"I cannot find the words to say how I feel."

     (How should we start this?)
     (We could just start from the very beginning.)
     (A very good place to start.)

     Sooooooooooooo. (Pink is Naomi, by the way. Green is Emma.) (As if you couldn't guess that.) So. 

     So. So. So.

     Be quiet.

     FIRST OF ALL. You've obviously picked up on this fact, but for the sake of posterity (and future readers, and any readers who by some odd twist of fate have NOT picked up on what's going on) NAOMI AND I ARE TOGETHER AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     As in, she is here. In America, at my house, sitting right next to me. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. EEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     So can I tell about my flight? Last Saturday was a monumental day for me - loads of firsts. First time travelling on my own, first time flying, first time out of Europe, AND FIRST TIME MEETING SOMEONE. (You don't know her.) 

     (Enough with the sarcasm, ma'am.)

     (Okay.) My flight was long and tiring - I watched The Young Victoria and The Book Thief on the plane - I was so glad they were on!! - and I waited and waited and triiiieeed to be patient. You'll not be interest about the flight (I could tell you about the man who looked like Motel and who never went to the toilet once during the 8-hour flight and I could tell you about the chatty lady in the short flight who talked with me as if I was her long lost sister or something) but hey, you're interested in the grand finale of it - zee hug.

     Oh yes. It was grand. It was glorious. It was super super super emotional. I alllllmost cried. I thought I would cry more, actually, but it went so fast -- one minute I saw her, walking around the corner, the next moment I ran towards her, and then we were hugging each other. And then the security lady yelled at me for coming through the door when I wasn't supposed to. :-P COME ON, lady, can't you see this is an EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL MOMENT?!?!?!

     Actually, I didn't think they (Emma + Sadie and her Mama) were going to be there at that point, because I still had to claim my baggage, so when suddenly Emma was running towards me I was like, 'Waaaaaiiiit.' And then my brain overreacted and BAM we were TOUCHING and she WAS A PERSON.

     And thennnnnn we claimed her baggage, went to the car, and began the long ride home. Naomi seemed to think our American houses were really adorable, for some reason. We were driving along and she'd be like, "Ohhh, all the houses are so cute!" And we were like, "Uh, those are just normal." And then I fully embarrassed myself by asking her if she'd ever seen a tractor before.

     Hahahaha. Of course I've seen a tractor before. (How do Europeans get food? Farms. How do farms produce food? Tractors.)

    Sorry. I thought maybe they looked different or something. Actually I don't really know what I was thinking. That was stupid.

    Yes. It was. Anywayyyys. It was soo cool to be between Sadie and Emma in the car and have like (we're using the word like far too much in this post) HER MUM driving in front. The houses in America are soooo darn cute; with swinging chairs in the porch and lace curtains and porches and they're made of wood. When we arrived home we went to bed rather soon, because I  dead tired, and when I woke up at about 3.30 in the morning, I was freaking out because Emma was right next to me. It's so cool, guys. Weird as anything, but so cool. And it feels so NORMAL! :-D

     It was a little weird for a while, I'll admit. Meeting your best friend in person for the first time after gazillions of emails and letters is nothing to sneeze at! But we're getting used to it. It's actually pretty cool. I could get used to this. 

     Indeedy. I completely agree. Today was way better than yesterday.

    You'll probably want to know what we've been doing so far, won't you? Well. Let's see....where do I begin? *starts singing the song*

     Emma literally knows a song for each word, and it's super annoying because I don't. So yes, what have we done so far? I taught Emma six chords on the guitar (she's keen to learn after seeing the Willis Clan), we sang Newsies songs while making pour-in pizza, and we watched the first two episodes of Downton Abbey Season Two while eating it. (IT'S SO GOOD. Tom's 'I-don't-care' smirk when the ladies hand him the letter - we died. We literally died.)

