Emma Jane

(dark, grainy and blurry picture, but i love it. because this is my favourite person. and now i'll start using capital letters again.)


For some people, she's the girl who played Eponine two years ago; that one that made the whole show seem like it was Broadway quality.
For some people, she's the fun-loving cousin with the Ranger truck. The cousin with the wackiest ideas and the dry sense of humour. (She's dope.)
For some people, she's the one of the three girls of the yellow barn; the one that cleans the rabbit cages and avoids talking to strangers. Because strangers will always be strangers. They're... strange.
For some people, she's the girl with the cowboy boots and the Ford cap who yelled and danced at the Hunter Hayes concert last summer.
For some people, she's the senior ballet-dancer who had her picture in the local newspaper. And who can't handle the ballet-complements.
For some people, she's the country music nut. Carrie Underwood and Josh Turner and the Willis Clan and Sara Evans blazes in her truck till she's sick of it and tells her Belgian friend so she (the friend) can celebrate it.
For some people, she's the novelist; the writer who will definitely one day be famous and who will go to book signings and write widely requested books with more bunnies and cats around her than can be numbered.
For some people, she's the girl who always goes straight to the Christian Fiction section in libraries and bookstores even though she's sick of the genre.
For some people, she's that friend I often talk about; the one I went to visit in June, and the one who's never been on European ground and who must
For some people, she's the (orphaned? :-P) girl that comes to Church with her blonde sister; the girl who sings beautifully and who loves people and Jesus and praising Him.
For some people, she's the girl at writing camp who hated the dead boring poetry lessons but who was the best writer there, period, no buts.
For some people, she lives way to far away and sends cool emails and writes excellent blog posts. They really think she should come and visit loads of blogging friends because that would be fun.
For some people, she's that wickedly talented singer. Just ugh. Don't be so talented, Emma, it's not funny anymore.
For some people, she's the plain awesome sister who makes popcorn on a daily basis, picks westerns at the library, and pens down her nostalgic thoughts into yet another journal. 
For some people, she's the girl at those balls who has starry eyes and hair the colour of hazelnuts. The one that allegedly knows all the lyrics to Hamilton by heart. The one that dressed up as Ann from Roman Holiday for the November ball.


For me, you're my best friend. Emma, you're in loads of people's lives and I'm so so thankful you're in mine. Love you, girl. Happy eighteenth. (Oh yeah, haha, it's your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I got so into writing this post that I forgot about the reason why. Heehee.)

(I mean Haha. *insert winky face cuz duh private-y joke*)

PS, I was going to add; "I'm sure that for some people, you're the girl they secretly want to ask out", but then I decided I'd not because I don't want to start false rumours. You're absolutely welcome, Violet.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your friend!

    1. Aw, thank you! She IS beautiful, so it fits. :-)

  2. *wipes away happy tears*

    This was so *sniff* sweet *sniff*! (Yes, yes I know it wasn't for me, haha. :P I just meant the way you wrote it was gorgeous and Emma truly is amazing and gaaahhhhh. <3 <3 <3)


    I know Emma as being all of these rolled into one, but I particularly can relate to:
    "For some people, she lives way to far away and sends cool emails and writes excellent blog posts. They really think she should come and visit loads of blogging friends because that would be fun."

    You'll always have a welcome here in Australia, Emma. You too, Naomi. ;) (Why don't you both come TOGETHER?!!)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. AWWW I KNOW. We have a great friend in her.

      Hahaha, I know, that was the one I wrote for the blogging friends. ;-P

      You know, I HAVE thought about us coming to Australia together. MAYBE one day... when we're rich. :-P

    2. Well, it's just SUCH a good idea, y'know! I mean, once you're both rich and famous (why don't you both become famous authoresses? Pshaw, can't be that hard - not with you talent ;D) you can romp from one country to another. Just make sure Australia is nearer the top of the list. :P

      ~Miss Meg

  3. This is so beautiful and sweet. Emma Jane, you're awesome. :) Happy Birthday, girl!!

  4. Awwww. This is sOoOoOo cute! 'tis a wonderful tribute!

  5. gahhhh EMMA HAPPY BIRTHDAY *sobs* this is just too sweet. I can't wait to meet ya Em <33333 TELL ME WHAT 18 IS LIKE *cringes*

  6. Happy, happy birthday, Emma! We love you <3

    (You girls both write so exquisitely . . . I can't wait until I have published novels from BOTH of you gracing mine bookshelf :-) )

  7. Aw, Happy Birthday dear Emma! Look at all of us growing up and changing and writing about it the whole time...it makes me very sentimental!!

  8. OMW Gosh, this is so beautiful! Happy birthday, Emma!!<3

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA *sends you all the birthday wishs and cake and confetti*

    and this was the best post EVAH, Naomi <33

  10. Happy Birthday oh most splendid Emma Jane!!! I'm so glad I "know" you. :)

    (And this was the most beautiful of posts Naomi!)

  11. This is horribly sweet. Thanks so much all of you!

  12. What a sweet, adorable, beautiful post! I love it. :D

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMMA JANE!!! I hope your day was wonderful!

  13. Happy happy birthday to you!! You have a ton of friends. You are a lucky girl because they love you and that’s the most important thing.
    I know you just now and I hope see you in your next birthday :D

  14. This is such a perfect tribute to your friend!

  15. I love how you guys do this for each other every year <3


  16. Aren't best friends, well, the best? This was beautiful. :)

  17. You know Emma so well! You write beautifully, Naomi.


  18. Awwwww, so sweet! Happy (belated) birthday, Emma Jane :-)


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