Ask Me Anything!

I normally (the 'norm' being twice) do a big Ask Me Anything in the summer, and I sort of did one this year, on Emma + me being together in zee flesh. 90% (well slight exaggeration there) of those questions were, 'How late did you stay up', 'what movies did you watch together' and 'when is Emma coming to visit Naomi?!' and they were fun questions. I will always have good memories of us two answering them behind the woodstack in Emma's garden. Which is also where I read A Northern Light which I kinda want to reread.


I am doing another Ask Me Anything session. (You'd have never guessed by know.)

Ask me all zee questions, and I'll answer them all (maybe not all how you expect me to answer them; it all depends on whether or not I'm in a satirical mood or not when I answer them.) Ask me deep questions, nosy questions (can't promise detailed answers, but asking won't hurt), random questions with no purpose or reason whatsoever (I love those) and just, questions you've secretly been wanting to ask me for eons and eons. I know you've got them. (Ha.) (You're probably racking your brain right now, wearily thinking up some questions to make me feel loved. ;-P)

Comment them now. Onetwothreego.

And thanks. <3 :-)


  1. What's your computer desktop image right now?

    Have you ever changed the way you write a specific letter or number to match the way a famous person wrote it?

    If they made a movie or TV show of your life, what would it be called?

    Pick one different Austen heroine to share each of the following activities with:
    Cleaning the house for company
    Trying a difficult new recipe
    Going to the movies
    Yard work
    Addressing a huge stack of Christmas cards

  2. Lovely post again! I figured out two questions (after racking my brain :-)):

    First question: How many books do you read in a year?
    Second question: Do you prefer chocolate or icecream?

    I hope you answer them :-)


  3. ~What's your least favorite color?
    ~Three real people you admire and why.
    ~Three fictional characters you admire and why.
    ~Favorite flavor of ice cream? Cake? Pie?
    ~Favorite book of the Bible? (It's so hard!)
    ~Which fashion decade from the 1900s is your favorite? (i.e., 20s, 50s, etc)
    ~What's your current favorite book? Movie?
    ~Apples or oranges?
    ~What's one question you wished you'd been asked? Answer it! :) (I always hope someone asks me this question.)

    This was fun!


  4. *evilly laughs* I LOVE THIS KIND OF STUFF (like I legit had some girl sing mary had a little lamb on video once heheeeeehe)

    1. most embarrassing blogpost ever published
    2. if you could have one "american" food, what would it be?
    3. read us the last text you sent to anyone
    4. Gilbert Blithe or Mr. Darcy? (LIKE I TOTALLY KNOW WHO I WOULD PICK duh)
    5. last time you sneezed?
    6. weirdest thing you do on a regular basis?
    7. favorite holiday?
    8. AND I MUST ASK top 3 books?

    that will be it for now...I may come back later hehee

    BTW THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENT ON MY BLOG. I think you saved me from losing hahaa o.o

  5. If I think of anything I'll be back. ;-)

  6. What a genius idea Naomi!!!! I LOVE it!!

    1. What's your favourite music songs?
    2. Matthew Crawley or Mr Knightley?
    3. Favourite pin on Pinterest?
    4. What's your hair colour?
    5. Your favourite Period Drama couple?
    6. What's your favourite actor and actress?
    7. What word do you often use?
    8. Chocolate or Cake?

    No more answers left. But I will come back with more. :) If I may.

  7. Haha, I get to channel my inner Mrs. Rachel Lynde.;)

    1. Favorite episode of Pride and Prejudice?

    2. Favorite P.G.Wodehouse quotation?

    3. Favorite meme?

    4. What are you looking forward to right now?

    5. Did you see the new Beauty and the Beast trailer? What do you think of it?

    6. What do you want to major in during college?

    7. What is the theme in your bedroom?

    8. What names would you give your children?

    9. If you could have learned something earlier, what would it have been? ( This could be a skill or a life lesson, whatever.:))

    10. Favorite Blimeycow episode?

    11. Do you like to organize?

    12. What's the most fun time you've had with your siblings?

    13. Favorite tea?

    Now I shall go back to my cruel algebra.:)

    ~Rilla Blythe

  8. Have you considered getting Twitter/Instagram? (It would be lovely to have you there!)
    Favourite Period Drama Hero?
    Can I steal this post idea? :D
    Favourite under valued Musical?
    Dream Role in Theatre?

