Ask me Anything ~ Answers!

*big big smile*

Oh, dear PEOPLE! It's so good to be back! I'm back, I'm back, I'm back! Goodness, aren't I jolly happy. :-) I really missed you. Not just saying that for the 'awww'-y kind of thing, you know, I'm saying because I so stinking mean it. In fact, I started scribbling down notes for this blog-post several days ago, on the bed in the house we rented close to the seaside in Kent. I wanted to chat to Emma and you all so badly at some points. (Not always, of course, because I was very diverted over yonder.)

We had a lovely vacation in England, my family and I. On the one hand, I love holidays away, but on the other hand - being the immensely housey-housey-mouse I am - I also dislike parts of it. But it was really nice, honestly, I promise.We stared at gorgeous picturesque views, met up with my millions of cousins (slight exaggeration. I only have 21. Only. Hah.) and so on. We visited the Marshalsea again and we drove past this divine green landscape which my dad vowed was Box Hill (I know, I squealed too.) Also, guess which song popped up on the radio during our journey? I never squealed so much in my life - It was 'My Father's Favourite' from Sense and Sensibility!!! That was quite an epic Period Drama moment, I can tell you.

Well, well, vacations are nice and all that, folks, but (as Anne Shirley and undoubtedly many others have spoken before me) the best part of it is coming home. And writing a blog post again. I've really missed you. (Goodness me, is the post becoming terribly sentimental? That would be jolly awful.)

By the way, being honest here, I hope you didn't have TOO much fun in my absence. ;-P

And now, to answer all your great questions! Thanks a million bunches and bricks and all that for asking me so many and being interested. It means a bunch and a brick and all that.

This is me coming home. :-) Or, these are me's. Because they're several girls in the gif, just in case you don't have eyes.

Jessica Prescott asked...

1. Can you describe your favourite dress--that you own, I mean?
I actually don't own many dresses - I wear skirts far more (although I love dresses - I just own less.) Out of the few dresses I have, I am rather fond of this autumn-y, brown-owlish, English-pattern-y dress I own. I'm not like, CRAZY about it, but I like it. My favourite skirt is one that I bought last month - just black, but in the most fun shape ever, and high-waisted - and I wear it a LOT. :-)

2. What's your favourite subject in school?
English and Sociology. The former, because it often involves writing, and the latter because it doesn't hurt my brain and because it's actually rather interesting *insert surprised-faced-emoticon.*

3. What's your next-favourite movie after P&P 1995 (which I know is your ultimate fave), and why? 
My second favourite movie? Hmmm. It's so often different, but normally I put the 2009 Emma version on that place. WHY? Because it's splendid and fresh and colourful and because I'm head-over-heels in love with Johnny Lee Miller's Mr Knightley, that's why. :-P

4. Have you ever been to any other European countries besides Belgium and England?
Oh yes, I've been in Switzerland every year of my life as long as I can look back (I'm quarter Swiss) and I've been to Germany, Holland, Luxemburg and France. I mean, one has to pass France to travel from Belgium (which is where I live) to England (which is where I often go on holidays as I'm half English) and really, when one lives in Europe, when one travels now and then, one can't HELP but ending up in different countries. Europe is a complicated patchwork.

5. This last one is rather complicated. Is there any kind of character whom you have NOT yet written about in a story, but you would like to write about someday? Example: you've never written a story about an orphan, or a hot-tempered person, or a blind man, or whatever, but you wish you could at some point. 
I love this questions! Ten points for originality and all that. :-)
Yes, there definitely are. I really want to write a story about an old lady who never had ANY love life vatsoever who looks back and tells her story. I also want to write a story about a messy bachelor and write a love story from the guys perspective. Because they're so few of those (and when there are, they're very ewww-y.)

Blessing Counter asked:

WHERE do you get all those pictures from movies and all that? I mean, how did you get it to look so clear and not blurry like you had stopped a movie midway and then taken a screenshot? :D
I normally find all my pictures on Pinterest and all those kind of things. Here are my boards, if you like. I sometimes screencap my own pictures, when I can't find any on-line (such as was in the case when I had this post a particular scene in Chariots of Fire) and I normally screencap them full-screen so that when I make the picture smaller when I put it on my blog it looks like a very good quality screenshot.

This is an example. I screencapped it from the Youtube video of the movie 'Sissi' which I really want to watch now. :-) Although it's German. :-P

Ainsley Reitsma asked...

For a question, what are the names and ages of all your siblings, and can you post more photos of your gorgeous baby sister?!!
I'm afraid concealing alllll that information about my siblings goes beyond my what-I-allow-to-put-on-the-Internet-thing, but I can tell you that we all have Bible names and that the order is: Boy, Girl (me), Girl, Boy, Boy, Boy, Girl, Girl, Boy, Girl. We range from eighteen to three months and I'm super blessed.
And of course I will add one of Susanna's latest snapshots!

She has a VERY serious politician kind of look and YET she's cute. She's a magician!

Miss Meg March asked...
A lot of questions! Haha. ;-D

Do you think you could pick an Australian accent if you heard one?
You know, American Accents and Cockney and Scottish accents come easily to me, but I cannot do the Australian one. It's too the same but also not the same... does that make any sense? Nope, I can't do Australian accents - maybe only if I really practised.

Outside of period dramas, are there any other movie genres you like?
I'm rather picky, I know. I don't like action movies (mere shudder at the thought and all that jazz) and I just can't get into Fantasy and Animated and... well, even just Contemporary movies don't really get me. I like different kind of genres, like romantic movies, comedies, musicals and so on, but for me to fully enjoy it, I have to find myself plunged back in time. I'm a huge Period Drama fan. *proud eyes*

What is your opinion of Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit? If you haven't seen or read them, would you consider it?
Oh dear. Now we get to That One Subject Everyone Loathes Me Because. Nope, sorry. I have to be brutal and honest. I do not like those kind of stories. It's like Narnia. It has dwarves and talking horses and weird creatures -- I get kind of crazy reading or watching fantasy. I'm not against it, people, and I understand the fandom, but I'm really not into Tolkien or Narnia and those kind of High-Fantasy things. I once started reading the Hobbit and... didn't get far.
I MIGHT try the books again, MAYBE. If I'm desperate and someone took away my Jane Austen and Little House and Montgomery books. :-/

Do you ever read American comments in an American accent?
Not unless someone writes with 'gonna' and 'yeah' and things like that. I read everything in my own voice. Is that strange?

