I have no idea what to call this post, so I'll go with something like "Hi 2017."

I'm sitting in my bed with my blanket around me, feeling so lucky and thankful to have a gorgeous bedroom and good books and a mind-blowing galaxy-creating God who loves me. I'm so comfortable that I thought I'd listen to the La La Land Soundtrack and just write down random things in yet another of my random blog posts. It's the end of the year, after all, and that is when one writes reminiscy, soppy, deep and random, wrappy-uppy, plan-filled posts, right?

You might have noticed I didn't fill out "the Annual Tag" that I usually always do. I started it and then I suddenly decided I was sick of answering the questions and stopped. There's no use writing a blog post when you're like 'mehhh' the whole time through writing it and I felt that way so I just stopped. No big deal.

On a blogger note though: I'll probably be posting less in 2017. Why? Well, to put it the blunt way: I like blogging less. I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings; but I do. It used to be my favourite thing to do and I woke up so, so excited, yearning to read all the new comments and to write new posts. Now, it's a side-hobby and a good, steady one at that, and, don't get me wrong, I love it! But I'm no longer obsessed with blogging, like I used to be. 

Which, probably, is a good thing. I'm calming down on some fields, recognising that there are more important things in life. I want to spend more time with God in 2017; I want to spend more time offline in 2017; I want to spend more time delving into my life, making other people happy, working hard at school, and reading more books. I want to spend more time actually intentionally praying - how many days pass with just a mumble of a prayer like, 'I love you God and thank you and amen' and nothing more? - ashamedly many. How many days pass when I think that I'll skip spending a whole evening on the Internet? - ashamedly few. I want to change that in 2017.

I'll still be posting, of course! You probably won't even notice the difference, because sometimes I'm in a huge blog-post-mood, and I'll whip down, like, four+ in a week. Blogging gives me energy sometimes, and I really do love it a lot. I love reading the comments and making my blog look pretty and all that - oh, yeah, it's a steady hobby of mine. But you know, if three weeks pass surprisingly silently on here, don't be surprised. I'm hopefully doing more important things. Also, like Emma said in a post once, I feel like my Inspiration is running in other directions; and I feel that more and more recently. I'm having more Inspiration-gusts in fields that don't necessarily include blogging.

With that said, I think 2017 will be awesome. It might be a year of challenges; it might be a year of surprises; it might be a confusing bottle of happy and sad; it might be pretty ordinary - I mean, obviously I don't know. If I would make a guess, I'd think 2017 will be a year of polaroid snaps, good friends, reading through the Bible, writing (I PRAY) more than in 2016, and maybe a rush of disappointment when exam results come in, but I obviously cannot predict it.

Last year I wrote down some funny predictions for 2016; some happened, some didn't. Now, they were silly ones, like, for example, I guessed that Ashley from inklingspress would write a blog post about courting vs dating and she did. They were random, but it was fun to look back on them and see how I expected 2016 to go differently (or similarly) than it really did.

I normally don't celebrate New Year much; I've never had like, big awake-till-midnight-to-set-off-fireworks parties, although the skies are popping with noise where I live, so sleeping is always kind of hard. This year, we're having some friends over for late-night pizza and random games and then some of us (including me) are going to a New Year Service at our Church, which just sounds really lovely and I'm looking forward to it. I love the idea of starting the year with God, because I want to do everything with Him. Do you have any New Year plans?

I'm reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan right now and it's SO good. His messages are to point, challenging, daring, massive, explosive, but also beautiful, emotional, gorgeous and, all in all, amazing. So far, I recommend this book a lot.

You know what other book I got for Christmas? The long-awaited, beautiful-covered Waves of Mercy by Lynn Austin! I was so excited to read it and it started with action and I immediately loved the story of Geesje and Hendrik and darling Maarten. I liked it a lot, buuuuut, well, I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed with the cliché-ness in it, as well as the slightly chappy-sappy writing feel of it. Like, heroine slips and guy picks her up and they have this physical moment... the slipping bit isn't the point, obviously, it's the physical bit. Hashtag why. I get it, you're attracted to each other. Got the point. I don't need another clumsy-heroine-scene to demonstrate that.

