A very different blog look, Life lessons, Good books, etc. etc.

(Random shout-out thank you to the lovely Evie for showing me this and several other 'new' pictures of 'the Crown', the miniseries about Queen/Princess Elizabeth. It got me very excited, to say in the least. Doesn't it look gorgeous? ALTHOUGH SMILE. THIS IS A WEDDING.)

What-ho! First-off, the Very Different Blog Look. I am proDIGiously proud of it, after a lot of tweaking, 'mehhh'-ing and re-doing. I was suddenly tired of my general, old template (probably because I've overused it a lot) but a plain, plain white blog without any Period Drama or pretty decoration was too bleak and sad for me. So I found this medium! I think it looks clean, but still like moiself.

But what say YOU? Seriously, real talk time. Is it like Wonderland Creek? Doest thou approve? Is there too much white?

On a different note, summer is at rest. Technically, because who calls September summer nowadays, right? (It's till hot here, though. But school is At Hand, so summer it is not.) I had an amazing summer... mind-blowing, when I think about it. SO many firsts! Gosh, like, SO many. I went to AMERICA AND MET EMMA (let's just sink that fact in, fifteen-year-old Naomi!), I travelled on my own, I sat in a plane, I went out of Europe, I made new friends, I saw the ALPS, I swam in the Medditeranian Sea (wow, stop boasting), I accidentally said 'pretty' in an American accent and I earnt money by working at an old people's home. And I haven't posted about My Life in Eons; and neither have I dropped by with random info (I know you love those, haha. *sarcasm*). I have plenty to write about. No excuse for no blog posts. :-P

3 songs I've been listening to lately.
(They're all rather silly, but hush.) (And yes, that's a Call the Midwife picture.)

1. "I'm into something Good" by Hermans Hermits. This song is STUPID and ANNOYING and they aren't that good of singers, but I love it. I have to admit, after listening to it on repeat while writing, I'm completely sick of it, but I had a lot of fun listening to it for a few days. So.
2. "Popular" from Wicked. Ahhh HER VOICE IS SO GOOD. (Miss Meg and I were swooning about it several weeks ago; and we agree that we are both potentially jealous for life.) (Well, we envy her the voice anyway.) The lyrics are funny, although nothing to take very seriously, haha. "That's what makes me so nice," hehehee. I love this song; it's super catchy and it makes me sing, 'Lar, Lar, Lar, Lar' while taking a bath. Don't judge me.
3. "Night Changes" by One Direction. I AM EMBARRASSED. But I actually love this song. Sometimes I hate it, but when one's in the mood it's really meltingly cute. (The music video is really cool; I like it.) (I ADMIT. I DO.) (Wow, I have changed since last year.)

3 Lessons Learnt by working at an Old People's Home for 12 days. 
(Aside from the fact that it was tiring and my life was so busy and that gosh now I finally know what it's like to FULL ON appreciate weekends.)

1. Being Young is Good. I've never dreaded growing up, but now I sort of do. Not the 20's or 30's thing... but the actually GETTING OLD deal. I don't want to be 80. I don't want to be in a home where, if you're lucky, you actually have something to do in those hours you call Day. I don't want to wait for death in this house where people help you to eat and walk. (Okay, I just said that all in the most pessimistic way ever; and of course there are many happy old people's homes (like the one I worked in) and there's always things to be happy about. And when you're old you're wise.)
2. Old people (generally) appreciate the little things so much more than us young'uns. We must learn a lesson here; VALUE THE LITTLE THINGS. Some of the old people I met were so beautiful and appreciative and sweet... we must learn from them.
3. Photographs can be so melancholy. For instance, for the past 12 days ('cept the weekends), every morning, I've been taking out a platter with finished breakfast out of the room of an old lady. The old lady's name escapes me now, but she looks like an Angela so I will call her that. Angela was old and thin and wrinkled and pretty... her eyes dark with make-up and her lips red with lipstick, but on the wall was a large black and white photograph of her and her husband on their wedding day. It was the same face, but then young. The same chirpy eyes - the same tender smile; but clear skin, thick hair, a magazine model face and a dashing husband, with a whole life before her. The whole sense of old people looking at photographs of deceased loved ones and their young faces just is very melancholy to me. It's like they're immigrants in time.