Which of the March sisters do you think you are most like? (Mine is obvious.)
Beth, of course. I'm very good. I'm very patient. I NEVER quarrle.
I'm the most like Meg March, too. I often get a bit too carried away by vanity and fashion and I often feel myself relating to Meg, being the eldest girl in my family and all that kind of thing.
But I love writing, so I also relate to Jo now and then (although I'm SO not a tomboy.)

What time do you normally get up and go to bed?
I normally wake up at 6:30 to 7 o'clock (I'm one of those people who can't sleep in) and I normally snap out my bed light at around 9:30 (or 10 ish in the holidays (when I do sleep in a taaaad.)

If someone was eager to read Lynn Austin for the first time and asked which one to read first, what would you tell them? (Yes, that someone might be me.) As a matter of fact, we own one Lynn Austin book that I know of called "A Woman's Place". I have never heard it mentioned - have you read it? What did you think of it?
Yes!!! Let us DO that! Let's talk about Lynn Austin. I love all her books (I have read) to bits and named my blog after one of them (not because 'Wonderland Creek' is my all time favourite, but because I love the sound of the name.) My favourite Lynn Austin book, and the one I will recommend till the day I die, is Hidden Places. It's SO GOOOOD.
I really enjoyed 'A Women's Place', although it's not her BEST and it doesn't have a very thick plot like the other books. But it's REALLY good. Read it.

How do you go with adventure/thriller movies?
Not really my thing. Other movies (such as Period Dramas? ;-P) give me more thrills.

Are you afraid of heights? What is your opinion on roller coasters?
I am SUPER AFRAID OF HEIGHTS. In fact, when we were off in England we crossed this bridge and I was so scared. It was beautiful, though, to look down on the ducks and the weeping willow pouring down on the river beneath the bridge, but my heart was beating. Heights do something for me.
And therefore the reason why I've never been on a roller coaster, my friend.

As I do not know of other members in your family blogging, how did you convince your parents to let you have a blog? (Coming from myself, I would love to get one, but none of my family members have one and I am not sure what they would say. :-P)
I remember when I told my parents first that I would like to have my own blog. They knew I liked to look at blogs, because I was already e-mailing Emma at the time and things like that, but they knew NOTHING about blogs (just like me, haha) so they 'investigated' the matter for several weeks, asking friends who did know, about the safety issues and all that. In the beginning they were like, 'Huh? What's THAT?' haha. And then they said I could (I was elated) and, as the natural observer, I did!
I'd love to see you with a blog, Miss Meg March. You should try asking. :-)

Do you like nail polish?
Ohhh, I really want to start 'doing' nail polish, but I haven't really yet, no.

Describe your house of dreams! :-D
Ohhh. Yummy question. (Well, it's not a question really, it's a command. A nice one.) I love English houses - quaint and ivy-ish and with red bricks, perhaps. Actually though, it's the inside of the house that I find more important. My house of dreams would be filled with books (organised by colour) and it would be artsey and hidey-cosy. I would have a little piano with a shaded lamp on it and, as I said, loads of books.

What are your top 3 favourite hairstyles you've seen?
Ever seen? Pfft! This is hard. I LOVE this one. I don't know how she managed to get it that way because that lady has long hair. I also loved Kate Middleton's up-do here. And, of course, I'm still head-over-heels in love with Sybil Crawley's tumble-down hairstyle. Gorgeousness.

How do you normally fix your hair?
I'm afraid I'm not one of those girls who manages to have their hair looking like a flawless image every day - I like making high messy buns. I think they suit me rather well, I flatter myself. I also like wearing my hair loose with a little hair clip at the side to prevent crazy hair.

Do you play musical instruments? I vaguely remember you saying you played the piano - if so, what grade are you in and do you do exams or for leisure? What's your favourite song to play?
I play the piano, yup. I've been playing it since I was seven. I have no clue what 'grade' I am in - I think seventh? I don't know - it changes from system to system and we have changed from system to system. I just want to play piano for leisure.
I also play the guitar, which I personally prefer because it's easier (y'know, just chords, nothing fancy) and it's so relaxing. Last Thursday I spent a long time playing songs of my Dad's musical of The Bible Story of Joseph he is composing at the moment, which is stinking fun. So those songs are my favourite songs to play at the moment. :-)

Naomi Anderson asked...

If you could invite any 5 people to a tea party who would they be? (They can be real, fictional, dead, alive etc)
I was HOPING someone was going to ask me this. :-) But it's SO HARD TO ANSWER. Because I love sooo many people! First of all, I would invite my best friend, Emma Jane, who I've never met face to face and who I NEED to meet face to face. Then I'd invite Jane Austen, so I can pepper her with endless questions. Then I'd invite the Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey, Bertie Wooster (feeling very pipped amongst all the ladies) and, um, and, Emma Woodhouse. That would be fun. :-)

What is your favourite Bible verse?
"When times are good, be happy; But when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other." 
- Ecclesiastes 7:14

Who would play you in a movie about your life?
This question is impossible! How am I supposed to pick someone out? And who would want to watch a movie of my life? It would just be a person on a laptop or a person behind a book, scene after scene. Very interesting. Ha.
Well, appearance wise, my mother thinks I look a bit like the pop-star Selah Sue (we don't listen to her 'music', we just saw a picture of her in the newspaper and thought she looked a bit like me (not very much at all, though).) But then the Selah-girl isn't an actress. Maybe Alicia Vikander? She doesn't look that much like me, but she might be able to pull it off.
Duh, I don't know. :-P

Hamlette asked...

What colour is your hair?
When I was a little girl I used to be blonde, but now it's dark brown. Not ripe brown, like chocolate, rather tree-bark brown. I like it. Rather frizzy, undecisive half-curly-half-straight.