The La La Land Soundtrack I'm listening to (if you remember, in the beginning of this post I said I was listening to it) is like a soft sunset... it's so gorgeous and summery; I feel like I shouldn't be listening to this with frost outside. (Note that I said frost, not snow. Dear Mr Snow decided that late 2016 wasn't calling him for mission.) I really, really REALLY want to see La La Land - it's an old-feelsy, 2016-made MUSICAL and it's got gorgeous colourful dresses, a handsome pianist, tap dances and good music. It's like watching a summer rainbow come to life. If you were looking for metaphors. (Wow, City of Stars is beautiful.)

Speaking of clichés, what do you think of the New Year Cliché phrase, "Gosh, time flies, it feels like yesterday when 2016 started"? Because I think it's the truest cliché phrase ever. LIKE REALLY. Although then, of course it's also kinda stupid, like most things are, haha. Because it wasn't yesterday, it was 366 yesterdays ago, you ninny. :-P

This post is long enough and random enough as it is, so I'll end with a hearty GOODBYE 2016 and a HELLO 2017 and me wishing you a good following year. Love, Naomi x


  1. Best new year's post of the year! RIGHT -- that's exactly how I feel. Blogging used to be EVERYTHING...now it's fun and I like it but real life is bigger and better. You said exactly what I've been feeling about the whole thing for months. I'm glad you're not going to stop. :-)

    1. Aw thanksies. Now I know exactly how you felt. Yeah, real life is bigger and... well, maybe not always better, but it's what really matters, right? :-)

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. I too spent way too much time on the internet this year and not enough with God, I'm heartily ashamed to say. But I am grateful it's a new year--always the opportunity for a fresh start, if you'll excuse that cliché.;)

    Ugh, I started Waves of Mercy but then I looked at the end and was extremely disappointed with the advice given to Anna so I stopped reading. But I did read Wonderland Creek and loved it!!!! Only, what's with the excessive kissing between Alice and the guy she's not even SERIOUS about????? Grrrrrr.

    Aww, sweet picture of Debbie Reynolds and Sinatra.<3 *Sniffs*

    "It's like watching a summer rainbow come to life." Girl, how do you DO it.:) I LOVED that little sentence.

    Have a fun celebration and a beautiful, holy year Naomi.:)<3

    ~Rilla Blythe

    1. No, that's a GOOD cliché. Honestly, I'm sooo going to make an effort to do that.

      What was the advice you were disappointed about? I can't remember any advice. Ha yeah, Alice and Ike's kissing definitely is much in the smoochy level. Agreed. :-/ (I like Ike though; despite all his faults.)

      I KNOW. Debbie is so cuuute.

      Me and metaphors are pretty much a married couple, hadn't you noticed?

      You too, dear. x

    2. If I remember correctly, the advice was to give her fiancé another chance--but she had already, and he was obviously always going to control her and ridicule her choices, so it infuriated me, haha.

      You two make a charming couple.;)

      ~Rilla Blythe

    3. Oh man, yeah, that annoyed me so much.

  3. I am happy to see you wanting to give more time to other hobbies! This isn't a bad thing at all. A little sad knowing you aren't as excited as before but I am glad you are in touch with how you feel! Wishing you the Best!!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I know, in a way it's sort of sad that I'm not superduper excited about blogging like I used to be, buuuut you know. :-P It's not the end. :-)

  4. I hope you have a beautiful New Year and that you get to do ALL THE THINGS you want to <3 Like the funny old man says in "Tangled": "Go. Live your dream."

    :-) :-)

    I want to see "La La Land" too!! A lot of folks don't get why I'm so excited about it; and I'm just like HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT'S A MUSICAL PEOPLES. And it has EMMA STONE in it. And gorgeous costumes and scenery? Why wouldn't I be excited?

    I can't wait to see "Sing," either--I hope I can go before school starts again. (Oh, did you know the guy who voices the gorilla in "Sing" is the same guy who played Edward in "Testament of Youth"? Random fun fact. Also, his voice is adorable. :-) )

    1. I saw you comment on one of the La La Land videos, and then I wanted to see it even more! So excited for that film. :-)

  5. Haha, silly "physically attracted to each other" book moments. *shakes head*

    Yess, "time flies" or "the years go by faster as I get older" or "it feels like yesterday..." are soo cliche but soo true. It's like something very appropriate to say on a number of occasions but you don't for fear of sounding un-original. xD

    Happy New Year!

