Random Nice Things

* Lark Rise to Candleford. I knew I was going to pop that in somewhere, so I thought I might as well do it in the beginning so you guys would be able to get it over and done with.

* This conversation I had with Emma when we were chatting last Sunday:
Emma: I reeeaaally want to rea it. Sorry, I meant 'read' it.
Me: Okay. Sure you can rea it.
Emma: Thanks, I love reaing.
(Aren't we perfectly hilarious and sarcastic and awesome? We are indeed.)

* Being Creative. Making ponpons, decorating pencils with washi tape, painting bookshelves in pink, redoing my desk area again, drawing polka dots on my hole-puncher, making a necklace for my mum, being super stinking proud of a jewelry displayer I made yesterday... blahdeblahdeblah. *Naomi stops sounding super boastful of her humble DIY talents.*
I seriously spent these past days doing nothing but crafting, crafting and DIY-ing. (Well, I ate as well. And slept. And yes, breathed.)

* Glenn Miller. I cannot stop listening to these songs of his. They're all so fuuuun. Sometimes I just have to do some embarrassing jigs in my room, because the music is so jolly and rythmic and swing-y.

* Big surprises. I almost died in utter shock this Tuesday, when my exam scores arrived. Because I - I who hate, loathe, cry over and never understand Maths and literally, honestly thought I was going to fail - I got an A for Maths (!!!!). I still don't believe it. I was expecting an E. Yes, I've been shouting it off the rooftops. Because this means I'll never ever ever ever ever have to do any Maths again. Whoooozeeeee!!!

* Ideas. My brain explodes. I have so many blog post ideas, it's a nightmare. Here's a small list of four potential blog posts that might be popping up sooner or later. I would like you to help me decide which one I should do first. Please tell meh.
1. My favourite Period Drama Railway scenes.
2. My five favourite characters in Lark Rise to Candleford.
3. 10 Authors I've read the most books of. (Idea stolen from the very charming Jillian, here.)
4. Ways in which trailers have changed over the years.

* This conversation I had with my three-year-old brother.
Me: Am I being very silly?
Joseph: Yes.
(Now there's a boy who doesn't lie.)

* Suddenly hearing things for the first time. Like, apparently my mum went to see the biggest vine in the world with some of my brothers when we stayed in England. And I just heard that today. Goodness, life is funny.

* NOT. FAIR. Because we had some of my cousins over recently and they told me they met Robert Bathurst (who is the one and only Sir Anthony Old Man in Downton Abbey) and actually had a real proper conversation with him at a party. I'm so JEALOUS. Ughhhhhh. Why don't I get to meet Downton Abbey cast? (They said he was very posh and kind.)

* Masked. Do you follow webseries? (I'm a big fan of many.) If so, have you heard of 'Masked'? It's a new webseries coming up in September (the waiting is agonising) based on 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' and oooh, the two sneak-peak videos are just UNFAIR. It's going to be sooo good. (Here's the Youtube channel.)

* My new black lace kimono-throw-over-thing. It's just very pretty. I wish it was colder so I could wear it more. (Emma is currently either snorting or rolling her eyes. Or both. That is also a possibility.)

* Goodreads. I just love it there. Ashley's post on seven reasons why she loves Goodreads was therefore my cuppa tea.

And I know. My randomly nice pictures are scrumptious. :-)

* What are some Random Nice Things going on in your life? *

Have a lovely day!


  1. I don't have time for much of a comment, so I'll just say...Write a post about how trailers have changed! That would be fascinating. :)

  2. *Emma leans back in her chair and just smiles and giggles*

    'Randomly nice things.' That's a good description of your life, Naomi. :-) Seriously, though, I love these posts of yours. They're so fun.

    I KNOW OUR CONVERSATION THE OTHER DAY WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! And we really are hilarious. That was really funny. In fact I've been thinking 'reaing' instead of the word 'reading' ever since. Isn't that terrible? But then I always laugh when I think of it. :-)

    I'm having a blog-post-idea-explosion right about now too! I just wish I had time to do all these things. And to sort them our enough in my mind so that I can actually write them down.