Do you sometimes wish your hair was a different colour?
No, not really. I sometimes wish it was less frizzy and more neat-curly-ish-like, though. Now and then I would like to go back to the more-blonde me, but really, I love it as it is. (The picture below, people, is me when I was in the turning-dark-blonde phase of my life. About six.)

What's your favourite breakfast food?
Croissants. We sometimes buy them fresh for breakfast, as a rare treat. They're so lovely and golden and flakey and light. And crisp.

Have you ever had a tree-house?
There's one rather big on in our garden at the moment, actually - my brothers made it. I remember making a very big treehut once when I was about ten with a bunch of friends in a forest. It's still there, although hardly visible.

What's your favourite kind of weather?
Rain. Yes, you heard me. I love rainy days. I can write better when it rains, I love snuggling up inside and listening to the raindrops splatter cosily on the window-panes.

Do you ever stop reading a book before you've finished it? If so, what sorts of things make you stop?
Yes, I'm afraid I do. You see, as I have sooo many books I want to read, I feel like I shouldn't waste my time on the boring ones. But on the other hands, I think it's good to actually finish book, although it's not really my taste.
Things such as very LONGness sometimes scare me off. Like, when it's just boring and I don't care and just feverishly want to end the doggonned thing. Happened with Anna Karenina. It wasn't too bad, but it bored me and there was SO much more to go! So I just quit.
Inappropriate stuff make me snap a book abruptly too.

Emily Blakeney asked...

What was the first period drama you saw?
Heidi. The version with Jane Seymour. That one. It was my favourite movie for a long time - together with the Little House movies. I loved it. I was super scared at the Grandfather bits, but it always made me happy and I just loved it. :-)

Who's your favourite author?
Lucy Maud Montgomery, probably, closely followed by Lynn Austin. I looooove Lucy Maud Montgomery. She's my writer idol, if that's a 'thing'. I wish I could write as BEAUTIFULLY as she can, because, seriously, her writing style is so gorgeous. It's like spring and gold and twiney patterns.

If you could be called anything (Cordelia?) what would you like your name to be?
Haha, it wouldn't be Cordelia, that's one thing. It's not my favourite name, *snort* (*goes away mumbling 'Cordelia fiddlesticks'*). I seriously don't know! I love 'Naomi' - it's just MY name, and I can't imagine my face behind a different one. But if I had too... Maybe Rosemary? I have a girlish fondness towards it. Or perhaps Lydia - I love the name Lydia.

Who's your favourite period drama hero?
Mr Knightley, as acted by the handsome Johnny Lee Miller. Did you not know that? I must have mentioned it about one hundred times on my blog. Just kidding. It doesn't hurt to mention it again. :-)

What about your favourite period drama heroine?
I don't have 'a' favourite period drama heroine like I have with a hero, but I normally go with Elizabeth Bennet. Jennifer Ehle's one, naturally. :-P She's not dislikable.

Emily asked...

What is your never gets old, complete favourite book?
I don't HAVE that! I have several favourites, but not A favourite. Oh please, my darling, bear with me. This is hard. At the moment though, my current favourite of my several never-get-old, complete-favourite books is 'Daddy-Long-Legs' by Jean Webster. It's such a darling, darling, cosy read - very witty, very fresh, very original, and soooo makes-one-happy-inside-ish. Read it, and all that, people.

What book did you hate and never want to pick up again?
There are several books I started and couldn't read, but I don't remember any of them in particular. The last book I read that I really hated was a book I thought looked rather nice called 'Gracie.' If you enjoy rants, read my review on Goodreads here. I'm rather proud of it.

How would you describe your accent?
What an interesting question! No-one has ever asked me that (probably because they HEAR my accent, lolan (laughing-out-lout-actually-not)). Well, my accent is a British one, clearly. It's not the-queen-of-England-British, it's kind of Middle-class-British. Not very 'ohhh! That's SO British!'-British. I don't pronounce things clearly at all. I have to repeat things often, it's a nightmare.

Evie asked...

If anyone from literature wanted to share an adventure with you who would it be and what would you do?
I think it would be Bertie Wooster. I mean, old sport, just THINK about that. Going on an adventure with Wooster. The things we'd get into! We will steal policeman's helmets together (quite accidentally), we'll accidentally get engaged to soppy people, we'll paint our faces and escape from ships and I know not what! Of course, I would need Jeeves to solve the problems, because Bertie and I together don't even match up to Jeeves' brain. I admit it.

How was your vacation?
It was lovely and relaxing and fuzzy-feelsy, thank you very much for asking, m'dear. A more elaborate answer is up there in the first paragraphs of this post. If you want more. You might not. But then you might. Up to you.

Do you speak Dutch or English to your family?
I speak English to my dad, and Dutch to my mum. My siblings and I usually speak Dutch together, but I also like speaking English to them now and then. We actually talk Dunglish. It's awful.

Could you teach us some basic Dutch?
What?! NOW? Like, now? Okay, why not? *straightens up and looks all teacher-like* - Hello is Hallo. Yes is Ja. No is nee. 'I love your blog, Naomi!' is 'Ik hou van je blog, Naomi!' and 'Thanks for answering my questions!' is 'Dankje voor al de antwoorden van mijn vragen!'. Goodness. Writing Dutch in a blog post is actually surprisingly weird. I really SO prefer English - it's so much more sophisticated.

Do you like Agatha Christie?
I think I would if I tried, but I haven't, not yet. I have SO many books I need and want to read! It's quite disastrous. More than 100 books on my to-read list, there are.

Violin or Viola?
I like both. I think that if I would have to play one I would choose the Violin because I like playing tunes and Violins are more used for tunes than Violas. But I love how unique and less-known Viola's are - Viola's really have a CHARM. :-)

Favourite Musical Song?
At the moment it's 'Sobbin Women' from 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.' YES people, I have finally seen that! I saw it three weeks ago, with all my siblings! You were right! It's RIDICULOUSLY FUN! It's weird and so not the kind of movie you should take seriously, but it's such jolly fun. My siblings and I laughed the whole way through.

What's your current desktop wallpaper?
Yaysies! Someone asked this. It's a random picture of Vera and Roland from 'Testament of Youth.' It often makes me 'awww' in delight. My desktop wallpapers are almost always Period Drama pictures. Sometimes I have slideshows.