    1. Like realllly. *shakes head again*

      I know. They're so un-original and also so appropriate. :-)

      You too!

  6. I've always admired all the inspiration you've had to post so often on your blog, like "how does she do it all?" But I totally understand if you're cutting back a bit: just don't go awaaay!!!
    I've not celebrated New Years much either, although it is nice to go to church that night. I'm also excited to fill out the New Year's tag this year! :)
    Also, THANK YOU for talking about La La Land! When I first heard of it I thought it was a silly title, but now I listened to it and it's AMAZING and cheerful and the pick-me-up I needed!

    1. No, I'm not going away! I'm glad you understand. :-)
      Oh, looking forward to your tag answers. I do love reading other people's answers.
      LA LA LAND is an adoooorable title. I want to seeee it.

  7. Happy 2017, Naomi!! I hope it's amazing for you and all you wish it to be. :)

    I love your "goal" of sorts for the new year. I hope you'll still stick around the blogging world quite a bit, though. It wouldn't be the same without you.

    You've gotten me absolutely addicted to the La La Land soundtrack now. Thaaanks.
    (Just kidding. It's beautiful and makes me long for summer.)
    (Her yellow dress is so cute, don't you think? And his suit...<3)

    1. You too, Natalie!

      Yeah, I will, don't worry. :-)
      Hahaha, you're welcome. :-) Isn't the yellow dress cute? All her other dresses are adorable too. It's so colourful and happy and summery and ahh.

  8. *sniffs* I don't want you to blog less!!! but I totally understand, and like Emma said, I'm glad you're not quitting. That would devastate me.

    *waves to 2016 and says hello to 2017*

  9. Happy New Year!! I'm so excited for 2017!!!

  10. Can I be a little sad that you're not as excited about blogging as you used to be? Because I am. Just a little. But then at the same time I'm not REALLY sad, because I think it's excellent that you're wanting to focus more on other things and not spend so much time online...because I know that's really important. (Something I need to work on myself, actually.)

    I love your plans for 2017. Aside from the "working hard on school" part, all the things you mentioned are things that I really need to work on this year, too. And praying more? Yes, ma'am. Praying consistently can be really hard, but I want to do better at it, too. Thanks for the reminder. And thank you for this post!

    Happy New Year to you, Naomi! :D

    1. It's okay - I understand why you're a little sad! But I'm glad you understand, though, and yeah, not spending too much time online in important and I REALLY want to work on that!

      Yes, praying is important!! :-) Happy New Year, Miss March!

  11. Happy 2017 Naomi!!!
    I really admire it that you want to spend more time with other hobbies. I REALY do.

    Happy New Year and a blessed 2017!!

  12. Ooohh... I have a list of random thoughts that I must categorize into something neater than what they are in my head.

    1. I know next to nothing about La La Land! Can you enlighten me? :P

    2. I understand about you wanting to slow down the blogging a little. Don't worry, my feelings aren't hurt. ;) But make sure you don't stop, hehe!

    3. "and maybe a rush of disappointment when exam results come in" Oh dear! Don't be too hard on yourself dear. ;) (You got an A in maths remember!!)

    4. We didn't do anything for New Years. My elder sisters had a sleepover, my younger siblings went to bed, so Daddy, Mummy and my elder brother and I stayed up and watched the fireworks and listened to old music. We were all yawning. ;P

    5. Ohhh, you got CRAZY LOVE!!!! #jealous

    6. Happy New Year!!

    7. Great post. <3

    ~Miss Meg

  13. It struck me as I was writing my "year in review" post just HOW MANY posts I do about dating & courtship & relationships & etc. (Hint: It's a heck ton.) XD

    LA LA LAAAAAAND. It's coming to my theater tomorrow and I'm probably going to see it and I'm SUPER excited. Haven't listened to the soundtrack yet (besides City of Stars a million times) bc I don't want to spoil it.

    Anyway, hope you have a wonderful 2017 and that all your wishes come true.


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