3 Good Books I have Recently (re)-Read
(Read is the best thing ever. I just said that so I would have something to say that I could put in italics because I think it looks cool. But it IS the best thing ever.)

1. "All she Ever Wanted", by Lynn Austin. This is Lynn Austin's most mature book, I think, so I'd only recommend this to older readers, but seriously I MUST RAVE about it. It is achingly good - the riveting stories of Kathleen's childhood, the special frienship of Cynthia and Eleonor and their WW2 years... all so beautifully told - the story so beautifully spun by flashbacks, characters and little hints of mysteries you want to know more about. The way the bond between Joelle and Kathleen is strengthened throughout the book is beautiful. I would have bawled over it had I not been reading it during lunch break at the old people's home, with fellow employers beside me on their phones. I enjoyed All she ever wanted IMMENSELY, even more than the first read. A solid, solid five star-read.
2. "The Fault in our Stars", by John Green. I had read this before, and disliked it. It's still not my favourite book, and there are many things about it I do Not like (such as all the language ugh), but I'm really happy I gave it another go! The story IS very good, and the characters are super real - also the whole cancer subject is so sensitively and well-written and handled. And John Green's writing is Amazing. Mark the capital A. I gave it four stars on Goodreads; which is more than I thought I would ever rate it when I read it first.
3. "With every letter" by Sarah Sundin. Again, another re-read - this time I loved it the first time and loved it again the next time! Some of the book bores me some, but the letters are achingly sweet and the couple Mellie and Tom are so cute. I loved it; and I just had to rate it five stars! Natalie wrote a lovely review of it once, here. By the way.

3 Blessings in Disguise when Internet crashed
(It was crashed for five+ days and it was Very Irritating Indeed.)

1. It gave me an opportunity (and very good excuse) to properly get to know our new (Irish!) neighbours. I had to public Downton Abbey posts for the DA week, so I had to find Internet SOMEWHERE. Our new neighbours! Why not go ask them? So I did, and turns out the girl next door loves Downton Abbey AND the Good Version of Pride and Prejudice! New Kindred Spirit!
2. It got me back into writing! I NEEDED no Internet for that - last week I was in the biggest writer's block and now I'm ever so keen to get those fingers on the keyboard and fill those pages. I started a new story - inspired (very loosely) on Call the Midwife, which I've been watching and rewatching with my Mama and my sister Hannah. I wuvs it.
3. There is no third blessing. It was annoying. But there were two silver linings very much worth the mention, which I suppose, makes for the third blessing in disguise.

Now I must go... it's almost ten o'clock and it's not Saturday tomorrow, so off to bed I go. Love you all!

Answer these three questions in comment, will you? Just because it's random and duh, why not? (Also, the '3 things' pattern in the post. You get it? Three questions. THREE. YOU SEE.)
1. What do you think of the blog look?
2. What is something you've learnt this summer/winter/whatever season you're in?
3. Leave a link with your current favourite song in the comments! Any genre; I'm open to new song-types. :-P



  1. Hello Naomi,
    I've been reading your blog for about a year now (#EmbarrassingFacts101) but I've never commented because I'm reaallyyy, reaallyyy awkward at it. Every time I attempt to write a comment I just end up gushing so, yeah.....

    Anyway I thought now was about time to stick my head out and thank you for writing this blog. I've enjoyed lurking around and reading every post (apologies for how creepy that sounded). Oh, and all your blog headers look amazing.

    Hoping you are having a good day, cuz you deserve it. :)
    - A Freindly Ghost
    (P.S. Apologies for any and all awkwardness and typos. I'm going to post this before I have time to think and delete it.)