Natalie asked...

*If you haven't seen 'Testament of Youth', the following question contains spoilers*

If you could have kept ONE of the three men alive in Testament of Youth...who would it be? Victor, Edward, or Roland? (I know it's an awful question....I'm so sorry.)
Goodness me! Natalie! :-O :-)
That IS an awful question, but I know my answer. I would have kept Edward, her brother. I know, one may be surprised that I didn't go with her fiancé, Roland, but I think I would have kept Edward alive. You see, all the time when Edward was still alive, I felt like Vera could get through - it was horrible, about Roland and Victor being dead, but she still had her brother like she had had her whole life long. I think that if Edward hadn't died, Vera would have received a lot of comfort.

Do you prefer skirts or dresses?
I love both, but I wear skirts more. I think I prefer dresses though, because they often look cuter (although not always.)
By the way, thank you for the very valid excuse for me to add a randomly nice picture of a dress, Natalie. :-) (This picture is from the movie 'Sissi', by the way.)

Do you long to travel?
Nope. I hate travelling. As I mentioned earlier, I am a one-hundred percent house-mouse. I like going to places, like visiting my Grandparents (like we just did) and going to the seaside (like we just did too) but I HATE the travelling part and I have no big wishes so go to all kinds of places just for the sake of seeing that building or that mountain. But I DO want to go to places to see PEOPLE. Like, I'm yearning to travel to America to visit Emma and other blogging friends.

Are there any names you hope to name your children if you get married and have some?
Ohh, I love names. For boys, my favourite name ever is Matthew. I just love it. I am very partial to traditional British names some people call 'boring' such as James and Henry and things like that. You just can't do wrong with them. For girls I like Rose or Rosemary, Eliza, Rebecca and Lydia.

Do you have a favourite Disney princess?
Cinderella. :-) Just because.

Would you call yourself an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert (somewhere in the middle.. :))?
I'm most definitely an ambivert. There are some aspects of introvert-ism I wholly relate to - such as preferring a book to a party, and avoiding large crowds - but there are also things extroverts do I relate to as well - such as not being shy to ask strangers things and enjoying people in general.

Ashley asked...

Do you have any cousins?
Snort, YES. I most certainly do. On my mum's side, I have five. They're all younger than six. On my dad's side I have sixteen - two of them are older than I, and they're all jolly good sports. I love my cousins. My Grandparents have a right to be proud of their tribe. :-) (They have 26 Grandchildren, my family included, you see.)

What's your favourite place in your town/city/country?
My room? Does that count? Haha. Seriously, I would say our house, pathetic as it may sound to some ears. I'm just HAPPIEST here, okay? I also like some of my favourite clothes shops, though - they're always fun to visit.

Who's your favorite male author? (Dickens?)
No, Dickens is not my absolute favourite, although he's obviously much to be admired and all that jazz. Probably P.G.Wodehouse. I thought perhaps Markus Zusak first, but I've only read one book by him (The Book Thief, of course) so I can't 'judge' him that well. Yes, it's Wodehouse. He's phenomenal. Super funny. Like, it's RIDICULOUS.

I think I've asked you this, but what's your favourite sport to watch? to play (or attempt to play)?
I'm Horribly bad at sports with a capital H. I'm also Horribly scared to answer this question, because Nay, I do not like to watch Sports. I find it dead boring. I attempted to watch tennis with my Granddad last week (he's a fan) but I found myself enjoying the ridiculous facial expressions much more than the actual game. I just don't care a jot about who wins.
I rather enjoy a simple game of table-tennis, though, now and then.

Abby P. asked...

While I was picking strawberries today I saw on a fun facts sign that Belgium has a museum dedicated to strawberries. Have you ever been there? And what other nice museums have you been to?
Really? Belgium HAS that? A strawberry museum? I had no idea. That sounds jolly fun and lucious and... wow. I, the person who would not choose to go to museums, think that strawberry museum sounds rather fun.
I went to a toy museum once, and that was very nice. Endless vintage and old toys in display. It was gorgeous and beautiful.

Ekaterina asked...

What colour of clothing does your closet have the most?
I'd say blues and peachy-colours. Surprisingly I have rather fair amount of salmon-coloured articles of clothing. I wonder if Jeeves would approve, but I love the colour. One of my favourite skirts is salmon coloured with sequins. It's most elegant. I wear it on fancy occasions such as Easter.

What type of chocolate do you like: dark, milk, or white?
Milk and white. I'm in the sad, neglected, abused minority. Just kidding, I'm proud to be in the minority. The minority, you see, is always right. ;-P

Coffee or tea?
Tea. Thank you. Coffee is too... coffee-ish. 

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Strawberry. LUCIOUSNESS.

What style of clothing do you like to draw the most?
Oh, princessy and long and trailery and old-fashioned-y and Period-Drama-y, of course. With trims and frills and furbelows and lace and silk. Those are so much fun to draw. 
I also like drawing out outfits I've seen on random strangers that I really liked. Yesterday I saw a girl waiting in a bus station with a darling outfit I have to draw before it slips out of my brain completely - she wore a black dress with a white peter pan collar, and round vintage sunglasses. Adorable look, that was.

Who is the most handsome leading man for classic and modern movies?
Classic - Jimmy Stewart. I think he's MOST handsome.
Modern - Dan Stevens. He has those bewitching shimmery blue eyes and gorgeous facial expressions. I want to see him in every period drama, ever.

What do you like to watch on a rainy day?
One of my favourite Period Dramas, of course. Right now, I feel like watching the 1995 version of Sense and Sensibility, because I haven't seen it in a long time. But then, it's not raining right now - it's sunny and a warm breeze is blowing into my room, with birds whistling in the background.

What is your favourite book to movie adaptation?
Pride and Prejudice 1995. As if you hadn't expected that, m'dear. :-)

Mary asked...

Do you have a favourite name (girl and or boy)?
My favourite boys name is Matthew. I just love it. I plan to marry someone called Matthew (Crawley, hahaa.) I don't have a 'one favourite' for girls names, but I love the name Lydia. It's so jolly and pretty.

