why I love being single

I have no idea why I am writing this post. Probably because I'm single and people often say being single is like 'the most worst and most terrible thing ever' while I honestly don't see anything bad about it at all. Single people. Grow up. And non-single people. GROW UP. Don't make your single friends feel like their lack of relationship status makes them 'less' than you. (Not that anyone has made me feel like that, actually, my friends-who-are-in-a-relationship are super kind about everything and actually also enjoyed being single.) (And also, I love getting to hear about friends being in relationships. I love shipping them. :-P)

I am only 19, but I've been a legal adult for over a year now and I've been a teenager for what feels like a decade and all this I have lived through without once having a guy in my life that I called 'boyfriend' rather than 'boy friend' (that space is what we call the friendzone) so I think it is fair to say that I am single. And here's why I love it and why I literally couldn't care less that I don't have a boyfriend.

1. If you can't be happy on your own, you can't be happy with a significant other
I am happy on my 'own' (says the girl who has five brothers and four sisters and a ginormous youth group of friends lol) therefore I consider that a fine mark of maturity in myself. Well done Naomi.

2. Less drama in my life
Not saying you can't have a romantic relationship without a little bit of drama... ok I am saying that you can't have a romantic relationship without a little bit of drama.

3. You can 'ship' yourself with fictional characters
I would feel bad doing this if I had a boyfriend, but I think this is fun so I am glad I can still do this. (Although normally my fictional boyfriends already have fictional girlfriends. But then I can imagine I am that fictional girlfriend. #Walterblytheandme)

4. You can make 'single jokes'
They're lame, but I love them. (Stuff like 'chocolate is my boyfriend' and 'I'm a professional third-wheeler' and 'oops sorry I spilled the milk, you know I'm single for a reason'...) Making these jokes with other single people is especially fun. 

"I don't know what I would do with a boyfriend. What do you do with them? Take them out for a walk??"
--- A friend of mine

5. More time
I guess if I ever have a boyfriend I'll be like, that's worth the investment of time, old-young-and-single-Naomi. But still. I have more time to watch blimey cow on youtube.

6. You learn to value the beauty of other relationships
Not being in a romantic relationship doesn't mean 'alone' and 'sad' and 'relationship-less'. Friendship is one of the most beautiful things there is in life. And yes you can be friends with the opposite sex. People who say you can't are my biggest pet peeve. The friendship love is amazing and words cannot describe how lucky I am to have such good friends. Also, family. Best thing ever.
(Not saying couples don't value friendship etc. But just, being single makes you focus on these other kinds of relationships more.)

7. It is easier to focus on Jesus
I know no boyfriend will ever get between me and Jesus but it's true, being single does make it easier to prioritise your relationship with God. It's why Paul is like 'guys, it's better to be single.'

8. You realise (hopefully) that it's no big deal to be single
I hope you do. Ultimately it's no big deal at all unless you make it one. I hope you are not single as in 'waiting.' Don't WAIT. LIVE. (Watch this youtube video about this subject, it's really good.)

There you go. Would I like a boyfriend? Yes. Are there times when I'm like ok, I could do with a romance right now? Yes. Am I fine without one? Yes. (Would I like pizza right now? Yes. Are there times when I'm like ok, I could do with 10 pizza's right now? Yes. Am I fine without pizza right now? Yes.) (Whoops, I did not compare pizza to a boyfriend just then, did I? If I did I promise I did not do that disrespectfully; you should know I have the highest regard for pizza.)

Do you know what I love about Christianity? (well, one of the things. :-)) It's like the only religion/belief system in the world that really celebrates singleness. The world is all about exploring your sex life as quick as possible - you're a complete failure if you haven't mastered the art of tongue kissing by the age of sixteen, etc. etc. - and in so many cultures your status goes up if you're married. But the Bible is like nope, being single is actually better cuz you can keep your focus better on Jesus - STAY SINGLE! (Not that the Bible doesn't condone relationships. duh. But it does definitely celebrate singleness. And I love that.)

