craving to create

(Craving to create. That's has a nice sound to it. I love alliteration.)

picture by Beth Joyce - ah her drawings <3 I LOVE // check her out

Whenever life hits me with a brick ton of education-related work, my fingers start itching with The Creative Itch as I like to call it, my brain starts bursting with ideas and every smallest thing can set me crazy with inspirearity. (I know the proper word is 'inspiration. ' Shush. I'm in a creative mood, hush.) I don't and I won't have much time this month to make things but because my creative juices may run dry by the end of my college semester, I am writing this blog post for my future 15-th-of-June-when-exams-are-done-ah-I-can't-wait self. And for you because it's so so much fun to GET INSPIRED TO CREATE. Ahhhh can we just all sit around a giant table and make things?! Please, for like an entire week?

So here are some things that have inspired me - made me yearn to make - to be creative - to create.

First category: 

Oona (@oona_who)
If you like art and you are on instagram, follow this one. She draws so effortlessly (it seems!) and every picture is CUTE and like, not-super-glamorous (I mean that in a good way, you know, like down to earth, CUTE pictures) but also really dang good and alive. I want to draw like this. P l e a s e give me that gifttt ahh. DRAW ME.

LIKE, look:

Fashion sketches of Dodie Clark (some youtuber.) Isn't that ridiculously cute?!

And this picture of La La Land:
I know. I wish I could draw like that too.

Because... well. Pinterest is the source of all creativity and inspiration. Amen and amen. I have a pinterest board called 'inspire + create' because every time I go into it (yes. into.) I get inspired to create. Go into it.


The cute things you find on Pinterest. ^^ for example. That makes me want to devote entire sketch books to drawing eyes.

Next category: 

Breaking news! Lately I have really been wanting to write songs! I randomly tried making one after a Bible study with my friend Gabby on Colossians 1 and I sort of managed to make a worship song with some of words in the chapter. It was far from perfect and I am continually un-confident in my musical abilities but you know one should TRY things one thinks one cannot do. SO this summer I wanna write some songs. Get out of my comfortable creativity zone. To do something creatively that I always thought I would never do. You know, that feels good. I may even write a poem this summer. :-P
So here's some music that has been inspiring me.

Tessa Violet - Not over you
Not only is Tessa Violet SO aesthetically pleasing but this song is simple but catchy but just unashamedly fun. I want to make a catchy song. This song is goals.

Owl City - New York
Not that I think I can be like Owl City. ever. But this music video is BEAUTIFUL and I want to be in it. (Ever since Natalie put this in one of her blog posts I've been drooling about it. Ah.😍)

Mason Ramsey - Famous

The High Kings - The Little Beggarman
THIS SONG. It's been on repeat x1000. Love love it. Come let's pretend we can Irish dance.

Dodie Clark - Lollipop
HER CREATIVITY. Firsly. Aesthetics are a 10/10. Secondly her creativity is beautiful. Thirdly I wanna make music like that. (Fourthy I love her style.)

Next category: 

I haven't been writing much but am I inspired to write? Yes. heckyes.

My own old notes
I was reading through my notes on my phone and there I found this story idea I had written down in the train randomly several months ago:

Story idea
Teenager (boy, 17?) Lives with his loving parents, older sister and dog. + at school someone set a fire. + teacher who has a background
Teenager finds special machine in attic/somewhere/in a bin outside - in a box that says "do not touch this; it ruined my life" and then "sometimes it is better not to know"
It's a kind of helmet attached with batteries and wires and a screen attached to a long wire. Teenager wears the helmet and sees his thoughts on the screen
Freaks out
He runs down to try it on dad, but he discovers something terrible... 
Wants to find man who made it, so he goes on a mission. He wants to know how the heck he made it
Finds mans wife. Man is mentally 3 years old cuz he accidentally deleted his brain content. So noone will ever know how he made it
When boy realises you can change brain content he decides to delete certain things from his fathers brain

I SHOULD WRITE THAT. I am proud of myself of thinking of that.

Also this one:

Story idea
Woman stares at man in train.
"Sorry," she says, "you just remind me of my high school boyfriend who died ten years ago"
Man looks at her. "Danielle?" He asks.
"No, my name is Hannah."
Later on Hannah finds out more about her past. She had an accident which means she forgot about a lot of her old life. She finds out her name really was Danielle.
Dun dun dunnnnnn

Dun dun dunnn indeed. I really wanna write that.