What's your favourite way to travel (plane, train, car, etc.)?
Car, if I have to. Because it's your own little domain and you don't have to worry about behaving in front of other people.

Beach, mountains, or meadow?
Beaches! I have an exquisite little fondness for the sea. I love pebbles and shells and the feeling of sand between my toes. I love standing at one end of the sea, breathing in the beauty, and imagining what kind of people are doing exactly the same, at the other side.
I only like beaches when they aren't filled with people, though. They can be very crowded and that's a nuisance.

Who are your favourite actor & actress?
Dan Stevens (explained why six questions above) and Julia Sawalha (because she so much ridiculous fun to watch. Admit it, we all secretly love Lydia Bennet.)

The Gibson Girl asked...

Do you enjoy gardening? If so, what do you like to cultivate?
I love flowers and butterflies and garden scents, and my favourite flowers are wisteria and violets (because, you know, they're the most divine and fluttery things on earth), but I have never been extremely fond of gardening because it involves stooping down and ending up with dirt on your hands and knees. But I love the IDEA of gardening. Does that count?

There you go!

I answered your questions! Don't say this post wasn't long, because I've spent hours typing away on it. I enjoyed it a lot, though, and I'm soooo glad to be back again. Ten days is too long. :-)

Have a great day with rain or sun (whatever you like best.)!


  1. Wow!!!! That was so cool!

    I just now realized I should've had this box open the whole time so I could type stuff as I went along. Live and learn :)

    It's so cool that you speak two different languages within your family--that must be FASCINATING! Dutch looks a lot like German, only with different consonants and more double-vowels, if you know what I mean. I expect they sound very similar, too.

    Ohhhhhh, Naomiiiiiii . . . I know exactly what you mean about love stories from a guy's perspective. Most of the time they're just icky . . . and they really don't need to be! When I started working on my current novel, I actually decided to write half of it from the girl's point of view and half from the guy's. Writing Joey's part (that's the guy's name) can be difficult--it was especially tough when I first started--but it's been steadily growing easier as I've gotten to know him better. And really, it's a lot of fun to try to get inside his mind and know what he's thinking. He's such a sweetheart, though I do say so myself :-)

    I myself have all kinds of dreams about the characters I want to use someday, so I guess that's why I asked the question :) I REALLY want to someday write a book about a Jewish girl during World War II, and I would also love to write one about an Irish immigrant to the United States . . . And I would dearly love to someday write about one of those "loner chaps with a good heart deep down inside" that we girl readers always adore, for some reason :)

    Your baby sister is adorable!

    I understand what you mean about fantasy--if you're not into it, you're just not. Now, speaking for myself, Narnia has a very special place in my heart . . . but I only sort of liked The Hobbit and I just can't get into The Lord of the Rings. It just seems so boring to me--and yet there are folks who say those are the greatest stories on the face of the earth. Go figure.

    I would highly recommend Agatha Christie, whenever you have time to start reading her . . . One of the best ones to start off with, I think, is Cat Among the Pigeons. I also really, really like A Murder Is Announced, but it's also pretty sad, so you might not care for it . . . Probably her BEST story, though, in terms of craft, characters, and all that, is Death Comes As the End. It's actually set in Ancient Egypt and it is AMAZING. I just couldn't get over it.

  2. Gracious me! What a long post! Jolly good show, old sport, sticking with a post that long, what!

    *scrolls back*

    Hahaha, your answer to that question on LotR/TH, though XD Never gear, we don't all loathe you because of it! I have secret dislikes-that-it-seems-everyone-else-in-the-blogging-community-loves myself;) "It has dwarves and talking horses and weird creatures…" For some reason, the way you put that really tickled me. Haven't the faintest idea why;) I will say, um…I wasn't that impressed with The Hobbit, either *cowers from the wrath of the Hobbit-lovers* It's NICE, but it just didn't…do much, for me, shall we say.

    ALL THE WONDERFUL PICTURES IN THIS POST! Like that house clutch. What even.

    I'm with you on the roller coaster issue. I've never been on one, either, and nor do I intend to be! We shall stand firm together;)

    Awwwww, that picture of you is so cuuuuute!:)

    Haha, rants about books are the BEST. They're SUCH terrific fun to read and write:)

    *gasp* That picture of Lily James! So gorgeous!

    Having an adventure with Bertie would be SUCH fun. I can hardly even imagine;)

    SQUUUUUEEEEE YOU SAW SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS!!!!!!!!! 'T'is so exciting! Isn't it simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?! I love that musical so much. And yes, that song! It's such a TERRIBLE idea, but such stinkin' fun! And, of course, the fact that Howard Keel has one of the most incredible voices EVERRRRR doesn't help;D

    We're in the chocolate minority together! Milk all the way;) Dark is just…gross. Sorry, but it's true.

    I have that copy of Little Women! It's so adorable, isn't it?:D

    Wow, that was a long comment. Ah, well, hopefully you enjoyed it!:)

  3. Yay!!! You're back! :D
    You got to visit the Marshalshea again! Do you have any pictures? I'd love to see it! And oh! When you say "My Father's Favorite" came on the radio, do you mean to say it was being played by a radio station? I wish our radio stations played music like that!
    Ahh, you're so lucky to be able to visit so many European countries! I mean, I guess it helps that you LIVE there, but still. :)
    Oh my word! SUSANNA! Her little face is SO cute. Her blue eyes and pink lips...haha, and her "serious politician look." ;)
    Wow, that movie "Sissi" looks SO gorgeous. I may have to watch it...despite not knowing a speck of German.
    Awwwww...that picture of you is SO cute!!
    Heehee, Bertie and Jeeves would be SO much fun on an adventure.
    HAHA, Dunglish. That's hilarious. I can't imagine having more than one language with your family!
    Ahh!! Your desktop wallpaper! I want it! Where did you find such a high resolution picture?
    Again, I am sorry for that question....but I have to say I think I agree with you...even though I'd want Roland to live too. :( Oh wait, I want them all to live. -sob-
    No, thank YOU! That dress picture is SO perfect! The color...sigh.
    I like traditional names too!
    Wow. So many cousins. I have....4. From both my mom and dad's side. :/
    Such a fun post!!! Thanks, Naomi!! :D

  4. Awesome!! Those were such fun questions! I forgot to ask you some...aww, I had some good ones...maybe next time.

    Thank you for the compliment! ;) But I don't like the name Lydia...I was almost named Julia, and that's my favorite name in the whole wide world. But then again if I was named Julia, I would probably want to be named Lydia.