    1. Dear Friendly Ghost, I LOVED your comment! (THANK YOU for commenting!!) I'm so glad to hear that you enjoy my blog - you are so sweet. (And I don't mind gushing. Although it does make me blush. :-P)

    2. Aw, well thanks. :) And ugh, I need to work on my spelling.

      I just realized that I never answered your three questions. *thumps head against a large book repeatedly*

      1. I love this blog look. Though the one before it was my all time favorite. For obvious reasons.
      2. That I can both ache for Heaven and love the beauty of this world. It's an odd thing. Rain is more glorious than I could ever imagine (especially after a long drought). Fireflies dancing in the dying sun are beautiful.
      3. I've been loving God Help the Outcasts from the Hunchback of Notre Dame musical. And In the Mood by Glenn Miller (its a soundtrack not a song but, still).

      -From The Person Who Needs To Think Of A Less Bizarre and Awkward Name Than A Friendly Ghost.

    3. Dear Person Who Needs To Think Of A Less Bizarre and Awkward Name Than A Friendly Ghost, (love it)

      1. Thank you! (I assume you're a DA fan then?!! :-))
      2. Rain and Fireflies and aching for Heaven = YES.
      3. In the Mood - ME LOVES IT. :-D

  2. LOVE THIS and Thank you my dear friend! Thanks for being there when I needed someone to talk to about the death of dear friend Liv :)

    Thanks for the shoutout, I really honestly did not expect it, it reminds me that I need to get cracking on my Period Drama posting again... I can't let it slide.. although post ideas are bit tough right now.. I think I'll email you with some ideas that we can bounce off?

    1. What do you think of the blog look?

    Um YES Although I really miss your lovely headers.. like the collage ones.. :D

    2. What is something you've learnt this summer/winter/whatever season you're in?

    That life is short and make the most of it

    3. Leave a link with your current favourite song in the comments! Any genre; I'm open to new song-types. :-P

    current favourite song?! I have three..
    HAHA Three.. see what I did there.. three questions three songs.. okay

    Gooood Morning
    I'm so SO excited for this to be coming to my city in like a couple of weeks (SQUELP) and the Tap.. THE TAP!

    This first came up on my Spotify (Evelyn Dashwood) and I'm now OBSESSED with this musical.. ohmywordy it's GOOD! And it's really hit home for me lately.. the lyrics and everything.. well apart from the children bit.. substitute cousins for children then that's me

    I'm currently learning this and i love it it's so good and such fun to sing!

    Well there you go! I'm off to redesign my blog for Spring/summer you've inspired me my dear!

    1. Evie, You're welcome! Thank you for the pictures. :-P
      Hahaha three songs, SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. :-P Ohhhh I need to start listening to the Finding Neverland musical! It sounds beautiful!! *dies*

  3. Nice to see a nice long post about what's going on! ;) I like the new blog look! But I did love all the pictures and decorations on the sidebar, and it is now quite bare in comparison... It's definitely nice to have a fresh change now and then, though.
    Things I learned this summer... well, I went actually camping (as in, in a tent and not some sort of cabin) for the first time. Through that I learned that I like people. I used to think I didn't like strangers or trying to make conversation, but I realized that I just don't like teenagers, haha. Specifically the more main-stream sort who just want to talk about current movies and fashion trends, whereas I'd like to talk about classic books and 19th century dresses. ;) So I learned that I do like talking to strangers, when they're adults and will talk about less trendy subjects (or children, because children are wonderful and amusing). I also discovered Dickens for the first time and learned that I love him.
    Current favorite song... Well, I ALWAYS love In the Mood by Glenn Miller. I've also been listening to Well Hall (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiSwKtHMTgA) and Juice of Barley (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3K2pKCtDaE&index=5&list=PLt-oOhRBFdfzttnVfwVKIAlVkZ0BiXoK3) a lot lately, because they're English Country Dance songs and I've been longing to hold a Regency dance. And Well Hall is achingly beautiful.

    1. Awdur, I'm planning to decorate my sidebar some more, so don't worry! It'll be a bit more cluttered in a while. :-P
      Me too actually, sort of. (About liking people.) I relate to that so much, about talking with adults - although I LOVE talking with people my own age too. (When they're cool kind of teenagers. :-P) (Cool as in, not Very Main-Stream.)
      I LOVE In the Mood!!!!! :-) And Juice of Barley! Still need to listen to Well Hall, though...

