The Little Things ❤

::: Hazelnut Milk Chocolate ::: Misty mornings ::: Horses in fields in misty mornings ::: Red sunsets casting a spell over an already magical field in a misty morning ::: The Palace in Brussels ::: Olly Murs songs ::: Michael Buble songs are better though ::: When you catch an earlier train ::: having a nice conversation with a stranger on the train (she was Finnish. explains it. Belgians wouldn't dream of having a nice conversation with a stranger.) ::: Babies giving you high fives ::: this good post ::: and also this good post ::: the moon in the early morning ::: the dark blue and purple sky in the morning ::: leaves ::: killing a mosquito (MWUHAHA) ::: Spying on strangers in railway stations ::: There was a man yesterday that looked like Avi Kaplan ::: And two best friends with dreadlocks talking about teen pregnancy rates in different countries ::: making plans for an exciting weekend ::: Scrapping off things on a to-do list (it's so so satisfying) ::: White goats ::: John. I mean the book of the Bible. Not just a random dude called John. ::: SMILES ::: kindness. there is truly nothing so beautiful ::: John Crist's instagram stories. If you're on insta, you should follow him just for his stories. that man is a comedy genius. ::: This was another 10 minute blog post ::: (The sunset in the picture above was my view from my window a few days ago. Gah.) :::


  1. I love posts like these!
    Aw you linked to my post! And YES to Amy's too.
    John Crist is amazinggg.

  2. Very sweet post, dear. :) And what a nice picture!

  3. I love sunsets too <3

    (and thanks for sharing the link to Rae's post! I hadn't read it before.)

  4. the little things are really the best aren't they. <3 <3
    love the colors of this blog!! the blue + pink is really creative—i don't think i've ever seen that before! it's very creative + pretty.
    and wow i just love that verse on your banner.
    hugs xx

    this girl
    sunsets are good.

  5. I find it funny that you say "John - the book of the Bible"... and then a few ones later you mention John Crist. Haha. :P

  6. Scratching things off a to-do list is ALL THE SATISFYING, YES.

    This was a fun little post. <3

  7. Lovely post. <3

    Are you on Instagram? I can't find you. If you are, I just joined:


    Mm-hm. I will get out of your hair. :P

  8. asdfgghjklklasidashfjsf jbecause I can't but I feel like I have to comment on all these blog posts anyway.


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