Some filtered pictures, a recording of me singing, and a Dutch proverb on the wall.

No, I am not starting a Youtube channel, I have had to make so many videos for my course lately. We get the weirdest, most creative assignments. I filmed myself walking cross-legged in front of graffiti the other day. This is a training course to become a primary teacher, might I add. I am not studying the art of clown-making. (I hope my teachers don't read this. If they do, well, they know I am odd and that I don't particularly mind odd assignments. But I stand my case. I do get odd assignments. But that's ok. Even though I sometimes don't see the point.) *smiles sweetly*

And yes, this video I filmed on the ground in the bathroom, because the acoustics are the best there. I had to film myself singing a song. I went for 'Sixteen going on Seventeen.' Hey, should I post the recording here? Should I? But, but, Naomi, no! I am self conscious of my recorded voice... But then, I should do something now and then that I am uncomfortable doing, right? So here... I guess.

(Hello future Naomi, who will probably delete this recording.)

My messy but cosy corner. I may be slightly addicted with polaroid pictures.

Because blurry pictures at a museum are so hashtag retro and cool and post-worthy, amirite. (Gosh, spotify ads. Hush.) (Sorry, I am listening to a spotify playlist and the amount of times it tells me to listen to the ad so I can have the next 30 minutes ad-free is recklessly tiring.) (Here I am writing in brackets again.) (I just side-track in my thoughts so much and then it feels kinda unfair to my main thought to not put it in brackets, you know?) (You probably don't.) (NAOMI GO ON TO THE NEXT PICTURE. SMH.)

(Oh I just found out that 'smh' means 'shaking my head.' For so long I thought it was some kind of way to write out a sigh. SMH sounds like a sigh, right?)

Me and my darling friend Julia had a joint birthday party a week ago, and this was the cake 'we' (read: she) made. We put the 18 candle on it because Julia is 18 and it's pretty. (Although *I* am 19. *just saying*) We played games, ate tortilla, sang songs from The Greatest Showman till those who didn't know the songs got annoyed (then we went on to Frozen, Wicked and Hamilton.), ate cake, laughed, played hide and seek (yes, we are 5-year-olds) and laughed. It was lovely.

The lighting at Julia's house before the guests arrived was beautiful so I took a picture. I have a phone so I might as well. Right-o?

I should write something about the sunset but what I'm thinking is 'wow, my window needs washing.'

I don't know why on a day when I was feeling depressed and sad about the world I decided to take a picture of my journal. Do not ask my weird ways of nature.

This was back in January, when we got snow! SO MUCH. Jk. Not very much. (Enough for just about every Belgian person in the news to complain though. Man alive. People complain soooo much about snow here. I'm like, dude, go live in Canada or Alaska and you will realise how pathetic this is. Once this year the news here advised the nation not to go to work because there would be a lot of traffic because of 5 centimetres of snow.)

Anyway, I like this picture. That's our garden. The blue house is the garden shed, not our house.

A bored capturing-the-sunshine-in-the-winter picture at a station while waiting for a train. The graffiti says 'ride a dragon' (in french.) I haven't ridden a dragon yet because I'm not sure it's wise to take the advice of people who put graffiti on walls. It's illegal. (Not to ride a dragon. To put graffiti on public walls.)

These pictures are interesting, right? You must be so entertained.

Translation of the Dutch proverb/saying/quote: "Nothing so annoying as a proverb on the wall."
(It rhymes in dutch.) (It's all supposed to be funny.) (I liked it. So I took a pic.)

And I finish off with a Lion-King-esque sunset because MY HEART. GOD IS AMAZING.

(PS: I hope this post wasn't too boring. ;-P)


  1. But, Naomi, it was the OPPOSITE of boring. I absolutely loved getting a peek into the world you live in. Those polaroids... <3 And cheers to that person who wrote Ride A Dragon. If only I could find one to ride... ;)

    And I love that Dutch proverb.


    1. Aw that's great! Thank you for reading!

      Here's to future dragon rides. :-)

    2. Also I finally got to listen to your singing (couldn't the first time because I was on my phone in a rush). It's GORGEOUS, Naomi!!! You have such a lovely voice! I'd love to see more of you singing *hint hint* ;)

  2. What I like your singing better than the original. And that is high praise.

  3. Also I am not sure how that Dutch proverb rhymes. Unless Wand in Dutch is pronounced differently than in German??

    1. It definitely does. 'Ambettant' and 'wand' have the same sounding ending. (Idk how you say it in German haha.)

  4. I feel the same way about my recorded voice. Your singing is pretty, though! I enjoyed it, future Naomi.

    Your desk corner is very cozy looking.