  4. Another post from Naomi! Just when I thought my evening couldn't get any nicer. :-)

    I think the look is LOVELY. You surprised me. :-) It's very neat and tidy and eye-pleasing. Well done!

    Now I do understand what you mean about the photographs...it is bittersweet. I think it's inspiring too, though. I love looking at old photos of my grandparents -- they were such movie stars. ;-)

    What did I learn this summer? I learned it's okay to be wild. I also learned that I don't need to care what random people think of me, as long as I keep my eyes on the Lord and try to glorify and reflect Him. That's a lesson that I'll probably keep learning all my life.

    This 'ere is the best durn song I ever heard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc2W_k50tK0 (I don't remember how to do the link so you'll just have to paste it. I know, annoying. But TRUST ME ON THIS ONE, you should listen to it. :-))


    1. I'm glad I surprised you. :-P
      Ahhh I know, the Older Generation were SUCH Movie Stars. :-O
      Ahhhh, a Josh Turner song!!! Of course it's GOOD. I mean, duh. (I'm listening to it right now. :-))

  5. What a gorgeous pic from The Crown! It looks so elegant and scrumptious. I really hope their won't be any Content, though. Like, is it necessary to put that kind of stuff in to sell the show? AAARGH. Let's hope for the best.:) (The no smiling thing really bothers me too. Come on, Queen Elizabeth was crazy in love with Philip. (I'm sure she still is, but you know what I mean.:P) Okay, ONE person is smiling. But it looks like a mean smile haha.
    I think your new look is rather white, but it's still nice and it's still YOU.:) That third paragraph you wrote about elderly people was quite beautiful and touching, Naomi. You're super insightful and you can really command words. What is something I've learnt this summer? I've learned that every single minute is a gift from God and that politics is one big sad joke.:)Just ONE song????;)Okay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta3jHcbslQw&feature=youtu.be
    "Really speaks to me, that song, you know, Jeeves.":P,

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. Rilla, Me too. And she should SMIIIILE. Hello there. Weddings are Happy. :-P
      Awww, thank you!
      Politics is one big sad joke. Aww. :-P Yep.
      Ohhh, a Bobby Darin song! *goes off to listen to it* (And you quoted Wooster. I KNEW I liked you!)

  6. Ohhh! It feels likes SUCH a long time since I've commented on your blog!! I hardly know where to start, I'm so out of the groove. Haha. ;)

    This was a lovely post. I really like how you arranged all the different subjects into sections, interspersed with pictures. Your posts are always pleasing to look at, as well as to read! :)

    Goodness! Your point about old photographs. That really does sound melancholy when you put it that way! (Are you trying to depress me? ;)) I don't really like old people's homes. I know they are necessary sometimes, but my siblings and I are bound and determined that our parents shall never set foot in one! When they get too old to live by themselves, they're going to live with one of us! :)

    I just read With Every Letter, too! And yes, it is a very sweet story. (There were a few parts that bored me, too, so I totally understand where you're coming from on that one.) What was one of your favorite scenes? I really liked it at the end where Tom finally finds out who Mellie is! That was such a happy part!! :D

    Oh, wow. Sorry your internet went out on you. That really would be annoying. But good luck with your story! I'm so glad you got a new idea. That's always fun. (And it's loosely based off of Call the Midwife? Cool. I get most of my story inspiration from movies.)

    The new blog look...hmmm. It is very different from your previous looks, but I think it's nice. Very professional looking. And clean and fresh. And I love how you couldn't help but include a period drama picture at the top, because after all Wonderland Creek and Period Dramas just go together! Isn't that right? Very nice job indeed, Naomi! (Oh! And I wouldn't say it's too much white. After all, that's sort of the point--to have a lot of white--isn't it? :))

    What did I learn this summer? Oh, boy. I don't know. I guess I rediscovered how much I LOVE having a good book to read and how much I enjoy knitting. I'd been neglecting those two things shamefully the past few years.