  9. 1. Do you ever listen to Disney songs? If so, what's your favorite?
    2. What was the strangest-tasting food you ate while in America?
    3. Are you excited to see Dan Stevens play the Beast/Prince in the new BatB movie?
    4. What's your current favorite piece of clothing, and why? As in, what does it look like and why are you fond of it, etc.
    5. What's one spot in Europe that you've never travelled to, but really wish you could someday?
    6. If I were to write a story about the New York Mafia in the 1970s, would you read it? OKAY I KNOW THIS IS RANDOM. I just have this story idea on my mind right now . . .
    7. Besides "Rilla of Ingleside" and "The Blue Castle," what's one book you really would like to see made into a movie? Why?

    That's all I can think of at the moment :-)

  10. What's you least favorite book? The nosy question... have you always lived in Belgum? Do you consider yourself more Belgian or more British?

  11. Okay, here goes:

    What is your favorite Blimey Cow episode?

    Do you spend more time reading books or watching movies/tv shows?

    If you could take a selfie with one celebrity, who would it be?

    How many books do you currently have in your room?

    Do you have any books that you associate with a certain season or holiday?

    What to you is the second saddest death in Downton Abbey(I think I can guess the first saddest)

    What would you grab if your house were on fire?

  12. Everyone has thought of such good questions I'm stumped, haha. :P (I never thought I'd EVER say that. I guess it's 'cause I ask you heaps of questions anyways. ;D)

    First three that came to mind:
    Have you ever eaten oysters? (I have... they're weird. I had mine raw, last Christmas.)
    What YouTubers do you follow?
    What was the last song you sang?

    Cheerio. :D

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Hey, I thought of three more random ones. (And oh my word, not that you need any more - there's a gazzilion here for you to answer! :O)

      If you HAD to watch a movie and the only choices were (1, a lame comedy, (2, a ridiculously sappy chick-flick with bad reviews or (3, an adventure/thriller that's very intense, which would you choose? ;D
      If you had to be called this ALL your LIFE, would you rather people consider you older looking or younger looking than what you really are?
      If you were proposed to by Edward, Victor and Roland from Testament of Youth, which would you accept? ;)




  13. Favorite Downton Abbey character?
    Favorite book?
    Favorite movie?
    Favorite period drama couple?
    Favorite tv or film rendition of Pride and Prejudice?

  14. O, this is great! Eventhough I don't have as many questions. :)
    1. What length is your hair?
    2. What are your favourite clouds?
    3. Sea or forest?

  15. Oh yay. I love Q and A's.

    Do you do any form of fancywork?

    Are there any trees on your property (specifically a good one for a swing)?

    What church denomination do you belong to?

    What's your single most favorite thing about Autumn?

    Have you ever chipped a tooth?

  16. Let's see...What do I want to know about Naomi?

    Which do you like better, Lynn Austin or L. M. Montgomery? Mwahaha, I don't actually expect you to choose. :D

    Do you have any actual crushes in real life? Like, literary crushes don't count. :) If so, maybe include a picture from a period drama of an actor who most closely resembles your crush? :)

    Do you play any instruments? It seems like I maybe asked this for a tag once and you answered, but I don't remember...

    What are some of your life ambitions, e. g. college, marriage, etc.?

    Do you have a job? What job would you like to have?

    Do you speak languages besides French and English?

    Okay, that's all I can come up with. I hope you have a lovely day!

  17. Well, I'm certainly looking forward to reading your answer post!! It's going to be SUPER fun judging from the questions that have come in so far. :D

    I'm afraid I can't think of any good questions right now, but all the same...YOU ARE LOVED. (Just thought I'd throw that out there. Heehee. ;))

    Oh and I just wanted to say, I've been admiring your layout again. It's so clean and crisp and pretty. And I love the color green you chose for your post title. :)

    ~Miss March

      Awww, thank you. You're the beeest.