     Oh, don't forget the part about sitting on my desk and listening to Hunter Hayes! We went to bed kind of early last night because, y'know, Naomi's on a five-hour time switch. (That is, she went to bed early and I stayed up late eating popcorn and talking with my mum and sistas.) Then this morning she tagged along on my horse-riding lesson, we weeded the garden a bit, and then we went on a picnic for my cousin's birthday which ended in a visit to the bookstore. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. :-)

     Right now we're sitting on my deck and she's fiddling around with the guitar. Naomi, you got anything to say?

     We ate stawberries. And yes, the picnic was sooo much fun. I love you guys. :-) 

     We should end this post - we've been using the laptop too long today and need to do some REAL LIFE things. (Which is nice, duh.) So bye for now folks....

     Must dash!!!! We have new frontiers of fun to discover (and some chores to do....heh....hashtag farm life). We'll fill you in on some of the other awesome things that will happen this week! Till then, we remain yours: 

Emma & Naomi 


(Hey, do you want to watch a movie tonight?)
(Yeah, let's go and choose one.)


  1. I've been waiting for this post!

    I'm so happy for you! Chills and warm fuzzies, and all that. :D

    It sounds like everything was super awesome(welcome to America, by the way!). Besides liking the houses, what do you think?

    Watching DA Season Two with a friend sounds like literally one of the funnest things ever. Actually, my friend and I are talking about binge watching one of the seasons together, but anyways...

    Have fun!!!!! Those pictures are suuuper cute. :)

  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! CAN I JUST SCREAM LIKE RIGHT NOW?!!?!??!? Please. Post like this often. I laughed dear girls, I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH. xD those pictures..like..SO CUTE! you guys are genius.

    Will you watch Newsies together too?? ;) And Emma, working on a reply for you!! Well...for you BOTH. ;)

      We probably won't watch Newsies (Emma just recently saw it twice..) but we've listened to the Broadway soundtrack together and IT IS FUN. :-D

  3. Wow, SOOOO many memories of Amy's first visit!!! Isn't that "oh my goodness you're A REAL PERSON" feeling SOOO weird and wonderful and altogether indescribable? :D And, Emma, I felt the EXACT same way about crying! I expected to cry BUCKETS, but only a couple of tears squeezed out because it was just so WAIT, WHAT, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA!!

    Hint for you gals: NOTICE DETAILS. And remember them. It's easy to think while things are happening that you'll remember them; but you've got to CEMENT them in your BRAIN. ;) And the first visit is EXTREMELY unique, so cherish it!

    1. Same here!!! I thought I was going to cry loads but it happened SO FAST. It was aweeeesome though. :-D

  4. So happy for you girls! Yay!!:)
    And finally we see more of Naomi's pretty face:)

  5. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO RIGHT NOW. I told my mom that you two were meeting for the first time, for THREE WEEKS, and almost the first thing she asked was whether or not you were going to pick strawberries. Well I don't know about the picking, but apparently you did eat them! Yum :D

    I love the way you hid your face behind the book but still have your merry dark eyes peeping out, Naomi - so adorable, and quite a clever trick. I must remember it for photographing my shy people :)

    1. We haven't picked them yet! :-) Maybe next week! :-D

  6. I've been waiting two days for this post!

    I must say that I'm a bit jealous of you two! It sounds like so much fun!

    The pictures are adorable, by the way!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  7. OH. MY.GOSH. I'm practically screaming with excitement for you two!!!!
    I hope you have SO much fun. :D :D :D

    Hey, you're both wearing blue. :)

  8. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! This brought back so much nostalgia for me too. ;) Another recommendation I have (for Melody and I are wise and knowing and aged and have Gone Before :P) is that you should keep a journal of your visit! We've made a tradition of doing that and it's SO helpful to look back and remember everything with. :D

    1. Yes, we're keeping a journal. It's kind of hard to find TIME for it sometimes, but we try. :-D

    2. Ha! We know all about it. (BTW Amy, I'd recommended this to Naomi earlier! GTTA...) When you don't have time to do a full journal entry, make notes about what happened, and after the visit is over you can type up full journals and exchange them. :)