    I'm afraid I can't come up with a song to send you right now, because I really must be off. But thank you so much for another lovely post (oh! and for the Downton Abbey week! I enjoyed it VERY much, I assure you!). I hope your internet behaves from here on out, so we don't have to go so long without hearing from you. :)

    Have a good night, my dear.

    ~Miss March

    1. Miss March!!!! I've missed you and your comments... so glad you're back *hugs* I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the DA week, too.
      Old photographs are melancholy as well as fascinating, though.
      Yesss! That's DEFINITELY the best part, when Tom and Mellie are finally REALLY reunited! I love their dance scene, as well.

  7. This post was so calming and wise :) Thank you for it.

    1. I like it. It wasn't at all what I was expecting, but there is a nice clean feel to it. I think the font is my favorite part.

    2. Summer for me :) I guess what I'm coming away with most is that I need to be more decisive.

    3. We re-watched Cinderella this summer, and as a result I've been playing this song a lot on repeat -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhBRa9n1aC0

    Lovely post :)

    1. Awww, thank you.
      I'm glad you like the blog look even though it's very different. Let's see how long it stays up! :-)
      Me too, actually. Being decisive can be hard, though! (AND I LOVE THAT SONG. AHH.)

  8. 1) Love the new blog look! Very elegant!:-)
    2) Something I've learned- some changes come one at a time, while some changes come all at once. when changes come all at once, trust that God will get you through them one at a time:-)
    3) Current favorite song (well, two of my favorites!)- "Higher" by Unspoken, and "State I'm In" by Needtobreathe

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth!
      That's so true. What a good lesson to learn! :-) I'll check out those songs when I find some more time... ;-)

  9. 1. I adore your new blog look! It's cleaner and still very much you :)
    2. I learned how a summer can be simultaneously productive and lazy, hot and not, slow and fast. It was bizarre . . .
    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gxNW2Ulpwk Don't even ask. I love instrumental that makes my mind work instead of distracting it with lyrics. This one is perfect for me no matter what I'm doing. Because it's happy and sad and light and heavy and upbeat and soft. And it's long, so I can actually do something during the song XD

    I LOVE THIS POST! Also, I love how it's "The Good Version" of P&P. Because it really is SOOO much better than the newer version. I liked how that one was a little dirtier and simpler in some ways . . . Oh and I loved Jane, Mr. Bennett, and Mr. Collins (superb casting). But that was IT. *shudder* And don't even get me started on Downton or Call the Midwife *dies*

    1. Thank you so much, Abigayle!!! I'm so glad you like it!
      Okay, the song you posted is so... everything you said. It's good!
      HAHA SAME. I hated Mr Bennet in P&P05, though, and Mr Collins. I liked Jane a lot though! She was really good. :-)

  10. Where to start where to start where to staaart?! I LOVED THIS POST M'KAY. :D (Also it was a nice surprise. I wasn't expecting it, for some reason. :P)

    Goodness, yes! LOOSEN UP CLAIRE FOY!!! Ahaha. Ahem. (Maybe she's never been married herself and she doesn't understand how exciting her wedding day should be?!) (No wait that theory doesn't work 'cause she is married. Well, it must be the director's fault...)

    I'm so confused when you talk about summer finishing at some point during September... like, over here, the seasons end with the months kinda thing. :P Like, YESTERDAY WAS THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING KINDA THING. (SUPER STOKED AND PUMPED AND EXCITED ABOUT THAT BY THE WAY. I may just happen to really like spring, is all...)

    Aha, that "Into Something Good" song is FUNNY. XD It's making me chuckle. (It's so OLD. Hehe. I feel like I need a brightly coloured spring looking dress and red lipstick or something. ;P)

    Oh my gosh, I hadn't actually heard Kristen Chenoweth sing THAT song before... "I know. That's what makes me so nice." BAHAHAHA. Sorry, but this is just making my day!!
    And I'm sorry, but picturing you singing "Lar, Lar, Lar, Lar" while taking a bath is kinda funny. (Only because I can relate to doing something like that.)
    And yes, I still haven't gotten over HER VOICE. ("Potentially jealous for life". Haha. Yup. Pretty much.)