    Yes, I'm sure your new black-kimono-throw-over-thing is VERY pretty. Don't panic, it'll get colder soon. In fact, this morning when I woke up I had to wear socks and a bathrobe out to the kitchen, it was so cold! *cries* ARE YOU HAPPY, NAOMI?

    I love Goodreads. I maintain it is the best social network ever. :-D

    I love you and your randomly nice things and gorgeous pictures, Naomi!!!


  3. Random lists are my favorite!
    I'm trying to be creatively organized with school stuff right now!
    Congrats on Maths!!! I have hard math this year, then we'll see what else :(
    I love your blog ideas! I would love to see how trailers have changed because watching old MGM musical trailers is one of my favorite things ever!
    I can totally relate to hearing stuff for the first time! Like six months later, my brother will be like, "Ashley, do you remember this?" And I'm like "no..."
    I'm getting really excited for Masked! And the second season of Green Gables Fables!
    Thanks for linking to me :D
    Lovely post!

  4. Haha, to your first comment. Yeah, you might as well mention it first. Why not? :)

    Wow! It sounds like you've been doing a lot of creative projects lately. How do you find time for it all? (Oh, and I'm very glad to hear that you've been eating and sleeping and...yeah...breathing. One should never forget to do those things.) :D

    Congratulations on getting an A in math! That's wonderful! And now you're done with math? For good? That's even better!

    Oh my! So many blog post ideas! They all sound good! Of course I'd like to hear about your favorite Lark Rise characters, but the trailers idea sounds very interesting, too! Maybe you should do all of them first...oh, but that's not possible. :P

    Hearing things for the first time! Haha! Yes! It's so funny how that works. Sometimes it feels like news travels extraordinarily fast in our home and everyone is informed about everything, but then other times you get sideswiped by something you didn't know anything about...and you wonder, how in the world did I miss that? :)

    I like your random posts, Naomi! They're lovely!

    ~Miss March

  5. An A in math--awesome! That's really an amazing achievement. (And no, I did NOT plan to write three "a" words in a row there :) )

    Any of those posts would be great, but I'd really, really love to read the "Period Drama Railway Scenes" one. I like railways (although I always say "railroads" cause I'm American, but that doesn't matter).

    Randomly nice things--well, it's NOT this horrid summer cold I just caught. Let me think . . . Oh, yes, I just read an awesome new book, "The Kitchen Madonna" by Rumer Godden. It's all about creativity and it's just BEAUTIFUL. I can't get over it.

    Oh, and I just got an amazing new idea for another novel . . . but I have to wait until I finish my first one to start really working on it. It's going to be about the Holocaust and the Dutch Resistance in WWII. And it's going to be written in the first-person POV, if I can manage to pull that off. Can't wait to try, anyways :)

  6. This was a Great Post. Absolutely!

    I love creative projects! I just finished knitting myself a hat, it is sooo fluffy and warm. I can't wait for it to get cold enough for me to wear it.

    Congrats on the Maths!! I only have one more semester of math myself. I am longing for the day when I will have NO MORE MATH :-) You must be so HAPPY.

    I hope you do the way-trailers-have-changed-over-the-years post. That would be seriously cool to read.

    JUST LOVE YOUR PICTURES! They brighten my day :-)

  7. Oh this is so very loverly ^_^ Your posts always make me smile!!

    These pictures are beautiful. Especially the ripple-y rose petal GIF! I could watch that all day.

    I think it'd be very interesting to see all the ways trailers have changed... of course, all the ideas shall be interesting. But that one just stuck out to me as a lot of fun :)

    Ahh congratulations on the maths!!! That's so thrilling! I despise math myself, and-- well, as much as I want to say this year will be my last math ever, I'm afraid I'll have to take a few math classes in college too. *sigh* But one day I'll be free from math forever, and that'll be a glorious day indeed! // Isn't it wonderful when things go SO MUCH better than you're expecting? God is so good! ^_^


  8. Your random posts are the best! :)
    I liked Larkrise to Candleford when it was on TV here in the states but I was kind of little and I think I watched too much at once and got sick of it. But now your glowing review of the series has encouraged me to try it once again. Watch ALL the period dramas!!
    I've been in a creative mood too, but do I actually make anything? Of course not, I just imagine all the things I should do...and procastinate! ;)
    It would be fun to see a post on how trailers have changed. I also like the Larkrise fav. characters idea, but you might want to spread that out from your last review.
    *reads sentence on Masked, follows on Youtube* I heard about this quite a while ago, but forgot about it over the months; now it's almost here!
    That last picture, oh my word. It's paradise!

