Sixteen more days, Naomi Sarah, and Florence Foster Jenkins.


First things first, friends. I ONLY HAVE SIXTEEN DAYS TO WAIT. (Don't you dare ask, 'Sixteen days to wait for what?' because you all know I'm talking about meeting Emma for the first time ever - It's been written in all my blog posts since I booked mah precious ticket.) I ONLY HAVE SIXTEEN SHORT LITTLE SNIPPY DAYS TO WAIT. Every day, I get more and more and more excited - I'm so, so happy and so thankful and so exciteeeeeeed. 

*jumps up and down* 
*jumps up and down some more*  
(Because why not, hey, we're excited so we might as well show the world.)

If you've not grasped this yet, read one of my unladylike texts I sent in Emma's way:


(Try reading it.)
(And let's hope me pasting that Anne and Diana-is-drunk picture isn't a bad omen, because I don't want either of us to set the other drunk. Duh.)


Secondly, you might (or might not) have noticed that I changed 'Naomi Bennet' to 'Naomi Sarah.' I know, I know, I have betrayed my loyalty towards Jane Austen and the entire fandom - sorry, sorry, SORRY. But I had reasons and here they are:

1. The name Bennet doesn't fit with 'Naomi.' It doesn't. It never did; It always felt like I had this kind of 'party name' and that's recently started to annoy me a bit. 'Bennet' fits with the names Jane, Elisabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia. Not sure about Naomi Bennet, however - I'm just... well, it was nice for two years, but I needed to change it.

2. I love my middle name, Sarah, and I love how it rings with Naomi. (Yes, Sarah is my real middle name. Now you know.) Naomi Sarah IS me, and I feel better now that's the name on my profile.

3. (Plus, as Jessica pointed out, now Emma and my usernames match. She's Emma Jane and I'm Naomi Sarah and we bear our middle names with pride.) (I'm glad we're not called Jane and Sarah, though - that would be boring.)


I've discovered a new Period Drama which I really want to watch. (*Watches the entire blogging world roll their eyes in sheer horrific exasperation*)

I'm not dying to watch it like I am with 'Brooklyn' and was with 'Testament of Youth', but I want to see it REALLY badly all the same. It's called 'Florence Foster Jenkins' and it tells the true story of 'the worst singer ever' who, by some odd reason, became highly popular during WW2. Judging from ZEE TRAILER (click those words to watch the nutty thing) it looks enormously entertaining, and Hugh Grant as an older man and a supportive husband is really really adorable.

(Plus, all the glitter. And WW2 costumes alert. People. Buy thy cinema tickets.)
(The soundtrack is absolutely divine as well.) (Not that the singing in it will be, heh, heh.)

Anyway, those were three lil' things from my fingers to your screen. 
Now YOU tell me three lil' things from your fingers to my comment section. PLEASE?


  1. THAT MOVIE LOOKS EXCELLENT. Meryl! Streep! There's one coming out on the History Channel soon: a refilming of Roots by Alex Haley, which I'm quite excited to see. I think it will be out by the end of the month. It's all over the buses here (bus advertisements, ha!)

    ENJOY AMERICA AND EMMA JANE! YOU MUST BLOW A KISS MY WAY. PS: my great grandmother's name was Sarah Jane, so it's like I created you.

    1) I just watched the first 90 minutes of the miniseries Scarlett. It is appalling. There's a scene with Rhett literally cramming a biscuit down his face, and then speaking to Scarlett with his mouth full. I AM SERIOUS. MY SMELLING SALTS.

    2) My novel is now two pages long. I'M NEARLY THERE!

    3) I AM NOT CURRENTLY STUDYING FOR AN EXAM! *jumps up and down then faints*

    1. Sarah Jane is a beautiful name, haha! :-) What a coincidence. :-)

      1. EWWW. SOUNDS GHASTLY. That's not my Rhett.
      2. YOU'RE BASICALLY ME. "I'm nearly there. Did two pages!!!"
      3. I AM studying for an exam. :-(

  2. ah, yes. Isn't Sarah a lovely name? *ahem* ;) Love the "new" name! <3

    1. It is very pretty. (Especially with the H. Sara is like Ann-without-an-e, haha.)

    2. I am forever using that phrase now. It is just too awesome. ;)

  3. Naomi Sarah is such a beautiful name!!! I get why you want to change it. And now you match with Emma. And ONLY SIXTEEN DAYS LEFT?!!! Mah gash. That's WONDERFUL! I hope you two have a scrumptious time together :)

    Lemme see . . . three things. Okay.

