This week.

(Edit: I'd like to mention that this was half-term week, so we were off school. ;-P)


Church :: The choir master: "Anyone has trouble with the notes?" Me: *randomly happened to look at one of the tenors* The tenor I randomly looked at: "Why are you looking at ME?" :: Talked about Sense and Sensibility with a friend after Church. She has this copy and I kinda want it okay, you can give that me. :: Having a great-uncle and great-aunt on a visit. (Our Downton Abbey protegees!) :: Pasta and tomato sauce. :: Listening to stories about my ancestors and discovering that my great-great-grandfather wrote a book about his WW1 experience and I didn't know. MUST READ. :: Ordering a Christmas Present on amazon for a dear friend in my bed.


Sending letters to different corners of the world. Sealing them with pink and blue wax, and walking to the red post box hidden in some bush with two of my sisters to post them. I like that you have to walk several roads to post letters in Belgium. There's something about it. (Lazy Americans. ;-P) :: Mint green kitchen doors painted by Mama and buying lipstick for Christmas. :: Journalling. :: Also, the highlight of Monday? watching the epic collab with Adler Davidson and Jordan Taylor at least ten times. THE ENDING. I died laughing.


French All Saints day service in the morning. :: Fun visitors. :: Making millions of stupid puns and actually had an audience who laughed. I loved this visit - we went to the attic and talked about silly things and laughed about silly things. :: A Pictionary game in which I was in the winning team. :: Best chocolate chip muffins ever. :: Loads of Michael Bublé songs. (HIS VOICE IS VELVET. *swoon*)


An hour (or more) long chat with Emma, involving a terrible 2-minute face-time session in which I saw some of her family members' faces again which was really lovely. Only, it froze because Internet is lame. :: THIS SONG. It's ridiculously fun. :: Downton Abbey in the evening - the deliciously beautifully perfect Season 2 Christmas Special. :: Publishing two blog posts in one day and getting overwhelmed with kind kind comments.


Mama went to Ikea and came back with three adorable cacti plants in pink pots for me. They're called Gilly, Nancy and Peter. (Picture above are Gilly, Nancy and Peter, from right to left. Peter is the stout one.) :: Downton Abbey Season Three Episode One in the evening, which involved completely unpredictable weddings and grandmother battles and footmen on stilts :: Michael BublĂ© songs. Again. :: wasting time. It was probably more fun than it should've been.


Epic Word War with Emma, in which we type at our novelettes and ignore the fact that were are so not the fastest typers in the world, what with people like Julia writing insane amounts in one day. We consoled each other about our lack of writing-ness. :: Another epic Jordan + Adler collab. Watched it about 20 times. ::

Youth Group in the evening. Playing innocent murder games in the dark, and epic creepy hide and seeks. And 'the bin game', which includes the fifteen-year-old boy next to me almost ripping out my entire arm, which was fun. Then we had a bonfire and marshmallows on sticks. People saying, 'Quick quick catch it it's melting' and people asking where the fork is. (In which I but in with a lame joke, 'I forkot where I put it' and someone politely laughs while 90% of the people didn't even hear it.) Unfinished bonfire songs that end awkwardly because people forgot the lyrics. Bonfire story time about Billy Graham, and then a second innocent murder game. It was really fun.


Reading a Julie Klassen book in two hours because we were taking it to the library at ten o'clock in the morning and I had to finish it. :: Re-sending a birthday card that didn't post properly when I posted it on Monday. :: Randomly showering at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. :: Pita bread and baked beans. :: Downton Abbey in the evening, huddled in my white flowered fleece blanket. :: Wondering if handwriting traits are genetic. Are they? Because like, my dad's handwriting is nothing like his mum's and just a teensy bit like his dad's.

It's been a good week. ;-)


  1. I love this post! Mine would say SCHOOL and then WORK and then SCHOOL and then WORK and then EXAM and then SCHOOL and then SCHOOL. Yours sounds more fun. :)

  2. What a delightful week!! =D Also I have that copy of S and S too *grins widely*

  3. Sounds like you had a fun week! That is so cool about your ancestor.

    What shade of lipstick did you get? Also, I can't believe Christmas is NEXT MONTH.

    That red post box in the bushes sounds quite romantic, if you ask me.;) Oh my goodness Watch Your Footwork!!! Have you seen The Happiest Millionaire? It's a favorite in my family. It's such a happy movie with great songs. And the father and his facial expressions.XD

    Aww you named your cacti! I approve very much, along with Anne Shirley.:)

    Your blanket sounds ridiculously cozy.

    You watch Jordan and Adler's channels too!! *Ecstatic hug* They are crazy funny, and to have two video collabs made my week. Adler's face when Jordan's phone falls.XD And the "Good literature comes out of pain." I LOVE THOSE GUYS.