    ONE DIRECTION?! Is this Naomi writing?! Haha, just kidding. ;) I understand. I don't mind their song "Drag Me Down" but I would NEVER confess to be a One Direction fan. I mean, their music is okay, but I don't actually like their characters. :P And I liked that song a lot! (Also that video was REALLY AMUSING. I liked the ending the best. XD)

    I was helping catering for an old people's luncheon last Wednesday so I learnt quite a few things about older people. (For one thing, ladies in their 60's have the FUNNIEST SENSE OF HUMOUR EVER!! I hung out with them for hours and had a lot of fun, considering I was the youngest there by at least 40 years. Haha.)
    And to all your points, YES. I am loving being young and I DON'T want to live in an old people's home.
    Old people love young people's company and they actually remember a lot more than you think. (I get so surprised at the amount of old people who remember me from visiting the old people's home every few months.)
    Dear, dear, your thoughts were rather melancholy. ;) I love looking at old photographs, though.

    Oohh, really, you liked "The Fault in Our Stars"? I always felt like that was a contradictory book. I've never read it. ;)

    You've got Irish neighbours?! Cool! I wish I had some. :P
    Haha, #3. THERE IS NO THIRD BLESSING. (Why does that sound like something off "Fiddler on the Roof"?)

    Well, it's an hour off from 10 o'clock here and it IS Saturday tomorrow for me so HURRAY!!! But I did have stuff I wanted to do so I better hurry this up somewhat. :P I've been procrastinating too much...

    They're not accepting this as one comment so I'm gonna have to split it. ;)

    ~Miss Meg


      Oh goodness no, let us not blame Claire Foy. She's just doing what script and Mr Director says. Maybe it's all less straight-laced (um wait, this is Britain) in the movie, though. I hope. :-P

      Really?! That's actually way more simple. Spring comes on the 20th/21st around here. Kind of weird. The 1st makes more sense. (Glad spring as arrived there! Spring is The Best Season EVER.)

      I know, "I'm into something good' sounds so OLD. I like it a lot, though. It's very fun.
      Ohh, I like 'Drag me down' as well. And I'm glad you appreciated the video. :-P There are some good things about those weird dudes.

      Hahaha, oops, sorry about the melancholy thoughts. Don't mean to depress you guys. :-P

      I didn't think about Fiddler on the Roof when I wrote it, but it DOES sound like it! It sounds a bit like, "Where do those traditions come from? I'll tell you. I don't know." (Maybe not.)

      ~ Naomi

  11. 1. Your new blog look is amazing! It's simple, yet not...and really great! Love it!
    2. My little brother is learning to swim, and I swim almost every day. I have always appreciated swimming, but know I love it anymore. Does this sound very silly?
    3. Currently I'm in Downton soundtracks, because of the DA week before.
    This is really a very good post! There are much things you can learn from older people, indeed! And Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife, yes!! Although I disliked one or two episodes of Call the Midwife.
    Again, I really loved this post!

    1. 1. Aww, thanks!!!
      2. No, that's a great thing to learn. Kudos to you!
      3. DA SOUNDTRACKS ARE REALLY GOOD. (Yes, I agree, I didn't enjoy ALL the CtM episodes. But most of it is really good!)

