THE random-est post to DATE.

Before I start the post I'd like to say that I want to be this man when I grow up:

And if someone came and said, 'Write a poem on my left shoelace,' I'd be like:

Soft as the ocean.
White as teeth behind braces.
Tying up shoes, like worries.
Making left feet ready for races.
On the right; they're fine.
But what would we do
Without left shoelaces.

Okay, hi ladies and gentlemen, what was the last sugary thing you ate? (What a great replacement question to the stinkingly dull, 'how are you' that no-one ever answers.)

People all over the blogging world are participating in National Novel Writing Month, the clocks have changed in Belgium and darkness gathers at the tender hour of four o'clock in the afternoon, and Matthew Crawley's proposal to Mary made me cry tonight even though I've seen the scene about 100 times on Youtube. You might say that's a small summary of my life right now.

(By the way, do you think these people are facing the camera or the other way?)

Hey, you know what, let's do something extremely random and vote about this thing of no consequence whatsoever:

Do you think these people are facing the camera or the other way?

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(And now we'll stop analysing random pictures and continue with the post.)
(And yeah, I know I've posted yesterday and today already, but it's been years since I've posted two posts in one day, so I'll do it. I won't post anything for the rest of week to balance off the extremity. Publish 'em when you write 'em, that's how I do things.)

In case you couldn't tell, I felt like writing a random post. Filled with little parts of my brain, and making a soup of random Wonderland Creek-ness. 

I could have random questions such as:

Why is society like 'everyone has to be themselves, everyone is different' as their motto and then ALL the teenagers come to school wearing skinny jeans? (I wear skinny jeans a lot too, but I just added perspective to the world. ;-P)
Why is eye make-up a thing and lip-make-up a thing, but there are no special nose make-up-projects? Noses are often the ugliest parts of a persons face.
Why, when I make my characters say (sincerely!) "Thank God!" it sounds less sincere than when I make them say "Thank the Lord!"? 
Why is this picture so cute when it actually might mean that the guy can't control the shift stick of the car which means that they might have both died after some awkward-third-party-guy took the picture from the back seat?

I could paste random writing snippets of random things I am writing in the honour of the National Novel Writing Month (I refuse to abbreviate it to NaNoWriMo):

Henffordd was Welsh for ‘Old Road.’ Over time they squashed the Welsh words ‘Henn’ and ‘Ffordd’ into one, and now no-one questioned it. It’s like ‘okay’, which used to be ‘all correct’ and somehow, over the course of our silly human history managed to end up as ‘okay.’ Maybe in one hundred years or so, it’ll be ‘Bokey.’ And we’ll say, ‘Bokey, I’ll go and fetch the salt for you.’

I went to Gayl the following weekend to try to get this stupid thing out of my head. We went to a pub with a small group of friends and ate chips with our fingers. We listened to the cute guy playing jaunty Scott Joplin tunes on the piano and we played card games while drinking coke or beer till the clock stroke 11:00 and we decided it was time to leave. We made an epic group selfie with our ugliest faces. It was blurry and dark, but it was epic.

The next day, my Mum told me at breakfast, “Anna. I have to tell you something.” 
My fingers dug into the toast. My jaw clenched on a crispy piece of bacon. I knew what was coming. “I know, Mama,” I said. “I read it on the wall.”

I was slightly nervous. How on earth was I supposed to know who the creep was? Should I just sit awkwardly and wait, or should I pretend to be glamorous and order some tall glass with rosy gin? I went for the former, dismissed waiters with the ‘I’m waiting for someone’, and looked at the strangers on their evenings out.

‘You were right all the time,’ Laura said. There was an achingly sad melody in her eyes. Like an old Jewish violin piece. ‘I should never have gone out. I’m sorry I didn’t listen.’ 
My heart wept for her. 
‘It’s okay,’ I whispered hoarsely. 
‘Joe is a wonderful man. You have a wonderful time!’ 
‘Thank you, Laura,’ I said. ‘I think I will.’ 
Then I opened the door and there stood Joe, looking really good. As in, WOW HANDSOME WHAT. 

(The last one is from a different story as the first four. The last one is from the one I once shared other snippets of, for those of you who remember. ;-)) (Those who remember are true Wonderland Creek followers. Otherwise, go, you unfaithful servant.) (YOU KNOW I AM JOKING DON'T LEAVE.)