Happy Valentine's day everyone! 💕
(sorry to say this, but if you're single, you're pathetic. ew.) (#sarcasm)


  1. Stop it with the yummy food pictures already. I've already had dessert.

    "that I called 'boyfriend' rather than 'boy friend' (that space is what we call the friendzone)" << That. Haha.

    Also, is this just me or is this the first time you've used "lol" in a post? :O

    #WalterBlytheandme That made me grin. :D

    "I don't know what I would do with a boyfriend. What do you do with them? Take them out for a walk??"
    --- A friend of mine
    XD I like your friend.

    That video was VERY good. He really reminds me of a young man I know (who recently married a dear friend of ours).

    Good post! I've been thinking a bit about this lately, due to some recent circumstances, and was really overwhelmed by a sense of freedom and peace about it all. God is so good to us, in whatever situation we are in. <3

    1. Maybe it is the first time I have used 'lol'. 14-year-old Naomi would roll over in her grave. 19-year-old Naomi now finally gets 'lol's.

      I LIKE MY FRIEND TOO. You should meet her.

      I know... isn't that a good video?!? I love it so much.

      Yes, I love that He gives us that sense of freedom-ness and joy in every situation! Not being content in singleness is very easy and I know God knows that and He is always ready to remind us that our worth does not depend on that.

  2. You did just compare boyfriends to pizza. "Boyfriends, be proud. That was a major compliment. 'Cause seriously, who doesn't love pizza?" ;)

    Loved this post, Naomi. And I can relate. I certainly do go through phases where I'm like "I WANT TO GET MARRIED NOW WAAAAAHHH!!" but overall I do feel content in my singleness. And I think that's because I know that everything has a proper time and season and I certainly don't want to get ahead of God's plan for my life. (Also I have yet to meet a guy that I would seriously consider dating. That plays into it, too. Haha. ;)) And yes! There are so many relationships in life which are so precious, and when you pour yourself into the relationships you already have there shouldn't be much time left for missing those that you don't have. :)

    2. I am now making it a goal to have NO drama when I get a boyfriend, just so I can bust the stereotype. Haha. ;)

    4. Joking about it IS fun!! I agree. :D

    Happy Valentine's Day, Naomi!

    1. Haha yes ;-)

      "when you pour yourself into the relationships you already have there shouldn't be much time left for missing those that you don't have" <<< Yes, so true! We have so many blessings that whining about stuff we don't have is just plain spoiled of us, really. :-P

      2. I dare you :-D Let me know if it works out.
      4. Yes. :-)

      You too <3

  3. Haha, no. 3!!! So true! Glad I'm not the only one. ;)

  4. So wise! #1 is especially important, and it's cool you've figured that out already :-)

  5. I want to hug this post. And you. *hugs both post and you* I identify and relate with eveeerrryyyythiiiing you said. <3 I have had a few friends my age getting married/engaged and though I definitely want that someday, seeing it happen to people my age has made me realize WOAH NO NOPE SLOW DOWN THERE IS NO WAY I WANT THAT RIGHT NOW.

    Being single is awesome and this post is awesome. :D Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

    PS. And basically yeah, it all boils down to the fact that I'm not ready to stop shipping myself with fictional heroes either. :P #captainamericaandme



    You've summed up my attitude pretty much exactly. I genuinely, truly love being single. Why? Because I'm happy! I'm busy, and I'm happy. And the only person who has showed serious romantic interest in me--to date--is someone whom I know would not have made me happy. So I'm not regretting not being in a relationship with him, or with anyone else: I am single by CHOICE, because that choice has brought me happiness. And until I meet someone who will actually make me happier than I am as a single woman . . . I'll stay just as I am, thankyouverymuch.

    (Yes, I just described myself as a "single woman" instead of a "single girl." *cue horrified gasps* But I'm almost 24 now, so I think I've earned the right :-P)

  7. This was so much fun to read :) v true too


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