    Thanks for sharing your snatches of life!

    1. Thanks Awdur! I'm getting more used to my recorded voice now but I'm still sort of ehhhhh ew. Haha

      Sunsets are amazing.

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. This was totally fun to read. And I love how you randomly jump subjects and use tons of brackets. You're hilarious.

    Also. YOUR SINGING! I loved it!! Seriously it was so cool to hear your voice. You have a very pretty singing voice. <3 <3 And no, you do NOT have to delete it, future Naomi. :P

    1. Haha, glad you can take amusement out if my sidetracking nonsensicality. :-)

      Now YOU should record yourself singing a song. :-)

  6. I loved this so much and YOUR VOICE! That was so pretty!!! :D You have the jazzy nature of the song down pat! :D Loved it and this whole post my dear!

    Sorry for the short comment but I must dash, I've got an Organ concert to assist with.

  7. You've got SUCH a pleasant voice! :D (And I can't sing that song anymore. *cries*) (Well I guess I can because you did. :P)

    All the pictures are scrumptious! (That one of the food on the table, though... I can't work out what some of those things are, haha! Those big red things in the white bowl, first row, second from the right... what is that?! :P)

    That snow picture! Ohhh, it looks like a Pinterest photo! So beautiful! <3

    "Nothing so annoying as a proverb on the wall". HA. That's so weirdly funny. xD

    Ohhh, The Lion King! I didn't realize you were familiar with it. Do you like it? :)

    1. I sing that song still. DO IT.

      Girl, it's red pepper (cut in pieces.) SO good raw dipped in hummus. :-)

      Well I haven't seen Lion King but I know it is sunsetty. :-D

  8. I love everything about this post! Beautiful pictures, & your voice is LOVELY. <3

  9. You have such a lovely voice! (Can someone make a studio recording of your rendition of that song, please?)

  10. I like hearing you sing. It makes me feel like I'm actually in the room with you, y'know? (And you have a lovely voice!)

    Your train station is so cute and quaint and chocolate-box-y. I wish we had something like that here [we don't]. Also you should totally ride a dragon if you get the chance, regardless of who told you to do it in the first place :-P Dragons don't come along every other week. Carpe diem.

    Aw, Hamilton!! And Greatest Showman. Hamilton is my favorite and my child, always and forever. But I definitely love Greatest Showman, too.

    1. Thanks haha. :-)

      Chocolate-box-y?!? Well it's Belgium so I guess that makes sense! :-D

      The Greatest Showman is sooo good, ahhh.

  11. Your singing voice is beautiful, m'dear, and your accent is so unique! <3

    Also, I love your '2018 in Pixels'! My mom is doing a slightly similar thing - a temperature blanket. She knits two rows every day, recording the peak temperature of the day in whatever color is called for.

    I might have to borrow that idea for next year. :)

    Love you!

  12. Please do more singing! It was amazing!

    I love the pictures, especially the last one. It looks as though the sky caught on fire!

  13. My dear Naomi,

    Where do I start... how can you walk cross legged???
    Your singing is beautiful and you have no reason to be ashamed, though I know how you feel! I love your desk and plan to put Polaroids around mine as well...as soon as i buy more film and *ahem* remember to bring my camera with me!!!

    Happy Birthday, it sounds like you had a wonderful time and I'm so glad to find another who likes Hamilton!!!!!!

    I too adore snow... except when you have to go out in it to take care of your goats!

    best wishes

    P.S when(and if) you ride a dragon, take a picture!

  14. Not a boring post at all! I loved it. Your photography is wonderful and so Pinterest-y. And oh my goodness! You're a wonderful singer! <3 Lovely job! I loved reading this post.

  15. LOVE the pictures. You have an amazing eye for photos, I LOVE them.
    YOUR VOICE. Oh my GOODNESS. I was blown away. Wow. (Love the song, too, btw. :D)

  16. Very pretty pictures!
    And please don't delete the recording. I loved it. :)

  17. YOUR VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? I. Loved. It. Please share more songs. :D

    Spotify ads are the worst. But there's no way I'm paying for premium. Even if I had the money. :P

    5 centimeters of snow?? *snort* I just...wow. We had more than 5 inches not too long ago...

    I love those pictures!!! They're beautiful.

    this post wasn't boring at all. <3


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