(The boy in the picture might have fallen badly and twisted his ankle, so lets all take a moment to remember the pain he must have suffered.)

I could tell you random stuff that have been going on my life lately, such as me enjoying a weeks holiday (half term!!!) and that we have workmen redoing our roof and that yesterday we had pumpkin soup for dinner and that miss being in with my American friends like I was back in June and that I read two books today (okay, 1 book and the un-amputated half of the other.) (Actually it wasn't an amputated book, it had all the 400 pages on it. It was just a book not worth finishing.) and I could tell you that The Downton Abbey Season Two Christmas Special is just... ugh, so so so good.

(Random fact: according to the sad statistics, at least 8 of the children on this picture were bullied in school.)

I could list some random things that have made me happy recently:
The sound of hole-punchers.
Lame puns.
People who actually laugh when I make lame puns.
Comments from awesome people like Miss Meg, Rae and Eowyn, just to name a few.
NOT being behind on Goodreads.
My parents.
Sending off letters.
Walking to the postbox with my little sisters. (They squabbled over who could put the letters into the hole in the red box.)
Dark evenings. I looove them.
Mint-green kitchen doors.

Do you know what else I could randomly do?

I could randomly end thi


  1. Thank you for this. It is a nice reminder I think to just ponder random things.
    Question 1: I ate a Pumpkin Donut flavored Laffy Taffy about 10 minutes ago. I do not reccomend it.
    Another Question: They are not looking at the camera.
    Thanks for the great post!

    1. Pumpkin Donut flavored Laffy Taffy - wow, that's a mouthful. (I bet it literally was, too, haha!)
      I don't think so either, but they could be. :-)

  2. Haha this post was exactlywhat I needed to read after school. Thank you. I lived the randomness

    1. Aw, thanks Vanessa, I'm glad you enjoyed it!!


    Wow, how about best post I've read in recent memory.

    1. You'll read it sooooon ish. :-)

      (THANK yeeee!!!)

  4. Haha! Oh I loved this Naomi. Especially that ending there. :) When you say random you really mean it. But it somehow comes out very cohesive and fun and really refreshingly lovely.
    I love that poem idea. And your poem was smashing :) As far as the last sugary thing I ate, yesterday I had the last snickerdoodle in the house. There is now nothing sweet in the house. :(
    I'm curious about the stories from the snippets you posted! (By the by, will you post the results of the poll? I'm very curious about the consensus.)
    Your randomness made me happier! :)

    1. I know, when I say random, I really mean it. ;-P
      You know what, I JUST REALISED THE POLL DIDN'T WORK. *dies* It is sooo frustrating. Anyway, what did you 'vote' for? I think they're not facing the camera.

    2. Oh! That is sad about the poll.
      It took me forever to decide, but there's a person in the middle who looks like they have a hoodie on, and it seemed like it was the opening part, so I voted for facing the camera. Although, that's only one person so I consider Miss Meg's solution to be plausible :)

  5. This kind of writing reminds me of what I talk and write like when I'm overtired and go silly. ;) Not that you sound silly - it's a good, harmless, fun kind of silly. I like it. :D

    OH YES YES THAT PICTURE OF THE POET IS PERFECT. :D I love it!!! I wish I could do something like that - it'd be fun! ;) Only very pressuring, and I don't think I would handle it too well at first, haha.

    I love the replacement question of how are you to what was the last sugary thing I ate! As for the answer, that would be a piece of chocolate that my sister gave me as were were watching a movie last night. (We re-watched "In The Heart of the Sea" (Moby Dick). We'd seen it about a year ago, at night, in 3D at the cinemas. We're crazy like that. We like to get scared, although it wasn't actually that bad. ;) It's a good movie!)

    You have killed me with that picture of 'which way are they facing'. KILLED ME. I cannot for the life of me figure it out. At first I was like, "they're DEFINITELY not facing the camera!" and then I studied it carefully and I was like, "No, but wait... I can see the reflection of an old man's glasses, and a lady's hair part that could only possibly be seen from the front, but..." So I decided: some are facing towards the camera, and some AREN'T. There. ;D

    It's exciting when you post twice in one day - very unexpected, and all that.

    You really do provide excellent random material. I like Wonderland Creek soup. ;P

    I honestly have no idea how you get such novel ideas for your, uh, novel. *cringe* (Was that a pun? See, I didn't even mean to do it! LOOK WHAT HAS BECOME OF ME.)