Not to brag or anything but my 'stories to write' pinterest board is pretty dope and basically a treasure hunt for story inspiration.

Can you smell the stories?! I can.

For instance, this is the story of a boy named Will who joins a squad and goes on evening adventures. Then he finds out the squad isn't just fun and games and jumping from railroad tracks into lakes and eating pizza and drinking coke. He finds out backgrounds and he finds out some 'members' of the squad desperately want to get out of the squad, but can't. CAN YOU SMELL THE STORY?!

Next category: 
Simultaneous/ aka.the rest

Ah there's SO much more.

I want to cook meals. I am the worst cook ever so those Instagram recipes really must be tempting. (I won't bother finding links. But basically I wanna make chicken nuggets and waffle pizza and I want to make chocolate bowls. Among other things.)

It's pictures like this:
@rachelclarkephoto <<< her camera talent tho
And this:
@dirtybootsandmessyhair // this picture // wow // I love love
...that make me yearn to take good good pictures. To capture emotion and memories and rawness.

OLIVIA'S JOURNALLING SKILLS. I give up on mine. Love love love.

Ok, that's it for today. I will come back to this post when I have time to actually put my creative itch into action. Now I must return to the life outside my laptop where I have a lot of schoolwork to do.Tomorrow I'm teaching 24 ten year olds. eek!

Send me some links!
Anything creative/inspiring-wise!
I wanna see :)


  1. "Ahhhh can we just all sit around a giant table and make things?!" --THAT. #somuchyesness
    This girl. Is good: https://www.instagram.com/sketch.lovely/?hl=en
    Also her: https://www.briarberrytype.com/shop
    And why can't I watercolor like this!?: https://www.etsy.com/shop/lucileskitchen?ref=search_shop_redirect --- Seriously. Those lemons. I have a thing for lemons.
    And Lauren; dear Lauren. My sister and I watch all her videos, and most definitely plan on going to her shop. [In our dreams. :} ] #heraccentthough https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7bzLhPxy6YsiC19P9kMnCw
    I could do LOADS more, but will spare you. :]

  2. This post was filled with so much creativity itself! Loved it so much dear!! :D

  3. AHHH STOP IT THIS IS TOO MUCH!!! I love inspiration. It's basically my favourite thing. And creativity is hard to beat. I love beauty. Ohhh, it's all so pretty!!
    Those drawings and paintings are like ones I do in my daydreams, haha. ;)
    And YES Pinterest is amazinggg.

    You should try writing more songs! Your song was lovely. :) And that sounds like such a perfect summer project...

    Haha, that Irish song. XD Yes, I'll come pretend with you! *trips over my own feet*

    AREN'T STORY IDEAS THRILLING?! I've got about six saved in a word file, just waiting for me... and yesterday I started my new novel, which I'm so excited about. :D
    (And yes, I'm quite jealous of your stories to write Pinterest board. It DOES smell of stories, for sure!)

    AHH YES COOKING. I love cooking/baking! I made some gingernuts since we're coming into Autumn and they were just what I felt like. :D Dip them in some coffee and ahh..

    UGHH I WISH I COULD TAKE PHOTOS LIKE THAT TOOO. I've been making a video of my Autumn, though, and it makes me so happy. :) (I think I'm better at that than taking photos, haha, but I TRY.)

    Yes, I read that post of Olivia's journalling! It's so beautiful and amazing! It really opened my eyes as to how I could be SO much more creative. She definitely inspired me to try a different approach to my journalling. ;)

    I don't really have any links for you... my brain isn't there just now. (I'm in a hurry to fit everything in and my brain doesn't like being hurried.) I've been learning how to do the Napolean Dynamite dance from a tutorial on YouTube, and I've started making a little movie with my siblings which I'm editing now (and using my creative flare there - doing things like splitting the screen and having multiple things going at once :D). I'm rehearsing a new play I wrote, and starting my new novel that's going to be written in complete journal form. I want to learn how to do a crown braid (like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21TfN_5wXwg) but I am terrible at hair-dos. :P Also, I've been doing some hand lettering and bullet journalling. SUCH FUN.

    Must dash! Heartily loved the post!!!


    You should write them. <3

    I'm graduating with my Master's degree on Saturday, and I've officially decided I'm going to try and build a career as a writer; and I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited I almost can't handle it.


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