    Also, I am so glad you posted that link to Allix Ruby's blog in your creativity post. Did you read her "I Fell In Love" story? I stayed up until *shame-faced emoji* 2 this morning reading it. It is so sweet and funny and delightful.

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. I don't know what shade. Something pink-ish. ;-P
      Watch your footwork IS SO MUCH FUN. I want to watch the Happiest Millionaire really badly now! My brother's going to ask it for Christmas, so we'll watch it soon-ish.

      ADLER AND JORDAN ARE SO MUCH FUN I LOVE THEM TOO. I looove it when Adler started to 'cry' and when Jordan suddenly laughed about how they were always saying 'hastag Jaskadler.' I love it all though. :-P

      I've wasted sooo much time on her blog too. :-)

  4. Firstly, those little cacti are adorable. And the little pink pots!
    Secondly, this post was so very calming, and I needed calm today, so thank you :)

    1. I know, the PINK!!! Thanks, Mary, I'm glad you enjoyed this!

  5. Wow, it sounds like you've had a lovely week. :)

    Ahhh, it's not that one, but my S&S has the best book cover of all the Jane Austen books I own.

    I usually wait till after Thanksgiving, but Christmas shopping is happiness. :D

    Americans ARE lazy, and I won't even pretend otherwise. :/ Apparently we don't value "eyes brightened by exercise" as people who walk to deliver their mail do. :)

    Michael Buble's voice is indeed wonderful.

    Downton Abbeyyyyyy. I'm in the middle of the Season 5 Christmas Special. The feeeeels. (And Rose is officially who I want to be when I grow up.) I'm going to re-watch Season Two over Christmas break and it will be marvelous.

    "I forkot where I put it." Ha! I'll laugh. :D

    Mmmm, this is a happy, cheerful post. I love it.

    1. I did, thanks. ;-)
      Ohh what cover do you have?
      I LOVE ROSE TOO. I can't wait to see her again. We just started season 3.

    2. I have this one--> https://www.amazon.com/Sense-Sensibility-Barnes-Noble-Classics/dp/1593081251/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1478560393&sr=8-1&keywords=sense+and+sensibility+barnes+and+nobles

      It's much prettier in real life. :)

      Oooh, I love the scene in the Season 3 finale when Matthew dances with Rose and proposes a plan to keep her out of trouble. He's so stern and kind at the same time and I'm sure he had a lot to do with making her the awesome person she is later in the show. :D

  6. Aww, your tute little cacti.

    Ya know what? In Australia (at least, every place we're I've been!) we don't have letterboxes on every road-within walking distance. You have to drive to a post office and send it there. I guess if you lived in a city or town it would kind of be walking distance, but most times not.

    Also, I watched those Jordan Taylor + Adler Davidson videos. HAHAHA.

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE MICHAEL BUBLE!!!! Like, even more than Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby, I think. :P (I think he sounds a lot like Bing Crosby, anyways- I know that was one of his biggest inspirations, so it makes sense.)

    So, what was the inspiration for the Cacti names?

    I can actually type really fast (about 90 words per minute with few errors) and I find it really fun. Only when I type my stories I'm really slow about it because I'm such a perfectionist I think carefully about every sentence. ;)

    Innocent murder games? (Is that possible? ;P) Like Marfia? Or Killer? (I've played both of them lots. They're kinda scary. Especially when the former is played at night around a campfire and the narrator puts on a positively scary voice and holds a touch at their chin so it casts eerie shadows on their face.)

    Wait... you had a fork to toast marshmallows?! What?!

    Haha, that "I forkot" was a pretty good pun to most I hear. ;) I would have laughed! (And yes! Why is it people never hear the good ones you pull?!)

    "Bonfire songs that end awkwardly because people forgot the lyrics." Haha, I can relate. ;) At our 'church' camp, we sometimes sang hymns around the campfire, and we sang "In Christ Alone" once... it's SO hard to remember the endings of the verses, haha! (You know, there are ones like "here in the death of Christ I live" and "Here in the love of Christ I stand" and it's SO hard to remember which goes with which verse and in what order, haha.)