    Dear, dear, the poor boy-who-fell-off-a-swing. I jump off swings like that all the time, but haven't twisted my ankle... yet. It does hurt sometimes. (It's probably not GOOD for my ankles, either.)

    YOU READ TWO BOOKS IN ONE DAY. OR EVEN ONE AND A HALF?! How?! Physically, how?! I don't know if I could have concentration long enough - I'd have to go stretch my legs every hour. ;P

    Ooohh, hoola hoops! I really like hoola hoops. :D I can actually DO it, too, for ages. (I've timed myself - just to say that I CAN do it for awhile... I did it for 10 minutes straight. And that was when I stopped on purpose. It's just about the only thing I can brag about. ;P) Haha, see that girl in the bottom right corner doing it around her neck? It kinda hurts a little, doing that. (I can do it, but it's not a very elegant look. I can do it on my arms too. And probably my legs, if I was taller enough to get my legs high enough so the hoop wouldn't hit the ground.)

    You know what? I LOVE random lists of what make people happy.

    Oh, oh, I'm an awesome person?! Aww, STAAAHHHPP.

    Haha, I know ALL about squabbling over who will put the letter in the hole in the red letter box.

    Our kitchen (cupboard) doors are green. A really weird green... kind of minty, but kind of not. :P

    Oh, well I could randomly end my comment.

    ~Miss Meg

    1. It's the BESTEST sorta silly. :-)

      I know, getting to write poems on commando sounds like it requires a lot of practise. Maybe you could try it at a family party or something, where there's less pressure. (Only, that might be embarrassing.)

      "Some are facing the camera and some AREN'T." Hahahahaha.

      Thanks dear, I'm glad you enjoy my random material.
      Thaaaat was a lame pun but thank you. ;-)

      Jumping off swings is SO MUCH FUN THOUGH. It's the closest one can get to flying without some sort of utensil attached to you. :-)
      I can hoolahoop, but not for ten minutes! That's really cool. :-)

      OF COURSE YOU ARE. (About awesome.)

      ~ Naomi

  6. Your "random posts" I think are some of your best. It's like we get to have a sweet little trip in your mind and we know you better afterwards.:)

    I think the people in the picture are facing away from the camera because of where the light is coming from, haha. They seem to be facing a stage or something.

    The whole society thing is has really puzzled me too. Be unique, be you, be different--but then when you don't conform to the "norm" or when you express your belief in traditional values and such you're all sorts of things... okay that's a far cry from skinny jeans but I think you'll understand. Thinking about society and its conflicting messages convinces me even more about the truth of Christianity. Ok I'll stop now.

    Story snippets!!!:D Of course I remember. Where's my true follower trophy?;) "Like an old Jewish violin piece." Naomi, I could SEE that. Also, I think I need more Joe in my life. Just saying.;)

    Enjoy your holiday dear!

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. Aww, I'm so happy people enjoy them because writing them is so mich fun.

      That's why I think, too. :-)

      I knowwwww. It's like, BE YOURSELF BUT WAIT NOT LIKE THAT. :-P So annoying. And yes, it does encourage me to be bolder in my faith, too!

      I think EVERYONE needs more of Joe in their lives. He is a CHUMP.
      And your true follower trophy will be arriving in the post soon. (Just Kidding. But thank you. :-P)

      ~ N

  7. HILLLARIOUS. Finally something else to think about than the stupid old Election. (Not that I REALLY DO think about it ;-))

    Merci beaucoup, mon ami :-)

    ~ Felicity

    1. Haha, oh dear, try not to think about it. :-(
      Il n'y a pas de quoi! ;-)

  8. AAAH LOVE IT. Also, my name is Anna so every time I read your story snippets now and hear someone call the main character by her name, my brain goes WOOAHHAHHNNGGHHH (that's how you spell it, I'm certain of it)

    1. I love the name Anna! (And yes, whenever I spot a 'Naomi' in a book I get REALLY excited, too.)

  9. Hullo!! I hope you are having a lovely day.
    Two posts in a day!!! Eeeeep!!! *does a crazy dance to show excitement*

    The most sugary thing I had recently was some orange infused chocolate, which was divine. Because it was chocolate.

    And hooray!! You posted another snippet of that intriguing story. BUT WHAT HAPPENS TO TOM?!!!! I need to know!!!