    1. I have only two weeks of school left and then SUMMER.
    2. On Monday I'm going to freshman orientation at my local college, which I shall be attending this fall. I rather excited. :P
    3. Er - what else. Oh, I watched Zootopia, that new Disney movie, on Youtube, and really liked it. :D Many thanks to the kind soul that uploaded it.

    That's about my life right now.

    1. I know!!! Sixteen days onlyyyyy. :-O

      1. SAME. Two more weeks and then THE FUN COMMENCES.
      2. Ohhh, have fun! :-)
      3. Bless those kind souls who upload full movies on Youtube. Indeed. :-)

    2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????? ZOOTOPIA IS ON YOUTUBE???????????????

    3. Naomi, thanks! I'm sure I'll have a ton of fun. It's a two-day thing - we sleep there overnight! *excited shivers*

      Jessica, too true it is. Y'gotta check it out sometime. :)

  4. I think Naomi Sarah is a really pretty name. The names go so well together! :) My middle name is Therese and so for awhile my name was "Lydia Therese" but then I thought of the last name "Dyslin" which went so well with an inside joke I had with my sister...so I changed it. :P

    That movie looks great! I want to watch it now. ;)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Oh, so Dyslin isn't your real last name?! I always thought it was. :-P (Now I'm curious about the inside joke, but I won't ask, because I know how terribly embarrassing inside jokes can be, HAHA.)

      Me too. It looks like an absolute blast to watch. :-)

  5. Yay, I LOVE how excited you are!!!! Hurrah!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!! Naomi Sarah is very nice! I always wanted to be a Sarah-prettier than Kerenza!!
    My three things:
    1. I have almost finished a weird but compelling book. I.always feel a sense of mourning upon finishing a text.
    2. I just ate a nectarine and a Twirl. Both delicious!
    3. I just changed a display in my music room at school. This is good as I.don't change them v often!

    1. Kerenza is a very exotic name - I like it! :-)
      Nectarines = deliciousness. :-)

  6. GAAAAAAACK, I KNOW. I've been thinking about how close it is to the visit, too! I'm so happy for you two :D

    Well, I DO think the name 'Bennet' goes well with Naomi, but I love that you've changed to your middle name! Naomi Sarah is such a pretty name :D And I'm with Jessica--I noticed you'd changed it on Pinterest, and I thought, "Oh, cool, now she and Emma have matching (ish) names!" ;)

    Aaaaaand I must look into Florence Foster Jenkins :P

  7. That movie does sound interesting. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until it comes to the U.S.


    1. I hope you get to see it soon, Sarah!

  8. YAYY FOR YOU AND EMMA, NAOMI SARAH!!! Only sixteen days?!! That's only a little over two weeks!!

    That movie looks so good!

    Three things in my life? School. School. School. (In other words, I am a homeschooler, haha, and should really not be reading your blog post right now I can't resist temptation.;))

    But let me think. 1. I am re-watching one of zee BEST movies in the world. Pride and Prejudice 1995 with my sister, and delighting in EVERYSING IN IT. FUNNNN. (Can you die of loving a movie too much?;))

    2. Also watching To Catch A Thief on YouTube. But I still like Darcy better than Cary Grant.;)

    3. I am working a morning till late afternoon shift on Saturday, at my part-time job and am not looking forward to it.:( But it won't last forever, I guess.:)

    Well there you have it!:)

    (Too many :)s):)

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL - I KNOW. T'IS SAD. I have two more weeks, and then I'm done, but I really should be focusing on it instead of replying to comments!
      1. PRIDE & PREJUDICE!!!!!! <3 <3 The bestestestest.