    Oh, you should paint your nails! There are so many fun colors!! I am wearing this beautiful based-off-Cinderella 2015's gown-nail polish. And you can do so many different designs, like polka-dots and stripes. And there are endless colors.
    (I love painting my nails.)

    I really never do my hair. I do ponytails and super high buns like Marcia and Jan's from The Brady Bunch that they wear in "The Cincinnati Kids". But nothing fancy.

    If someone was to be in a movie about my life, I would want it to be Carrie Underwood. She looks like me (except she has hazel eyes and I have like a blue-green sort of color) and she's a Christian, and she is an amazing actress (see "The Sound of Music LIVE!") What more could I want? :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  5. Oh I did so LOVE reading all of these questions! You have no idea how much I would just love to talk to you all day because of your accent:) hehe...and other things (I dearly wish I was British, so in my imagination I am)! Can I just say I am swooning over you desktop background...like I LOVE it sooooooo much!!!!!

  6. Oh, well would you look who's back! :-) The blogging sphere hasn't been nearly as interesting without you around. I think we can all agree on that!

    Susanna is getting so OLD! She looks a lot different than she did in the last pictures I saw of her. Haha, I love how she looks kind of grumpy. But still manages to look adorable. Does she always wear pink? ;-P

    If I could pick someone to play me in a movie, I'd pick Hailee Steinfeld. She doesn't look much like me, but I think she could pull off my personality pretty well.

    NAOMI, YOU WERE SUCH A CUTE LITTLE GIRL. And I love your dress.

    Changing your name is such a weird thought. I can't imagine being anything but Emma. I just AM Emma. You ARE Naomi. Though I do think Rosemary is a very pretty name, but just imagining it being your name makes me laugh. ;-P

    Wonderful, long post, Naomi! And welcome back. We missed you.


  7. Welcome back, Naomi! I certainly missed having you around! Your answer post is delightful! There's almost too much to comment on that I don't know where to begin!

    I'm glad you had a good vacation. (It's funny, because I was visiting my grandparents this past week, too!) Vacations are loads of fun, but so tiring. I was glad to be home, though (unlike your little gif) I wasn't actually dancing down the hallway! I was SO extremely worn out that all I could do was wander about the house in a daze. :)

    Emma 2009! That's up at the top of my movie list, too! Though it's awfully hard to say absolute favorites, because there are so many good movies!

    It's always funny to me to think that people who live in Europe drive through other countries like we in America drive through our states! I'm so used to living in a big country, that it's strange to think there are countries that are no bigger than one of our fifty states! :) It would be cool to be able to take a comparatively short trip and end up in a different country! (Well, I guess you could do that in America, too, if you lived on a boarder state...)

    I like your idea of writing about a messy bachelor. Messy bachelors are so cool. (Though they should learn to be a little neat before they get married, because I think their wives would really appreciate that. Ha ha!)

    There's The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit thing again! I totally understand why you don't like that type of book (my mom feels the same way), but if you ever do get REALLY bored you should try reading The Lord of the Rings. It is beautifully written story. I love the characters and their relationships with each other. The weird creatures fit with the story and don't really make it feel unrealistic or strange...in my opinion anyway. But...like I said, I totally understand if you never end up liking that type of story.

    I'm with you on the action/thriller movies. A little action can be good, but a movie can't be all action. That's just boring.

    I've never been on a roller coaster either.

    I love Sybil's hair! So pretty! Her long hair is better than her short hair.

    You watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? Ha ha! Yes, that is a very funny movie. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who's wanting to learn the proper way of finding a wife...but it's loads of fun just the same! The cool thing about that movie is that it was a very low budget film. Nobody thought it would be much of a success. Just goes to show you that you don't need all the fancy extra stuff if you have an interesting story, good script, and good acting!

    About Testament of Youth. Yes! They should have let Edward live! It would have been so much nicer for Vera to at least have her brother. Why, oh why, oh why? (By the way, is that movie based on a true story?)

    I like the names you mentioned for your children. Simple old-fashioned names are so nice. James, Rose, Lydia...yes. :)

    Okay, this comment got a lot longer than I was planning. Hopefully it didn't put you to sleep! :)

    Good to have you back, Naomi! Your posts are always fun to read!

    ~Miss March

  8. Oh my goodness, this post made me feel so full of Happy inside! I'm so glad I found your blog. I feel sure I shall be a regular visitor. Thank you so much for answering my question! Of course loving the idea of gardening counts. It's the results that are the best! :) (Although I do love being in the dirt and making things grow, too.)

    And you choose the loveliest pictures to illustrate everything. :)

  9. Jessica Prescott, Thank you for your lovely comment! You always do write such nice ones. :-)
    Yes, German and Dutch are VERY similar. That's why I found it rather easy to learn German quite quickly. I just kinda germanise my Dutch. Haha.
    Oh, I really need to write a good guy-perspective love story one day. I think part of the reason there aren't many good ones is because most love stories are written by females and they don't quite know how men think and do. I think it would be hard to write! (And yes, my heroes are sweethearts too.) Ohh, I also want to write about a Jewish girl or boy during WW2. It would be VERY sad, of course, but I think I want to write about one one day.
    Haha, I know. It's funny how people have different opinions on things. And Agathie Christie sounds very good. I have a friend at Church who loves them and has all of them, so I might ask her for some copies when I've run out of books. :-)

    Olivia, Ohhh, I tell you old sport, it was jolly TEMPTING to split it in three parts. But I told myself, 'No. I'm doing it in one terrific long one.'
    *Sighs in relief* At least you don't hate me because of my high-fantasy-opinion. Thank you, deary. ;) People may be different.
    Let's form a not-made-for-roller-coasters club! :) And thank you. I'm glad you like all these pictures. I had fun picking the swooniest ones out of my Pinterest boards.
    I KNOW RIGHT. That Picture of Lily James as Lady Rose is GORGEOUS. SO shimmery. :) *oozes in delight*
    YES I DID I DID. OH MY WORD. Howard Keel's voice!!!!! YES. (The words of the songs are rather weird sometimes, though, but, as I said, just should so not take it seriously. Haha. It's the last movie in the world you should take seriously. :-))
    You have that Little Women copy?!! Oh, it's beautiful.