    Honestly, I really don't get the whole "be unique/different" funk. It's like we're all trying so hard to be different that we end up looking the same...

    Some random things that have happened to me recently:
    -Being buried in a pile of leaves. I laughed and then choked. One should never EVER open their mouth while covered by leaves.
    -I saw a glorious sunset. Anyone who feels grumpy or depressed should watch a sunrise or sunset. Life can be so beautiful.
    -I fell flat on my face. Twice.

    Thanks for posting!!!
    -A Friendly Ghost

    1. You too, I hope!
      Aw, thanks.

      OHHH TOM IS SO MYSTERIOUS I KNOW. (Psst. I'm not 100% sure what happens to him myself, but I know it's gonna be sad. :-))

      Sunsets are GORGEOUS. And I relate to clumsiness so HIGH FIVE.

  10. I LOVE THIS. This made my day. I so, so, so wish I had time to comment on every bit of this. But I don't. So let me just say that this post was absolutely amazing, and I loved reading it!!! It is simply perfection!!!
    (And awww, you mentioned MY comments? That made my day! Thank you!)

    I'm going to randomly put in some input here that popped into my head while reading this.
    1.) That poem is beautiful. I want to print it out and put it up on my wall. Could I?
    2.)The last sugary thing I ate was breakfast. I made a coconut custard for dessert last night and ate it for breakfast cause I'm classy like that. Or have no self control....
    3.) Those people are definitely have their backs to the camera.
    4.) We are a trendy breed of unique individuals, that's why.
    5.) Because...noses are roses...? ;)
    6.) That picture has new meaning... 0-o
    7.) Your writing snippets ARE SO GOSH DARN INTRIGUING!!
    8.) I feel very deeply for that boy, as I know that pain!
    9.) Pumpkin soup is good!
    10.) Are all the kids who are succeeding in doing the hula-hooping the bullied ones?
    11.) Puns, drawing, and letters = <3

    1. Honestly, LOVED THIS COMMENT!!!
      1. Wow, it's not that beautiful! Do what you want with it. ;-P (Honestly, I wrote it in ten seconds. :-P)
      2. Classy breakfast indeed. WHY NOT. :-)
      3. I think so too, but I'm not sure!!
      4. Indeed.
      5. HAHAHA.
      6. Right? ;-P
      8. *moment of silence for the boy*
      9. InDEED.
      10. PROBABLY.
      11. Yes. :-)

  12. Best ending to a post ever. I love the sound of that walk with your sisters. :) xx

    1. Hahaha, glad you thought so!! :-) <3

  13. I love this post. You're the best <3

    I don't think the boy twisted his ankle, I think he had an EPIC jump-off-the-swing and landed on all fours and didn't hurt himself at all. :-)

    Your story snippets are beautiful. I want to read the whole novel someday . . . Keep writing, dear <3

    1. THANKS. <3
      Hahaha, okay, that's good.
      I WILL!

  14. Just what I needed before a LONG day at school. :)

  15. OKAY so I searched Google for the image and found it...except one of them was on fire? ARE THEY MATCHES? They looked like matches in the picture.
    http://ekimoff.ru/download/philosophy/44.jpg <--- the picture

    SO are they people or matches???

    I love your stories! I'd like to think that in the car picture, a secret agent and the princess he's supposed to protect are being chased by Bad Guys and the secret agent is driving and the princess is trying to take over because she's all nervous and stuff.


      Miiiind blown.
      BUT THEY AREN'T. IT'S HEADS. (And it would be a VERY weird picture if it was matches. Who would take a picture of a buncha black match-heads? ;-P)
      I'm 99% sure it's people. :-P

  16. I want to comment on soooo much of this, but let me say just a few things.
    1. Lazy Americans, indeed. If I didn't live 6 miles from town and if it wasn't unsafe to walk places by myself, I would walk everyyyywhhere. Well. Within reason. :P

    2. I think the people are facing the camera because on person toward the middle but kind of toward the left looks like he's wearing a hoodie and it kind of looks like the hoodie is facing the camera.

    Yeah. #reasoning

    3. Your writing snippets are GORGEOUS. More please.

    4. That children on the playground picture was so happy until you ruined it with your sad statistics. Thanks, Naomi. :P

    Anyways, miss you tons! I can't wait to rejoin the blogging world...


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