  9. 1. EEEEKKKKKK!!!!! :D I know you don't need the encouragement 'cause it's already predicted to be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, but enjoy! And welcome to America! :) I thought I had read that you were coming to my state, but you're not. :( So welcome to my country anyway. :) Beware - we do not habitually speak in a British dialect. :D Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on being surrounded by people who speak in American accents. I'm assuming that would be a different experience for you. :)

    2. You are not entirely betraying JA and her squad. Sarah is the name of one of the servants in P&P (well, in the *real* movie version anyway). You just moved from upstairs to downstairs in a very Downton sort of way. :D (Don't compare yourself to the DA Sarahs - O'Brien and Bunting. :P ) What do you mean by "party name"? I use a faux last name on my blog, too.

    3. Haven't seen it. They truly call that singer the worst ever? What a less than flattering label. :)

    1. 1. I hope it won't be too weird, haha - I don't mind American accent and I'm looking forward to the experience.
      2. I meant 'party name' as in, 'It doesn't feel quite like ME.' But I did like it, and hey, I had it for two years, sooo.
      3. Hahah, but it looks so fun!

  10. Well, gosh, you just quoted me!!

    (Indirectly, of course. But that's a detail. Hush.)

    I do love the name "Naomi Sarah"--it's so pretty :-)

    Mmmmmmmm . . . three things . . . OK.

    1. I just started a new novel (about the Holocaust and the Dutch Resistance). I finished the first chapter yesterday and I'm SO EXCITED.
    2. I also got my official graduation photos and they came out beautifully, so I'm super relieved.
    3. I just found the full movie "Prince of Egypt" on Youtube (!!!) and I can't WAIT to watch it. It's gonna be SO COOL.

    1. Why yes! :-)
      Your new novel sounds lovely as do your graduation photos!! :-)

  11. How exciting that you get to see your Best Friend in 16 days! I wish that would happen to me...
    And Naomi Sarah is lovely, though it will take some getting used to for me.
    Three things?
    1. Today, I sang in two concerts with our Homeschool Choir.
    2. I Hate Algebra. I'm behind so now I'm doing tons of it (did you see my blog post about it?)
    3. Ummmmm......I don't have three things. My life consists mainly of school right now. :)
    However, this was a lovely little diversion from the drudgery of Algebra, so thank you! It was wonderful as always!

    1. Yes, I did see your blog post on it - I RELATED. :-D Hahaha. :-) (I hate and loathe Algebra too, so I sympathise for sure. I'm sorry!)

  12. Sixteen days for what???? ;) I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I'm so excited for you two - I'm looking forward to you ammmmmmmaaaazzziiinnnnggg long post about the airport and packing tips and photos and all your adorable screeches of "I LITERALLY JUST MET EMMA JANE!" oh gosh. It's just so unfathomable!

    Naomi Sarah - that's gonna take a while to get used to! I always call you Naomi, or Naomi Bennet. And, just for the record, I think Naomi Bennet works perfectly together. ;) I also bear my middle name with pride, which is kinda a secret, but whatever. lol

    BTW, I absolutely love your new banner AND background. so stinking CUTE.

    1. Haha yes. I WILL DEFINITELY BE EXCITED. :-D I'm not sure about pictures though, but I hope the posts will be good despite that! :-)
      Sorry... you can still call me Naomi Bennet if you want.

  13. Naomi Sarah is a beautiful name! :)

    1. I'm so excited for you and Emma!!! I hope you two have a wonderful time!!!!
    2. I used to hate my name. (Monica.) Now I like it. :)
    3. That movie trailer!!! Oh, now I really want to see it! It looks hilarious.

    1. 1. Thanks! <3
      2. Monica is a very pretty name. :-)
      3. ME TOO!! :-)

  14. Love the name dearie! :D
    That movie looks beautiful

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  16. I must say, that's a great picture you picked for the beginning of this post. Very nice. Most encouraging. (I sincerely hope nothing like that happens to us. I'm pretty sure it couldn't.....but just so you know, Diana, if you do get the scarlet fever, I will nurse you back to health! I'll never forsake you!!!)

