Christmas, New Year, and Exams

Before I write this blog post, I should acknowledge the fact that I should not, in fact, be writing this blog post. I should be studying my socks off for my dreaded exam on Monday.

Just For Your Interest.

Christmas Eve was nice. We had my mum's side of the family over and we ordered 20-something thick, zizzly-with-fat pizza's. I love that we did pizza for Christmas Eve. Sometimes you don't need the whole spiced-potatoe-and-rich-homemade-gravy-deal. Sometimes you just gotta go for a fancy version of junk food. And it was awesome. I had four huge (like, almost American-kinda-huge) slices of pepperoni pizza. After the third slice, I told my aunt (and friend) (meaning my aunt is not only my aunt, she also my friend) (not meaning I asked my aunt and my friend, aka two people) (sidetrackkk), I told her, "My head says I shouldn't have another but my heart says I should." She told me to follow my heart. So I did.

Christmas Day was short and sweet. It was sisters and brothers and mum and dad. It was singing songs and Queen Elizabeth's speech and going to Church and opening presents. It was feeling thankful. But it ended with me returning to my room, where there were (and are, albeit slightly messier than then) 11 neat piles of paper with STUFF.

My dear readers, Belgium has a thing. It has a thing for placing exams in January, after the Christmas break. And it has a thing for making 'em (the exams) nice and difficult. Especially difficult. (Especially not nice.) In other words, I did not have a Christmas break. But that's okay. You're only a college-kid once. (#yoacko) (#?)

So every day these past two weeks, my day has gone as follows:

6:30 am - my phone buzzez. I grab it and read whatsapp messages and scroll through instagram (which I've now decided to delete because I scrolled through it too much) (and it's 2018, so I'm bettering my life! Of course!) and check inboxs' and BBC news and I do my Bible devotion on the app.
6:45 - I get out of bed and wrap my white fluffy blanket around me and go downstairs. Make tea. Have breakfast. Take tea up to my bedroom. While the house is dark and my family is enjoying their holiday hours of sleep. (Actually, I quite enjoyed doing that. There is a sense of great pride in myself at my accomplishment in waking up early to study. I felt pretty legit.)
7:00-12:00 - Work (sometimes good days, sometimes disappointing days) (but all in all, I was at my desk with books and papers)
12:00 - Time to get out of my cave and eat
12:30 - The hermit returns to her cave to freak out and study. Now and then the hermit gets interrupted by her loving mother who gives her nice things like mints and chocolate and - yesterday - a cute brand-new sweater. (LITERALLY COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY MUM.) (+chocolate)
17:00 - Dinner. Sometimes I had it on a plateau in my bedroom so I could study some more. Sometimes I went down to interact with humans.
19:00-21:00 - work. Sometimes I worked on till 10 pm. Not because I was enjoying myself, but because there were eleven piles to get through.
22:15 - sleep cuz I need it too (+ set alarm for tomorrow at 6:30)

So there you go. Now it's 21:25. Today I finally feel ready for the exams. They start on Monday and will go on till the 19th. I am ready for the 20th of January.

On New Years' Eve/New Year I did take some time off to welcome myself and my dear friends into the New Year. We had the best time. I love my friends so much, sometimes I just can't believe I'm lucky enough to be part of such an amazing, loving, God-honouring group of friends. When we went outside to listen (and try to see...) the fireworks me and Julia were just like, 'gah, thank you Jesus. Thank you for 2017. Thank you for 2018.'

I am so excited for this year, even though I know there's a very busy semester ahead, and even though I know it will be stressful for me at college because of all the work. But God is good and there is so much room inside of me for growth in His direction. I'm excited about growing deeper in faith and finding more and more possibilities for me to serve Him.

Here is a random picture of some of our feet. (Picture credit: Erik)

(guess what socks are mine)

I guess I don't need to explain further why I haven't been blogging much. Or emailing. Or writing. Or reading books For Pleasure. But you know, it's okay. It really is. Yes, I don't like exams, but do I have a loving family and loving friends and warm clothes and tea and chocolate and food and a room? Yes. I don't have time to reread Gone with the Wind or to watch Titanic with my family, but do I have an amazing Saviour who loves me and fills me with joy? Yes.

So all is well.

And I shall leave you now to go to bed. Happy New Year, loyal readers.

I shall leave you with my favourite song I discovered in 2017. (IT'S LITERALLY SO BEAUTIFUL + makes me sob.) (LISTEN TO IT.) (thx)

Never forget that you are worth more than words can express! x


  1. Glad Christmas was good for you! Oh dear a break where you have to prepare for tests sounds like the worst. Although I love the humor you added in how your day looks! Best of luck on those exams!
    Simply Me

  2. Wonder of wonders
    Miracle of miracles
    Naomi did a blog post!!!!!

  3. *hugs you*

    I MISSED YOU. But I completely understand about the exams. They can be ROUGH. And having them after Christmas makes it even worse :-/ You got this, though. You are wonderful and smart and special and you're going to conquer the world someday <3

    Love you. Keep being awesome.

  4. Yes. Pizza. *nods* Agree.

    Which socks are yours??? Well now. That is a question. I would guess either the purple fuzzy ones - for I know your love of comfort - or the dainty bow ones - for I know you love feminine delicate things. I can't choose between the two. Do tell me?

    I am so happy that you are keeping your spirits up in spite of your interminable studies, and that you have found happiness among it, where some could be depressed.
    Anywho, I hope you have a lovely 2018!

    1. The purple fuzzy ones 😊

      Oh no, I am not depressed. I'm surprisingly enjoying the exams in a way, actually. :-P

      You too, dear - happy 2018!

  5. So happy when I saw this new post!
    Did you get snow?
    That song made me tear up too! I am reading a book called The Alabaster Box by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.
    Happy New Year to your dear Naomi! Good luck with your exams too!

  6. Great post. :) Happy New Year!!

  7. #yoacko. Haha. XD

    So sorry that those exams are being so annoying. :/ I hope they go well, dear!!

    That song made me cry. It was amazing. <3

    Happy New Year, Naomi!!!

  8. And I thought 6 Days On The Road was your favourite song of 2017.


  9. Happy New Year! This post was great and you've certainly been missed. Good luck on your exams. Love pizza and chocolate!! (though not together of course) I had a feeling yours were the purple socks, I don't quite know why. May 2018 be full of many blessings!

  10. This is super late but I had to comment with *hugs* and I'm so glad your Christmas was happy despite the exams. You're awesome and I miss your blog posts so much (but then, I barely comment anymore so I guess I can't complain) but I understand. HAPPY 2018, NAOMI!!! ♥



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