her fashion sense was - wow - wow - gorgeous. She makes me like the 60's style, which says so much because I've always loathed that time period!

What I love best about Princess Paola's style:
Every hat looked amazing on her. Don't ask me how she did it.

So that's that, folks. I hope you got inspired! Tell me now, who are your fashion icons? Or do you not care a fig about all this silly fashion-business? I won't hate you if you do.


  1. I don't keep up with fashion/royal people that much, but it was such fun to read this and look through your pictures!:D

    I will say, though, that I do love reading about/looking at pictures of Kate Middleton. I love how elegantly (and modestly!) she dresses!:)

  2. Oh my, Princess Margaret's wedding dress!!! So pretty.
    This was such a good list; I went through the pictures slowly, savoring them :)
    As far as my fashion icons, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Middleton, and Queen Letizia are a few of my favorites. I like these too; I'd never heard of Princess Paolo before.
    Lovely post!

  3. Lovely post as always Naomi. :) This is just the sort of think I like to read. I'd never heard of Princess Paola but she was a beauty! She had perfect hair, too. :P Here are my top four:
    Jeannie Crain-she looked so natural, yet she was elegant and had the quintessential 40s look.

    Deanna Durbin-The best hair ever and her looks included lots of evening gowns. Dreamy evening gowns I might add! She was so beautiful and sophisticated.

    Shirley Temple-No, not the adorable baby we all think of when we hear her name, but the beauty she turned into. I'm surprised she didn't make it big as an adult as gorgeous as she was. The bobby soxer image she kept up as a teenager included lots of adorable college-girl type looks. :)

    Joan Crawford-she always looked so feminine and pretty, yet her styles weren't always unpractical. Her hair was always spot on, and complimented her soft beauty. And might I add that she looked fabulous and young even when the other actresses of her age were fading.

    Anyways, thanks for posting! I hope I haven't talked too much. I tend to get carried away. :P

  4. I adore this post! All those gorgeous dresses and hats and accessories... *siiiiigh* Why can't we all dress like that these days? I love what you said about Grace Kelly always knowing exactly how sit and stand and recline - it's so true! (And something I'm working on.)

    My fashion icons? I'm not as into fashion as a lot of girls I know (my sister included), but the three I'd like to emulate the most are Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and (for a bit of modern, yet still classy, flare) the Duchess of Cambridge. I have yet to see an outfit from any of them that I didn't like - not kidding.

  5. They are all so fabulous! I love that you've written about the more underrated people who often don't get noticed in the shadow of others but they still have their unique classy elegance.
    Naomi xx

  6. Gorgeous choices! I haven't even heard of Princess Paola but she does have a perfect sense of fashion!
    I really like Kate Middleton's fashion. She's never disappointed me. :) And of course Audrey Hepburn. :)

  7. Love this! Everyone you chose is so elegant and classy. Margaret Rose is so pretty and timeless.
    Grace Kelly....so lovely. I adore that middle picture of her on the balcony.
    If only women tried to dress a little more like this nowadays! :)

  8. I don't care about fashion that much for myself, but I can appreciate it on others! Audrey Hepburn and Princess Kate are my favorites right now! (If I could look like anybody, it would probably be Princess Kate!) Also, Margaret Rose looks so much like her sister sometimes!!

    Look and yearn! Bahahahah!

  9. Thank you for your lovely comments everyone! AND YES - Kate Middleton has the BESTEST fashion sense - I didn't include her here because I was focusing on the Vintage-y ones. She has never disappointed me either!

    And Hannah Batchelder, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who notices how beautiful and classy Shirley Temple was as an older person!!!

    ~ Naomi

  10. I try to buy only pajamas I could imagine Doris Day wearing. I love her costumes in so many movies!


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