  9. SQUEAAAAAAAAAAAL! Yeah basically ...
    <3 you two! Thanks for the email! I'm off to study now!

  10. AHHHHHHHH!! AHHHHHH!!! :DDDD I am so happy for you guys!!! It must be so awesome to finally meet. :3 It sounds like you've had so much fun already! :D

    ~Lydia~ <3

  11. It sounds like you two are having far too much fun. :) And I will leave you to it.


  12. Finally!!! A post from you two!


  13. This is so unbelievably lovely!!! And sweet!!! So glad this happened!!

  14. This is a lovely post. You and Emma together. I hope you together have a lovely and splendid time together!!!

  15. Eeeeek!!! This is adorable! I was waiting for this post! Ooooh! I can't even begin to imagine how awesome that first meeting must have been. Finally seeing each other for the first time...wow. It just blows one's mind. :D

    Thanks for posting and allowing the rest of us to share in the joy of this experience. You two are so cute! I love the pictures! :D

    ~Miss March

  16. Yayyyy! I'm so happy for you two:) I hope your visit is splendiferous for both of you!!! :D

  17. WOW.

    Guys, I . . . I don't really know what to say here . . . except that you are both AMAZING, and I love you, and I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy you've finally gotten a chance to meet in person. Have a wonderful time, and don't forget to keep us posted on all your Adventures :-)

    (I remember meeting my best friend in person for the first time in 11 years--we were both 19 and hadn't seen each other since we were 8. It was Emotional and Grand. And I'll never forget it. So I do know how you guys feel, in a way ;-) )

  18. NAOMI IS IN AMERICA!!!!! :D I'm so happy for you two!! Have lots of fun together!

  19. The SUN IS UP TODAY. NAOMI MUST BE IN AMERICA. I'm so glad you made it and saw your first tractor. Ha ha. You both sound like you're having lots of fun!

    I would think the houses in Europe are adorable. The houses in America just look like houses. To me. Although I love a giant front porch with a swing. Thanks for updating us! I was thinking of you and wondering if you'd made it safely to Emma. :) xx

  20. Oohh!! It looks like so much fun!!! So happy for the both of you. :) And I just finished reading Hidden Places. I really liked it!

  21. Oh and I absolutely love the pictures!

  22. AHH YAY! I'm so happy for you both! Have the most amazing time, and welcome to America, Naomi! :D

  23. Y'all are so stinking cute!!! Have fun!

  24. WHAAA!!!!! I've been waiting so eagerly for this!! I am so RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY for both of you! This totally made my day. By the way, Naomi, I KNEW you had dark hair.;)

    ~Rilla Blythe

  25. Ahhhhh, so exciting!! I'm so happy that your flight(s) went well and that you're with your best friend now! It sounds like you've been having fun and I hope you have a wonderful time in America!

    The pictures are very lovely and this whole post is just so happy! :) I can't wait to hear more!


  26. Ah!! I'm so happy for y'all!! :D Meeting your online friends for the first time is so super exciting!!! I can tell ya, that's one experience I don't think I'll ever forget! ;)

    I hope you enjoy your visit to America, Naomi! And I hope y'all have loads of fun!! ;)

  27. EVERYONE: Thank you so much!!!!! We love you guys and your comments are all so sweet! :-)

  28. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's all I can do. Literally.

  29. HUGS all around. So happy for you two!

  30. YAYYYYYYYY, so FUNNNNNN!!!! So glad to see you both together! (And hey, it's fun to see a picture of part of your face...;) Excited for you!

  31. Eeeeeeeeeeeks together at last!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved reading this! You guys are the best!!! have a lovely trip. :)

  32. I would love to be in America with my best friend! Finally together! I'm happy for you guys!! :-)
    Wait, is that ''The Sweetest Thing'' by Elizabeth Musser you're holding? I recently read that one, and it's great. Lovely book!I'm preparing to read ''Hidden Places'' too! Again, this post is lovely and it's great you two are together at last!


  33. Yay!!!! Someone else in the world likes Hunter Hayes!


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