Just so you know...

Just so you know, followers and all, I will be leaving you again. Tomorrow, that is. Blame vacations. This time it will only be six days, but still, y'know, want you to be aware of it, and all that. It's jolly confusing when suddenly a blogger doesn't e-mail, post, comment and so on for six whole days. Just so you know, then.

I've realised there are several phrases or words I use SO much in my blog posts. Here are a list of words and phrases I use a lot in blog posts. Just for fun, you know.

Just so you know
Just saying
Just kidding
Just *
Jolly ** 
Seriously, though
... and all that.
And all that. ***
I'm a GOOD girl, I am.
Sink meh! ****

*I say that word a lot in real life too
** I use it as an adjective for an adjective. Such as 'That was a jolly nice song.' or 'Jolly awful, that.'
*** I told you I used it a lot.
**** Yes, those last two aren't mine. I stole 'em from Eliza Doolittle (which proves I'm NOT a good girl) and Sir Percy (who, I think, would be most honoured to have phrases stolen from him. I would be.)

In real life (well, you know what I mean) I have rather cumbersome phrases I repeat in rather numerous frequency which can be rather embarrassing, perhaps, but I going to tell you some of them anyway. I'm a good girl, I am.

That's not vaguely RELATED to being funny *
Sink meh
Garn! **
Oh, realleh? How FRIGHTfully interesting. ***
I'm so sorry. ****
Yes, that's my name *****

* I say this when one of siblings says or does something SO stupid. (Don't worry, I don't say it in an offensive way. I'm a good... *cough*)
** In Eliza Doolittle's voice, of course.
*** In posh upper-class accent. (And yes, this phrase doesn't normally manage to escape my lips when in public, thank goodness. That might appear rude, sometimes.)
**** I have the habit of apologising for things I don't do. Weird. Like, if someone falls down, I'll say, 'Oh, I'm so sorry!' even though I haven't touched her/him.
***** I say this when one of my siblings or cousins or uncles or whatever says 'Naomi!' in a kind of gasp-y way. Heehee.

A word I try NOT to say much is 'like.' Like, it gets said FAR too much in the world and one gets like, sick of it. You know, I'm like, 'Stop saying like. Like, can't you like, say something else?'

But I struggle with that, because it's SO doggoned easy to flip out a 'like' or two in a sentence, isn't it?

What are some of your 'words-or-phrases-you-often-use's? 
See you soon!


  1. Loved this list! :)
    Most of my own favorite expressions are stolen directly from P.G. Wodehouse. Like:
    "My dear sir."
    "JEEVES!" (Yes, I really do say that. All the time.)
    "Oy!" (Sergeant-Major Flannery in Money for Nothing)

    "Like"--oh, yeah, that one IS really hard to avoid. Do people really say that over in Europe too? I guess I'd imagined it was just a American thing. Over here, it's something people say ALL THE TIME--especially young people. At college, me and my friends don't even really TRY to avoid it. We just, like, say it, like, in every other sentence, like. Sad, I know :)

  2. Oh! Fare thee well! I shall miss you:( And you're missing Western Week! How will you surVIVE?! ;-P Hehe.

    Oh, I KNOW! I use a lot of those phrases too often, myself. Especially "seriously, though" ;D

    You quote "I'm a GOOD girl, I am!" too?! My mom and I do that a lot:D

    "Like" is all too easy to use in place of "I then responded" or "I reacted in this manner". A shame, that:-/

  3. Hi Naomi,here are some things I say a lot:
    Well, REALLY!(said when nothing else can express the indignation felt.)
    Awwwwww....(this can be sarcastic, smiling as in "how cute!", or genuine heartfelt sympathy.)
    . . . and all that. (this ends an explanation that was threatening to become long, drawn out, and boring.)

    Oh, and by the way, my sister told me to ask you what color I am? Not sure I get it.
    Anyway, have a good vacation :-)

  4. Hee! We all get stuck in word ruts, don't we? I just realized I've been using "fantastic" way too much in blog posts and comments lately. My kids have informed me that I say, "Oh, for Pete's sake!" all the time. And I start far too many sentences with the word "so."


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