  12. 1. What do you think of the blog look? Well I like it. :D It's clear and fresh and looks so tidy and neat and I love that. It also looks classy and clean. So it has my stamp of approval indeed.
    2. What is something you've learnt this summer/winter/whatever season you're in? Haha. Winter, my dear. ;) Um, gosh... I'm not sure. I've learnt how to prove triangles congruent using postulates and I've learnt about the ionosphere and the homosphere and heteropshere and... but no, that's boring. Um... on a more serious note, I guess I learnt that I have to be firm in my beliefs but respect others and be very gentle when explaining mine. I've also learnt that every day God shows me a little more just how much He loves me. I've learnt that putting my trust in God and His guiding my life is something that is EXTREMELY important and I can never trust Him too much. I've learnt that I like peppermint tea, also. :P
    3. Leave a link with your current favourite song in the comments! Any genre; I'm open to new song-types. OH MY GOSH ONE?!!! That is CRUELTY!!! I don't have ONE. I love Hunter Hayes' "Invisible" and "I Want Crazy" SO MUCH but I think you already know those songs. I love the song "Dear Life" by Delta Goodrem (it's also more touching when you know she's been through cancer and conquered it), and I love ssooo many more, but I may just show you this particular, because I think it's sweet. ;) I love the singer (this is a cover, by the way) and also it's really cute because they're a COUPLE. And I think couple's singing together are really CUTE. ;D https://youtu.be/13Z46y4WgU4

    Goodnight Naomi! ;)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. 1. Thanks! :-)
      2. Stop it at once about triangles. :-P About the more serious note though, AMEN. I've been learning similar things this year, and it's all be so good.
      3. Oh, I like 'The Middle.' (Not the original version very much, but I liked the cover. Thanks for showing me!) (ANd Hunter Hayes songs YES. I WANT CRAZY. Love that song!!)

  13. 1. I honestly wasn't sure what I would think about the new blog look, (I read the whole post from my email before actually heading over here). I think it is rather pretty, however. It's so different, and I think that people occasionally need something that isn't the same old thing day after day.
    2. This summer I learnt that I can write better essays than I had previously thought, and that although school during the summer is not the most enjoyable thing in life, there is afterwards a great sense of accomplishment which comes with the end of a difficult task. (Run-on sentence, YIKES!!! not something to use in an essay.)
    3. Favourite song... I have so many. "Amazing Grace" is one. "The Sweetest Sounds" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U13jxf5IXDM) and "Falling in Love with Love" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqEclRcoZeo) in Rodgers and Hammerstein 1997 Cinderella. Any of the songs from that musical, though. Yeah, so those are some of the main ones.
    Thank you for the lovely post.

    1. I know, I wanted something different. Thank you!
      Ohh, the skills of essay writing. GOOD for you! I love the Cinderella musical; I still want to listen to it properly one day; haven't yet. :-)

  14. My stupid computer refuses to load your new design properly, but from what I can see, I really like the simplicity of the header. Well done!


    1. Eva! SO good to have a comment from you again. :-) Thanks, I hope you can see it all properly soon. :-P

  15. I do like the new style, though it is a little stark. I'm used to the lovely pastels Wonderland Creek is known for, but it matters not. I also kinda miss the fancy headers, but then again...I approve of the simplistic style as well. Your trademark has always been pretty pictures and pastels, but sometimes a body needs to try something new and create some elbow room.

    Oh, I know about the photographs. My great grandma shows us all sorts of old black and white photos of her family and Fishing Papa (her husband, who is in heaven). She starts out with little stories about her childhood, but she always ends up talking about Papa, and by the end she's often crying. But I love the stories she tells. Someday I'll write her stories down. She lived in Detroit during the forties and fifties. Just the kind of vintage-y sort of thing you like, Naomi.

    1. Glad you can appreciate the new look even though it's not what you necessarily would link 'Wonderland Creek' with. I wanted something new for a change! Doesn't mean it'll always be this 'white', though. :-) But I love it, though, and it was what I needed. :-P

      Ohhh, your photographs sound so sweet + emotional. I want to meet your great-grandma now. Give her a hug from me. :-)

  16. I ADORE the look! It's gorgeous. Different, but in a lovely, lovely way. And I like the other little vintage/old-fashioned pictures throughout the sidebar. You did a splendid job!

    That's cool that you work in an old-people's home! A very good friend of ours--basically an "adopted grandma"--went into a nursing home (that's what we call them here in America) a few months ago and so we visit her regularly. So I know just what you mean.