    Hmm... nah, I don't think handwriting traits are genetic. The only general way they can look similar is when the parent teaches the child how to write and helps with their copywork, because they copy their parent's and thus it looks a bit like theirs. If that makes sense. I have a feeling it doesn't. :P

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Oh, in Australia you have to drive somewhere! Wow, didn't know that.
      MICHAEL BUBLE IS MY FAVOURITE SINGER I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I love him more than Sinatra and Crosby too. ;-P
      The Cacti's are named after the three kids in 'Summer Magic.' It just seemed to fit.
      Ohhh the murder game was SOOO much fun. I didn't really have a name; they called it 'the Murder' game. We played it in the entire building (LOADS of rooms) and EVERYTHING was pitchdark. It was really... cool. ;-)
      Well, it was a long-sort-of-fork. Not a normal fork. And 'forkot' IS a lame pun. It wasn't funny. :-P

    2. Yeah, you have to drive somewhere to post something. We all have little personal mail boxes at the end of our driveways too, of course. ;) (And *I* almost ALWAYS check the mail. At 10:45AM each day. While eating my morning tea. Sometimes skipping. Often singing.)

      I LIKE BUBLE BETTER THAN THEM TOOOOO!!! We've only got his Christmas CD (my FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS CD WHICH IS SAYING A LOT!!) but I love it to pieces.

      I get what you mean about a long sort of fork. We only ever use sticks here. ;) (Must be an Australian thing?!) We just scour the bush and find some that have a relatively sharp edge - or even better, one with lots of little twigs coming off it so you can roast several at a time. :D

      ~Miss Meg

    3. Meg dear this is so lovely having another blogger friend from my part of the globe! Yes Naomi we have to often travel down to the post office in which there is a HUGE queue and it's not very fun.

    4. and now I return to mention that stamps are a dollar each! -_-

  7. You have had a good week. :-) I love the cacti & their names!

    1. Indeed and thanks!

      (These are boring comments.) (But thanks for the comment anyway.) (No really.) (Now I'll shut up.)

  8. you tried to word war?!! gahh!! I would love to join you sometime xD You both are such fun ya know ;) btw...I STILL DONT KNOW HOW I DID IT o.o

    1. Yeah, Emma and I do that now and then. ;-) It's really fun!

  9. "Lazy Americans," huh? ;-)

    I love knowing that you went to All Saints' service on the same day as we did here . . . Ohhhhhhhhh, it was in French? That's cool! I go to Latin services sometimes, but not French, that's sure.

    1. Haha. ;-)

      Well, it was the local Church (we live in a French speaking area). We normally go to an English speaking Church, but that one didn't have an All Saints Day service.

  10. My brain is slightly fried at the moment, and spellcheck is taking over (because I tried to spell 'and' as 'amd' and 'I' as 'ai')...but I love that song soOoOoOo much! So much. Also your cacti are adorable. I never thought I would, but I miss cacti, and that's just about the weirdest thing ever.

    1. Aren't my cacti the cutest?!? I'm so fond of them. ;-)

  11. This WHOLE post was so much fun to read! I love your writing style and the way you talked about your week! Also, THOSE SUCCULENTS!!! <3
    Michael Buble is beautiful. His new album is divine. I DIDN'T KNOW YOU LIVED IN BELGIUM, THAT WOULD MAKE SENSE ABOUT THE RED POST BOXES, I'M NOW JUST A TINY BIT, OKAY MAYBE A LOT, JEALOUS!!!! Yeah...Americans are lazy! Or it's unsafe civilization and we aren't allowed to walk. :P
    I LOVE the Happiest Millionaire!

    1. Thanks, Hannah!! ;-)
      Yeeeees, I live in Belgium. ;-)

  12. Sounds like a lovely week!!!
    That walk to the mailbox sounds simply sweet. If I had a mailbox like that maybe I, as an American, would not be so lazy. Hahaha. ;)
    Love the cacti!

  13. It looks like you've had a great week!
    We need those red mailboxes in America, we're so lazy here :-(
    It seems like you're a big Downton Abbey fan, it's an awesome show :-) I've only watched the first four seasons, though, is the fifth season good?
    Great post!
    -Jollygirl @ Reflections of a Jolly Girl

  14. I know this comment is REALLY late, but I had to say a few things.

    Your great-great grandfather wrote a book about himself in WW1? JUST WOW. READ IT. You're so lucky. :P

    Ha. I'm not a lazy American. I WISH I could walk to the post office. (Or town. Or anything, really. There's nothing close enough to my house to walk to. :P)

    Adler and Jordan's collab was THE BEST.

    Michael Buble. <3 <3 <3

    This was a lovely post. Okay, bye. :)

    Ps. Your cacti are so cute!

    1. I'm loving your 'late' comments!!! ;-)
      YES I KNOW. The only person who owns a copy is my great-aunt, so I have to try to get hold of it. I can't wait to read it.
      Hahaha, I know. When you come visit me, we'll send a letter to your family and we'll walk to the post box together. :-)
      AGREED. :-)
      Agreed again on Michael Buble.

    2. Aww, I'm glad!
      And that sounds like an awesome plan--about the post box I mean. :)


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