    Natalie, I'm glad to be back too! Oh, shoot, I didn't take any pictures. We actually went there on Sunday morning, to Church (there's a beautiful Church close to the court where they filmed the Marshalsea), so I didn't bring my camera. Actually we didn't go to the actual gate-way and court (you have to pay to go there, I think) but we went to the cellars, and some of the rooms look quite a lot like the interiors of the Marshalsea. I don't quite know WHICH rooms, though. But it's all Marshalseaish. :-)
    Yes, there was a classical music radio station. It was awesome. :-)
    I know, right? Susanna. :-) 'Sissi' looks lovely. There's one part with English subtitles, but not the second part. I watched bits of it in German (I learnt German at school) and it was very charming. Especially since it's based on a true story.
    I found the picture for my desktop wallpaper online - when I look for desktop wallpapers, I normally type something like 'Testament of Youth wallpaper' and then the high-resolution pictures pop up. Usually.
    Yeah, I have a LOT of cousins. Parties are CRAZY fun.

  10. Lydia, sorry you were too late. You can always ask me a question or two in the comment box if there's a buuuurrrning question. :-P
    I personally prefer the names Lydia far above Julia! You have a gorgeous name.
    I think part of the reason I haven't yet started to paint my nails is 1) I'm not really dying too (there are other things I want to do that kinda have priority) 2) My siblings think it's ugly. *snort* I love the look of painted nails. If you look like Carrie Underwood, you're very pretty, Lydia! :-)

    Madison, Aww, thank you! I'd love to talk to you too. :-) Goodness, my accent isn't THAT good. :) But thanks all the same. I KNOW. My desktop background is gorgeous. :-)

    Emma, Emma, Emma!!! *calms down* Haha, yes, Susanna can be grumpy and adorable at the same time. :-) No, she doesn't always wear pink (she's wearing a brown cute patchwork dress at the moment) but it is often pink. You know, one might as well dress a girl up girlishly, right. :-)
    NO. Hailee Steinfield has SUCH a unique slash different face. She isn't you at all. Don't agree. :-P
    OH I KNOW RIGHT. I WAS SO CUTE. I wish I could have the little Me and play with her. (And the dress I'm wearing there was one of my all-time favourites. My mum also had it when SHE was a girl.)
    Haha, I know. I'm SO not called Rosemary. Makes me laugh too.

    Miss March, Thank you so much for your LOVELY comment, m'dear! How funny we went to our Grandparents at the same time. :-) I was VERY tired when I came back too, but I managed a little jig. Not AS exhuberant as the girls in the gif, though. :-P
    I love Messy Bachelors. Most of the heroes I write are kind of messy-ish, but I want to write a story from his point of view one day. Haven't done that yet.
    Yeah, I should try the Lord of the Rings. My brother has a copy and he says it's very very very good and all that. :-) Perhaps one day. :-P
    Really?!!! Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was a low budget movie?!! I wouldn't have guessed. I thought it was very well done -- especially the dancing. :-) Hahaha, of course this isn't a movie for people looking for finding-a-wife-advice. Snort! Perish the mere thought.
    Yes, Testament of Youth is a true story. I read Vera Brittain's autobiography while I was in England, actually. It was very well-written, but very sad. The poor girl.

    The Gibson Girl, (I love Gibson Girls! :-)) Thank you for ASKING a question! I'm so glad that you have found my blog - and thanks for following it. That means a lot. :-) Oh, I'm glad that the idea counts. :-)

    Thanks for all the long, lovely comments!
    So good to be back. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  11. Yay, great to see you back! :-D I've been waiting for this post!
    Aww, your sister is so cute! Very serious indeed. Haha, yes, very political too. :-P
    Yes, I asked a lot of questions. Ahem. I didn't expect you to answer all of them - so thank you that you did. :-)
    Hehe, I understand. I don't know if I have a strong Australian accent, because it just sounds NORMAL. Cockney, American, British and Scottish accents are so much fun to try though. :-D
    Also, EVERY SINGLE picture you used were so pretty and darling! I have to take many seconds to soak them all in. ;-)
    I'm sorry, I was hesitant to bring up such a controversial topic, but I was very keen to know what your answer was! And no, I don't loathe you at all for it - I can TOTALLY see how people dislike them. They are the kind that you generally love or hate them. I love them. ;-)
    Haha, I think we all feel a bit like that - there aren't many Beths in the world! I find it freaky how Meg and myself are similar, except for the whole oldest-girl-in-the-family. I have two younger siblings, and we share a room together and hang out a lot, so I am the oldest in THAT group, and I tend to 'mother-hen' them more than my older siblings do. ;-P I do have parts of Jo in me also, though. Yet, I think Meg and I will always be most similar. :-)
    Hehe, I thought you might like that question. ;-) Righte-o I shall be putting Hidden Places on my to-read list (which appears to be just as long as yours!). And I'll be putting a Women's Place on it too. :-D
    Actually, I've been in exactly the same prediciment as yourself - I was walking over this huge dam, across a bridge and looking down I felt like screaming. :-P That scares me - but roller coasters are a completely different thing for me! You go so fast you don't have time to 'think' about it being high and it's just so thrilling! But each to their own. :-)
    Oh, thank you. I've been reading blogs for several years (as a matter of fact, I've read yours since the first post - through Emma's blog, and yours was the first I ever commented on) and I've always dreamed of having one. I'll think about it, although I may wait until I'm a little older before I ask. :-)
    Haha, sorry, I can be a little bossy at times (dear me, that's the Meg coming out again!). ;-P I reckon if I had a blog, I'd devote an entire post about my house of dreams. It's a very special place.
    Wow, they're all so pretty!! I love Sybil's hairstyle too. So natural, soft and smooth looking.
    Ooh, long time! Me too. :-D I stopped for about 2 years when I was around 10 but after I picked it up again I never looked back. I play for leisure too. I can play a few chords on the guitar but ours is a classical one and I struggle reaching my hand across it to be able to play properly. :-P
    Hehe, I know, it's so fun to imagine who would play yourself. I don't think ANYBODY looks like me. (I am a little different to most people. I have dark eyes, but blonde/light brown hair.)
    Aw, you are so cute!! That little smile, and those eyes. :-)
    Yes, I agree - L.M. Montgomery is an excellent writer. Her stories are so dreamy and easy to read. And her characters are so entertaining!
    I know, I like your name. My *real* name is an unusual one (it's not a Bible one or a particular popular one) but I really like it. People say it suits my character. :-D (And I have a long name that can be shortened. So I can sound posh or laid back. Score!)
    *Adds Daddy-Long-Legs to reading list*
    I agree with you 100% on dresses/skirts. (Also, that girl's dress below your answer - oh my stars, it's so aqua and gorgeous and flowy and silky and the black sash and...)
    Hehe, I am extrovert. Decidedly. ;-)
    I know, I dislike sport/am horrible at it too. I find myself watching the clock. :-P
    Milk and white chocolate for the win!!!
    Agree with you on gardening too. :-D
    Wonderful, wonderful post! It was definitely long. :-D
    ~Miss Meg March