  9. Haha, yeah, I love having funny conversations with friends. :-D
    Wow, that IS being creative! I like thinking of creative ideas for writing and so on, but as for craft stuff...I do some embroidery, and attempt to make cards but they're never amazing (having a sister who IS amazing at it doesn't help though, haha) and I had tons of fun decorating my story writing book with scraps of newspaper and old pictures of books I found.
    Oh, I don't believe I've listened to Glenn Miller (although I've heard of him so much), I'll have to check him out sometime. I have lots of musical people I want to listen when I've got the chance. :-D
    Yay! Talk about finishing on a good note with Maths. :-D I rather flop at it too, but thankfully I've been getting mostly As this year, it's just So Much Work To Get There. I'm doing loads of algebra, and while I like X and Y puzzle kind of sums, I dislike all the graphing etc. Ugh. I can't wait to be done with it. (Although that's a few years away yet....*sigh*)
    Well, I can see I'm the odd one out but *I* would like to read about the 10 authors you've read the most of. :-D I'm happy to read all of 'em though.
    Haha, yes, sometimes you can be like, "What?! How did I not hear about that?" Especially in big families where everyone wants to tell the other person the Big News. :-P
    Oh that gif of the skirt - I want that skirt!! Very badly.
    Yes, Masked, I've been waiting for that for ages. I hope it's really good. :-D
    That last picture is the definition of scrumptiousness. :-)
    Hmm...lemme me have a think.....
    * Since I am sick, I want to do it properly, so lately I've been sleeping in really late (without getting in trouble *ahem* :-P) and finished my book ("Little Women", because classics are the best when you're sick). And eating warm, homemade soup.
    * Actually getting to read some books that all you blogging people recommend (and the library having them)! I was going to try the Book Thief since you love it so Naomi, but my Mum thought there was too much swearing so I had to skip it. :-/ Oh well, I'm currently beginning True Grit, on Emma's recommendation. :-D
    * The weather is warming up and SPRING IS IN THE AIR!! Spring is my favourite season forever and ever amen.
    * Being able to play tricksy, fun songs on the piano. It's so nice when they SOUND hard but aren't really that difficult. :-P
    Well, I could be here all day, because God is so good to us all, but I must be away from this screen for now. ;-)
    ~Miss Meg March

  10. Eva, Mmm... I just might. :-)

    Emma, That IS true, darling. My life is filled with randomly nice things. :-)
    ME TOO! Reading will never be thought of as with a D again, ever. And I think of 'house' as 'hose' too. Snort. :-)
    You have a blog-post explosion too?!! WELL WRITE THEM THEN!! You should write more blog posts, Emma. I know I'm the only one who can tell you this like this (please pardon my if that was too blunt) so that's why I'm telling you. :-)
    WHAT?!! You had THAT a cold morning?!! Wow, that's so strange. We're still swathed with sweat. It's soooo warm. (Although yesterday evening we had a huge big thunderstorm and our whole basement got flooded.)
    Thank you, dear!

    Ashley, Yeah I try to make my desk-area look nice and creative so I can actually look forward to school. It's coming nearer so fast. :-/
    Haha! I love watching old trailers too. Although some of them are SO bad. (Yes, I really must do a post about this.)
    OH YES!!! THE SECOND GGF SERIES! I forgot about this! :-)

    Miss March, Well, I have time for all the creative projects because it's the holidays, which means I have a lot of free time. :-) During normal school days I most certainly would not have time for DIY stuff, so that's why I do a lot of it in the Holidays.
    Yup. Never ever again. No more Maths. :-)
    Yes, exactly! I think it would more often happen in larger families - suddenly hearing something for the first time.
    Thank you, Miss March!