    I watched the trailer for the movie and it looks like SO much fun! "Shall we take it again?" "Oh, I don't see why, I think that was absolutely perfect." Teeheeheehee. Maybe we can go see it in the THEATER. (Wouldn't that be a lark?!?)

    Three things:
    #1 I just took a shower and washed my hair and the man-cologne smell has finally washed out. Yuss. That was getting super weird.
    #2 I made pancakes this morning and they weren't a disaster!!
    #3 I listened to my new Carrie Underwood CD in the car on the way home from ballet tonight, I wore sunglasses, and I felt really really cool. :-)


    1. HAHAHA. :-D (I will nurse you back to health too. We're good.)
      I know. "I think that was absolutely perfect."
      "She's a bit - FLAT." --- "Just a tad." :-P

      1. YAY. :-D
      2. WOW.
      3. That IS cool. :-)

  17. I like your new background! So we now get another piece of your real name. ;)
    Let's see~
    1. I'm counting down till my birthday which is the 25th!
    2. I'm super excited to see Love and Friendship, since it just came out!
    3. All of my childhood friends are graduating with our homeschooling group in two days, which is CRAZY.

    1. Yeah, but that's all you're probably getting. :-P
      1. OH!! Happy early birthday, Awdur.
      2. ME TOO. I really want to see it!
      3. Aw, how nice! Have fun. :-)

  18. Haha, my, this is amusing... you're replying to the other comments while I comment. ;) (Every time I reload the page there's another comment from you. Hehe.)

    I WOULD have written this earlier, but my ridiculous computer has been playing up for the past hour and I've been fiddling with it for the past hour trying to get it to WORK!! Grr. My patience is wearing thin.

    (1.) YES!!! FIFTEEN DAYS!!! A FORTNIGHT AND A DAY! CRAZY! IT'S COOOMMIINNNGGG!!!!! (Man, you sure know how to get me excited. :P)

    Haha, I could not HELP laughing at the first picture (and Emma's comment about it ;P)... poor dear Anne.

    (2.) Wow. I feel so privileged. ;D (I knew that important fact several days before the rest of the world. Hehe.) I never thought Bennet didn't go with Naomi! I always thought it sounded nice. :) But I absolutely LOVE the fact that you and Emma are matching now.

    (3.) Haha - that trailer! My! What a comedic bit of fluff. ;) I'm curious to hear how she sounds now... it's always slightly aggravating when people think they sung it perfectly ("I think that was absolutely perfect") when they ARE a bit... flat. :P It looks rather amusing, I must say.

    Hmm... three little things...

    1. Last weekend I had a very productive time, writing wise - I wrote up a heap of my story, I wrote a poem and I wrote a play. Not too shabby, aye? ;)

    2. I really can't think of what to say. Um. I kind of said it all in my last comment. :P I spent the whole morning and first half of the afternoon cleaning today - first the screens of the house, then the windows and glass doors, then the tracks, then the rest of the house in general. The house feels spanking clean now. It'll stay that way for approximately 1.2 hours.

    3. I've got about 10 favourite songs at the moment. I started out with a list of some favourites (on my bed post, naturally) and then it kind of grew and grew until now I'm struggling to squish in ONE more title... it's just to remind about all the wonderful things I can listen to, or memorize. I love new music. :D

    ~Miss Meg

  19. Your middle name is lovely and I like that you've changed your blog up a bit more recently:) I'm excited for Florence foster Jenkins too, it looks hilariously funny!

  20. Eeeks I'm so excited to read about your and Emma's visit!!!!! It'll be so fun! :)
    Oooh that new period drama looks marvelous. I can't wait to hear your input!
    1. I have the dreaded finals coming up.
    2. I am going to Wisconsin this weekend!!
    3. I JUST watched Brooklyn, and it was fantastic! :)
    P.S. I LOVE your middle name!