  12. Aw, thanks so much! Well, you write really good blogposts, so they kind of tend to inspire good comments, if ya know what I mean.

    Exactly. I think that's why women authors usually stick to writing romance from a girl's perspective--it IS really hard to get inside the head of somebody of the opposite gender. I've found that having so many brothers (four to be exact) makes it somewhat easier, as I can observe them and try to understand how THEY think. I also have a fair number of guy friends at college, so that helps too. So yeah, basically, it's a tough job but it's not as scary as I first thought it would be. I would totally recommend trying it--it's been a fascinating exercise!

    It does help, too, that my hero is a strong guy but he's also kind of quiet and tender-hearted, if that makes sense. Like, I have another male character in this book who's way more hot-tempered and more opinionated and generally more "masculine," and I DON'T necessarily think I'd be able to get inside HIS head very successfully. So I'm not even trying :)

  13. (There are no talking horses in Tolkien. No talking animals at all. Some talking tree-creatures called Ents, but no talking animals. Just so you know.)

    Fun answers! All your pictures are scrumdiddlyumptious. As usual ;-)

  14. aw! your sister is so cute! my dad is dutch and every now and again he says a random sentence/sings a song in dutch and has to translate it for us! i know a few things in dutch but not much! your photos are adorable!

  15. Dankje voor al de antwoorden van mijn vragen! ;)
    This post was so fun to read!
    I love L.M.Montgomery too! She writes in such a lovely way! I wish I had a hardcover set of the Anne of Green Gables series because the books would probably be in better condition than my paperbacks I've read so much. :) I've recently started reading Emily of New Moon and her writing style seems the same as the Anne books, I just love it!
    I understand what you mean about the Lord of the Rings. I do love the movies but typically I prefer things that are realistic.
    I'm also not a fan of roller coasters! I've been on small ones, but there's something about being high up and feeling like you are going to die that just doesn't appeal to me, you know?
    You were a very adorable little girl and so is your sister!
    The pictures you used are delightful and I'm glad that you're back! :)


  16. Thank you for answering my questions! I've been on holiday too and this was a lovely thing to come back to.
    I love your tea party answers- Bertie would be a great person to have at a tea party. And thanks for attempting the difficult question:)
    Naomi xx

  17. What a nice post, fun to learn more about you and your live. And fun to read, with all those beautiful pictures! Haha, imaginge seeing Dutch in a blog post, that's really zeldzaam!

    I see you've been to The Netherlands, did you like 'my' country? Which part did you visit?
    I'm actually going to Belgium next week, I'll be visiting Namur and surroundings. Looking forward to seeing some nice castles and old churches!

    I agree with the answer to the Testament of Youth question Natalie asked you. Did you know Vera Brittain asked to be buried near her brother's grave in Italy when she died? So she must have been grieving for him all her live.

  18. I've been meaning to comment on this very lovely post... Pretty bad that it's taken me so darn long to get around to it, eh? :P

    I don't have much time, so I'll just say that I very much enjoyed it! And one thing more-- Watch "Sissi"! It may be in German, but that's partly what attracted me to it (I'm 1/4 German & have always been fascinated by the language) and it's a good movie. :)

  19. Hi, I discovered this blog and just read this post and I'm so happy to know that there are other people who also dislike the works and movies about C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. In our house we're prohibited to watch or read them. Just do a Google search on how unbiblical those works really are. More bloggers should think like you! :D

    1. Hi Anonymous! You're right, I don't really like them. I am, however, not against them - I respect your beliefs, of course, but I don't think there's much wrong with them - some of my siblings love them.
      Thanks for commenting!

  20. *I* certainly do not loathe you because of it... and I think it's quite refreshing to meet another person who Just Plain Isn't Interested in LOTR/Narnia stuff. ;) I have lots of friends who approve of those and a few who disapprove, like Anonymous, and although I haven't looked into those particular authors myself, I think the realm of Fantasy can easily transition into something quite unbiblical and not God-honoring and therefore I prefer to stay away from the line. (Also, the LOTR MOVIES look downright creepy-dark. Heh.)

    But, even if I didn't have even a potentially moral objection to them, I still wouldn't care about them. I did read about half of the first of the Narnia books when I was younger, and although I was interested in it while I was reading it, I wasn't interested enough to actually finish it, soooo... :P (I do think CS Lewis an interesting person though and also he had quite good views on Jane Austen and is one of the Famous Men Who Like Jane Austen that I can reel off if necessary... hahahaha.)

    ...end random rambling. :P Anyways. In SHORT, yes, it pleases me also that you don't like those. Because most people DO, and while I don't have anything against them personally for that, I just totally don't get it! Haha.


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