No longer homeschooled.

Well hello. 

Yes, the title is true. I am done with school. (I hope. I may have failed my exams. But we shall see. I remain, for now, optimistic.) Today were my last two exams and I am happy and relieved and I am SO ready for summer and England trips to begin. Tomorrow, ironically, to celebrate this happy statement (or as Americans would say; 'graduation') (See, we don't 'graduate' till after college.) I am getting my wisdom teeth removed. All four. It is ironic. I guess I don't need my wisdom teeth anymore. I've done the exams. 

I plan to eat ice cream and watch Into the Woods and whatever else strikes my fancy.

We re-watched Wives and Daughters (or, as my dad calls it, Dives and Waters) a few weeks ago and it was BEAUTIFUL. I want to write a review. I know, it's been ages since I blogged about period drama and it's sort of a shame, but you do dry up with Period Drama blog post ideas after three years of intense Period Drama blogging. I get why people stop blogging now. However, I do want to write a review of some sorts. Because Molly Gibson is such a darling she deserves like ten blogposts of her own. Can I get an amen.

I am currently listening to an old jazz album from Dave Brubeck. Take Five is THE catchiest song. I kid you not, I've been relistening the first minute of it over and over again. It's purty rad. Google it and listen to it. (OH IT JUST STARTED PLAYING GUYS. IT JUST STARTED PLAYING.) (Yep. Still insanely catchy.) (I want to sing it accapella with a talented music group one day.) (Or Pentatonix should do it.) (Did you know Pentatonix is no longer PENTAtonix? The base-member left. I am not heart broken because let's be real, I don't know the guy (Avi) personally, but the base was epic and I'm kind of bummed he won't be there anymore. Hopefully they'll find another one.)

The pictures in this post are from young group last week. Because man, I love it there. We're like one big family. I love the deep discussions, the talks, the big hugs, the way I always leave feeling energised and so loved and so grateful to have such fun, Jesus-loving friends. There is nothing like hangin' out with a buncha young people, all so so different, all agreed on one basic thing: Jesus saved us. (Also there's good food.)

I'm done with school, people.

Technically my education-exam-time is not over yet, and if I do become a teacher as planned it shall never be over (wow, that sounds depressing), because I'll be going to college next year, but for now exams, papers, all that... it's done. Summer has hailed. (And yes, wisdom teeth also. I guess summer'll start AFTER THAT.)

Right-ho folks, I shall end this post. Let me reflec on my years as a homeschooler. On all those movie soundtracks I listened to while I was "working." (Read: Should have been instead of 'was.') (*cough*) 

Well, I made it anyways. (I hope.)


  1. Wow! Congratulations!

    Looks like you have an awesome group there!!

  2. YAY NAOMI CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! *huge hug* I am so so so happy for you. :D

    PS. I'm sorry you're getting your wisdom teeth removed, though. :(

    PPS. But CONGRATS again!!!! <3

  3. CONGRATS NAOMI!!! You finished high school forever!!!

    Molly Gibson--AMEN GIRL.

    Aw that stinks about your wisdom teeth.:( Why did God give us those if they don't serve any purpose and have to be removed, I wonder. But hey have a lot of fun and ice cream and movies afterwards:)

    ~Rilla Blythe

  4. Wow Naomi, CONGRATS!!!!!! It's time to start a beautiful new chapter in your life, and I hope you keep us in it!! <3 <3

  5. Congratulations.

    I recently re-watched Wives and Daughters with my sisters, two of whom didn't know the story, so it was fun to talk to them about it, to watch it as new eyes watched it. Of course, we all usually have the same opinions often, in this case, irritation that Roger so easily fell for Cynthia, and irritation of said selfish Cynthia. I actually have met some people who tried to DEFEND Cynthia. The absolutley indefensible thing to me is the underhanded things she manipulated Molly into doing; her selfish, vain secrecy; and her blaming Molly. We also laughed over the absurd hairstyles.

  6. YOU MADE IT! Well done, old girl, well done. That must be one heck of a feeling!

    But seriously, that wisdom teeth removal business is nasty stuff. I hope you can keep your chin up, push through one last drudgery and then sink yourself into the delights of an adventurous summer! <3

    Well done, though. I'm proud of ya.

    ~Miss Meg

  7. Yay!! Congrats on finishing! And that part about the wisdom teeth and "I've done the exams" seriously cracked me up :) I do hope that goes well for you and it doesn't hurt much!

    Also, I would love a review of yours for Wives and Daughters. I've been planning on getting it for a while, and would enjoy reading your thoughts.

    Congrats again!

    P.S. Take Five was one of the first jazz songs that actually meshed with me. But, it never occurred to me until now that Dave Brubeck wrote other songs -- I think I shall have to remedy that!

  8. I'm sure you'll have time to watch Into the Woods and more: I watched all 8 hour episodes of War and Peace after my wisdom teeth! Good luck though, all four out is a doozy!
    I miss your Period Drama posts, so I hope you do one on Wives and Daughters soon!
    Congratulations on graduating! I'm sure you passed your exams with flying colors, and that movie soundtracks only helped the matter. ;)

  9. Its weird when you finish with homeschool but also exciting! Good luck with college!


    (I knew you could do it btw :-) )

    You'll love college, Naomi. Trust me. I speak as one who knows. You'll be lowkey exhausted all the time and you won't know what your brain is made of three out of five days of the week; but you'll make epic friends and learn epic things. It's awesome.

    I miss you blogging about Period Drama . . . I would be really excited if you did a new post about it :-)

  11. Congratulations on finishing up homeschool and you'll love college!!!

  12. of course you passed, what are you talking about. :-P I love your youth group pictures!

  13. And also an AMEN FOR MOLLY!!! ;D


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