This and That + Thankfulness

My July has been wonderful so far, and there is still an exciting chunk to go. I'm so grateful for all my wonderful friends, my amazing parents, my hilarious siblings, all the millions of opportunities to just LAUGH. I'm so thankful for good food - I write this as I smell waffles - and for sunshine and wet hair and butterflies and hugs and notebooks and books and 1 Thessalonians and all those other things that are filling my life right now and making something beautiful of it. I'm thankful for Jesus and everything He has done and He is doing - so so so thankful. I'm afraid no human heart will ever be able to be thankful enough for it to be matched up. Human hearts can only do so much.

We just went to England for something close to two weeks. I'm grateful for the sunshine and the swimmingly awesome sea (pun intended), for cousins and uncles and aunts and grandparents who appreciate intended puns (or if not appreciate, at least are used to them), for deep chats on singleness and challenging Bible verses such as Luke 16:9, for chips and crisps (I'm so honest around here), for underrated but my-they-could-be-so-famous artists like Northern Wonder who devote their talent to praise and worship, for new ideas, for LONG EMAILS (just yes. long emails are forever my jam.) for those random dark rainy afternoons, and for actually finding time to pray.

It's saddening and humbling to pause in this summer of mine to realise that my life is extra-ordinary. I hear of deaths - some sudden, some seen coming for years already - and I hear of difficult family situations and I hear of millions of starving people and of persecuted Christians. I don't want to not think about that; even though of course I also don't; it's tempting not to, but I don't think that's right, and I want to know and realise the extent of the goodness in my life. There is so much to pray about. Like my dear friend Thandile said in an instagram caption several weeks ago, "...I am constantly thinking of those who are in less desirable circumstances. Life is so unfair in that sense. And sometimes I feel so silly because well ok, it's all nice and whatever to post an insta captions about the plight of this world, but gosh how I sometimes wish I was out there, in the field, getting my hands dirty & doing SOMETHING about it."

Anyways, I've got to go now, but I wanted to quickly pop in with some random thoughts n stuff. Basic message of the day: I'm so blessed. And we can all benefit time by praying for people passing through hard times. Amen. Thank you for reading, and thank you God, for everything. 

I'll close off with one of my favourite songs right now. A song about friendship; real, raw, deep friendship. I am so grateful for all mine. Lately I've been feeling so terribly lucky for them and listening to this song just makes me like 'yep. yes. friends, let's stick together.' (And now I'm off to spend a week with some. Seeya.)

PS You might not believe this, but today I actually biked to the swimming pool and swam for 45 minutes. I moved today. (It was terrible. Minus coming out into sunshine with wet hair. That bit felt amazing.)


  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and more yes. I do feel so blessed and it is amazing to think about it.

    Have a wonderful rest of your summer Naomi!!!

  2. Friends and family are the best. Amen.

    Also long emails. (I need to email you, seriously . . . I feel like it's been a while since we talked and I miss that.)

    I watched your music video!!! And I really liked it. You're right, they're quite good.

  3. Amen Naomi!! This post reminded me to stop and think about how I am really SERIOUSLY BLESSED and how much more time I need to take just being thankful!

    Yes long emails are THE BEST. And everything else you listed are all just as wonderful!!

    Thank you for reminding me to stop and think of all the little (and big) blessings I have in my life :)

  4. Lovely blog!

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    - El

  5. It was SO lovely to see you again Naomi! xxx

  6. This post was beautiful. :) It makes me happy to hear that you have been loving, exploring, learning and reveling in life lately. <3

    Also, about wanting to be out there, in the field, getting my hands dirty & doing SOMETHING about it << YES YES AND AMEN.

    Love you. Xx

    ~Miss Meg

  7. So much to be grateful about!!! Well done on biking to the swimming pool! This is a nice song!

  8. This is so late, but I just had to say that this was a beautiful post. <3


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