  18. - Would you rather be best friends with Laura Ingalls or Mary Ingalls?
    - Do you (like me) wonder why Carrie never has a decent line in that whole show (I'm still talking the Ingalls family.)
    - Have you or have you not ever read the Complete Stories of Beatrix Potter?
    - If you could only save one character on Downton Abbey, but that character then had to do something terrible to a person on Downton Abbey whom they love, even though it went against all their principles (or perhaps didn't, depending on the character), would you save this person, and what would happen if you did? (Ha! That's a question and a half! You asked!!)
    - Do you ever count the stars?
    - When were you last outside in the rain?
    What is the favorite thing you did for school last year (I'm talking whatever you studied or if you went somewhere, or if you aced a test. Anything.)
    - Share your favorite first sentence in literature (so far.)
    - What book have you been meaning and meaning to read but haven't read yet, and why not?
    - What's the last movie you watched?
    - Have you seen Mercy Street yet?

    I have more, but I am becoming long-winded.

    Oh! Favorite ever scene from Downton Abbey? But it cannot have Matthew Crawley in it. Or Tom. Or Mary. :)

    What if Charles Dickens had written Pride & Prejudice. Would you still read it?

    Je m'en vais.

  19. I came up with a few random, silly questions for you :-)

    What supernatural ability would you like to have?

    Which period drama would you live in if you could?

    Do you prefer tropical getaways or mountain escapes?

    What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

    In one word, how would you describe yourself?

    That's all I have now. I may be back later if I think of anything else.

  20. Hello! first question: can anonymous readers join in?! I have been an almost-silent reader of your blog for over a year. These are my questions!

    If Naomi Sarah couldn’t be your name, what would you choose?

    How big is your room?

    What is the view from your bedroom window?

    Have you ever watched The Bishops Wife (1947 version)?

    I think you have written somewhere that you speak two languages (obviously English and is it Dutch?) – were you brought up bilingual or did you learn one first? And does one come more naturally to you – which language do you usually think/dream in?

    Does Belgium have any sort of bonfire/fireworks night like England ? If so, did you celebrate it?

    I love your new(ish) blog-look by the way!

  21. OHMYGAWSH!!! You already have 21 comments chocked full of questions! 0-o

    Well, here are some more to add to your portfolio. ;)

    1.) Black or Pink?
    2.) Favorite YouTuber?
    3.) Favorite Dessert?
    4.) Name a book that you hated with a passion and wanted to burn to a crisp and throw across the room, once you finished reading it?
    5.) What is your favorite color to pain your nails?


  22. Gah, all these questions are so good!

    Okay, so I've finally thought of a few that I'm curious about.

    --What is your favorite vegetable, and your favorite fruit?
    --If you had to live inside the world of a book for the rest of your life, which book would you choose to live in?
    --What is your favorite time of day?
    --Favorite season? (if that hasn't been asked already.)

    And I second the questions for favorite tea, and book that you've been meaning to read for forever but haven't, and why, because I relate so thoroughly to that one. :)

  23. Okay, I know you already have a post answering all these questions(WHICH ARE INSANELY GOOD, AND NO, I HAVEN'T READ IT YET, WHICH IS BUGGING ME, BECAUSE I'M TECHNICALLY SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING, BUT YEAH)but I have one...
    What is your opinion of the events going on in the United States? Most specifically, the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Have you been interested at all in the election, do you care at all, do you find it amusing to watch over the oceans, or are you genuinely concerned over it? I'd really like to know what people of other nationalities think about our American affairs. :)
    Sorry for the long comment if you have no inclination at all to answer these questions.

    1. Haha, The Dreaded Question! ;-) I'll answer this in the comments. ;-)

      What is your opinion of the events going on in the United States?
      Have you been interested at all in the election, do you care at all, do you find it amusing to watch over the oceans, or are you genuinely concerned over it?

      Yes, I have followed the election closely - it's all over the news in Belgium too. On the headlines of BBC, and all that. I'll definitely admit there are times when I found it amusing, but as it neared the end I did find myself genuinely concerned. Most of the time though: I was just sick of seeing it on the news, got to be honest. :-P
      I think both candidates are equally concern-worthy (in very different ways) and honestly wouldn't have known which one to vote for. I have friends who are very anti-Clinton and voted for Trump, and I have friends who are soooo the opposite. I see and understand both sides and I fully realise this whole election season is a bit of a mess!
      However - I don't like how so many people are freaking out. I UNDERSTAND WHY. But still: GOD IS KING AND HE RULES AND THAT IS THAT. :-)


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