    1. I have exams as well. :-( I hope it goes well, Sophia!
      (AND YOU SAW BROOKLYN!!! I still have to. :-P)

  21. 1. Ohhh! I'M SO EXCTIED FOR YOU AND EMMA!!! Only 15 days, 8 hours, and 7 minutes left!! :D
    2. Personally, I like how Naomi Bennet sounded, but I like Naomi Sarah, too. And I think it's really cool that you and Emma both have your middle names on your profiles now.
    3. Okay, so that movie looks quite hilarious, and now you've got me curious to see it, too. :)

  22. I love your blog. And Naomi Sarah is very pretty. I thought Naomi Bennet was pretty too, though. Three things, here goes:
    1. I am fairly new to your blog. I saw your guest post on The P&P95 Forever Club, and decided to check your blog. Definitely glad I did!
    2. I am turning 20, tomorrow, on May 21. It feels odd, but then I can say that I am not one-and-twenty. (I think the hyphens were my addition, not sure.)
    3. I decided to be brave and take classes during the summer. But this is only so I can finish up next Spring at the junior college I go to. On the plus side, I get to take piano lessons, too.
    Also, I'm not from England, but I fell in love with the British way of spelling words. Whenever I am able, I write words like colour, theatre, and grey. Unfortunately, I cannot get away with it in school. I used to be able to do it, back when I was homeschooled. Now that I am in college, however, it is frowned upon, and they say I've spelled the words wrong. I think that the American and British ways of spelling things should both be acceptable. Sorry that was a bit long.
    I guess if you count the unnumbered things as well, there are seven.

    Kendra (or Lizzy or Anne)

    1. Firstly, Happy Birthday Kendra!!! (or Lizzy or Anne, haha.) I hope you have a wonderful day. (Yes, do answer any 'Pray what is your age's with the phrase, 'I am NOT one-and-twenty.' :-P)
      Thank you so much for commenting - and welcome to my blog. (And heehee, glad to hear you like how we spell stuff. Favourite with a U is terribly dull business. :-P)

  23. 1. I'm so excited for you!!

    2. I always thought "Naomi Bennet" flowed very nicely, but "Naomi Sarah" is more...real, you know, being your actual middle name. :D

    3. Wow! That movie looks beautiful, indeed!

    As for three things about me:

    1). I'm reading Anne of the Island and gahhhhh. 2). My friend is visiting Europe and she said she'd bring me back something Dutch to eat. :) 3). I started learning violin.
    There you have it. :)

    1. Anne of the Island is indeed GAHHHH. BECAUSE ANNE AND GIL FINALLY GET TOGETHER AND DARLING RUBY DIIIIIIIIIEEEES. That book gives me sooo many feels. :-(
      "Something Dutch to eat." (Probably cheese.)

    2. I know!! The feels are TOO much. I mean, the last page...

      Actually, I think it'll be dutch sprinkles, but she hasn't said for sure, so my fingers are crossed. ;)

  24. Tiny whisper: check My Period Drama Confession Blog submissions.

  25. First off, IT'S NOW THIRTEEN DAYS!!!! :D I am SO darn excited for you two!!!!!

    Secondly, I absolutely loved your pseudonym of "Naomi Bennet" (and I think it sounds quite nice!) but I understand your need for a change. And, hey, as you said Naomi Sarah IS you! :D I will miss seeing "Naomi Bennet" though. I'm rather used to it. :D

    Third, your new header and background are perfection and loveliness itself. :)

  26. Let's see now...three things...

    The countdown timer in your sidebar now says 10 days 12 hours!

    1. Oh, I found your lovely blog after a lot of clicking around via the blog of a friend of a friend of a friend, and decided you have such good taste and excellent opinions that I decided to stay!

    2. Naomi Sarah rather sounds like the name of a literary heroine, I can almost picture her, jolting along in a carriage, peering beneath her bonnet at the sun drenched countryside. Speaking of literary heroines, you've inspired me to read more of the L. M. Montgomery books!

    3. Back when I had singing lessons, my singing teacher asked me if I knew of Mrs. Florence Foster Jenkins.

    "I've heard of her?" I replied.

    "Ah." She said, "But have you HEARD her?"

    Then she played a clip of her singing Mozart's Queen of the Night aria.


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