    Jessica, (Do you mind if I call you Jessica rather than Jessica Prescott?) Thank you so much! I do think I'll do the railway scene post, but I'm going to do the trailer one first, I think, as it got more requests. :-)
    'The Kitchen Madonna' sounds SO GOOD. I'll have to look that up! And new writing ideas is ALWAYS a happy occasion! :-)

    Rosie, (Haha, same for you - do you mind if I leave away the 'McGann'?) Haha! I have a new jumper (store-bought, I'm afraid - I find knitting to be Not My Thing as SOMETHING always goes wrong when I knit) and I can't wait for colder weather too. :-)
    Okay, you'll probably see the trailer post popping up very soon! :-)

    Emily, Thank you! I knooooowww. That rose gif! I saw it on Pinterest and went OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS BEAUTIFUL, I MUST write a blog post so that I can show it to the world. :-) Haha.
    Right, I'll do the trailer post first. It's decided. :-)
    Aww, I'm sorry you aren't done with Maths yet! (I know that feeling.) You'll be there one day, though, so there is hope. :-)

    Abby, Thank you! Surprisingly, the random posts are the easiest to write for me. :)
    Haha! That's so me when I'm reading other people's blogs. Watch ALL the Period Dramas! :-) Well, I procrastinated the whole month of July on being creative, and only now it's August I've actually started doing them. :-) Haha.
    YES. FOLLOW MASKED. You'll probably see all my embarrassing Youtube comments there. :-P Just in case you're interested in my embarrassing Youtube comments, haha. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  11. Miss Meg March, Haha your comment came just as I had published my reply to the other folks here. :-) You're lucky, you get a separate comment reply. :-P
    Oh, but you SHOULD. Glenn Miller is AMAZING. Start with 'In the Mood' - that's the song that... um, yes, get's you in the mood. It really does. :-)
    UGH. POOR GIRL, YOU!!! I loaaaathe algebra. I feel deeply sorry for you, I really do. :-/
    Well, I really want to write the 10 authors post - so you might see that one soon. :-) I think I'll do them all, though, sooner or later. :-D
    I KNOW. THE SKIIIIRT. I want it too! And you're waiting for Masked as well! Oh, it's good to know that I'm waiting with a good bunch of other people. :-)
    Yay! Your own little list. I truly love it when my commenters do that. :-) Oh, poor you! I'm sorry you're sick. Oh yeah, I'm sorry, I should've warned you about the swearing in TBT. I found it EXCESSIVELY tiring. It's the One big thing that I don't like about it.
    Hee, it's so weird that spring is in the air over there where you live. :-) Summer is closing to an end here. :-) (Some of my cousins (the ones that met Robert Bathurst) are moving to Australia and they just CANNOT get used to the idea of a sunny Christmas. Haha. Neither can I, truthfully.)
    Yeah, those kind of piano pieces are jolly good fun. I love those. :-)

    Thanks for the lovely comment!

    ~ Naomi

  12. Haha. I almost forgot about the hose! ;-D

    I know, I should write them!! I do WANT to blog more. It's just...there are so many things I WANT to do. But I'm glad you like reading my stuff enough to want more of it. :-)

    The days have still been warm, but sometimes when I wake up early it's pretty chilly. I looooooooooooooooove fall, but I'm not ready yet! Oh no! Your basement flooded? That sounds awful. I hope it wasn't too bad.


  13. Emsy, no, it was quite fun, the flooding. :-) I love getting my feet wet. :-) Although mopping it all up was a nuisance because we were just in the middle of watching Lark Rise. But we got it done pretty fast. :-)

  14. Lark Rise. Yes indeed.

    Haha, you and Emma;D Whatever will we do with you two?

    Being creative is awesome! Admittedly, I'm not always as good at it as I'd like to be, but usually I have a lot of fun with it:) I really enjoy making bookmarks. I'm weird like that;-P

    Ooh, fun ideas! I see you've already done the trailer post, so I'd love to read about the ten authors of whom you've read the most!!:)

    A black lace kimono thing sounds beautiful. I really like wraps like that:D

    Lovely post and pictures, as always!:)

  15. Ooh, well done on your Maths :) I'm doing a Maths exam this year which I am a little worried about...

    Masked - I know! The teasers are killing me!! Can't wait til it comes out!!!!


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