    1. THANK you, Rae!!! :-)
      I love 'adopted grandma's. :-) They're generally the nicest people ever.

  17. New post! Yay!!! :-)

    1. I rather like the new look; it's very different, but it looks clean and pretty, and I love the photos you chose. AND the little thing about the "detective" ;-)
    2. Something I've learned recently: I'm a lot more capable of adapting and trying new things then I thought I was! Because I just started grad school, and I was kind of apprehensive about it because HELLO THAT'S REALLY REALLY DIFFERENT AND NEW AND SCARY--but so far it's been wonderful. I have fantastic classes, I'm really enjoying my assistantship work, and I've made a bunch of great new friends. So I'm happy :-)
    3. Current favorite song? Gosh . . . I have wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too many . . . But here are two of my most-current favorites:
    Peter Hollens' version of "Into the West"
    And Christina Grimmie and Sam Tsui's cover of "Just a Dream"

    Haha, I love some of One Direction's songs too . . . I think pop music, in general, is more appealing as one gets older; I used to think I hated ALL of it, but now I'm finding I really, really love some of it. So yeah ;-)

    1. 1. Hahaha, glad you appreciate the little thing about the 'detective.' :-P
      2. Good for you! I know I've been saying this a lot in the comments, but I've been discovering the exact same about me! Trying new things is wonderful... as well as scary. :-P
      3. I'm gonna check these out. ;-) I generally like your music taste.

      SAME. I really really love some of it too. Last year I would have never said that.

  18. I just realised how much I missed reading your posts (not because you haven't written them, but I've been away from the blogging circle for a while).

    As for the questions:
    1. I love, love, LOVE the new design. It's simple but gorgeous, and trying something completely new is not always bad;)

    2.As I've been really busy with work this summer, I think I've learned just how much to appreciate it when I finally have a few days off.

    3. At the moment I'm really loving "Fairytales" and "I Gotta Have My Baby Back" Both sung by Ella Fitzgerald and The Mills Brothers

    1. Awww, thanks! It's good to have you back, Rose. :-)
      Thank you so much - I'm glad you love the new design. Ahhhh yes. What with my holiday job I've become SO much more aware that a day off is SUCH a precious thing.
      LOVE Ella Fitzgerald. MAN she can SING.

  19. #1 - I've started college and I'm DYING over here :P

    #2 - Current favorite song is Holding Out For A Hero, by Bonnie Tyler.

    #3 - The new look is ... white :)


    2) This summer I learned that I have more courage than I thought.

    3) Here's a song that makes me smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUr5v2aWijw

    (It's the theme song from my absolute favorite perhaps even more than Downton Abbey show. And the song ties into what you say you learned while working this summer. That show REALLY reminds me of my family.) x

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. What a beautiful post dear. :) :) :)
    I don't really want to get old either... But I suppose there are wonderful parts about each stage in life. I suppose we'll be wiser when we're old. x) :)

  23. Now THIS is what I call changing a blog look! I thought you did a splendid job on all your headers, and I did like how much color they had, but I also like how clean and professional this looks!
    Thank you so much for writing about working at a nursing home. I volunteered at one this summer, and I could not agree with you more, especially on number one. Sometimes I really really hope we can have Judgement Day before I go to live at a nursing home! And agreed on the tiring part! I only did 2-3 hours at a time, but I came home feeling drained!
    Anyway, to sum it all up: nice blog, nice post, nice summer. :)

  24. Oops, I almost missed this post! Sorry about that. :/

    I must say this was such a lovely one. But then, which of yours aren't? I loved hearing about your summer and what you've learned....which reminds me, I'm terribly overdue on my email to you! I promise it's on my radar. :)

    I can hardly imagine being an old person and looking back on long-ago photographs. I can tear up at photos in my own past, and I'm only eighteen. Sheesh. I'm going to be a sentimental mess one day. :P

    You have new neighbors who are IRISH? That's just too cool for words. And the girl next door likes DA AND the 1995 P&P? Wow. Is it more common for British people to watch the 1995 P&P? A lot of girls I've met have never heard of it. :(

    Aww, thank you for linking to my review!! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading WEL again. :)

    I know I said this in another comment, but I love your new look!


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